The Bellaire/SW Houston Rotary Club was privileged to have Debbie Elder present her positive approach to educating our youth at our November 10 meeting.  There were several guests in the audience.  Additionally, the foundation was excited to present a check to Cherish the Children.  Thanks to Steve Magoon for the pictures.
Debbie Elder is the director of Shady Oak Primary School in Richmond.  Mrs. Elder has had great success as a teacher and advocate for students.  In her presentation, Mrs. Elder showed how her positive approach to students helps instill confidence as they navigate not only their education but in all situations life may bring them.  She was even able to get our Rotarians up "on stage" for a live demonstration.  Not only does she promote a positive attitude, but also her techniques require students to be engaged in the learning process and problem solve rather than have their learning dictated to them.  Her presentation was very informative and eye opening.
A representative from Cherish the Children was also present at our weekly meeting for a special presentation.  Bellaire/SW Houston Rotary Club presented him with a check to Cherish the Children.
We had several guests in the audience as well.  None traveled further than our fellow Rotarian Staale Romundstad from Norway.  Ed Burdzinski presented him with our banner.  What a fantastic meeting!