President Dave Tilley passes the gavel to incoming president Tony Davidson. 
The "Fellowship of Beer Drinkers" enjoys Roaring Rotarian Beer.
Following the formal part of the evening, members and guests enjoyed a barbecue
demonstration and meal cooked by Brad Watt of Rare Grill House.
On July 4th, the BEL Rotary Club celebrated the end of the very successful 2015 – 2016 Rotary year and the beginning of the 2016 – 2017 Rotary year.
President Dave thanked the club for a great year and passed the gavel to incoming president Tony Davidson.  Tony recognized Past President Dave for his sense of passion, dedication to Rotary and strong leadership. 

President Tony addressed the club.  “I am looking forward to a successful year.  We have a strong district team who give us amazing support including our District Governor Margaret Walton and ADG Rick Storey who are with us this evening.  We are a small club that accomplishes big things.  Our success is a team effort and together with our amazing members, our families and friends are part of this success. Thank you.” said Davidson.
Tony also outlined goals for the coming year which include:
  • New Fundraiser: We are embarking on a new fundraiser Bike for Hospice. Trevor Copeland is the chair and the event will take place on September 17th.
  • Major community project: We are communicating with the township regarding continued development of the Bridgenorth Trail and also the possible development of a splash pad in one of our communities.
  • Meeting Schedule: Committees are the key to the work of the club and the meeting schedule has been modified to build in monthly committee meetings.
The formal business was brought to a close.  President Tony reminded us of Rotary International President John Germ’s vision for the 2016 – 2017 year, “Rotary Serving Humanity”.  “This vision is safe in the hands of the BEL Club, with the strength of our members and our tremendous support network.  I look forward to working with you all as we work to serve our neighbours in the local and international community and make a difference in the world.”