Anthem Rotary Homeless Youth Connection (HYC)
The Department of Education Homeless Education Office reported 31,097 children were homeless throughout the state. The Anthem Rotary serves 4 high schools (Boulder Creek, Sandra Day O’Connor, Barry Goldwater and Mayer High Schools) over 75 youth have been identified as homeless. HYC serves homeless youth ages 13 to19. These students face numerous barriers to education, keeping many of them from completing high school or achieving post-secondary education. This affects a young person's future ability to live independently, and results in undeveloped learning and communication skills, leading youth to have future difficulty integrating into society.  
Currently, there are limited social services in the North Valley.  
Unaccompanied homeless youth, often referred to as "youth on their own" is the most difficult subpopulation of homeless to quantify. Many homeless youth do what they have to do in order to survive, such as sleeping in cars, bartering sex for shelter, "couch surfing" from one friend's house to another, or residing with abusive family members who threaten to "kick them out." Without real support, such youth may find themselves in and out of jail, dependent on the welfare system, or living their life in a chronic state of crisis.  
HYC is a preventive measure to the potential negative life experiences above.  HYC of Anthem Rotary serves homeless youth ages 13-19 who are attending local high schools. Youth are provided with basic necessities, hygiene kits, food cards, thumb drives, clothing items and special requested items. 
for more information, contact Ray Norris 623-670-1437.