Picture from Lakefield Herald
At the meeting of December 7th, the BEL Rotary Club had the honor of welcoming Rotary Foundation Trustee Bryn Styles.  Through this passion and commitment, Styles furthers the work of Rotary, and acts to make the world a better place at home and around the globe. 
During his talk, he challenged club members to reflect on their own motivation for involvement in Rotary: the fellowship, the speakers and the opportunity to network with other like-minded colleagues, or the opportunity for service work? 
He also challenged members to consider the ways Rotary influences the community, and to consider what the community would be like if it was not for Rotary.  A good example is the annual “Adopt a Family” Christmas project that the BEL Club is currently working on.  What would Christmas be like for the recipients if it wasn’t for the support of this program?  The BEL Club has also been an active participant in the Rotary International global program to end polio.  We are so close!  Life would be very different for children in developing countries if it were not for this initiative. 
“Rotary meets needs, but is more than strictly a service organization.  It defines who we are and our core values.  It reflects leadership, diversity, high ethical standards and integrity as well as fellowship and service”, said Styles. 
Styles reminded the club that the work of Rotary is done at the club level.  If change is going to be made in the world it must come from every Rotarian in every club:  working to provide food, water, shelter, education and a better world for our children.  Whatever the reason for membership, Rotarians were reminded that they are part of the power and influence of Rotary and each person can make a difference in the world.