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A Message from DG Wendy Walsh/DeMaria
 Welcome to our new year of Rotary in D7255!!!
     As we begin our next 12 months,  I anticipate working with you, and for you. I am encouraging and supporting the many projects and programs that we have in progress already, and I am looking forward to the many new progressive projects that will be formed this year. When we work together, we can and will accomplish more, as well as spread our Rotary mission to those who are unaware of our plight.
     Our Polio eradication is "THIS CLOSE", with only 3 countries to go. We will finish the job at hand, and begin a new chapter with the confidence and ability to be "The People of Action" that we have now gained as our motto.
     Veterans in our District have been adopted and surrounded with the love and compassion to bring them the well needed, well deserved assistance that we are quite capable of giving. We will do more, give more, and work together to bring them the respect that they have earned.
     Our Gift of Life, home grown on Long Island, has gone global, with over 30,000 lives saved, and given new hope for so many. We have branched out, reached out, and the stats speak volumes for themselves. Our mission here is truly heartfelt. 
     I am encouraging all members to take the opportunity to advance their Rotary education with the Rotary Leadership Institute. Oct. 28, 2017 in Melville. With so many changes in our world, Rotary continues to grow, and evolve to the new methods of technology. R.L.I. will enable us to keep up with what we can and will change in Rotary. 
     We are here to make a difference, and with each of you, we can and will "MAKE A DIFFERENCE". 
     Many thanks for all that you do, and all that we will do this year ahead,
     Yours in Service,
     DG Wendy Walsh/DeMaria
DG Homecoming & Holiday Party

District Governor Wendy Walsh/DeMaria and the Seatuck Cove R.C. cordially invites you to our Homecoming and Holiday Party. We welcome back home, D.G. Wendy, and we will celebrate the Holidays with the delightful band "NIGHT WORKS", dancing, buffet dinner, including a raw bar, an open bar, and true holiday spirit. 

Rock Hill Golf and Country Club
105 Clancy Rd.
Manorville, NY  11949
United States

DEC. 7Th       6Pm-10Pm

$75.00 per person

Festive attire preferred, ALL Rotarians and any guests, are welcome.

