Jacob Rodenberg, Executive Director of Camp Kawartha

With a ring of the bell, grace by Girv Devitt and 8 guests in attendance another evening of Rotary commenced at Chemong Lodge. Dave Rook-Green was the lucky 50/50 winner and Chris Tworkowski took over as fine master.

Outbound student Alisha spoke to the club about an upcoming event which will enable parents to gain insight into the exchange program and answer questions they may have. She also demonstrated her grasp of the Spanish language.

International Committee Report – Don Thornton

Don updated the club on our international participation by providing details on the Haiti project that is in the works. In partnership with several other clubs we will be providing upwards of $30,000 dollars worth of computers.

Adventures in Tourism – Brian Parks and Fleming Students

Adventures in Tourism starts this Sunday at Viamede Resort and so far it looks like we will have 9 or 10 students. A volunteer signup sheet has been circulated and anyone wishing to help up can contact Brian.

Speaker – Jacob Rodenberg

Ruth introduced this evenings speaker Jacob Rodenberg, Executive Director of Camp Kawartha and spoke about environmental sustainability, the initiatives at Camp Kawartha, our club’s prior involvement  and the importance of getting youth involved in outdoor projects. Jacob provided details about the Camp’s activities and how it is a chance for kids to connect with nature and each year they have over 10,000 people go through the camps programs.

Jacob concluded his talk by asking the club to participate in the construction of a camp storage building. This request is currently under review by the community service committee.


Ruth provided details on the April 26th Spring Clean Up. The local schools will be involved in cleaning up various areas around the Kawartha’s .  More will follow as we get closer to the event.

Dave Rook-Green reminded members that dues are due.

Upcoming Meetings:

March 26th – Sue Davidson
April 2nd – Brian Parks

Meeting Adjourned at 8:02pm