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As part of Rotary’s ongoing commitment to support literacy, globally as well as in The Bahamas, the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise has launched an ambitious project to nourish both the body and mind of 250 persons in the community each month.
As part of its continued effort to support literacy, the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise made a donation of $500 to Willard Patton Pre-School to support its “Camp Opportunity” summer special needs programme. Camp Opportunity is a programme launched in 2017 designed to cater to the specialized learning needs of children aged 3 to 15 with varying disabilities.
Golfers, go to our Calendar and follow the Link to Register or click the link below. 
You won't want to miss another round of the 2021 Charity Golf Tournament!
We did it!! What an amazing year we have had. Congratulations to President Frances Dean, the Executive team and all of the members of the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise for all of the Awards, and impactful work done throughout the year.
On Saturday the 5th of June, 2021 the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise was awarded for,
Membership Growth
Membership Retention
Club of the Month
Partnership Award
And last but not least CERTIFICATE OF DISTINCTION!!
A special thank you to all of the partners and organizations that worked along with us to make this happen.
2020 - 2021 You have been good to us, in spite of the Pandemic.
2021 - 2022 Here we come!!
On Thursday the 2nd June, 2021 the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise proudly donated $25,000.00 to the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute, honouring our commitment to encourage vocational studies. With basic education and literacy being one of the six areas of focus of Rotary, our goal is to partner with BTVI, and assist those interested in pursuing vocational tertiary education.
We are very excited to have been blessed with the opportunity to impact the lives of the next generation of leaders that will benefit from this generous donation.
#Rotaryopensopportunity #serviceaboveself #vocationalservicesmonth #rcns #rotariansatwork #makingtheworldbetter #nassausunrise
On Saturday the 8th of May, under the theme “Present, Past, Future , Still Serving to Change Lives”, The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise Celebrated 20 years of existence. What an accomplishment! Through the years we have had the honor of caring, giving and developing communities locally and globally.
The proud members came together and raised glasses, shared laughs, and gave cheers, thanking God for the amazing members of “The greatest little club in the Galaxy”, The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise, and all that we have been able to achieve.
Every year gives us another opportunity to make a difference. 20 years down and many more to go!
Happy Anniversary RCNS!!

On Friday 7th May, 2021 the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise donated over 30 cases of canned good items to the pantry of Hands for Hunger as part of its ongoing community service efforts. The donation represented items collected by Rotarians during the joint canned food drive conducted 1 to 30 April, 2021 by the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise and the Rotaract Club of Nassau Sunset. The donation of canned food items is just one of a suite of efforts launched by the club during the month of April targeted at assisting mothers and children, particularly those most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
On hand for the donation were Kemie Jones, Co-Chair for Community Services RCNS and Precious Fortune-Thompson, Volunteer and Community Events Coordinator for Hands for Hunger.
The glory of anything that exists is in the fulfillment of its purpose. Serving, giving, sharing, caring, advancing and revitalizing are just some of the words that can describe the reason for the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise, and what we have been accomplishing in the communities of the Bahamas and the world for the past 20 years.
This year marks the 20th anniversary of “The greatest club in the Galaxy” The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise. Join us in celebrating this great accomplishment under the theme “Past, Present, Future, Still Serving to Change Lives”.
Our virtual ceremony will be held on the 8th of May, 2021 at 7:00pm. We are excited and look forward to having you share in this auspicious occasion with us.
Meeting ID:353 034 7212
Passcode: RCNS
#RotaryOpensOpportunities #NassauSunrise #district7020 #serviceaboveself #RotariansInAction #20years
The Annual Gift of Life Blood Drive is coming up, and you do not want to miss out on this opportunity to help save lives. Your gift of 1 pint of blood can save up to 3 people!!
Come out and support us and our partners the Rotaract Club of Nassau Sunset on the 17th of April at the Mall at Marathon. We will be there from 10:00am - 4:00pm
Be sure to eat at least 30 minutes prior to donating, and allow 10 minutes after donating for rest.
#Rotaryopensopportunity #serviceaboveself #vocationalservicesmonth #rcns #rotariansatwork #makingtheworldbetter #nassausunrise
Between the years 2019 and 2020, both as a nation and globally, we have experienced one of the most catastrophic natural disasters to date, and a pandemic that was unforeseen and unavoidable. These events have opened up our eyes even more to the importance of being prepared to assist those affected by uncontrolled events like these.
The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise, along with the Rotaract Club of Nassau Sunset is hosting a Canned Good Drive from April 1st - 30th. Feel free to drop off any non perishable donations to the New Providence Community Centre, on Blake Road from Mon - Friday 9am-8pm, and be a part of this great action.
Contact any RCNS member for more information.
Thank you in advance for helping with us.
#Rotaryopensopportunity #serviceaboveself #vocationalservicesmonth #rcns #rotariansatwork #makingtheworldbetter #nassausunrise
On Saturday 20 March 2021, the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise along with members of the Rotaract Club of Nassau Sunset launched a joint project to begin cleaning and removal of garbage and debris from government pumps in the inner city area of New Providence.
The inner city area, commonly known as Over-the-Hill, is known as the birthplace of many prominent Bahamian families and cultural (Junkanoo) groups. Due a lack of investment by stakeholders and financial challenges over the years, many homes and properties do not have access to the city’s potable water supply. Through this Rotary/Rotaract joint project, members are striving to improve the physical appearance of the experience of “going to the pump” by making the experience a dignified one. Over two weekends of 20 March and 27 March 2021, the clubs hope to visit over 70 standpipes (pumps) to do light cleaning, garbage and debris removal.
If you want to know more about what RCNS is doing, or you want to get involved, please reach out to us.
The COVID-19 pandemic, has inevitably highlighted to the world the importance of having access to clean water and sanitation to stay healthy.
The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise and the Sustainable Development Goals Unit of the Office of the Prime Minister have teamed up to launch a video competition to spread awareness on this issue.
What did COVID-19 teach YOU about the need for clean water and sanitation?
We want to hear from you!
Participants must create short videos that are at least 3 minutes long and no longer than 5 minutes. Participants’ videos must be guided by the United Nations’ resolution on water and sanitation and focus on one or more groups that must not be left behind in accordance with the key principle undergirding Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and its 17 SDGs:
Questions to think about while creating competition videos:
 What future do we want for The Bahamas?
 Are we making strides towards that future?
 How can we bridge the gaps between The Bahamas we want to see and The Bahamas we currently live in?
 How can we make water and sanitation available to everyone?
 How can we ensure clean water and sanitation is affordable to everyone?
Participants can use professional equipment or camera phones, whatever is available to them. The competition values message effectiveness and creativity making it possible for everyone to participate regardless of background, social status, creed or colour.
Videos will be judged on the following criteria: Creativity, Content, Cinematography, Message Effectiveness, and Call to Action
Open to all participants
Cash prizes for both categories range from 1st to 3rd place:
1st Place $250
2nd Place $100
3rd Place $50
The competition is open from 1st March to 15th April, 2021. All entries must be submitted via email by this deadline to rcnassausunrise@gmail.com (note that as files may be large, you can upload to YouTube, Dropbox or any file storage location and send a link for the submission to the email address.
#Rotaryopensopportunity #serviceaboveself #vocationalservicesmonth #rcns #rotariansatwork #makingtheworldbetter #nassausunrise
Happy Anniverary Rotary!!
For 116 years we have had the privilage of making a possitive impact in the live and communities of people all over the world!!
Cheers to many more years of advancing our world.

Basic Education and Literacy is one of the six areas of focus of Rotary.

Nelson Mandela said "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world' and it is true. Education is a gateway to knowledge that allows us to grow in many areas of life. 

The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise is a club that is loaded with those called, and mandated to create the space for, and open the gates to education for the current generation and the next. 

Meet the educators of the greatest club in the galaxy, Nassau Sunrise. 

#Rotaryopensopportunity #serviceaboveself #vocationalservicesmonth #rcns #rotariansatwork #makingtheworldbetter #nassausunrise 

Good evening and welcome aboard flight 253 heading into Nassau.....was for sure some of the words uttered from the lips of one of our newest Rotarian Gwen Ritchie, as she has been soaring in the vocation of aviation for more than 30 years. Being a pilot is a career that those of us who love to travel appreciated tremendously, as it allows us to move from island to island, country to country and continent to continent in a matter of  hours and sometimes minutes. 
We appreciate what you do for us Gwen, and all the other pilots out there. It is our hope that you inspire others to do the same. 
Happy Vocational Services Month. 

