Dr. Rosanna Pellissari, our Medical Officer of Health speaks to the club



September is New Generations Month

President Dave opened the meeting, giving a toast to Canada, France, Mexico, Newfoundland and Rotary International.


Ruth Kuchinad led us in the 4 Way Test and David Rook Green in Grace. 


Sargent at Arms David Rook Green introduced our guests for the evening:  Jennifer Geurtin, Bob Gallagher from the Peterborough Club, Brittany from the Health Unit and our speaker for the evening Medical Officer of Health Dr Rosana Pellissari .


We missed you:  Bob Fawcett, Spence Tucker, Don Thornton and John Taylor.


50/50 Draw: Congratulations to Chris who held the winning ticket.


Fines:  Tony Davidson led us in fines including medical and non-medical trivia.


Happy Bucks: Dave Tilley participated in a fund raiser for “A Place Called Home” on the weekend.  Despite the poor weather, 79 cyclists raised more than $7000. for this worthwhile cause.


Rotary Information:

The polio plus campaign is entering its final phases and we are getting closer to eradication once and for all.  With the announcement of the extended funding partnership between Rotary iNternational and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation at the 2013 RI Convention in Lisbon, Portugal, we have the opportunity to introduce millions of new dollars into the campaign.  The value of the extended partnership is in excess of $500 million. 


We have reduced the numbers from more than 350 000 cases a year in the 1980s to 223 in 2012, but we know that polio is still endemic in Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan and it is in these areas that it is going to be the most difficult.





Evening Program:

Bob Craw introduced Dr. Rosanna Pellissari, our Medical Officer of Health.  He introduced as a huge of fan of Rotary who loves to wear pants and enjoys the fact that her husband does most of the cooking. 


Dr. Pellissari started by expressing her great admiration of Rotary.  Her Grandmother is a polio survivor so the Polio eradication campaign is near and dear to her heart.

Her talk for the evening focussed on the Ontario Health Study: a study with the vision of a large, longitudinal chronic disease research platform that focusses on three pillars – discovery, characterization and translation.  The following are key elements of the study.

The Ontario Health Study is:

•       A cancer research platform

•       A large scale, prospective cohort

•       A nationally integrated platform that is built on large scale and comprehensive epidemiological, clinical and biological data collection efforts

•       An innovative population-based health study that will serve as an integrated platform for investigating the complex interplay of environmental, lifestyle and genetic factors that increase individual and community risk of developing cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, depression and other common adult diseases.

•       One of five regional initiatives being conducted across Canada for the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project

Who takes part in the study?:

•       The OHS seeks to collect data from every consenting
person, 18 years of age and over, living in Ontario
(a sampling frame of approximately 9.5 million
people).  The OHS hopes to capture the ethnic,
geographic and cultural diversity of Ontario. The
intent is to follow participants for their entire adult lifespan.

What does the Study hope to accomplish?:

•       Find new risk factors for common disease, aid in better prevention, diagnoses and treatment of illness, and ultimately help create better and more efficient health systems. The OHS is the largest volunteer cohort study ever conducted in Ontario and indeed one of the largest in the world.

An integrated platform for:

•       Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illness

•       Health promotion and intervention

•       Better, more efficient health systems

Focusing on community engagement:

•       Empower communities and individuals to take responsibility for health

•       Education of clinical, academic, government, business, and general society

The study hopes to find risk factors associated with various diseases, aid in better prevention and result in better treatment.  The partners are not looking for money, just participation and promotion and hope to have 11,000 adults in Peterborough signed up by the end of October.  We are encouraged to talk to friends and family and maximize participation.  For more information go to ontariohealthstudy.ca. 

Dr. Pellissari was thanked by Girv, for a most informative presentation.  He indicated that the effectiveness of a speaker is often reflected in the number of questions asked and based on that, this was a most


Upcoming Meetings:


Date                                        Evening Chair                       Speaker

Sept 30                                    Tony Davidson                        Jim Russell (United Way)

Oct 7                                       Susan Davidson                      Park Clean Up

Oct 14                                     No Meeting                             Thanksgiving

Oct 21                                     Girv Devitt                               Mayor Mary Smith, Chief Rodd and

                                                                                                Deputy Chief Farquarson



Dates to Remember:

District Conference: Please see the notice from the District Conference Committee

Hello Fellow Rotarians,

Summer is behind us and District conference is just around the corner!We are looking forward to seeing all of you at fabulous Fern Resort in Orillia!

If you have been sitting on the fence with regards to registration, there is still time. Click on the following link to be directed to the registration site http://www.district7010conference.com/.You won't regret it!!!

If you wanted a room at Fern and it was full, please call them directly at1 (888) 640 5703 andget on the waiting list.....rumour has it there are going to be a few rooms opening up.


November 2, 2013

Leadership Seminar, Barrie ON