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"Teamwork makes the Dream Work"

We meet Thursdays at 7:30 AM
Courtyard Marriott
5000 Express Dr S.
Fire Island Room
Ronkonkoma, NY  11779
United States
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Our visitor at the February 8, 2018 meeting was Dorian Johnson from Dorian Digital. He helps local businesses drive leads from social media. To contact Dorian, call 631-704-7148 or email You can also join his FaceBook group, "BrookhavenBusiness"
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Great Run this Year!!! Despite the heavy rain 2000+ runners came out & participated in one of th most popular annual races on Long Island! The Ronkonkoma RC tirelessly planned & coordinated the run for an entire year. Their efforts were a huge success! Thank you to the Ronkonkoma Rotarians, Lt Michael P Murphy's Family/Friends & all the community members that volunteered!!
The club has a very in-depth presentation by Ms. Karen Torres speaking on this topic. Ms. Torres tours Suffolk County speaking on this topic which deeply touched her life in 2009. She lost her father to a distracted driver in a completely preventable accident.
What is distracted driving. Well you probably consider texting while driving and you would be correct but what other behaviors are distracted driving? Eating, talking on the phone, drinking even soft drinks, reaching under the seat for items that we dropped and I am sure we can all name a few more.
Distracted driving has surpassed the number of drinking accidents fatalities in the 16 to 21 age group. a sobering statistic.
Ms. Torres is available for speaking engagements to various clubs and organizations contact her at and lets all "get our heads out of our apps".
Welcome to our newest member!
Thank you to our wonderful guest speakers!
Congratulations to our Paul Harris Fellow Award recipient! 
"Service Above Self!"
What a great chance for everyone to introduce their business and get to know more about Rotary!
Ronkonkoma Rotary attends the RYLA fashion show. What a great way to get the alumni, Rotarians, and RYLArains involved. Raising enough funds for Spring RYLA 2017 and to help a child in need, what a success! 
The Ronkonkoma Rotary Club has inducted members #51 and 52. They also inducted 2 new Paul Harris fellows as well as a new Paul Harris fellow +4. This made for a very exciting second meeting of 2017. We also have member # 53 in the wings. Very exciting stuff. our service projects at the Loaves and Fishes soup kitchen continues and we now have a pretty full kitchen staff whenever we go. 
We will also have a Comedy night to be scheduled in February. 
So as you can see the BEAT GOES ON.
Growing Again
The Ronkonkoma Club ended its 2016 year with its meteoric rise in membership continuing. The last meeting of teh year on December 28th found the club adding members #49 and #50. They are Patricia ( Pat ) Whitlock and Peter Grosso. Both Pat and Pete were inducted at the December 29th meeting.
They are Joined by sponsors Steve Marrone and Greg Plante,  President Jeff Browne and District Gov elect Wendy Walsh
The Michael J. Murphy Run around the lake is the major fundraising event for the Ronkonkoma Rotary club for the entire year. This is a huge undertaking involving every member of the club. all of the committee chairs will be back from last year and there will be some new areas for people to participate. This year we will be adding a Corporate Challenge which will give corporations a way to participate as well as individuals.
So how does an event for 2500 runners get started. Well first we pick a date. The 2017 run will be on Saturday June 24th.  Now all the planning can move forward. Next we will organize into committees. These committees will organize the various functions like Media, publicity, Virtual racers, registration and others. Rotarians will volunteer for these committees and as our president says "Teamwork makes the Dream Work" we are hoping to raise $150,000 to continue the great work of Rotary in 2017.
The photo below is of Lou Scotti rallying the troops.
Rollstone foundation is a 501c(3) that is dedicated to assisting adoption of special needs children.  They work both nationally and internationally. this foundation uses 90% of monies raised to assist children obviously the foundation needs cash to carry on its mission. The club donated its happy dollars to the rollstone foundation.
November 2016 has become a very active month for the Ronkonkoma Club. As part of our service to community we have given a check for $4,000 to the gift of Life Foundation. Joe DeVincent explained to us that this foundation was founded in 1970 and has extended the life of over 27000 children through medical interventions they address needs in places like cursive, Dominican Republic,Lebanon and El Salvador. They also make global grants in Ugandawhere they are populating new medical techniques and technology.
Our Program today was by our own Addison Lemay.
iAddison is a working actor appearing in shows like Law and Order, Person of Interest and Blue Bloods. he has been an actor for about 5 years before that being a stand up Comic. his preference is working in plays but he has performed in both theater and TV.
He has worked with some famous actors like Jennifer Anniston, Angelina Joilee, Brad Pitt and Kevin Bacon.
Addison is seated at the table with the HUGE grin. He even did some character acting and stand up comedy.
Protecting Our National Resources
The Ronkonkoma Rotary club.  Had a presentation from Kelsey Taylor (yes the daughter of our own Ralph Taylor). Pictured above is our President Jeff Brown, Kelsey Taylor and the proud papa Ralph Taylor.