#Rotaryopensopportunity #serviceaboveself #vocationalservicesmonth #rcns #rotariansatwork #makingtheworldbetter #nassausunrise 

Some people feel called to them, others stumble upon them, however it happens in life, we cannot survive without a career. Our vocations give us stability, and allow us as responsible citizens to impact our communities and the world, in ways that we cannot even immagine. From the leader of a country to the fire fighter and the garbage collector, our careers and jobs collectively create the cycle of an effective economic system. 
Nassau Sunrise members are proudly leading the way in this economic cycle of vocations in the Bahamas. Meet some of our members who have found their niche in the area of Insurance Brokerage. 
#Rotaryopensopportunity #serviceaboveself #vocationalservicesmonth #rcns #rotariansatwork #makingtheworldbetter #nassausunrise 
December 25, 2020. A day long anticipated because of the good cheer that the season brings or a day dreaded due to the detriment brought on by the unexpected pandemic of Covid-19. 
We along with Rotoract Club of Nassau Sunset, and Rotary Old Fort partnered with Vee People for their annual Christmas Day Dinner, which aims to feed 500+ people in the Mackey Street Communty. This year they not only provided meals, they also had clothing available for whomever needed it, and toys including toys from our partnered toy drive for the children in that community, who happily accepted our tokens of love. 
We are truly greatful that we can be apart of causing good cheer, and reducing the dread, fear and pain brought on by the unforeseen happening this year in our nations economy. 
No sad faces this Christmas, just smiles. Cheers for everyone, and Happy Holidays from the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise. 
#weareheretohelp #rotaryshares #rotarygiveback #rotaryopensopportunity #peopleofaction #rotariansatwork #reigniteyourpassionthroughservice #rcns #rotaryclubofnassausunrise #District7020 
All it takes is one simple act of kindness to ignite a blaze of joy in anyone’s life during this holiday season. 
Every time we give, a life is changed for the better. We warmed the hearts of the residence of the All Saints Camp today, as we donated food items and toys collected and wrapped from our joint efforts and partnerships. 
Knowing that this holiday everyone smiles, even made Santa chuckle...just a little a bit. 
Happy Holidays everyone, from the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise. 

#weareheretohelp #rotaryshares #rotarygiveback #rotaryopensopportunity #peopleofaction #rotariansatwork #reigniteyourpassionthroughservice #rcns #rotaryclubofnassausunrise #District7020 


Jim Rohn said "Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have". We as rotarians truly receive more. More fulfillment, and more joy as we give into the lives of those that need a helping hand. 
Today we were blessed again with an opportunity to support the community of Kemp Rd, as we were able to bless Laura's Kitchen with a cheque of $500.00 and 100 toys from our partnered toy drive to the children in that community. We know that it will definitely make a difference in the lives of the families affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. 
This is our reason, and we look forward to doing this over, and over again in as many lives as possible. 
We are game changers in this changing world. 
The Board and Members of the Interact Club of Kingsway Academy have been Virtually Pinned!!
Thank you to; PDG Felix Stubbs who brought enlightening Opening Remarks, Principal of Kingsway Academy Mrs. Deborah Johnson who congratulated the Interactors and expressed her delight in their commitment to service.
The Speaker Mr. Vandyke Bethel who delivered an encouraging and uplifting speech on Leadership.
Past President of Nassau Sunrise Mr. Pretino Albury who conducted a lively Installation Ceremony and the
President of Nassau Sunrise, Frances Dean who brought words of encouragement to the Interactors.
Thank you to all participants and guests who contributed in making this occasion a memorable one!💥💥
If we are to reach real peace in this world, we shall have to begin with children." Mahatma Gandhi, 1931,
Our INTERACTORS attended a powerful RYLA Conference on the weekend, under the theme: Youth and Their Role in Overcoming the Obstacles to Peace!
Words spoken by the Presenters were timely, powerful and thought provoking.
Our Interactors heard presentations on; Why they should care about Peace and How to be Peace Leaders.
They also heard on Managing Emotions and Handling Stress.
AG Ken Strachan delivered a powerful presentation on Conflict Resolution.
Our Interactors came away more knowledgeable and prepared for their roles of Peace Keepers!💥💥
The INTERACTORS Of GOVERNMENT HIGH SCHOOL spent the afternoon spreading Christmas Cheer at Pat's Home for the Elderly.
They arrived with treats and sang Christmas carols. The President of the club played his trumpet, much to the delight of the residents.
It was an enjoyable afternoon evidenced by the participation of the residents.
We are Interactors of Action, Putting Service Above Self!!💥💥
Calling All Children!!🎉🎉
Tis the season to be Holly, Jolly, and Reading📗🎁.
Join your friendly readers from The Rotary Club of Nassau, The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise and The Rotary Club of South East Nassau on Saturday, December 19th, 2020 for a Christmas Read! Rock! and Rhyme at the Online Reading Cafe.
Time: 5:30pm - 6:30pm.
Register in advance for an evening of holiday fun and entertainment by signing up using the link below:
The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise has had a long-standing relationship of mutual support with BSGC. They graciously sourced approximately 500+ toys for distribution, as apart of their Christmas Community Outreach. We happily assisted them with purchasing the materials needed to wrap the toys, and some of our members along with members of Rotaract club of Nassau Sunset came out to assist with wrapping just about 500+ of them.
se all the necessary materials for gift wrapping (ie. wrapping paper, bows, tape, etc.).
Ring ring ring, was the sound we heard all day on Saturday, as we joyfully rang the bells along side @rotaract.nassau.sunset members!
🔔 🔔 🔔
Partnering with @salvationarmybahamas is something we look forward to every year. Knowing that our efforts make a difference in the lives of so many.
We will be back out there next week Saturday doing it all over again, just because we love it.
Feel free to pass by and give a helping hand as you do.
🔔 🔔 🔔
It’s the Holiday Season, and the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise has “hit the road running”.
🎁 🎄🎁 🎄 🎁🎄
Saturday the 5th of December, we started our annual bell ringing in partnership with The Salvation Army Bahamas.
We always enjoy encouraging others to do as we do by serving our communities, and assisting those in need.
It was a beautiful day doing what we love!
The actor Denzel Washington once said "At the end of the day, its not about what you have or even what you've accomplished...it's about who you've lifted up, who you've made better. It's about what you've given back". 
Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise has launched a toy drive during the 2020 Christmas season in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Old Fort and the Rotaract Club of Nassau Sunset. Given the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Bahamian families, the goal is to collect toys which will be distributed in targeted communities to children who would have been most impacted by the COVID-19 restrictive measures.
We have also partnered Fidelity, and Scotiabank who have graciously agreed to allow their various locations  to be drop off points for donors to drop of any new or gently used toys they would like to give. The Quality Home Centre has offered to serve as a donation collection site for patrons purchasing gifts in store or for sponsors wishing to make a donation towards the purchase of toys as part of this effort. 
As always we look forward to putting smiles on the faces of these families that need out kind hearted love and support. 
Thanks to Past President of Rotary Nassau Sunrise, Alanna McCartney and her company, Lombard Odier Bahamas; the Interactors of Government High School received 27 laptops and 2 tablets, complete with technical support by DC Technology.
On hand for the presentation of the devices were; the Principal of Government High School, Eloise Whymms, the President of Rotary Nassau Sunrise, Frances Dean, Advisors for the Interact Club, Shakera Lightbourne and Danielah Smith, and Past President of Rotary Nassau Sunrise, Alanna McCartney.
These devices will serve to ensure that our Interactors are well equipped for the virtual learning platform they must now use in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.
Tis the season to be jolly and support our Interactors!

They have teamed up with the Rotary Club of Southeast Nassau @rcsenassau to make seasonal decor on their online platform.

Hurry up and take a look at what they have. Everything is going fast!!

The vision of the Rotary is to have a world where people unite and take action to create a lasting change across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves together. 

President Frances is proud to be a part of this vision, with the understanding that her donation is helping to create this lasting change. 

You can also be apart of the change, by donating to the Rotary Foundation today!!



"Solving real problems takes real commitment and vision". Becoming a Paul Harris Fellow is a step in the direction of resolving issues through your committed donations. 

Curtain response is something that you can be assured of from the Rotary Foundation. Response that will make a difference to those in need globally. This was Dr. Sophia's motivation for commitment. 

Let this act of goodwill also be a motivation for you to donate to the Rotary Foundation Today!!


