ImageI am a Rotarian because I was asked to be a Rotarian by a friend. When I started my Dental practice I knew it was important to become well known in the community. I found that my church would almost immediately allow me to get involved. As I made friends at church, one of my new friends, who was an active business person in the community, invited me to a Rotary Club meeting. I thought this might be a good opportunity for me to meet other business persons in the community. When I attend this meeting I said "Wow!" this is where the business leaders of this community get together. In short order I was proposed for membership, approved and inducted. 



As a ‘yes-man’ when asked, I joined with other members in service activities. I was really touched when I became involved in a project to assist residents of a facility for mentally challenged men and women(boys and girls). It was then that I experienced, for the first time, that warm glow that comes from helping someone that has no ability to help themselves. Someone who has no avenue to do something for you in return. I began to understand why men (now women, too) become involved in such an organizations that is dedicated to service for mankind.

Then I attended my first District Conference and learned of the many activities in which other Rotarians were involved. I was hooked! I had joined an organization that I thought would help me and my Dental practice and soon learned that though I was helped in many ways but the real help I would receive was a personal life changing fulfillment. I have found that when a Rotary Member opens their heart to others they are changed and it becomes a way of life. A way of life that adds beauty to their very existence. Many is the time that I thank my memory of Jim Oliver who in an act of friendship invited me to a Rotary meeting and allowed me to become a part of the most ethical business service organization known to man, Rotary. Thanks Jim!