Scholarship Recipients Have Been Chosen!

The competition was stiff, but these 5 CHS seniors shined above all,
each winning the coveted
Coppell Rotary 2022 Scholarship of $1,500 each. Congratulations!!
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Rotary Flag DAZE!

The delivery teams got to CHS early this year in anticipation of the RECORD BREAKING 1,633 flags that were to be distributed all around Coppell. Hats off to our delivery teams and our Rotary Flag Team, you go above and beyond every time!
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Coppell Partners with Msasa in Zimbabwe to Bring Water to Schools

The Coppell Rotary Club has partnered with the Msasa Rotary Club to provide water to schools in Zimbabwe. The Catholic diocese has built an elementary and high school in this remote suburb of Harare in Zimbabwe. The municipal water supply does not reach this region. The need is for a bore hole, well and pump to be supplied so the students will be able to attend school and the teachers can have clean water. The project will also provide clean water to the community so they wont have to go to ponds and springs, sharing the water with the wildlife, standing in long queue's and being harassed by others trying to control access to water.
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Smallest Baby ever born at Arlington Hospital Goes Home for the Holidays

The smallest surviving birth at Medical City Hospital in Arlington occurred in August 2021. Coppell Rotarian Dr. Prakash Kabbur delivered  baby, Paris Nguyn , who weighed less than a pound. Dr Kabbur was also the neonatologist on the team which provided a miracle outcome and allowed Paris to go home before the holidays in December at a healthy six pounds.
Dr. Kabbur is a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow and has been a member of the Coppell Rotary Club since 2017. Rotarian Prakash has participated in several Global Grants written by the Coppell Rotary Club for Maternal and Child health and travelled worldwide with vocational training teams.  Prakash is also President of Train and Help Babies , a Coppell-based humanitarian organization dedicated to improving premature birth survival in high mortality regions worldwide.
Thank you ,Prakash for your "Service Above Self " and being a Rotary  "Person of Action" 
Smallest baby ever born at Arlington hospital goes home for Christmas
By FOX 4 Staff
Published December 10, 2021
ARLINGTON, Texas - The smallest baby ever born at Medical City Arlington is home for the holidays.
Paris Nguyen weighed less than a pound when she was born in August. Her mom gave birth at just 23 weeks gestation and doctors said her chances of survival were low.Paris spent four months in the neonatal intensive care unit.On Thursday, her doctors and NICU nurses cheered as she left the hospital with her parents."They say she’s a miracle but with without them, the miracle wouldn’t have happened," said Duc Nguyen, her father."Seeing the journey she has come through from being a very, very critical helpless baby to a healthy 3 kilo healthy baby going home, it’s a very joyful thing for the whole team taking care of her," said Dr. Raghu Turebylu with Medical City Arlington. Three kilos means Paris now weighs about 6 pounds.
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Join the Interact Club of Coppell

Our first meeting for the Interact Club of Coppell was a success!  Sponsored by the Coppell Rotary Club, this is a service organization for students in grades 9-12. Members have fun, develop new friendships while gaining leadership skills and serving our local and international community!  Home schooled and students  from all 9-12 grade campuses in Coppell are welcome! For more information, please email #coppellinteract
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