We have heard countless times before "it is more blessed to give than to receive", and for us as Rotarians it is definitely true. 
For Secretary Doneth, it is not only rewarding it is also "liberating". This liberation that Doneth speaks of, is one that so many others experience and love about the opportunity to donate, become a Paul Harris Fellow, and be apart of what the Rotary Foundation is doing everyday around the world. 
Take an opportunity and donate to the Rotary Foundation Today. 
"Gaining an understanding on the emphasis the foundation places on sustainability and stewardship encouraged me to become a Paul Harris Fellow"...
Karen's appreciation for the safety of knowing that your goodwill investment is going into credible hand is something much appreciated by so many other PHF's, and for those receiving from these kind warm hearted individuals. 
You can also enjoy the gift of giving!! 
Happy Thanks Giving, and feel free to Donate to the Rotary Foundation. 

With the Rotary Foundation, your donations can provide clean water assist in the fight to end polio, helps to provide grants for major community projects, and so much more. 

Nassau Sunrise's very own Rotarian Deno, a professional Financial Advisor for over 25 years says it it "one of the best investment options for your philanthropic dollars".
Let's take that good advise and donate to the Rotary Foundation today!!
Giving to the Rotary Foundation fuels their service projects all over the world, and provides assistance in almost every community.
For Rotarian Barry, this fuels his desire to give to the foundation all the more.
Donate to the Rotary Foundation Today!
INTERACTORS, accompanied by PAG Lindsey Cancino, presented boxes filled with Thanksgiving items by Showman eBistro along with a turkey, to the residents of Unity House.
We are unable to interact with them because of the present covid environment but we wanted to ensure they had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal.
Each box contains; a whole chicken, stuffing, rice, broccoli normandy, sweet potato, cornbread mix, pigeon peas, onions, tomatoes, sweet peppers, tomato paste, butter, seasonings, thyme and brown sugar.
Happy Thanksgiving!!♨️

We are Interactors of Action, Putting Service Above Self!!💥💥

Becoming a Paul Harris Fellow means so much to many people on both the receiving end of these generous donations, and for those so willing to give and become PHF’s.
For Rotarian Melanie “it was easy to do” after recognizing the impact it makes on everyone!!
Happy Foundation Month!
The heart of Rotary is to assist in providing understanding and peace globally. The Rotary Foundation is an entity designed to do just that.
Rotarian Dr. Tonia Ferguson, a member of the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise does that intentionally as a Paul Harris Fellow.
Take a moment and consider donating to The Rotary Foundation today. 
Diabetes is a chronic (long-lasting) health condition that affects how your body turns food into energy. Most of the food you eat is broken down into sugar (also called glucose) and released into your bloodstream. When your blood sugar goes up, it signals your pancreas to release insulin.

Many people suffer from this condition and as Rotarians we are happy bring awareness to this.

Today we The Rotary Club if Nassau Sunrise celebrates “World Diabetes Day!!
"The Rotary Foundation transforms your gift into service projects that change lives both close to home and  around the world".
The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise is proud to celebrate the Rotary Foundation , and be apart of world changing efforts. 
The disease Polio is poliomyelitis is a highly infectious disease that most commonly affects children under the age of 5. 
The virus is spread person to person, typically through contaminated water. It can attack the nervous system, and in some instances, lead to paralysis. Although there is no cure, there is a safe and effective vaccine – one which Rotary and our partners use to immunize over 2.5 billion children worldwide.
The Rotary has been in the fight since 1988 to reduce, and eradicate polio forever by providing vaccines to children all over the world. There are only 2 countries that remining that still face this epidemic, and we are fighting vigorously to assist them, and have a polio free world forever. 
So join in with us as we continue in our fight to end polio everywhere. 
Visit the site (endpolio.org) not to donate no less than $20.00 towards our effort.
For the first time ever, Districts 7000, 7020 and 7030 are partnering to produce a singular World Polio Day event!
The One Caribbean Multi-District World Polio Day Online Event launches at
_*10:00 a.m. (GMT-4) on Saturday 24th October*_
and will be broadcasted online in three languages (English, French and Spanish) via Facebook Live.
_All Members and Friends of the Rotary Family are invited to participate. No registration required._
See links below to stay updated and for your language preference to tune in on the day
https://www.facebook.com/Rotary7020 (@Rotary7020 on Facebook for English broadcast)
https://www.facebook.com/RotaryDistrict7030 (@RotaryDistrict7030 on Facebook for French broadcast)
https://www.facebook.com/rotariospr (@RotariosPR on Facebook for Spanish broadcast)
*One Caribbean Multi-District World Polio Day Online Event*
For the first time ever, Districts 7000, 7020 and 7030 are partnering to produce a singular World Polio Day event!
The One Caribbean Multi-District World Polio Day Online Event launches at
_*10:00 a.m. (GMT-4) on Saturday 24th October*_
and will be broadcasted online in three languages (English, French and Spanish) via Facebook Live.
_All Members and Friends of the Rotary Family are invited to participate. No registration required._
See links below to stay updated and for your language preference to tune in on the day
https://www.facebook.com/Rotary7020 (@Rotary7020 on Facebook for English broadcast)
https://www.facebook.com/RotaryDistrict7030 (@RotaryDistrict7030 on Facebook for French broadcast)
https://www.facebook.com/rotariospr (@RotariosPR on Facebook for Spanish broadcast)
Yesterday we were blessed with the opportunity to present the certificates and gifts to the students who won last week's Poetry Competition. 
We also had the pleasure of partnering with The Ministry of Education, The Rotary Club of South East Nassau, and The Rotary Club of Nassau. Thank you all for helping us make this happen. 
As students of our Interact schools begin the new school year, we're wishing them a blessed and productive year.

Our schools:
Kingsway Academy
The Leadership Academy
Government High School
St. Augustine's College

will be opening at various times between tomorrow September 14 and October 5.

Please keep them all in your prayers as they navigate uncharted waters. 🙏🏾💥💥
The clubs 1st major fundraiser event for the year is only 10 days away!! 
Be sure to share with friends and family to enjoy it along with us. 
Click the link to register
The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise is pleased to collaborate with our international partner Connection to Creativity to host the first annual, "Write to Win Writers Workshop."📝

Writing skills have many benefits for children and we want to fullfill our role in developing sound writing skills for our primary school level.🥳

Some topics include:
📗Types of Writing Styles
📗Vocabulary for Writing
📗Basic Writing Techniques
And much much more.

Join us on Saturday for professional tips and advice form some of the best in the Industry.
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 881 5658 0457
Passcode: 838566
In the words of our literacy Chair
“It only takes 15 minutes per day to feed your mind with words, sentences, paragraphs, and stories”. 📘📚📖📰📕📓📔
What are you waiting for?
Happy Reading 🔥💥🎉🎊🥳
"Service Above Self" is the motto of the The Rotary Club. We the Rotarians of The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise consistently do our best to follow that. On Saturday the 22nd of August, we had an incredible opportunity and an eventful time working along with the Lend a Hand Org. and other Rotary Clubs (Rotaract Club of Nassau Sunset, Rotaract Club of The University of the Bahamas, Rotary Club of Old Fort and Rotary Club of East Nassau). 
Collectively, over 4,000 grocery bags were put together to support those in the community needing food assistance in this coming week.
Director Karen Major said “The day was successful. We finished a little earlier than planned and the folks at Lend a Hand were very grateful for our help, and surprised to see how many people came out”.
It's it not to late for you to join the mission. For the rest of this month until the 30th of September, we look forward to assisting them with our commitment to "Service Above Self". 
View the photo album to more photos of this ongoing project. 

At the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise (RCNS), we believe that "Readers are Leaders" and "Writers are Dreamers". ⭐
The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise is excited to launch it's first annual Poetry Competition.
This competition is open to primary school students in The Bahamas and within District 7020.
Please be sure to submit your entries on or before Saturday August 22, 2020. 🌞🌞
You could be the lucky winner of the Grand cash prize 💰🌟
See flyer for details.

Submit your name, Country and school name with your submission.



Summer Xcitement! 🔥🔥📚
Summer Fun!🔥🔥📚

Team Literacy at Nassau Sunrise is excited⭐ to Kick-off our summer reading📚📚series with the launch of our revised Super Reader’s Book Club.📚📚 This Book Club is designed to promote and foster the love 💙for reading at the primary school level in a fun and nurturing environment and provides the following benefits to readers:
📚Participation in the Butterfly Storybook Project. This is a competition for young emerging writers in the Caribbean aged 7-11. The Rotary E-Club of the Caribbean, 7020 is offering young people in your local community an opportunity to showcase their talents for story writing.
📚Ongoing literacy skill building activities
📚Forging new relationships with other students
📚Improving reading and comprehension skills
📚Enhancing speaking skills
📚Showcasing talent in poetry competition
Registration Deadline: August 1st, 2020

SCHOOLS may be closed and the Interactors are on vacation but 'Need' doesn't take a break.
The Interact Clubs of Nassau Sunrise are still committed to ensuring the health and safety of the most vulnerable at our adopted Home, Unity House.
Thank you Rotarian Patrick for representing the clubs.
As we say farewell to our Dynamic Board of Directors 2019/2020, we say Welcome to our Fired Up Board of 2020/2021!

