Posted by Carol Walsh on Nov 17, 2012
 The Rotary Club of Smithtown Sunrise presents check to Smithtown Emergency Food Pantry
Hi All,
I was at the Smithtown Emergency Food Pantry this morning and gave Pat Westlake our check for $2,250.00. They were so appreciative. Pat had just picked up $1300.00 worth of food from Stop & Shop. She said that our check was going to cover that purchase. (We are standing amongst the food in the attached picture.) The food pantry has increasing demands for it's services.
The food pantry has requests for 130 Thanksgiving food baskets. Right now they have 20 turkeys and the Smithtown Club is donating 35 turkeys. Pat is relatively confident that the remaining turkeys will arrive. In Pat's words, when I called to say that I'd drop off the check today, "The miracles are starting to happen." I also gave her about $200.00 in food gift cards, $135 via Gabbie who collected from Willow Ridge as well as $50.00 in cash and two other gift cards via Vinnie Puleo.
Adrienne met with Otis today and gave him our check for $1,250.00 (if I'm remembering the dollar amount correctly) which he will give to the Islip Civic Council for their food pantry.
We can all be proud that we were able to help so many people.
Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.