On December 2nd, the BEL Club celebrated 37 years of service to the local and international community, and a night of celebration it was.  In true keeping with the spirit of the BEL Club, the room was filled with Rotarians, family and friends. The contributions of the BEL club over the past 37 years are legendary.  The club has made a positive impact on the lives of many people in the local and global communities and members strive to "Engage Rotary" to "Change lives".  The club was honoured to have R.I. Director Bryn Styles address them, and share his dedication, passion and commitment to making this world a better place. 

Bryn has served Rotary since 1986, and after extensive involvement in all avenues of service at the club level, he became involved in district where in addition to other roles he served as District Governor in 2004 - 2005, Rotary's Centennial year.  Bryn's passion for Rotary took him to the Zone level where is now serving in his second year of a two year as an R. I. Director. 

Bryn is a true Rotarian.  He brings passion, commitment and vision to all of his Rotary work.  He leads by example and shows us through his own actions, the difference that one person can make in this world.  Bryn is an inspiration.

Although not a Rotarian in name, his wife Randy (of 40 years) is very involved and not only supports Bryn in his Rotary work but is also an active participant.

Director Bryn began his address by congratulating the BEL Club on 37 years of service to the community, at home and around the world.  He recognized the work the club does and the impact on the community.  He also reminded us that he was the first 7010 District Governor to do the Polar Plunge!

Director Bryn challenged us to ask ourselves a simple question: Why did you come here tonight?  With so many other demands on our time, why did we choose to be at Chemong Lodge at a Rotary meeting?  He further challenged us to reflect on why we joined Rotary in the first place.  Was it the fellowship?  Was it the speakers and the opportunity to meet with like minded colleagues and share our business vision or was it the service work?  Whatever the reason we have become part of the power and influence of Rotary and each one of us can make a difference in the world.

Bryn also challenged us to consider the ways we influence our community, and reminded us that our community is the world.  Technology has made the global community our local community.  Like a ripple on the water, we never know where our influence is going to end.

He encouraged us to work with Youth.  If we truly want a peaceful tomorrow we have to work with our youth of today.  We also have to ensure that our clubs and our work reflect the diversity of our communities.

Rotary meets needs.  It is the premier service organization in the world.  R.I. has not only presented a new logo, but has also re-branded itself and who we are and what we do.  When we join Rotary we join leaders – at the club, district and zone level.  We exchange ideas and through this exchange comes the potential for new projects and finally we take action.  It is through this process that we can bring about an environment of peace.  This is the power of Rotary.

Our Rotary Foundation is the “power of the people”.  It gives us the resources to carry out our service work and change lives. 

But Bryn reminded us that Rotary is more than strictly a service organization.  It defines who we are and our core values.  It reflects leadership, diversity, high ethical standards and integrity as well as fellowship and service. 

Bryn reinforced that the work of Rotary is done at the club level.  If we are going to change the world it must come from every Rotarian in every club, and part of effecting that change is to grow our numbers, so more can work together to provide food, water, shelter, education and a better world for our children.

Bryn brought a message of hope and of peace and a challenge to make this world a better place.