Nassau Sunrise's Annual NEON WALK took place on Friday night, leaving from and returning to Fusion Superplex. 🚶‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️
Rotarians were joined by members of their sponsored Interact Clubs of Government High School, Kingsway Academy and The Leadership Academy, as well as members of their sponsored Rotaract Club.
Bringing the 'Love' element to the walk were staff members of Fidelity Bank, who were out in large numbers thanks to Rotarian Crestwell Gardiner!♨️♨️

Thank you to all participants!! 💥💥

What does the future of work look like? Are our people being prepared?

Addressing the Skills Gap

On Thursday, January 23, 2020, over 170 attendees gathered at Breezes Resort, Cable Beach, Nassau, The Bahamas, to learn about the skills gap in the labour force and to consider what the future of work looks like. The event was a luncheon townhall–type forum designed to inform, raise issues, trigger conversations and to initiate relationships geared towards addressing the skills gaps identified in the labour force in in order to boost employment and the local economy. The meeting was convened by Past District Governor or Rotary and well-known business man, Felix Stubbs. The Minister of Education, Hon. Jeffrey Lloyd, was the keynote speaker who highlighted the implications for education and the workforce and spoke to several training initiatives being undertaken in the field of Education.
Moderator Edison Sumner, Principal of Sumner Strategic Partners and a former CEO of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation, expertly facilitated a panel discussion and questions from the audience. The heavy-weight panel was drawn from various sectors in the society. Dr. Robert Robertson, President of BTVI revealed the results of a recent skills gap survey conducted by BTVI and spoke of training opportunities at BGTVI and allied institutions. Mr. John Pinder, Director, Ministry of Labour outlined the challenges and challenges for the labour force. Mr. Peter Goudie, Human Resources specialist and the head of the Labour and Employment Division Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation spoke to employer/employee considerations. Mr. Chandler Sands, Vice Chair, Maritime Sector Skills Council informed the audience of the National Apprenticeship Program and explained the significance of the Maritime Sector Skills Council initiatives. Mr. Don E. Forbes, Grand Bahama Ship Yard explained why and how practical industry-specific training has ensured employment for job seekers in Grand Bahama. Mr. Michael Pratt, President, Bahamas Contractors Association addressed challenges in the construction industry and tackled the thorny issue of finding qualified industry-certified workers necessary to undertaken significant contracts. The sole female on the panel, Mrs. Rhonda McDeigan-Eldridge, a strategic business advisor and founder of Harness All Possibilities, Inc., rounded of the discussions by addressing the idea of the future of work, identifying work disruptors and suggesting resources for persons to retool themselves.
The audience included public sector and private sector employees, entrepreneurs, NGO personnel, unemployed persons and students. They engaged the panel with questions in a thoughtful Q & A session.
The townhall was convened by the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise and BTVI.

What is your Vocation?👨‍💻👩‍💼

This question was answered by several of our members this morning at our weekly meeting as we kicked off this special month.
One of the objectives of Rotary is to encourage and foster high ethical standards in business and professions, the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations and the dignifying of each Rotarian's occupations as an opportunity to serve society.
As we celebrate Vocational Service Month please be encouraged to practice your profession with integrity and inspire others to behave ethically through your words and actions.
Also during our meeting, members achieving Perfect Attendance status were pinned. Congratulations Perfect Attendees!!🎊🎊


Congratulations to our Rotarians of the Month, Administrator Akema and Secretary Terez! Well deserved!!👏👏🙌🙌🎊🎊


Saturday began with Rotarians supporting the Rotary Club of Southeast Nassau at the Robert Smith ward of the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre, fellowshipping with the residents and staff.
Rotarians later joined Rotaractors at their Health Fair, where medical check-ups and dental assessments were offered.
Throughout the day Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors worked together with The Bahamas Association of Diabetic Educators at their Health Fair by donating blood, performing blood glucose level and blood pressure testing.
It was a remarkable day of service in acknowledgement of Disease Prevention Month by the Sunrise RotaFamily.


RCNS will work along with the Bahamas Association of Diabetic Educators at the Diabetes educational and testing center today.

Time: 11:00a.m - 6:00p.m at Fusion Superplex, Gladstone Rd.

See you there!!💥💥💥


Rotarians closed out the school term at the Willard Patton Preschool today, reading to the students.💥💥

IN KEEPING WITH THIS MONTH'S THEME, Disease Prevention and Treatment Month, the Guest Speaker at our morning meeting was Nurse Lyndianna Rahming, President of The Bahamas Association of Diabetic Educators.
Nurse Rahming spoke on the role of the association, the importance of diabetes testing and adjusting our eating habits to include less sugar.
Our session ended by some of our members having their glucose level tested.💥💥💥
What is Thanksgiving without giving thanks and showing others that we appreciate them? Today the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise showed up and showed out. We served Thanksgiving dinner to the residents of the Demetrius Home for the aged and we bought items for care packages. It was an overwhelming response to 'service above self'. Thank you Sunrisers for all that you do all year long.

Rotary Nassau Sunrise for being awarded first place recognition for our signature literacy project entitled, "One Book📚 One Dream".
This win is an indication of our club’s commitment to supporting literacy📚 development in the community.

RCNS have submitted two winning projects🎖 two years in a row - quite an accomplishment! RCNS will receive $400.00 from Litrag to assist with this Project.
One Book, One Dream will be featured in the next LITRAG newsletter and posted on the LITRAG website.

Literacy is a top priority at Sunrise📚📚.

The Rotary Clubs of Nassau Sunrise and Old Fort have partnered with the Brighter Bahamas Foundation and BTVI to construct 6 new free little libraries for the Bahamian public!

The goal is to make literature accessible to ALL Bahamians. Don’t forget- Readers are happier, healthier and wealthier than non-readers!

Find the nearest free library near you!

Members of the Board of the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise met with District Governor, Mrs. Delma Maduro on Thursday morning. Our President, Dr. Sophia Rolle made a presentation highlighting the accomplishments of the Club to date. DG Delma expressed admiration for the Sunrisers and was impressed with the activities reported on. She thanked the club for its many outstanding projects, some of which she insisted needed to be submitted and posted on the Rotary International's Showcase Portal. DG Maduro also thanked the club for its collaborative work in the aftermath of hurricane Dorian. She thanked PDG Felix for his assistance to her in her role and offered the club support and tips for further success.

Club Members each received pins for winning Club of the Month in September for our Literacy initiatives.

As a part of her visit, DG Delma was taken to the Willard Patton Preschool. There she saw first-hand the work being done in the Autism Classroom that we sponsored. She was able to walk over to the newly installed Sensory Garden and speak directly with Principal Joanna and other teachers in the program. Rotarians read to the students every Friday as part of their community outreach.💥💥


Yesterday, the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise assisted Abaconians and Grand Bahamians displaced by Hurricane Dorian with drafting their resumes for circulation at the job fair hosted by Courtyard by Marriott and Bahamas Breezes!

A special thanks to volunteers from the Rotaract club of University of The Bahamas,
The Rotary Club of Southeast Nassau, the Rotary Club of West Nassau and other Rotarians for their support!

Thank you to John Bull, Micronet, The Armoury Company and BOSS for their donations!

The Rotary Clubs of The Bahamas recently partnered with C.C. Sweeting High School during their “Character Day” 2019. 🤩🤩

Character Day is a day where high school students are required to engage in meaningful community service work throughout the Island.

RCNS members and C.C. Sweeting High School students assisted with restoring the areas of Pylgrim Baptist Church used to house victims of Hurricane Dorian by carrying out cleaning, and other tasks on the premises with the view to helping the church to return to normalcy.

Given the sacrifice that the church made in the weeks following the storm by opening its doors to those affected, the students' willingness to assist the church in this way was most fitting for Character Day.💥💥


Maintaining Social Distance: The New Reality for Education and Community Organizations


The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise (RCNS) has decided to move regular weekly meetings normally held at the Hilton Hotel and Fusion Superplex in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. As a part of this plan, they have partnered with BTVI to provide training session on conducting meetings using an online technology platform. BTVI is a pioneer in the development and use of technology to expand online education across all The Bahamas. Anthony Ramtulla, Dean of Information Technology and Online Education will conduct these training sessions for the Rotary Club and will be highlighting the use of Zoom as a means to maintain social distance while continuing to do the community work that is the hallmark of Rotary. Mr. Ramtulla also leads the innovative online education efforts at BTVI including serving as the leader of the Cisco Academy. The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise continues to lead the way in providing “Service Above Self”. You are invited to join our first session tomorrow morning at 7am - 8am at the zoom link below. Additional open sessions will be posted in the coming weeks.




