Speaker Date Topic
Dick Schwab, with Introduction by Steve Schomberg May 04, 2017
Leaving Legacies: Bur Oak Land Trust
Rives Bird, Richard Hurtig: Communicative devices May 11, 2017
Voxello-UI lab to commercialization experience to improve patient care
Mick Starcevich / Intro by Eric Weiler May 18, 2017
Kirkwood Community College
Female Presidents of Iowa City Area Rotary Clubs May 25, 2017
John Gross, Pete Wallace: Celebrating 30th Anniversary of Rotary admitting women members
Becci Reedus and Sara Sedlacek, Crisis Center Jun 01, 2017
"Thanksgiving in July" (Resolving Hunger thru Food Donations): Project of IC Area Rotary Clubs
Doris Preucil and young local musicians! Jun 08, 2017
Preucil School of Music
Susan Craig [w Past Prez Jody Braverman presiding] Jun 15, 2017
Public Libraries as favored "Third Places" in a community / Intro by John Kenyon
Usha Balakrishnan, President-Iowa City Noon Rotary Jun 22, 2017
Presidency Year Recap / Farewell Presentation
Tim Walch/John Culshaw:Presidential Roast for Usha Jun 29, 2017
Gavel Transfer from President Usha to Incoming President Mike McKay