Thanks to all the hard work and ingenuity of the 52 teams of 149 jumpers that plunged this year, as well as the many volunteers, the Polar Plunge so far has raised an amazing $81,750. This amount is the best we have ever done in the 31 years the Plunge has been happening. The day was great, even with a little snow, the venue was perfect with the snow bleachers, everyone could see and the antics of the jumpers were amazing.


As to our winners, hats off to Dynacast, Team #1, who raised a total of $31,000, with 9 jumpers starting off the Plunge. Their charity was YMCA- Strong Hands. They will be receiving the trophy for the "Most Funds Raised - large corporation". Bell's Garage, Team  #5 came in again as the winner of the "Most Funds Raised - small group/individual category". The six fellows from Bell's Garage, Bridgenorth, James Jones, John Jones, Steve Keller, Jamie Parker, Jeremy Dennison and Christopher Collins, raised a total of $5635.80 for Wish Upon a Star. And the winners of the Best Costume Trophy were Team #29, Penny Indelicati, Deborah James, Liz Martin, Sarah Maki, Corine Musson and Laura Guresney. They dressed as the Fruits of the Loom, underpants and all.  


Some of the day’s pictures will be posted by the end of the week. If you would like a copy of your plunge photos please email Courtney your Team #/Name, costume and number of jumpers and she will email them to you.


Thanks to all for the most successful plunge in our 31 years!