President Ruth's Swan Song

June is Rotary Fellowship Month


President Ruth opened the meeting, giving a toast to Canada, Denmark, Mexico, Taiwan, the USA and Rotary International.


Bob Ash led us in the 4 Way Test and David Rook Green in Grace.

Acting Sargent at Arms David Rook Green introduced our guests for the evening:  our ADG Lynne Chant from the Peterborough Kawartha Club, fellow Rotarians Don Watkins, Wendy Swain and Kim Winter also from the Peterborough Kawartha Club and our Business Speaker Joanne Snyder. 


We missed you: Bob Craw, Spence Tucker, John Taylor and Brian Parks.


Welcome back from your travels Bob Fawcett!

Queen of Hearts Draw: No one won and the pot continues to grow! 


Fines:  In deference to our recent visitors from Vermont, Fine master Al Hitcheon led fines with questions about that state.  With the help of our Vermont guests and wife Esther, Al looked very official and professional but it is safe to say that our knowledge of the state was not great!


There were also many happy bucks:

Sue Davidson was happy to be able to celebrate with Jim and June Woodside at the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary.  She was also proud of Tony, Courtney and Darcy who completed a half iron man triathlon on Sunday and didn’t die! 

Chris Tworkowski enjoyed his company from Vermont and the opportunity to share in Rotary Fellowship.

Wendy Swain congratulated President Ruth on a great year.

Don Watkins was pleased to be with us, especially after the fall from his bike.

Kim Winter was also pleased to be here

Dave Rook Green will be off to Vancouver to see his son and

Don Thornton gave a happy sad buck.  He was pleased to say that his son who lives in Calgary is “high and dry” but unfortunately his son’s fiancé’s sister is not so lucky.  Our thoughts are with many Albertans during this difficult time.


Business Speaker:

Joanne Snyder of Beachwood Resort shared the history of the resort from when it opened as Beachwood Lodge in 1926 until the current time.  Located on the shores of Deer Bay it started as a fishing camp during the months of July and August.  In 1944 it was bought by Harry and Florence Morgan and their son Frederick.  At the time of purchase inventory included the number of knives, forks etc. and blankets.  There were “18 blankets, 10 with patches but still warm”.  In 1944 accommodation, a packed lunched and a canoe cost $2/day!  How times have changes.


The dining room was the center of the lodge and a time for gathering.  Everyone ate at the same time and had two choices: take it or leave it.   As time went on the lodge was renovated and the menu expanded and the name changed to Beachwood Resort, but the atmosphere remained the same.  Mealtime remained and remains a time to appreciate all that they were blessed with and the beautiful view.  Beachwood Resort has evolved and the dining room is no longer the dining room but has been named Fredericks at Beachwood in memory of Frederick, the man who valued family time, loved where he lived, worked, played and always ate the good stuff first!


Frederick’s at Beachwood offers fine dining, excellent service and beautiful views.  It is certainly is a worthwhile dining choice this summer.  Thank you to Joanne for a great presentation.


Evening Program:

Our soon to be Past President Ruth gave her “swan song”.  President Ruth talked about her six goals when she became president almost a year ago:

·        To conduct a visioning exercise and develop a five year plan

·        To focus on aboriginal issues

·        To focus on environmental issues

·        To develop partnerships with other community groups

·        To establish a friendship exchange with Vergennes Vt

·        To reach out to other service clubs including the other 2 local Rotary Clubs


As a club we accomplished a lot:

·        We are developing a plan based on the visioning

·        We participated in the 3rd World Canada project and the situation of the KI reserve has been brought to RI

·        We continue to be involved with environmental issues through the Trails committee

·        We continue to have strong partnerships with the community including our involvement with Polarfest and the Speed Skating Oval

·        Our friendship exchange with Vergennes was a wonderful success and we will head there in the fall

·        The Super Spring Clean-up with the other local clubs was a huge success and the Oktoberfest a blast


“The year has flown by and the Board and club have made the job easier.  Thank you for your faith in me and my ideas.  It has been an adventure. Welcome to the new team with incoming President Dave Tilley at the helm. I look forward to working with him on the various projects and new ideas he has in mind”.


ADG Lynne Chant:

Our ADG elect Lynne Chant joined us for the evening.  She shared the vision and goals of RI President Elect Ron Burton.  RI President Elect Ron Burton unveiled his vision in San Diego and challenges each of us to “Engage in Rotary and Change Lives”.   “If we really want to take Rotary service forward, then we must make sure that every single Rotarian has the same feeling about Rotary that each one of us here has today,” Burton said. “We need to make sure that every Rotarian has a meaningful role to play, that they’re all making a contribution, and that their contribution is valued.”

<v:path o:extrusionok="f" gradientshapeok="t" o:connecttype="rect"> Image  ADG Lynne presented President Elect Dave with the theme banner for the 2013-14 year.


