The Rotary Foundation is the charitable arm of Rotary International. Funds from the Rotary Foundation support programs around the world to save and invigorate lives and enhance international friendships and understanding.
It is seen in the:
  • mother whose child will have life saving polio drops and be spared the scourge of this horrible disease.
  • father in Nepal whose child will have safe drinking water.
  • children in our community who will have the gift of a book to read and families who enjoyed Christmas with all the trimmings.
It is monetary gifts that make this work possible.  BEL Rotarian Christopher Tworkowski and posthumously his wife Jennifer, were recognized as major donors to the foundation, at the recent BEL meeting.  They realize the impact the foundation has on lives and have given generously.  In addition to their ongoing giving, there is also provision in their wills to support the foundation and continue their legacy of giving.
Thank you Christopher and Jennifer, thanks to you the world has become one step closer to peace and understanding.