P.P. & Pres. Elect Cara Vercellone, with Rotary Jeopardy producers Jacob & Isabella.
Our Past President and President elect for the 3rd time ( maybe 4th, I'm losing count), has created a Rotary version of Jeopardy. With the help of her 3 children Jacob, Isabella & Robert (not shown) Rotary Jeopardy is interesting and at times very funny.  The questions are designed to test the member's knowledge of not only common Rotary facts but interesting and not so interesting facts about some of the members. Cara even managed to stump are own in house Rotary Guru P.D.G. Vito Poveromo.  Cara has promised that next time she will try to have cash prizes, vacation packages and maybe a new car to give away  devil.  So stay tuned and make plans to come down to a Smithtown-Sunrise meeting.