Introducing a novel format we had three classifications at the one meeting.  Sheila told us she was born in Parry Sound in 1961.  Her father was a pilot and they moved a bit - to Midland, then Kingston and back to Elmvale.  She and her three siblings went throught school in Elmvale and learned that the more you volunteer, the more you connect.  She went to York for a BA in sociology and married Peter in 1984.  He works with the PUC and they have three children - Matthew, Trina and David.  She became a case historian at Oak Ridge, then went into family services at Kinark, became the co-director of the Early Years Centre, went back to Kinark to work with Young Adults and moved into retail, purchasing Cashmere Blue in 2008.  She's found this new direction challenging but she is learning and enjoying it.
Wanda's father was a miner so they lived in Thunder Bay for a while and learned to love the outdoors, cottaging, fishing and rafting.  At 16 she moved to Toronto to Business and Beauty schools and then, 18 years ago, she moved to Midland.  11 years ago she bought the salon. She shows horses, hosts students from Japan, owns dogs and enjoys working with her partner.
Elizabeth was born in 1971.  Her parents were both from Leaside and her father was an MD and then a pharmaceutical researcher who has remarried and now lives in North Carolina.  Her mom has nursed, been a stewardess and has run a personnel institute.  She spends time at the cottage and in the Honduras working with a charity.  She has a brother who teaches.  When they lived in the High Park area she was active in athletics and the Student Council.  She took psychology at Carleton and has worked in PR and Event Planning, waitressing, HR and in a bridal boutique.  Her husband, Michael, is Dutch and an investment banker.  Their son is now 6.  In May 2010 she turned a hobby of making jewelry into a job by going on line and now has 2 successful web based businesses.  They moved to the area in 2013 and though she does miss the shopping, she likes seeing the stars, listening to the loons, meeting the people and, thanks to Ralph's introduction, being a part of Rotary.
The three of them then hosted a fashion show with clothes by ?, hair by ? and jewelry supplied by ? and all worn by some of our other women - thank god for them - in Rotary.
And nice departure and, interestingly, the three of them did it quicker than whoever that guy was last time.