Teacher graduates from the Trent University Teacher Education Program work with teachers at Rotary School in Cambodia, to help them better develop language and teaching skills.  The Canadian teachers have been very warmly received and in the words of Cambodian teacher Sophea, "I want to be a better teacher like Canadian teachers and help to make a better life for my country!"

Four graduating teachers from the Trent University School of Education, their Professor Luigi Iannacci and Rotarian Christine Keenan are in Cambodia! They are spending the next four weeks working with teachers in two remote villages, Svay Rieng and Takeo, providing professional development. They will be supporting the Cambodian teachers in the areas of effective English language instruction and the effective use of curriculum and materials. They will also help the teachers become more proficient in their English Language abilities.

The team is going as part of a Vocational Training Team (VTT) sponsored by the Rotary Club of Bridgenorth Ennismore Lakefield (BEL) and in partnership with the Trent University School of Education and Professional Learning. The BEL Club built a school in rural Cambodia in February 2016. Approximately 150 children a day are learning English at the school.

“We have been working toward this for more than a year”, said Rotarian Brian Menton, “and it is finally coming to fruition. The sustainability of the school is our goal and one of the ways to achieve it is to ensure the teachers have ongoing professional support.”

“I am so excited the teachers are here”, said Cambodian teacher Sophea Keo, “I want to learn to teach like a good Canadian teacher”.  "It is definitely a win win situation", said team leader Christine Keenan, "the Canadian teachers are so engaged and honored to have the opportunity to make a difference, and the Cambodian teachers are learning so much!  We all get emotional when we think of the potential impact this will have on the students and on the community!"