Voluntary Toll:

The toll is set for Saturday July 13, 9:00 - 1:00 with burgers, beers and counting at the Davidson’s immediately following.  We need all hands on deck!  This is a great fundraiser! Please check with partners and other Rotary volunteers to see if anyone is able to join us.  Many hands make light work!


Friendship Exchange:

The Friendship exchange with the Vergennes Rotary Club was a great success.  Thank you to all who made it possible.  President Ruth presented the club with the banner of the Vergennes Rotary Club.


Motion from the Meeting of June 17:

It was moved by Susan Davidson and seconded by Girvin Devitt that the meeting of July 15th be cancelled in lieu of the participation at the Voluntary Toll on July 13th.  The motion was voted on and passed at the June 24th meeting.




Date                                        Evening Chair                        Speaker

July 1                                       No Meeting                              Canada Day

July 8                                       David Tilley                             Changeover

July 15                                     no meeting

July 22                                     Susan Davidson                      Social at the Davidsons

July 29                                     We are at the Lodge, speaker to be announced


Dates to Remember:

Voluntary Toll

Saturday July 13, 8:45 sharp at the causeway in Bridgenorth. 


Governor Change Over:

July 2, 12:00

Highwayman, Hwy 11, Orillia

Please let Angela Thomson know if you can attend,


Bridgenorth Beatification Committee Barbecue and Street Dance

Saturday July 6t at Bridgenorth Home Hardware

All members are welcome to attend

Help for set up would be appreciated.  If you are able to please meet at the parking lot at 9:00 Sat. morning


Barbecue and Celebration for YE Students

July 23,at the home of Lloyd Graham and Claire O’Sullivan

All Rotarians are invited to attend and “send off” Gregoire, Anna and Sara

Details will be sent out as soon as they are confirmed


District Conference:

It’s time to start planning for the District Conference.  A great time to recharge your Rotary battery and enjoy fellowship and fun!

October 4 – 6, 2013

Fern Resort



JUNE 2013


Over 100 years ago, Rotary started because people were searching for fellowship and friendships. Over the years, there have been many Fellowships that have been started.  In fact, in the June issue of the Rotarian magazine, there is a listing of 64 different fellowships.  These fellowships are for people who having something more in common than just being Rotarians.  They have another interest that they wish to share their knowledge and interest in with other Rotarians.  Fellowships that are listed have interests in nature, sporting activities, collectors, travel, Rotary and various classifications.  Two of them that caught my eye were curling and travel (4).

Curling, because a group of Rotarians including me from the three Barrie Clubs, have for years participated in the Rotary Can-Am Curling Bonspiel.  It is enjoyable to get to know your club members better but also to get to meet Rotarians from other Clubs who have a similar interest as you do.  There are four Fellowships in the travel field.  They are:  Travel and Hosting, Recreational Vehicles, Caravanning and Home Exchange.  I am hoping that there will be some travel plans in my future.  These seem to offer the opportunity to travel and to meet Rotarians from around the world.  This also gives the opportunity to share resources and stories.

What interest do you have?  Whatever it is, you can search in Google for Rotary Fellowships and bring up the list and contact information for all 64. 

 Besides being Rotary Fellowship month, June is the month when summer officially begins.  The changing of the seasons from Spring to Summer.  It is also the end of the Rotary year and a time when Rotary around the world makes changes to the Leadership.


This is a time to reflect on the contributions and accomplishments from this year and a time to commit to making the dreams for the coming year become a reality.

I would like to thank all of you and your fellow Rotarians for all that you have done to make your communities a better place to live in.  I would also like to thank you for making this a memorable year for me as your Governor.


I am confident that this same support and action will be given to Marilyn Hanson as she begins her year as the Governor for this District.  The official changeover will take place in Orillia on July 2.

Rotarians are people who believe and live by our motto –‘Service Above Self’.  To me this year has been a demonstration of how our efforts have been used to make the lives of people a little bit better and to make their lives more Peaceful.  This was President Tanaka’s dream to make lives more peaceful and why he chose his theme for the year of Peace Though Service.

Thank you District 7010 Rotarians

John Gordon, District Governor

Rotary District 7010

Friendship Exchange:

The Rotary Friendship Exchange program gives Rotarians and their families the opportunity to host and visit Rotarians from around the world.  Please share this with any club member that does not have e-mail! 

Marilyn Hanson has asked me to be your Rotary Friendship Exchange Chair.  I’m thrilled that announce that we have 24 spots available to travel to Adelaide,  Australia departing February 11, 2014 and returning home February 27th.  We will have a waiting list if needed. Please note that the Friendship Exchange is currently fully subscribed.  If you are interested please contact Elizabeth at to be put on the waiting list.