Aaron feels the Rotarian magazine has high quality content and he decided to read a bit of it to us.  To be fair (why start now?) we didn't have a speaker and he had to come up with something on short notice.
10 Reasons to be a Rotarian
Polio - almost gone.  16 cases this year.  People who take action can make a sustainable change for billions of people.
Foundation - this is its centenary year and it has spent 3 billion on making the world a better place.
Social Networking - being part of something and connecting with others is good for you.
Comes Back - District grants give our money back multiplied so the benefit to the community is even greater.
Membership is even more flexible - soon we won't have to show up but then - see #3?
Peace Initiatives and Education - one person at a time or supporting NGOs Rotary changes minds.
Scholarships - the best and the brightest.  Midland gives a scholarship to a member of each graduating class.
Rotarians are happier and healthier.
Working for the future - Youth engagement, RYLA, Youth Exchange, Adventures in..., Student of the Month.