International Service

A priority of Rotary is the advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace.  Minneapolis University Rotary Club shares this priority, reflected in the international scholarships, grants, and projects we have sponsored. These initiatives are supported by our foundation (Minneapolis University Rotary Service Foundation – MURSF) and the international foundation of Rotary (The Rotary Foundation - TRF).  Member contributions fund both foundations.

TRF and MURSF have sponsored the Peace Fellows program, Global Scholarships, and Rotary’s polio eradication program.  We have sent scholars around the world advancing the cause of peace and goodwill, and sponsored education and health care programs in Mexico, Chile, India, and Rwanda.  Stay tuned for the launch of a major project in the Palestinian Territories.

International Projects Highlights

rotary cataract surgery - san felipe, mexico

“I can see again!  Colors, my family, I am so happy.  Thank you!”  

San Felipe cataract patient

Minneapolis University Rotary Club, in collaboration with San Felipe Rotary and the NGO Better Together, provided cataract surgeries and other eye treatments to low-income blind and near-blind residents of the village of San Felipe, Mexico. The residents of this area, the Baja Peninsula, experience poverty and lack access to essential medical services.  A grant from Rotary International, together with our partners and our club, funded over 100 cataract surgeries and other treatments including preventive services for the local community in 2018 and 2019


rotary hearing clinic - san felipe, mexico

“The ability to hear again has given me my life back.  I can work and take care of my family again.”   San Felipe hearing clinic patient

With a grant from Rotary International, the Minneapolis University Rotary Club established a telehealth hearing clinic in the village of San Felipe, Mexico. The clinic has filled a significant need, providing diagnostic audiology services and hearing instruments to over 150 low-income residents who were hard of hearing.  The clinic builds on our club’s relationship with the Rotary Club of San Felipe and is the result of on-the-ground work by two of our members who are experts in the field of audiology.   We appreciate the collaboration of Rotary District 5950, Rotary International, and the audiology faculty of Arizona State University.