Our Interactors at Kingsway Academy had a special treat today!🤩🤩

Kai Melissa Heaven, Interact President of Belair High School in Mandeville, Jamaica was our Guest Speaker!💥

She spoke on the topic, 'The Importance of Friendships'!
Our Interactors thoroughly enjoyed this Interact exchange!💥💥

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The School Year has begun and so has the recruitment for Interact!✴️

Students of The Leadership Academy signed up this week to be a part of this exciting club and are eagerly awaiting the start of Interact activities.🤩🌟⭐️

We are looking forward to a productive and exciting Interact year!!🎊💥💥


The FIRST EVER INTERACT BOARD TRAINING SEMINAR held by Rotary of Nassau Sunrise and what an awesome day it was!!💥💥

The event brought together Past Presidents Tanya Woodside, Alanna McCartney, Jackie Longley, Karen Pinder and Carla Stubbs as well as the President of Rotary Old Fort, Derek Smith. Rotarian Akema Clarke also participated. Literacy Chair Janelle Cambridge kept the program lively and flowing. 🌟🌟🌟

Board members of Kingsway Academy, The Leadership Academy and Government High School were encouraged to 'date' students from each of the schools by asking particular questions of them. This ice breaker session was led by the Interact Advisor from Kingsway Academy, Ms. Burrows.♨️♨️♨️

AG Diane de Cardenas started the Information packed session with a presentation, All About Interact (Interact and Rotary History, Constitution and Bylaws). She was followed by the lively and engaging President of Rotary Old Fort, Derek Smith whose presentation covered Project and Club Management, and beyond.💫💫💫💫

Our Board members then separated into Breakout sessions where they were tutored by our past presidents on their individual roles and responsibilities while our President, Dr. Sophia Rolle and PP Tanya engaged the Advisors. ♨️♨️♨️

After lunch, during which the Interactors were served by the Rotarians of Nassau Sunrise, PP Tanya led our attendees in a Meeting Role Play after a spunky introduction!🤩🤩

The session was closed out by our very own Immediate Past President of Rotary International, Barry Rassin. He took the students on a Rotary Highway while encouraging them to Develop the Leader Within.💥💥💥

Our President, Dr. Sophia Rolle brought closing remarks, thanking everyone involved in the planning of this groundbreaking seminar and wished our newly elected Interact Boards well as they embrace their new roles.💫💫💫💫

It was truly an Awesome day!!💢💢

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o say Literacy month was "lit" with excitement would be an understatement!!📚🎉💥

From our first speaker, Dr. Newton of the University of The Bahamas who spoke on the topic, 'How Relevant is Literacy at the Collegiate Level', to our Sip 'N Read event that included our Interactors and where the idea of a Book Club was birthed, to the relaunching of our Willard Patton reading program, to our Poetry Cafe, the culmination of this exciting month with our Leadership Seminar was beyond 'lit'!🤩🤩💥

The Seminar included Interactors and potential Interactors, the Speakers were 'on fire' and imparted useful, relevant and inspiring information to our attendees!💥💫💫

LITERACY MONTH was so Awesome that it earned RCNS The Club of The Month Award!!🎉🎉💫🤩💥

Congratulations to our Literacy Chair, Janelle Cambridge, for a job well done!!💥💥💥

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Members from The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise recently hosted an evening of poetry at Fusion Superplex.

Rotarian Karen and our Guest Speaker, Clarence Albury entertained with their recitation of poems.

We sipped on soothing Island teas and tantalized our tastebuds with delicious pastries and treats.

Our Guest Speaker spoke on, The Influence of Literature on Poetry!

Literacy month definitely brewed fun, entertainment and fellowship at #RCNS

#literacy #fellowship #litertainment #rotarynassausunrise #peopleofaction #passionateaboutpurpose #success

Rotarians are People of Action who are Trusted in Tragedy!!

Members of Nassau Sunrise recently gathered at our Immediate Past President's house to assemble Care Packages for Evacuees at our supported Shelter, The Pilgrim Baptist Church. All items, toiletries and intimate clothing for the packages, were provided by our very own members.

Two of our members are housing families who were displaced because of the recent hurricane. Service Above Self personified!!


According to Reading Rockets (a website on education and literacy), reading books aloud to children stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world. It helps them develop language and listening skills and prepares them to understand the written word.

Members of the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise are committed to ensuring that toddlers at the pre-school level are exposed to various genres of books to support cognitive development and social skills.

On Friday, the weekly reading sessions at the Willard Patton PreSchool was relaunched!

Thank you to Rotarians Crestwell, Chizelle and Kharin for making this possible.

#lit #literacymonth #rotarynassausunrise #willardpatton #reading #district7020 #passionandpurpose #success

One of the goals of Rotary is to strengthen the capacity of communities to support basic education and literacy, reduce gender disparity in education, and increase adult literacy.

Our meeting this morning as we kicked off Literacy month, was ‘Lit' as our Literacy Chair would say. Our speaker, Dr. Norrisa Newton from the University of the Bahamas spoke on the topic, Closing the Gap, “How Relevant is Literacy at the Collegiate Level”. It was well presented, thought provoking and sparked lively discussion. We can all agree on the point that was made during Dr. Newton’s presentation that, “the quality of the state depends on the quality of the education the members of the state receive”.

We can’t wait to see what our Literacy Chair has in store for the remainder of the month!

#lit #literacymonth #rotarynassausunrise #district7020 #rotarynewgeneration #success #passionandpurpose

ROTARY INTERNATIONAL is a service organization whose stated purpose is to bring together leaders in order to provide humanitarian service and to advance goodwill and peace around the world. In the wake of the destruction and chaos caused by hurricane Dorian, Rotary Clubs throughout The Bahamas are demonstrating their true commitment to the ethos of Rotary.

ROTARY CLUB OF NASSAU SUNRISE in particular has been hard at work through volunteerism at Odyssey in various capacities; registering evacuees, playing with the children, warmly greeting evacuees off the planes, serving hot chicken souse, prepared by and in the kitchens of our very own President Sophia and President Elect Frances, to ensure that evacuees started their Sunday morning with a hot breakfast. Nassau Sunrise Club members were so eager and willing to do all they could, just the mention of what was needed and they were ‘on it’, whether it was preparing care packages or purchasing and delivering fans.
We were joined in service by members of our sponsored club, Rotaract Sunset.
The actions of our members during this time truly demonstrate what being a Rotarian is all about.

It’s Back to School time and we at Rotary Nassau Sunrise are very aware of the needs of the less fortunate during this time.
With this in mind, our hardworking Community Services Committee led by Chair Kharin, was on the move today, delivering filled backpacks to the needy of our community
Thank you to The Bahamas Striping Group of Companies for making this donation possible.
Our second Joint Club evening meeting was better than the first one, the energy and level of engagement was awesome.   Talk about progress and growth! 
We welcomed new enthusiastic members into the Rotaract Club and District Governor-Elect Charles Sealy gave a dynamic presentation on being a Rotarian!
Make plans to meet us at Fusion Superplex on Thursday, September 26 at 6pm.  Our next meeting promises to be even better!   

Readers are smarter, happier, wealthier and healthier than non-readers!
Reading develops the mind.  Teaching young children to read helps them develop basic language skills and expand their vocabularies. Access to literature is crucial for knowledge and education.
With this in mind, The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise has partnered with The Brighter Bahamas Foundation to ensure everyone in New Providence has access to books.  There are fifteen (15) Little Free Libraries throughout New Providence.
These Little Free Libraries were cleaned and restocked over the weekend by members of the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise.  Everyone throughout New Providence is welcome to Read and Restock – Take a book, Leave a book! 
Let's read together and support literacy development!
Kemp Road
Colony Village
Cynthia Mother Pratt
Stapledon Park
Edmund Spencer Moxey Youth Community Center
Saunders Beach Park
Flamingo Gardens
Montague Beach
Pirates Downtown
Tropical Gardens
Clifton Heritage/Jaws Beach
Gambier Park
Hay Street
Goodman’s Bay Beach
RCNS Golfing in support of kids with Autism!
An event IPP Barry Rassin described as a wonderful mix of fellowship, fun and golfing.
Plan to be a part of this charitable event next year!