50/50 Raffle, door prize, Auction 

June 2018
Upcoming District Events
Home Page Stories
DG Wendy’s monthly newsletter and update: August 2017
August has been truly Awesome! We here in District 7255 have been absolutely amazing. My DG visit’s started in Hampton Bays, my home club 28+ years ago. I was welcomed with open arms, and the warmth of fellow Rotarians who I have such respect for.  The pleasure of old friends, and new alike, while installing another new member, was a breath of fresh air. They are celebrating their 45th year this year. The safety rings along the Shinnecock Inlet will surely be instrumental in life saving. Travelling to Bellport, quaint, historic, and charming, where I installed another new member. Their Beer and Cigar night is always a winner! They are 55 years old this year! Onward to Williston Park. A personnel favorite of mine, with the many Churches I have been fortunate enough to help through Auction for many years. From their Paella Party to their Golf Outing, they are celebrating their 60th year with a Gala on Sept. 12th. We hope all can join with us to congratulate them. Their work in the community has a proven track record, with the right mix of old and new. Interestingly, the J.F.K. Club shared with me, that they are the only Airport Rotary Club. Their 5K run, at the airport, on the tarmac has thousands of participants. Running on such a flat dry surface brings everyone out for that fundraiser. The intrigue of an Airport RC, is that there is no “town”. Yet, this close knit family of Rotary embraces one another daily like none I have seen before. Lindenhurst, my husband’s hometown. From their Snapper Derby, to the Oktoberfest, they are the quintessential Mom and Pop village. You cannot drive 1 block without someone you know waving hello. Gold Coast/Lake Success moved me with their inspiring interaction with the schools and with the kids. The pride of their Robotics and therapeutic work is phenomenal. Manny, a member of this club, just donated 3000 pieces of new clothing for Hurricane Harvey! Outstanding! Ahhh, Rockaway. I never realized just how pretty the Rockaway’s were until I drove over the same bridge 3 times. My Navigation system had no signal, so I had a self guided tour of the Rockaway’s. They are a club that partners with Sweet n Low, to do it’s own 5K Ocean Run/Walk, on the boardwalk, and who is celebrating 70 years of service to their community. Meeting the Historic Jackson Heights RC at Elmhurst Hospital, I learned of their plight with Honduran children having surgery in Columbia. Glen Head RC brought me laughter, fun and jokes. I brought them the President’s message, and I think they gained 3 new members who were guests. Super night, and they are 70 years in their community.  The Riverhead RC, the largest in our District, is like a well-oiled machine. Their annual Flower Sale, just surpassed even their own dreams. Their Rotary Uncorked is favored by all, and they know how to do it right! Our own E-Club made a special exception to all meet in person. Thanks to Chris McBride, we walked through Clubrunner, and “broke bread” about all things Rotary. Manhasset, where “Gift of Life” started, has evolved with new visions involving the Veterans with a new Van, with Human Trafficking, and new members. The Stony Brook RC was my last visit for August, but certainly one of my most pleasurable. They have a “Baubles and Bubbles” pre-loved jewelry and handbag sale Oct. 14th, with a bake sale, raffles and more, that is amazing! I can sell, but this sale is quite the show! The Memorial Garden at the Stony Brook Harbor, is a testament for all clubs.
     Our District Leadership Meeting on Aug. 5th, was very well attended, and certainly an eye opener. The Heroin and Opioid issues here in our District are stealing 2 people per day, and inching up to 3 of our youth per day. Detective of Community Affairs Pam Stark from Nassau County gave us a compelling overview of who, how, and why our children are getting addicted to this horrible drug, and what we can do to assist both the Police, and ourselves. First she taught us to recognize the addicted, and then what to do about the issue. Suffolk County Police Commissioner Tim Sini captivated us all with the riveting truth behind how this epidemic is heartbreakingly pilfering our family’s daily. He spoke of how we, as a collaborative effort can help one another with the new initiatives aimed at taking down drug dealers in our District. “If you see it, Say it” Our Chairperson Cheryl Goveia is working with Brooklyn, and Queens to bring all of us the ability to do something about this in our own communities.
     Our banding together to fight issues like Heroin and Opioids, fosters the ideals of Rotary and all that we stand for.
     The tragedy of Hurricane Harvey on August 25, 2017 has confirmed deaths of at least 51 people, and is expected to cost at least $70 BILLION to $190 BILLION to recover from. District 7255 has once again, stepped up, stepped in, and started gathering materials, collecting money, sending gift cards for both people and animals, and we are working with the Districts in the effected area’s to help in any way that we can. While we are not first responders, we will be there for the long haul. PDG Connie Gevinski will keep us abreast of what is needed, and when and where we can do what we do best, being Rotarians.
     The pride of District 7255 has come across in the phone calls, the e-mails, the passion and the heartfelt desire to “Make a Difference” in our world at large. For this, I thank you all.
Rotary District 7255 is an amazing District. Filled with members who are intriguing, enthusiastic, and honestly want to “Make a Difference” in our world at large.
     I have learned so much. I have visited the Hauppauge RC who does amazing projects with literacy, the Smithtown RC who plan on planting the most tree’s in our District for R.I. President Ian Risely. Our Patchogue RC will bring Camp Pa Qua Tuck’s playground project closer to fruition.  The Moriches RC, exemplifies the meaning of “Service above Self” with their tireless efforts in building the new handicap playground. WE will get this done! The Middle Island RC, has a park dedicated to Veterans, they are the little club that does. Huntington RC is moving and shaking with their water project in Haiti. The Farmingdale Breakfast Club does a “doggy parade” that brings awareness to our 4 footed friends, with donations to shelters, and rescued animals. Southampton RC along with Hampton Bays RC have installed life rings in the Shinnecock Canal, known to take lives of those who fall in, now have life saving devises to ensure safety. Great Neck RC does a Veterans Concert of classical music with fellow Rotarians, and musicians who must “make the cut” to play.  Oyster Bay RC has the largest Oyster Festival on Long Island; Hicksville South puts over 650 back packs together for distribution all over Long Island. Mineola/Garden City RC serves Veterans, and the needy with ROTACARE, a project that is non-profit, for people who cannot afford medical care. Farmingdale lunch RC services the local food pantries, and Mercy First. Melville RC brings dignity to children who are run a way’s and orphaned.
     Besides the installations, board meetings, and fundraisers, the month has been packed with inspiring, creative, energizing members who are heartfelt and encouraging to our plight to “Making a Difference.”
The yearlong celebration of The Rotary Foundation and 100 years of Doing Good in the World culminates at the Atlanta convention.   

