Minneapolis University Rotary Club
Join us!  We meet some Wednesdays, noon-1:15 p.m.  Meetings are held online via Zoom.  To receive our schedule and the Zoom link, email us at mplsunivrotary@gmail.com 
The Minneapolis University Rotary Club is a small and mighty group of local professionals and part of a global network of 1.2 million Rotarians.  
Our club motto is: "As Rotarians, we pledge to improve the quality of human life, protect the earth and all its inhabitants, and serve our community and the world."
Welcome to Minneapolis University Rotary Club.  Our members represent diverse backgrounds, professions, and communities —including the University of Minnesota — who share a passion for serving, learning, and connecting with the world and each other.  We invite you to get to know our small and mighty club and join a worldwide organization committed to making a positive difference.  
-- Erin Bagniewski


JANUARY 26, 2022,

noon to 1.15 p.m., by Zoom --

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The Minneapolis University Rotary Club has changed peoples' lives around the world.  Join a meeting to learn what we are doing today. 
Also, see Project Spotlight below for some current projects.
International Project Spotlight

Chile Audiology Grant Approved by Rotary International!!

Minneapolis University Rotary Club is pleased to announce a grant from Rotary International that will provide modern audiology equipment for the Otto Gabler Instituto de la Sordera (Institute of Deafness) in Santiago, Chile.  This grant builds on our club’s relationship with the Institute that began with an initial Rotary grant in 2002. The Institute will expand its diagnostic services to include infants while upgrading hearing services to students and members of the local community.  Besides Rotary International the project received support from five Rotary clubs in the Minneapolis and Santiago areas, the local Rotary districts of each area, and the International Hearing Society.


Grant to Improve Maternal and Child Health in Palestine Approved!

Minneapolis University Rotary is partnering with East Jerusalem Rotary Club on a grant to provide health education and medical care in the West Bank.  The grant from Rotary International will fund a mobile health unit with staff serving the needs of women and young children in refugee camps and remote areas where high rates of infant mortality and birth defects are common.  Besides Rotary International, this project has support from five District 5950 Rotary clubs, the East Jerusalem club, several national and local organizations, and many individuals.  This project is an international, multi-faith project exemplifying Rotary’s commitment to improving health and building bridges between people around the world.

rotary and covid-19 

The COVID-19 virus continues to plague the world, but we are fortunate to have three effective vaccines that prevent serious illness and death in the US.  When enough Americans are fully vaccinated, life will return to normal for all of us.  Minneapolis University Rotary Club, along with Rotary International, urges our fellow citizens to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Rotary has decades of experience fighting another disease—polio—around the world.  Public education regarding the safety and efficacy of the polio vaccine has been crucial in the fight to eradicate this disease from the earth.  Strategic partnerships and funding from Rotary clubs have eliminated the threat of this once-feared disease from most of our lives.

Minneapolis University Rotary Club has supported the Rotary Polio Plus program for many years. We are working to support efforts to educate the Twin Cities public regarding the COVID-19 disease, its prevention, and treatment.  As always, the best treatment is prevention.  Please get vaccinated!