Kelsey is working at the national seashore on Fire Island. There are 415 national parks most of which we do not know but all under the protection of the National Parks Service. The National Park on Fire Island while in a very urban / suburban are is part of the National Wilderness.
A very interesting statistic is that there are 4500 private parcels enclosed within teh nations National Parks.
Another local National park area is teh William Floyd Estate at Smiths Point. This house has been renovated over the years and each architect has left an imprint of the era it was modified in the architecture of the building.
Kelsey in her day to day work will be testing mosquitos she traps to check for diseases like West Nile disease. She checks on the bat population of long eared bats, checking on the TIC population for spread of Lyme Disease and numerous other animals that live on Fire Island.
The National Parks service also participated in the Patchogue River Cleanup and coordinates the work of many other governmental agencies. 
Location: Flanagan's Pub - 154 Hawkins Ave. - Ronkonkoma
Date: Thanksgiving Day, November 24th, 2016
Time: 12:00p.m. to 2:00p.m.
Email for more info
Guatamala Assistance
Our own Regina Volta and a part of the City Hill Church will be leaving to assist children in Guatemala. This country has the highest rate of child murder and has over 370,000 living on the streets. the orphanage population is 5000.  This trip will help the local organizations with supplies and start a program to raise $150,000 over the next 3 years to build an orphanage to house another 30 children.
You can see from these statistics that the need is great and the available aid is small.  The club donated a portion of their happy dollars to support Regina in her efforts
Kudos to Regina and the rest of her delegation on the way to Guatemala.
Pictured below are president Jeff Browne, Chris Rivera, Regina Volta and Rose Quaranta. Chris and Regina will report back on their trip in the future
Gangs in Long Island
The Ronkonkoma Rotary Club had a very informative presentation from Detective Steven Lindquist of the Suffolk County Sheriffs Office. The Topic was Gang violence on Long Island. We learned that gang violence occurs both on the streets and in our Correctional facilities.
Interestingly we learned that it is not illegal to join a gang only the activities are illegal. This appears to be a very small distinction but a very important distinction to law inforcement. It has also become very popular to dress like and act like a thug making the job of law enforcement more difficult. No action can be taken without illegal activity.
We were informant that there are over 250 gang members from 30 different gangs in the correctional facilities. Every gang has gang colors, gang hand signals and initiation rites.
The correctional officers have a few things they try to maintain. 
1. Safety of the facility
2. Safety of the Officers
3. Safety of the inmates
4 Provide gang intelligence.
The Bloods are the largest gang in Suffolk County with about 40% of gang members. Most of the club found this data fascinating and you could see from the photo above everyone was involved in the presentation.
Rotary Helps NOCC
The Ronkonkoma Rotary Club through their generous support helped the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition raise $115,000 for their annual campaign. The NOCC supports education and awareness of this disease both to doctors and hospitals to improve diagnostic techniques and hopefully catch the disease in the early stages where long term remissions are possible. 
We also had 2 rotarians participate in the walk Jo Bennet  and Mike Eller who is pictured.
One Door Closes and Another Door OpensO
Greg Plante iis now a Past President. At Gregs last meeting as President the club held a Toast and Roast to send Greg off. The interesting part of this toast and roast almost no one had any roast items almost all the speeches were toasts and thank yous for a great job. Greg in his tenure raised the membership from about 14 to almost 50. the run around the lake in his final year has grown to 2500 runners and $100,000 income
The club has added more service projects and assistance work all of the items that make this a very exciting club. This door has closed.
The new door that has opened is our new President Jeff Browne. Jeff starts to his tenure with our July 7th meeting. He has instituted some committee changes and we now have a trivia question to answer at every meeting the trivia winner will win a donation in their name to the Rotary Foundation. We are using the Happy Dollar segment to get more information abut club members with the intent of making the club more personal.
This writer is certain Jeff will make a great president and I am sure the entire club will help him in whatever way they can see the story content  got more on Jeff's first meeting


Rotary Supports Curvy Girls
The Ronkonkoma Rotary Club made a $1000.00 donation to an organization called Curvy Girls. They support people with Scoliosis, a disease that affects more younger women than men. This organization has 67 clubs in 38 states and 11 countries. Our speaker named Katy was diagnosed at 12 years old. The symptom, back pain. The original diagnosis was growing pains. however after being more persistent it was discovered Katy had a 20 degree tilt. The treatment is a full body brace worn all the time.If the tilt goes above 70 degrees surgery is the recommended treatment.
Curvy Girls is an organization that helps with the feelings that come to young women forced to wear this brace. Helps them feel better about being "crooked".
This year Curvy Girls is holding its third convention completely arranged by the girls.
Upcoming Events
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Jun 21, 2018
The upcoming run on 6/23/18
Lee Ann Brill
Jun 28, 2018
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