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Iowa City Noon Rotary Club

Service Above Self 

We meet Thursdays at 12:00pm
University Athletic Club
1360 Melrose Ave.
Iowa City, IA 52246

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Usha R. Balakrishnan

Usha R. Balakrishnan
2016-17 Club President

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Club Presidency Year Theme:
Make Rotary a favored Third Place for professionals (active and retired) in the Iowa City area!

IC Noon Rotary Stories
Past President, Thais Winkleblack, presided over our meeting for our current President Usha Balakrishnan who is away on a family vacation to Peru.
Rtn. Chad Johnson, New Member Committee announced the upcoming Rotary Picnic on Sunday, August 20th from noon to 4p at the Northridge Pavilion in Coralville. The picnic is for all Rotary friends and family. Meat and buns will be provided. All should bring a side dish to share. Children’s activities will be available with a bounce house!
Thais announced on behalf of Rtn. Dimy Doresca the need for Rotarian volunteers serving as mentors for Mandela Washington Fellows during the last week of June.
Thais announced on behalf of Rtn. Sara Sedlacek and Rtn. Chris Catney the Rotary Food Fight/Crisis Center Thanksgiving in July Food Drive will be taking place. To participate in this annual competition among local Rotary Clubs bring your food donations to any club meeting in July.
Thais announced a new club volunteer opportunity: Treasurer, Neil Quelhorst is seeking a coordinator to work with him to gather member information. If you have administration skills and enjoy reaching out to members, this fun membership position is for you. Talk to Neil or Mike McKay if interested.
Thais announced that the University Club will close as of Sept. 4, 2018. The Board hasn’t met on this topic yet, all are welcomed to participate in the new location decision. The process will be considerate and diligent in choosing a new location. Talk to Bobbi about your questions.
The Club heard from 2 Goat Riders today: Mike Carberry and Elena Osinskaya
Induction: Eric Weiler sponsor, Inductee: Ben Snyder, The welcome message from Thais included, “today you join Rotary as a Member, the More you Give, The More you Receive, Welcome to our Club!”
Rtn. John Kenyon announced the Music IC Festival at various locations June 21-24th. The final concert taking place at the Iowa City Public Library.
Introduction of today’s speaker by Rtn. John Kenyon
PROGRAM:  Susan Craig, Iowa City Public Library
Rtn. Susan Craig, Director of The Iowa City Public Library discussed the library as a favored “Third Place” in our community. Late Night at the Library as part of the Downtown Block Party will take place next Saturday. The library will be open until 10p on Saturday, June 24th. Come downtown 5:30p-11p for music and a great gathering.
The institution of a public library is very much a Third Place. The great good place, a hangout that is at the heart of our community defines the library as a “Third Place. The 1st Place is typically one’s Home, and the 2nd Place is typically one’s Work or School. Some of the qualifiers of a Third Place include a place that involves regulars, is free or inexpensive, and a destination of choice. For many, the experience with the library can start very young with programs like the Book Babies program. The benefits of this program provides language and learning for the babies as well as long-lasting friendships for the care givers. “We have several children’s programs.” Susan lived very close to the library growing up, which allowed her to visit several times a week. Susan’s first job as a teenager was at a library. Often library use will decrease during the teen years. However, many teens have discovered a Third Place in the Iowa City Public Library. Several need a cool, safe place to be during the summer hours. Senior groups meet and receive technical help with any questions they may have. Last year the library offered 297 adult programs. Many educational needs are served, from reading materials, entertainment, local history series, and partnerships with UI departments such as DNA and genealogy series. Free meeting rooms are available with 5 rooms that may be booked by non-profit or political groups. Rooms were booked over 1600 times last year for non-library activities. Meeting Room D features new technology and a flexible meeting space. The BookMobile has been extremely well received, exceeded Susan’s expectations. Both children and adults have stories showing anticipation of utilizing the BookMobile. The digital world and new website has also become a Third Place. Developing ways to give those who need more data through enhancements to the website. ICPL averages 2,257 visits per day; open 350 days each year. The Iowa City Library received 789,919 visits in 2016, compared to the Coralville Library with 233,738 visits in a year. Please come and make the Iowa City Public Library your Third Place.  Susan closed with a poem written by Marvin Bell titled, “This Library”.
Past President Thais Winkleblack thanked Susan for her information shared with us today.
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"Iowa's Gift to the World"

Tim Walch/John Culshaw:Presidential Roast for Usha
Jun 29, 2017
Gavel Transfer from President Usha to Incoming President Mike McKay

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