Black Bull Pub
2475 Mountainside Drive
Burlington, ON L7P 1C9


Dear Fellow Rotarians,

Please see the attached flyer for a fun fundraising opportunity to support the combined Oakville and Burlington Rotaract Clubs on March 15. This is a pub Trivia Quiz session on a Sunday afternoon just for all us fine Rotarians and friends.

It would be great if we could support these younger Rotarians. You can come as individuals or form your own teams and get a little healthy competition going. The price is $20 per person for the event and does not include food or drinks. Many up us will likely have lunch at the venue beforehand or during. 

Tickets can be bought a few different ways 

1. Via Eventbrite (with a transaction fee) https://www.facebook.com/events/595605704593207/ 

2.  Electronically via bank to bank Interac e-transfer (which is cheaper for you and the Rotaract Club). They can be reached via rotaractcluboakville@gmail.com 

Email to confirm your name(s) and then send them $20 per person via Interac so they connect the two.