Congratulations to Rotary Nassau Sunrise! 
Under the direction of our new visionary leader, President Dr. Sophia Rolle, we recently hosted our Inaugural Charity Golf Tournament to benefit children with Autism.

Stay tuned for information regarding next year's Tournament which promises to be bigger and better!


We were very honored to have as our guest speaker this morning Sr. Assistant Commissioner of Police Mr Stephen Dean.
His message gave us a glimpse into the many real issues that our young people are faced with daily. Going forward we hope to become apart of the solution by continuing to promote literacy nationally, so that we can make sure that no child or person is left behind. 
The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise applaud you Sr. Asst. Comm. Dean for all that you do!
The reviews are in!  It has been described as, “outside box…outside world thinking”!  Our visitors enjoyed themselves and look forward to returning.  Our attendance was great and the speaker was awesome!  What am I talking about?  I’m talking about our inaugural evening meeting held last night at Fusion. 
Our speaker, Mr. Jeffrey Beckles, spoke on Leadership.  Effective leadership begins with us properly managing ourselves.  Leadership requires; investing in yourself, investing in the people around you and being a vision carrier.  A lack of vision carriers will result in a legacy problem. 
Rotary Nassau Sunrise has done it again!  We are indeed Passionate about Purpose and Success.
It’s a new Rotary year, and what better way to mark this occasion than with a courtesy call on our new Governor General of The Bahamas, His Excellency, the Hon. C.A. Smith.  Our President accompanied by officers and members of Rotary Club Nassau Sunrise participated in meaningful and lively conversations with the Governor General during this visit, with both sides making meaningful contributions.
As a result of these discussions, Rotary Club Nassau Sunrise has committed to assist the Governor General with his volunteer and literary initiatives which happen to also be goals of our club.  We are most excited about the fact that the Governor General has agreed to become an Honorary Member of the Rotary Club Nassau Sunrise!
What an exciting start to a year that promises to be more of the same!
Our first Club Assembly held on Saturday, July 20, was successful and informative!  Thanks to PP Tanya for facilitating a great meeting.  A special Thank You to all who attended!  We heard from our new Chairs who proved they are ready for the tasks ahead and are open to new ideas.  Kudos to the Organizers, Chairs and Executives for a well planned and executed meeting.  It was robust with a lively exchange of ideas.  The energy displayed by new members was inspiring.
To all Rotarians, if you haven’t already, join a committee and become involved in your club!  Let’s keep this fire burning!!

Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise completed a joint community service project with the Kiwanis Club of Cable Beach, Bahamas. It was a joint project to provide hot breakfast to feed children and adults in the community. Our club have donating clothes for all ages, can goods and soft drinks for the outreach ministry to facilitate the less fortunate in the community. Present at the joint project was, the District Governor for the Eastern Canada & The Caribbean Mr. Melford Clarke and The District Governor for the District of Tennessee Mr. Russ Williamson. Nassau Sunrise look forward to partnering with the Kiwanis Club in the future, to make more projects meaningful to all communities.

Well, today was surely the day for RCNS celebrations! From the welcoming of visiting guests... To the induction of the newest member of the greatest little club in the galaxy, Rotarian Rick Schendel... to the pinning of the Rotarian of the Month (January), President Elect Sophia Rolle... To the pinning of Rotarian of the Month (February), Director Antonio Pinder... To the red ribbon removal of Director Cephia... We, truly, had much to celebrate this morning!!! Congratulations ladies and gent and a big warm welcome, Rotarian Rick!!!! We told you, big things happen at Sunrise!!
Today, your favorite little club in the galaxy ensured we played our part, to nurture the great minds of our future leaders as we read to the little ones at Willard Patton!
A donation of classroom decorative supplies was also made on behalf of the club!
What can we say... We truly believe in and live by the saying, 'Today a reader, tomorrow a leader!' 
The "Barry Rassin Day" was held on April 7, 2018 - all clubs on the island along with visiting Rotarians from Tennessee participated in various projects throughout New Providence.  RCNS members and some of the visiting Rotarians costructed mini libraries (shown in foreground) which will be erected in various parks throughout the island.  
 Minister of Tourism the Hon. Dionioso D’Aguilar presented on the topic, “Powering our Economy…Tourism on the Rebound.” During the presentation, he discussed some of the initiatives that his ministry is pursuing to promote The Bahamas as a destination of choice. Photo left - President Jackie, Minister D'Aguilar and Rotarian Barrett.  Photo right - Interact President Janae, Minister D'Aguilar, President Jackie, Minister of State , Interact Advisor - Ms. Burrows and  VP Carter of Leadership Academy Interact Club.
Six new members were inducted into RCNS.  (L-R) - AG Mario, PP Bill, Dir. Karen, President Jackie (Inductees Kendrick, Akema, Chizelle, Knijah, Angelica, Kharin) and PP Tanya; back row PP Sean (East Nassau), PDG Felix and IPP Pretino.
Mr. Lindy Knowles of the Bahamas National Trust gave an insightful presentation on the topic, “National Parks…The Role in Managing Water Resources“.
RCNS helps to transform the inner city by creating a beautiful green-space and vegetable garden in the Kemp Road community.  A beautiful deck with seating, grassed areas, vegetable plots, flowering plants, white fences and a small book library were added in the space.
RCNS hosted its 1st Annual Neon Walk & Dance-A-thon on February 2, 2018 with over 100 persons participating.  The event culminated in a dance which created lots of fun for the patrons.
Members of RCNS participated in RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute) Training on February 21 and 22nd.  Left to right front row - PDG Felix (presenter); Dir. Janelle - registration, Rotarians Frances and Tonia, PAG Karen (RCOB Trainer/RLI Coordinator), President Jackie, PP Carla (presenter);  Back row left-right - PE Leroy, Rotarians Doneth, Sophia, Ernie, Antonio and Terez.
RCNS members supported the Rotary Club of East Nassau in their preservation of the mangroves project at Bone Fish Pond.  Also, in attendance were RIPE Barry Rassin who was being filmed on the project by a film crew from Rotary International.
RCNS members were out in full force in their color teams on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day for the "Adopt a Family for Christmas" initiative.  Over 200 families were fed between the two days.  Members of the various color teams also presented gifts to the children and sang Christmas carols with them.
RCNS partnered with the Bahamas Government and other community organizations to present e-learning tools for students at Willard Patton Preschool on December 4th.  In attendance were Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, other dignitaries, Principal, teachers and students from Willard Patton, AG Mario Smith, PDG Felix Stubbs, President Jackie and members of Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise, representative from other organizations and family members of students.
RIPE Barry Rassin was the special guest speaker at the club's annual Christmas breakfast.  Members enjoyed a wonderful breakfast, live music and fun trivia.
The Jingle Bell Jazz Musical Fusion was held on December 1, 2017 on the beautiful grounds of the Collins Estate.  Patrons enjoyed a 5-course meal, live artistry featuring famous artist Jamal Rolle and were entertained by the Tingum Dem Band.
Mr. Alfred Spence was inducted into the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise on December 7th by AG Mario Smith.  Shown in the photo from left to right - President Jackie, Rotarian Alfred, sponsor PP Diana Lyn and AG Mario.
Members shown participating in a "Foundation Trivia" during the club meeting.  Winning team members shown at right - PDG Felix and Rotarians James, Deno & Eric.  Challengers - Rotarians Reuben, Terez, Barret & PP Diana Lyn shown on left.  Moderator - Rotarian Doneth shown at the podium with Sargent at Arms Lovell in background.
Members of RCNS shown with District Governor Robert Léger & First Lady Rosa at the Foundation Gala.  Left to right - Rotarian Mel, PDG Felix, PP Tanya, Rotarian Jerryse, PAG Karen, First Lady Rosa, DG Robert, President Jackie, Rotarians Frances, Deno & Dir. Lashanta.  Back row - Dir. Karen, PP Errol , Secretary Sherrah, AG Mario, Rotarian - James, Eric, Ernie, Doneth and PP Diana Lyn. 
Members of Nassau Sunrise successfully completed a 1-day "Peer Mediation Advisor's Training" hosted by the Road to Peace Committee.  
Left to right - P.E. Leroy, President Jackie,  Rotarian Marsha and Director Devaldo.   
District Governor Robert Leger & First Lady Rosa were special guests at the weekly club meeting of RCNS.  DG Robert was the guest speaker and challenge the club to "Grow Stronger & Serve Better" and continue to support the Foundation.    DG Robert and Lady Rosa Leger shown after the club meeting with the officers and members.  Front row left to right — AG Mario Smith, First Lady Rosa Leger, DG Robert Leger, President Jacqueline Longley, PDG Felix Stubbs, PP Carla Stubbs; 2nd row - Deno Moss, Dir. Lashanta Smith, PE Leroy Archer, Christina Rolle, Barrett Miller, 3rd row – Eric Butler,  Alex Ward, PP Bill Mills, PP Diana Lynn Miller, PAG Karen Pinder,  4th row - Cephia Moss, Doneth Cartwright, Dr. Sophia Rolle, Leon Williams, Sgt-at-Arms Lovell Ferguson, Secretary Sherrah Adderley, Ernest Blues and Mark Whitehouse at British Colonial Hilton Nassau.
PAG Lindsey Cancino discussed the initiatives being undertaken to eradicate polio in the last three countries - Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.  He said that the support for the Foundation goes a long way in providing funds for many projects in our district and around the world.
Members of the club participated in a clean-up exercise for a vegetable garden being created at Ms. Laura's Residence in the Kemp Road community.