In addition to an unparalleled lineup of speakers, entertainment, and events, this year’s convention offers once-in-a-lifetime activities, including:

  • Special movie screening of “Gone With the Wind” at the historic Fox Theatre
  • The inaugural Rotary International Film Festival
  • Memorable Foundation centennial festivities

Atlanta is a gracious, warm-hearted city whose rich history and modern, thriving metropolitan area offers something for everyone. Plan now to:

  • Visit family-friendly attractions like the World of Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium
  • Enjoy Southern cooking during Restaurant Night
  • Honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the King Center

celebrate in the city where it all began:

  • Explore The Rotary Foundation Centennial exhibit
  • Attend the “Doing Good in the World” book signing
  • Enjoy a special centennial birthday party
To find out more about the convention, to register online, or for resources to help you get the most out of your trip, visit www.riconvention.org
Imagine if your charitable drives could run year round?  What if you could have a coat drive that ran in the spring, when many people are clearing out their closets and then keep gathering coats all summer and fall, so that come winter-time, your club is ready to distribute hundreds of warm coats.  Maybe your club does a shoe drive - perhaps a purse drive - or children's toys?  But how can you run a drive for such a long time?  Where would you put all of the donated items?  We have the solution!
The Commack-Kings Park Rotary Club has partnered with Westy's Self Storage in East Northport, to create a centralized repository for Rotary charitable donations.  

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In the late 1800’s my great grandfather Christian Holzman moved to Hampton Bays with the company hired to dig the Shinnecock Canal.  This iconic Hamptons landmark connects Shinnecock Bay to Peconic Bay and provides easy access to the Ocean for those who live on the “North Fork”.    After completing the canal my great grandfather settled in Hampton Bays buying property on the canal and raising a large “Duck Farming” family with descendants still occupying the original house and lands today.
As President of the Hampton Bays Rotary Club for 2016-2017 I immediately was receptive when Tim Corwin of the Southampton Rotary Club reached out to me to see if we would enter into a joint project with Southampton to put life ring-life saving stations along both sides of the canal.  Beau Hulse (SH President), Tim and I met and got things underway. 
It was a shock to me to first discover that I have Bladder Cancer. I was without symptoms and the cancer was found while I underwent a routine ultrasound test, due to an enlarged prostate to make sure I properly void my bladder. The alert technician saw something and my urologist immediately sent me for a CT scan which clearly showed the tumor and the resulting biopsy showed it was malignant. Thankfully it was discovered early and was non-invasive.
After my operation I underwent two years of BCG treatments which involved injecting the TB Bacteria into the bladder through the urinary track, to get the body’s immune system to attack the cancer cells. After the two years, I was followed up (and still am) with cystoscopies, CTs and quite expensive lab tests. I have to undergo these procedures for at least a total of ten years. I have been fortunate to have negative results now for 4 1/2  years.
After my diagnosis I looked into the cancer and was shocked to learn that BC is the fourth most common cancer amongst men, sixth among women (who tend to lose their bladder more often) third most common amongst fire fighters, fourth most common amongst veterans and approximately 17,000 Americans die every year from this disease. Interestingly enough it is the first cancer treatment to use the body’s own immune system to fight the cancer by injecting into the bladder the tuberculosis bacteria (BCG). That method has been used for the last 40 years and is still the first line of defense today for non invasive BC (My sister was treated with BCG over 30 years ago). While it seems that lately more research has begun especially to find similarities between bladder cancer mutations and other cancer mutations, this cancer is way down in the list of research money. My sister succumbed to lung cancer ten years after the BC Diagnosis and treatment.
My Wife and I became involved in raising awareness by joining the Bladder Cancer Awareness Network (BCAN) to lobby Congress first to declare May as Bladder Cancer Awareness Month and later to try and get Congress to raise research funding for veterans through the DOF. Now we are taking it a step further.
On May 21st 2017  we will be championing and participating in a walk in Central Nassau County sponsored by the Central Nassau County Rotary Foundation, to increase awareness of Bladder Cancer and help raise funds for research and support of its victims. We will be walking in memory of my sister Naomi...
Naomi’s Story: I was told people don't like to talk about diseases under their belt, and so it was another surprise to find out that my sister of blessed memory Naomi in whose memory we will be walking, also had Bladder Cancer. I knew that she had cancer but did not know it was BC. It was treated with BCG just like me. Ten years later Naomi was diagnosed with lung cancer and I remember that there was a lot of talk about connections without conclusions. Now thanks to research grants by BCAN Hospitals are sequencing tumors to find common mutations. One such common mutation was found in BC and breast Cancer.
We hope and pray that raising awareness and more research grants will bring about better and earlier detection. We hope that mutation analysis will bring about common medication and cancer fighting technology.
Thank you, thank you. 
Rotary International District 7255
2nd VP Central Nassau County Rotary 
Central Nassau County Rotary Foundation Treasurer
Email: ronyrotary@aol.com