2019 Snowball Honors and Supports
The Smithtown Booster Club
Every year the The Rotary Club of Smithtown Sunrise picks an organization to support.
This year one of our new members, Nick Schroeder,  brought to our clubs attention the fine work the Smithtown Boosters have been doing for Smithtown Athletes. Since 1951 the Boosters have been supporting all sports in the entire Smithtown School district. 
On March 7, 2019, our annual Snowball fundraiser was a success due to the efforts of both organizations. The club presented a check to the The Smithtown Boosters for $4,000.00.  President of the Smithtown Booters, Nick Schroeder along with Alan Roper, one of the Founders of the Smithtown Boosters and Charlie Rollins, Treasurer of the Smithtown Booster Club were on hand to receive the BIG CHECK.