BEL Rotary

“The Little Club That Can”

March 31, 2014

March is Literacy Month


President Dave called the meeting to order with a toast to Canada and Rotary International.

Bob Fawcett led us in the 4 Way test and Don Thornton in Grace.

Sargent at Arms Dave Rook Green, introduced our guests for the evening, visiting Rotarian Bob Bathgate of the Peterborough Club and our evening speaker Vikki Whitney of Griffin’s Greenhouses.

We missed you:  Bob Ash, Bob Craw, Al Hitchon, John Taylor and Spence Tucker

Congratulations Brian, the winner of the 50/50 – again!

Fines:  Steve led us in fines with Trivia including “What is the strongest muscle in the body?  The tongue!” Jenn knew the answer to this one!



Purple Pinkie Campaign

Our Purple Pinkie efforts were a huge success thanks to the efforts of all involved.  We brought in a total of $692.95 which with the matching grants translates to $2076. going to the Polio Eradication Initiative. The approximate cost of one dose of the vaccine is 60 cents, so our

contribution will immunize 3460 children!  Well done BEL Rotary!

Super Spring Clean Up:

Saturday April 26th:

All hands on deck for the Super Spring Clean-Up!  Be sure to mark the date on your calendar.  We will clean up Rotary Park, tend the gardens and work on the gazebo, and also have a team clean up the Rotary Trail. 

Email Concerns:

President Dave announced that if we are getting emails from Rotary International that are requesting our password or talking about our Rotary account it is likely “fishing” and not really from R.I.  Let Dave know and he will follow up.

Presidential Citation and Club Recognition:

President Dave has submitted The Presidential Citation and Club Recognition information to R.I.  Our club qualifies for both recognitions.  These recognitions reflect our club’s work to promote membership (growth and retention), our support of the foundation, our commitment to humanitarian work and our networking through the family of Rotary.  Our club has been called “The Little Club that Can” and “The Little Club on Steroids” – how true!  Well done again BEL Rotary.

Evening Speaker:

Brian introduced Vikki Whitney of Griffin’s Greenhouses.  Vikki has her B.Ed and worked as an English teacher before joining the family business.  She is married to Darryl, a principal with KPRDSB and has two children who are also seen helping out at the Garden Centre. 

The title of Vikki’s talk was “Beautifying Your Homes and Business”.  Her philosophy is to keep is easy and simple.

Vikki is passionate about the importance of using plants to enhance the visual appeal of our homes and businesses.  At home it reflects pride of ownership, our personal expression, and may be influenced by the neighbourhood in which we live.  At our business it presents a positive introduction and welcome, a visual expression of attention to detail and may be part of the determination of a potential client to “cross the line”.

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One of the most effective and easiest ways to enhance the appearance of a home or business is the use of containers.  The use of large containers makes a great show and reduces the amount of watering.  Recommended plants for maximum effect and minimal work include dragon wing begonias, collipe geraniums, coleus and ferns.  She also included sunpatiens in the list but cautions against the use of other impatience due to a fungal spore that will not only affect the impatience but also get into the soil.  Tropical plants and succulents are also effective and relatively low maintenance. 

Vikki was thanked by Chris for an informative and interesting talk.  It is well worth the trip to Griffin’s to enjoy the display gardens and pond and get ideas for our own gardens and containers.  Vikki brings a great deal of creativity to her containers and workshops.  Her passion is contagious.

Upcoming Meetings:

Date                            Evening Chair                       Speaker

April 7th                        David Rook Green                  Scott Davidson, Hendren Funeral Homes

April 14th                      John Taylor                             Nexicom

April 21st                      No Meeting: Easter Monday

April 28th                      No Meeting due to Super Spring Clean up

May 5th                        Spence Tucker                       Linda Kash, Improv

May 12th                      Chris Tworkowski                   Graham Wilkins, Adventure Outfitters

May 19th                      No Meeting, Victoria Day


Board Meeting:

April 10th, 7:00

Home of David Tilley


Golf Tournament:

Thursday May 8th

1:00 Shot Gun start

In addition to green fees, power carts, dinner and prizes the golf tournament will also boast scotch tasting sponsored by Girv Devitt and cigar tasting. All members are asked to get sponsorship, prizes and foursomes.  Please bring in sponsorship, prizes and foursomes as soon as possible so we can get signage, update the data base and confirm with the Quarry.


April Birthdays: Happy Birthday to:

President Dave Tilley                April 5

Girv Devitt                               April 7



District Conference 2014: Message from District Governor Elect Gary Trail

Count down to Val D’Or .................................... 186 days and counting September 18-21, 2014.

The news reports are that the leprechauns are headed to Val D’Or to search for the pot of gold. Don’t be left out.  Come and discover the exciting opportunities available in your community and around the world that are open to all Rotarians.  Share diverse perspectives, advance your education and discover new cultures. COME AND BE AMAZED.