What a wonderful night fundraising for the Smithtown Emergency food pantry! 
The night kicked off at Long Beach with John Zollo and the Dedications as the star attraction.  My daughter Isabella and her friends Paige, Keira, Vanessa and Carissa arrived early to set up our Rotary table.  Once the music started the girls took to the beach to start selling 50/50 raffles.  In true Smithtown fashion the beachgoers were very generous – In total we collected $1,480 dollars with the winner walking away with $740.   We also collected an additional $47 from straight donations!  Not bad for a turnkey event!   As PDG Wendy Walsh DeMaria explained during one of our meetings we can get that matched -  so for a 2 hour event with little planning we will help out our local pantry with $1,574.00.   Great job everyone.  Special thanks to John Zollo and the Dedications for inspiring the beachgoers to donate, my daughter and her friends for their community involvement as raffle masters and all those who attended to support our club!