Shawn Cook of Nu-Bodies Fitness speaks to the Club

With a ring of the bell the meeting of January 16, 2012 came to order at Chemong Lodge. Winning the 50/50 this evening was Bob Fawcett with Bob Craw handling fines and Girv Devitt rounding out the start with grace.

Rotary Information – Sue Davidson

Sue’s Rotary information focused on the efforts and success that Rotary has had combating Polio in India. Rotary spearheaded the eradication program in India in 1988 and this year we are celebrating the first year in which there are no reported cases. Last year there were 42 reported cases with 741 reported in 2009. More information can be found at the link below;

Committee Information – International

Girv informed the club that exchange student Julie has now moved to her second family. Mike and Heather Casey will be looking after Julie until she moves to her final family later this year. Members were encouraged to take Julie out for excursions and to get her involved where possible.

Speaker – Shawn Cook

Bob Craw introduced our speaker for the evening. Shawn cook was born in Oshawa and worked as a manager at Bellworld before moving to Nu-Bodies. Shawn spoke about the obesity epidemic and that ½ of all Canadians are inactive. According to Shawn, for the first time in history, our children will have a shorter lifespan than their parents. Shawn provided 10 reasons to life a healthy life. They were as follows;

  1.  Feel more energetic
  2. Burn more calories
  3. Improve overall appearance
  4. Better able to withstand stress
  5. Decrease risk of illness
  6. Speed up recovery from injury/surgery
  7. Better focus
  8. Build up cardio endurance
  9. Improve Flexibility
  10. Increase lean body mass.
Brian Parks thanked Shawn for the informative talk


Polar Plunge Update – Tony Davidson

Tony reported that everything is on schedule with many groups returning. After the plunge Tony and Sue will have chili and wine at their house and members are invited. Ruth has copies of the plunge posters if anyone needs one, as well copies of the plunge form are available at

Vote on the 2012-2013 Board

The board slate was announced to the club as follows

President                    Ruth Kuchinad
Vice                           open
Secretary                    Lorne Kelsey
Community Service     Brad Filman               
Club Administration     Dave Tilley                 
Vocational Service      Brian Parks                 
International Service    Don Thornton            
Foundation                  Tony Davidson          
Membership                Chris Tworkowski
Public Relations           open

*Treasurer                   Al Hitchon  (John, David fill in when Al away)
*Sergeant at Arms      John Taylor

*anticipate appointments by the board for these positions


Upcoming Events

April 21st and 22nd - Rotary Leadership Conference
Feb 16th - Rotary “night at the Pete’s” Cost is $18.00
Jan 23rd – Chamber after hours at Chemong Lodge(5pm)


Upcoming Meetings

Jan 23rd – Girv Devitt – Doug Lockington will discuss Polio plus
Jan 30th – Sue Davidson – District mentoring program
Feb 6th – Reg Downs
Feb 13th – Bob Fawcett
Feb 20th – No Meeting(Family Day)
Feb 27th – Tony Davidson (Plunge Wrap Up)


Meeting Adjourned at 7:50pm