Superheroes are starting to come out of the woodwork to jump in the Polar Plunge, set for Sunday, Feb 6th, at 2 p.m. sharp in Rotary Park, Ennismore.  Organizers from B.E.L. Rotary Club have learned that a team of 9 people from Dynacast have raised significant funds and are jumping for the YMCA Strong Kids.  MP Dean Del Mastro has committed to doing the jump this year for Pedal fro Hope, Betsy McGregor will be plunging the Special Olympics Soccer Team, and Chris Jones will plunge with a Youth Unlimited Team.  


As well, Stephanie D’Ancy, from St. Martin’s School, Ennismore, will be jumping for the 9th time.  She has an ongoing bet with Doug Northey, who set the record for 25 plunges.  If Stephanie does 25, Doug will jump again.  That’ll put him well into his 60’s – a brave man. 


Stephanie says she found the experience to be “a real blast because of all the excitement and that it builds wonderful community spirit”.  She says, “jumping is like being in a bathtub with ice cubes, you either love it or hate it”.  Stephanie along with her step-daughter and a Grade 7 student hope to raise over $3000 for her charity, Friends of Honduran Children. 


Judges this year are expected to be MPP Jeff Leal, County Warden J. Murray Jones and Reeve Mary Smith.  They’ll be looking for Best Costume, Most Funds Raised, and Most Corporate Funds Raised.


Ruth Kuchinad from B.E.L. Rotary tested the ice this week with her Smart Car.  She said the ice was “solid as a rock”.  Reports from the Ice Carvers of the Ice People measured thickness to 20-22 inches, well suited to hold the crowds that attend.


All this week, there will be events under the Polarfest banner.  You can find more info at or by calling Heather at the Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield Township at 705-292-9507.


There is still time to garner your donations: pledge forms and rules available at or by calling Tony at 705-743-4244. 

Whether you’re plunging, or supporting, come on out and enjoy the winter weather all this week, ending with the Polar Plunge.  You’re sure to have a memorable experience.