One of the true joys of being a Rotarian is the opportunity to induct new members into Rotary. On Monday evening the Rotary Club of Bridgenorth Ennismore Lakefield had the honour of welcoming Joan Hudson into their Rotary family.
Visiting District Governor Lynne Chant, spoke about the power of Rotary and how Rotary connections enrich our lives.   “The work of Rotary impacts lives in many ways from helping families in need in local communities to working globally toward a polio- free world,” said Chant.

Joan is no stranger to Rotary.  Brother Brian (Menton) and sister-in-law Dorothy are long time Rotarians.  Long before joining, Joan was a Rotarian at heart.  She has served her community in many capacities at the church and also at the school in Norwood where her two sonsattended.   In fact she volunteered so much time at the school, when a custodial job became available the principal told her to apply.  If she was going to be at the school all the time she may as well get paid.   She has worked as a custodian with the PVNCCDSB for almost 20 years, a job that she does with integrity and commitment.  Joan has also been a loyal volunteer for BEL Rotary.  She has worked at the Polar Plunge, shopped for the BEL Food Drive and helped behind the scenes on many projects.

After her husband Al passed away, Joan moved to Peterborough.  She continues to balance a very busy schedule: work, community service and family.  She is the proud mother of two sons Luke (Kendra) and Brendon (Krista) and proud grandmother of five grandchildren Logan, Zoey, Theo, Madison and Jackson.  Welcome to BEL Rotary Joan.  The Club is delighted to have you as part of the BEL Rotary team.