Mr. Shevonn Cambridge, Director of the Utilities Regulatory Competition Authority discussed the new guidelines being established for BPL.  Executives at Bahamas Power and Light Company are continuously evaluating products and services to remain on the cutting edge. Major improvements have been made to power quality, rates and billing, safety, and service quality.  

RCNS salutes RCOB'S Membership Chair PP Tanya Woodside on her induction into the Nassau Pan-Hellenic Council's Greek Hall of Fame.  Photo left to right - PP Diana Lyn Miller, PP Carla Stubbs, PP Tanya Woodside, PDG Felix Stubbs, PP Alanna McCartney, Rotarian Frances Dean and P.I. Director Lashanta Smith.
Members of the club partnered with the St. Anne's Community Association and Rotary Club of East Nassau in a clean-up exercise of the Montague beach area.  Trees were also planted to help beautify the area.
According to Dr. Mike Ircha, the Bahamas plays a significant role in the Maritime Industry being the 7th largest fleet registry in the world.  The maritime sector is extremely important as 90%  of everything that moves are transported by ships.  Trade is important to the Bahamas and the economy.  The Freeport container terminal is a critical shipping hub for the Maritime Industry.
Mr. Doyle Roberts  - CEO of FOY Trading enlightened members about the  macro and micro views towards economic development.  The economic potential of changing our vision to think long range and capitalizing on  opportunities  to build  a better economy.  He emphasized the need of seeing the Bahamas through the new eyes of a Blue Economy.
Members of the club along with Rotaractors  attended a special celebration held for RIPE Barry & Esther Rassin on October 6, 2017 at the Balmoral Club.
Mr. Simon Perryman discussed the advantages of apprenticeship training and the costs associated with it.  Additionally, he emphasized the importance of apprenticeship training to business continuity and the ways to introduce it in the workplace.  
Rotarian Ernest Blues spoke about his daughter Renee's diagnosis with Viral Myocarditus.  In thankfulness for his daughter's full recovery he decided to go on a 100-mile walk across Scotland raising over $34,000 for the Sir Victor Sassoon Heart Foundation.

Literacy is the ability, confidence, and willingness to engage with language to acquire, construct and communicate meaning in all aspects of daily living. Mrs. Lakell Johnson shared the Seven Strategies of Literacy that are presently being used to promote Action Research in The Bahamas.  Some include: Graphic organizers, K.W.L., Reciprocal Teaching, Vocabulary Instruction and Reading Comprehension Fix-up Strategies.   Director Janelle Cambridge-Johnson also discussed issues experienced with students in the school environment because of literacy challenges.


Mrs. Zaleka Knowles gave a brief overview on the Hands for Hunger Organization(HFH).  HFH  is a humanitarian organization committed to the elimination of unnecessary hunger and the reduction of food waste.  This is achieved through the creation of meaningful and engaging partnerships formed amongst all sectors of the Bahamian community. HFH strives to inspire a shared sense of social and environmental responsibility amongst citizens, by food rescue and distribution, education and other innovative solutions aimed at achieving national food security. 

PP Tanya Woodside presented on the topic “Membership Engagement”.  She gave an overview of what it means to be a Rotarian and shared some of her personal experiences engaging new members.   Several other members shared the reasons why they became a Rotarian and some of their more memorable moments. 

RCNS members partnered with Brighter Bahamas to install a "Little Free Library" at the Willard Patton Pre-School.  The aim is to promote reading by giving free books to as many Bahamian children as possible in our communities.  Members from RCNS, Rotaract Sunset, Brighter Bahamas representatives and teachers from the school assisted with the project.  
AG Mario inducted Ms. Christina Smith, Mrs. Cephia Moss & Mr. Ernest Blues into RCNS.  AG Mario (center), President Jackie (left) and PE & Dir. Membership Leroy shown with inductees.  Congratulations to the newest members!
Mr. Addis Huyler shared his views on living the "Iconic Life" with members of the club.  He emphasized the importance of making a difference in what you do on a daily basis. He said, quote "It's about a deliberate intention of understanding how what you do can impact others". 
Mrs. Rionda Godet gave advice on how to succeed as a first time entrepreneur.   She provided the following tips to remain competitive and on the cutting edge: know the market, make connections with other business owners in the field, begin with an idea no matter how small  it is, change your product offerings as the market changes and develop a loyal customer base.  
Mr. Gregory Bethel, President of Fidelity Bank, gave an informative and educational presentation to the members. He shared the following tips to financial freedom: Set financial goals, reduce unnecessary spending and debt, save 15% of monthly salary, limit the number of children you have, create an emergency fund and plan for retirement. 
Major Clarence Ingram said “The mission of the Salvation Army is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in HIS name without discrimination. The Salvation Army is an international church denomination with 16,000 corps or churches in 126 countries around the world.  Services offered to those in need are:  worship services, food assistance, shelter for bruised and battered women,  character building program for young people and assistance during emergency/disaster.   Funding for the Salvation Army comes via donations from the public, bell ringing, thrift store and mop sales (made by blind persons).  
Rotarian Mark (RCNS) shown reading to students at the Willard Patton Pre-School's summer reading program for autistic students.  The event was held during July and supported by members of the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise.  RCNS also donated T-Shirts for all the participants in the program.  Members of Rotaract Sunset also assisted with reading to the students.
Ms. Vernice Walkine, President of the National Airport Development Company (NAD) gave a brief update on current and future trends in the Airline Industry.  She shared that NAD is constantly re-branding its services to stay on the cutting edge. 
President Jackie presented the 2017/18 theme:  PLANT A S.E.E.D – STRENGTHEN, EDUCATE, EMPOWER & DEVELOP.   Strategic priorities include:-
Strengthen – Members’ Bonds, Humanitarian Service, Support for New Generation Clubs and relationship with community partners.   Educate – enhance members’ knowledge, literacy programs and Public Image.  Empower – members to be a part of decision-making by being on active committees and succession planning for leadership positions.  Develop – members to take on leadership roles;  mentoring for New Generation Clubs and support school mentoring programs.
Treasurer Jerryse was named "Rotarian of the Year" 2016/17 for outstanding performance during the period.  Photo shows Treasurer Jerryse (center) receiving her award from IPP Pretino and President Jackie.
The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise (RCNS) and Rotaract Nassau Sunset inducted its new slate of officers for 2017/18 in a joint installation ceremony on Saturday July 1, 2017.  The event was held at 1er Cru, Bristol Wines & Spirits on Gladstone Road.  In attendance were members from both clubs, family and friends.  Performing the ceremony was Assistant Governor Mario Smith who inducted Mrs. Jacqueline Longley as President of RCNS and Miss Duranda Minus as President of Rotaract Nassau Sunset in addition to the officers of both clubs.
....and how sweet it is!!
The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise celebrated its sixteenth charter year anniversary in grand style at last week's club meeting. The remaining charter members took the club down memory lane which turned out to be both emotional and inspiring testimonials of the impact the club has made in the community to date in such a short time. It's all because of great ROTARIANS and FRIENDS! Happy Sweet 16 RCNS!
Original Charter Members

Another FANTASTIC FRIDAY at Willard Patton today as our weekly reading program at the school evolved into a Book Fair/Autism Awareness Day!


