District Gov. Marilyn Hanson visits the club



September is New Generations Month

President Dave opened the meeting, giving a toast to Canada, France, Newfoundland and Rotary International.


Al Hitchon led us in the 4 Way Test and Don Thornton in Grace. 


Sargent at Arms David Rook Green introduced our guests for the evening:  Sandra Rook Green, Lois and Kendra Tucker, Kendra’s friend Dave, our ADG Lynne Chant and our speaker for the evening D.G. Marilyn Hanson.


We missed you:  Bob Ash and Bob Fawcett


Leave of Absence: John Taylor


50/50 Draw: Marilyn drew the winning ticket, congratulations to Lois Tucker!


Fines:  Brian Parks led us in fines including trivia such as “In 1971 Switzerland allowed this to happen?  They allowed women to vote”!



Geunter form the Peterborough Kawartha Club has sent an invitation for all to come to the Purple Onion Festival.  Join the local food revolution. Come to the Purple Onion Festival at Millennium Park on Sunday, September 22, 2013 from Noon - 5:00pm to celebrate our abundance of local food, and help strengthen our food security. A Climate Change Rally will be held prior to the Festival opening, starting at 11:00am at the Water Street entrance to Millennium Park.


Rotary Information:

In recognition of New Generations month (now Youth Services) Rotarian Sue shared a story from the RI website talking about the Millennials. 


Depending on where you draw the line, writes Colonel Eric G. Kail, I'm either a very young baby boomer or a very old member of Generation X. These generations hold the majority of executive leadership positions across sectors. In other words, we're in charge.

Enter the millennials. This younger set hasn't always seen eye-to-eye with their baby boomer or Gen X colleagues and managers in the workplace. Negative chatter often hums around them, mostly centering on the assertion that they are entitled or narcissistic. This has led to a feeling that millennials are not ready to join the real world and work hard.

So it's the millennials who need to get in line — right?

Not so fast. I believe it's the leaders, not the millennials, who should be trying harder to bridge the generational gap. As we approach the inevitable crossroads of old and new leadership, it's our job to develop the people we expect to carry the torch forward.

He went on to say that in his experience, millennials are hard working and willing to give back, but we are leaders, Rotary leaders included have to understand what our next generation values and ensure that what we have to offer is meaningful to them.

It seems our differing generations suffer from two key stumbling blocks: communication gaps and preconceived notions. Communication has changed rapidly in the last ten years and not all of us have kept the pace. And both older and younger generations can fall victim to surrendering to negative chatter or stereotypes, instead of looking for common ground and goals.

So as leaders, you have a choice: You can make assumptions about the next generation or you can invest in them the way that others have invested in you.

He went on to say that in his experience, millennials are hard working and willing to give back, but we are leaders, Rotary leaders included have to understand what our next generation values and ensure that what we have to offer is meaningful to them. This is definitely food for thought as we try to encourage young professionals and members of our communities into Rotary.


Evening Program:

Susan Davidson introduced our speaker District Governor Marilyn Hanson.  As a member of the Rotary Club of Orillia, Marilyn has served her club on the Board of Directors as Treasurer (4 years) and as President (07/08).  As membership chair, her recruitment campaign brought in 10 members per year for two years in a row.  Serving on and chairing the club international committee is Marilyn’s passion.  Her first exposure to Rotary in the international world was hosting and participating in a friendship exchange with Brazil, and subsequently with South Africa.  Through the international experiences, Marilyn became a true Rotarian.  This was followed with wheelchair deliveries to Ecuador and book deliveries to Guatemala.

Her club has presented awards to Marilyn including many club Theme Awards, Paul Harris Recognitions, Avenues of Service Citation (2010), the Rotary International Recognition of Membership Development Initiatives, and Marilyn is a member of the Bequest Society.  At District 7010, she has served on  membership, training , and grant committees and as assistant governor for 3 years.

Married to Robert, they live in Washago – a small town outside of Orillia – where the livin’ is easy.  Her passionate hobby is agility training and trials with her Border Terrier, Rusty, experiencing many sunny beautiful days outdoors at field trials.

Prior to joining Rotary, Marilyn gained 15 years experience working with and helping small businesses achieve their goals.  This lead to six years of study to obtain her Certified General Accountant professional designation, followed by opening her own accounting practice where she continued her love of working with small businesses for another 15 years, until semi-retirement in 2011.  During this time, Marilyn served on the Board of Directors for Richmond Resource Center, a local social agency, and as Treasurer of Lake St. George Community Centre (14 years).  She was also founding chairperson of the Orillia Woman’s Advocacy Group which, after 5 years of diligent work, led to the establishment of Green Haven Shelter for Women, and founding member and President of the Orillia Business Woman’s Association.


Marilyn is very excited about this new opportunity to serve Rotary.  She hopes to bring the joy of Rotary into the hearts of every member in her District.


DG Marilyn shared her Rotary Story.  As a business woman starting her own business and being very involved in many other endeavors she declined her first two invitations to join Rotary and the third one was the charm.  She reminded us that our invitations need to be followed up on. 


DG Marilyn shared her international experiences and opportunities: Friendship exchanges, wheel chair distribution and literacy projects.  It is through these experiences that she truly became a Rotarian and her passion for international projects is contagious. 


DG Marilyn auctioned off a Rotary International Cookbook.  Tony Davidson (out bidding Susan Davidson) was the successful bidder.  The money raised will go to Polio Plus.


DG Marilyn was thanked by President Dave for her inspiration, her dedication and all that she does on behalf of the district to make the world a better place.  A donation is being made to Polio Plus on her behalf.


Upcoming Meetings:


Date                                        Evening Chair                       Speaker

Sept 23                                    Bob Craw                                Dr. Rosana Pellissari (Medical

                                                                                                Officer of Health)

Sept 30                                    Tony Davidson                        Jim Russell (United Way)

Oct 7                                       Susan Davidson                      Park Clean Up

Oct 14                                     No Meeting                             Thanksgiving

Oct 21                                    Girv Devitt                               Mayor Mary Smith, Chief Rodd and

                                                                                                Deputy Chief Farquarson


Dates to Remember:

District Conference:  Please see the notice from the District Conference Committee

Hello Fellow Rotarians,

Summer is behind us and District conference is just around the corner!  We are looking forward to seeing all of you at fabulous Fern Resort in Orillia!

If you have been sitting on the fence with regards to registration, there is still time. Click on the following link to be directed to the registration site  http://www.district7010conference.com/.   You won't regret it!!!

If you wanted a room at Fern and it was full, please call them directly at 1 (888) 640 5703 and get on the waiting list.....rumour has it there are going to be a few rooms opening up.