Starting in the Fall semester of 2015 with 15 members, the EPICS-REAP (Engineering Projects In Community Service – ReEntry And Preparedness) team has been the primary source of engineering for the REAP Worker Owned Cooperative Greenhouse Initiative. Initially separating up into 4 sub-teams: Agriculture, Architecture, Power and Water; the first step was to figure out what the main intention of the project was to be. Meeting at least once a week with Carol Manetta and Greg Smith for those first few months was normal as the size of the project warranted that time was taken to figure out the deeper underlying causes of the problems to be solved. After all that could be done talking with Carol and Greg it was then time to meet with those who would be the day to day users of the facility. On Wednesday, November 11th, 2015, the team caravaned up to the site on the Navajo Nation land in northeastern Arizona. Only armed with questions, multiple cameras and basic surveying equipment a site survey was made and a firmer understanding of the client was obtained.