This Christmas, like every Rotary Christmas, our members and guest enjoyed a funfilled and joyous fellowship meeting where carols were song, games were played and Rotarians dressed to impress! Please see pictures from this special meeting below;
Today's Guest Speaker Melissa Major, Programme Coordinator at the Cancer Society delivered an informative and emotional presentation on breast cancer awareness and prevention!
Ms. Major shared her touching story of being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma  at an early age and having to fight it by changing her lifestyle. She stressed the importance of regular breast exams and also the importance of learning our body to detect changes therein. She also stressed the importance of maintaining a heathy diet by incorporating more fruits and vegetables in our diet and exercising for at least an hour daily to reduce the risk of breast cancer.
Our well dressed Rotarians also participated in a Cancer Awareness best dressed male and female competition. See winners of the competition pictured below;
Rotarian Sophia Rolle receiving the best dressed prize from our Guest Speaker, Melissa Major
Rotarian Leon Williams receiving the best dressed male prize from our Guest Speaker, Melissa Major
To view more photos from this special day, please visit our Facebook page by clicking here https://www.facebook.com/nassausunrise/photos/a.10154555154408745.1073741898.131670313744/10154555155908745/?type=3&theater
Please also feel free to visit our weekly club meeting at the British Colonial Hilton Hotel on Thursday at 7:00am. Looking forward to seeing you!
The Rotary Club Nassau sunrise welcomed the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Jerome Fitzgerald to speak to the club this Thursday. Minister Fitzgerald addressed the club on Literacy in The Bahamas. He said that in order for the country’s students to maximize their full potential for academic and life’s success, it is crucial that in addition to the government’s efforts, the parents must assist with driving the success of their children.
Minister Fitzgerald also advised the club that the government is contributing to a modern Bahamas by ensuring that students have access to technology and computerized literacy programmes, for example, the Tune Into Reading programme, which is a public-private-partnership with Wendy’s and Mission Educate Bahamas along with Corporate Bahamas. Minister Fitzgerald said that he is committed to ensuring that the success of our future generation, the children of The Bahamas.  
We were also happy to exchange banners with our visiting Rotarian, President Elect for the Rotary E-Club, Lesli Prendegast seen pictured below (middle), along with President Pretino Albury and Club Administration Director Na-amah Rahming;
For more phots from this meeting, please visit our Facebook page by clicking here https://www.facebook.com/nassausunrise/photos/a.10154474967518745.1073741897.131670313744/10154474974068745/?type=3&theater
The Rotary Club Nassau Sunrise (RCNS) hosted a beautiful evening of fellowship, fun and food at The John Watlings Distillery where we witnessed two of our very own Sunrisers begin and end a Rotary year as Assistant District Governor. Seen pictured below are some of the Rotarians of RCNS surrounding the immediate Past Assistant Governor (PAG) Karen Pinder, as she hands over the helm to the incoming Assistant Governor (AG) Mario Smith.
We are so very proud of PAG Karen for the awesome job she did during the Rotary year and we wish AG Mario all the best during this new Rotary year, we know that he will do a great job!
Please visit or Facebook page by clicking here https://www.facebook.com/nassausunrise/photos/a.10150089776453745.294626.131670313744/10154371459893745/?type=3&theater
Please also visit our club on Thursday morning at 7:00am at the British Colonial Hilton Hotel. 
The month of November is dedicated and celebrated as Rotary Foundation Month among Rotarians all over the world.
But what do you know about The Rotary Foundation? Well our very own Past Assistant Governor, Karen Pinder answered all of our questions as she presented on the history of The Rotary Foundation this past Thursday so please read on.....
History of The Rotary Foundation

At the 1917 convention, outgoing Rotary President Arch Klumph proposed to set up an endowment “for the purpose of doing good in the world.” In 1928, it was renamed The Rotary Foundation, and it became a distinct entity within Rotary International.

The growth of The Foundation

In 1929, the Foundation made its first gift of $500 to the International Society for Crippled Children. The organization, created by Rotarian Edgar F. “Daddy” Allen, later grew into Easter Seals.

When Rotary founder Paul Harris died in 1947, contributions began pouring in to Rotary International, and the Paul Harris Memorial Fund was created to build the Foundation.

Evolution of Foundation programs

1947: The Foundation established its first program, Fellowships for Advance Study, later known as Ambassadorial Scholarships.

1965-66: Three programs were launched: Group Study Exchange, Awards for Technical Training, and Grants for Activities in Keeping with the Objective of The Rotary Foundation, which was later called Matching Grants.

1978: Rotary introduced the Health, Hunger and Humanity (3-H) Grants. The first 3-H Grant funded a project to immunize 6 million Philippine children against polio.

1985: The was launched to eradicate polio worldwide.

1987-88: The first peace forums were held, leading to .

2013: New enable Rotarians around the world to respond to the world’s greatest needs.

Since the first donation of $26.50 in 1917, the Foundation has received contributions totaling more than $1 billion.

Celebrate the Centennial

In 2016-17, the Foundation turns 100, and that is definitely something worth celebrating. I am sure that the Rotary Clubs around the world will be hosting awesome centennial events and you could be a part of it! Please visit our Facebook page by clicking here https://www.facebook.com/nassausunrise/?fref=ts

Please also watch our District Governor Haresh L. Ramchandani's message on Rotary Foundation Month by clicking here https://www.facebook.com/Rotary7020/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE&fref=nf

Finally, please visit our weekly club meetings on Thursday at 7:00am at the British Colonial Hilton Hotel. Looking forward to seeing you!


Hypertension is blood pressure of 140/90 or higher. Hypertension and Diabetes are very serious illnesses that can put you at risk of a lot of complications. In addition to taking the medication prescribed to you by your health care professional, you have to follow the diet and exercise program in order to remain healthy.
According to our gust speaker today, Mrs. Dionne Dames-Rahming pictured below;
A typical diabetic's plate should be half filled with green vegetables, a quarter of the plate should be lean meat or fish (not fried fish), and the other quarter should be carbohydrates, which can also included starchy vegetables like corn and peas.
Salt has a horrible relationship with Hypertension (High Blood Pressure). When you have a high salt content in your diet, it raises your risk for one of the diabetic complications such as Stroke and Heart Attack, so we definitely need to reduce our intake. Any type of aerobic exercise, or any exercise that will get your heart beating will help you to lose weight.
So in summary, in order to control Diabetes and Hypertension, we have to do the following;
  • Eat a sensible low-salt diet
  • Exercise 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week
  • Diet & exercise to lose weight
  • Take medication properly
Together let's stay healthy and safe.
Making a commitment to doing something, and then actually working toward doing it can sometimes be very difficult. All kinds of things may get in our way such as, unforeseen problems, people who actively block our ideas, or friends who want us to chillax with them when we are trying to serve others. There can be so many opportunities to let a commitment die but how do we keep away from these?  How do we stay strong and committed when we don’t “feel” like it?
As Rotarians, our goal is to create a culture of service that can spread to all continents through Commitment! Today's speaker, Master Motivator, Spence Finlayson encouraged the Rotarians of Nassau Sunrise to be totally committed to making Rotary Club, Nassau Sunrise the best club in New Providence through Service and Commitment. He encouraged Rotarians to show up for service with enthusiasm, be committed to Service Above Self, and even when life catches us on the blind side, we need to remain committed!
Please join us next Thursday for another dynamic club meeting.
Don't meet us there, beat us there!
Are you wondering how you, in your small little sphere, can be of service to this world? How can you serve humanity? In his profound speech to the Rotary Club Nassau Sunrise on the morning of July 29, 2016, Assistant Governor (AG) Mario Smith challenged Rotarians and guests to do the following to assist with serving humanity;
  • Refuse to be afraid of doing anything positive
  • Be the very best you can be at serving others
  • Lose sight of self while serving
  • This year, think of some new service ideas, plan and execute
  • Be the change this world needs because change begins with you
AG Mario culminated his speech by sharing the New Rotary Year speech by District Governor Haresh, see link here; https://www.facebook.com/Rotary7020/videos?ref=page_internal
"We can't solve all of humanity's problems, our goal as Rotarians is simply to make the world a better place, to serve Humanity!".....DG Haresh
As we continue to place lots of emphasis on promoting comradery among our members, great fellowship and also encourage full member participation with carrying-out meaningful service projects, we also want to ensure that our members are having fun while serving. The Rotary Club, Nassau Sunrise is committed to listening to its members and ensuring that the Rotary meetings remain enjoyable, so we've designated every third Thursday of the month, Fun Thursday! This is just one example of the fun and enthusiasm we are trying to maintain in our club. This past Thursday, Rotarians and guests participated in the exciting game of Rotary Jeopardy. We laughed, learned more about Rotary and fellowshipped, it was lots of fun! 
We are looking forward to seeing you at our next Fun Thursday!
Winners of the Jeopardy game displayed below;
Rotarian Sophia Rolle - Winner
IPDG Felix Stubbs - Winner
Every year on July 1st, Rotary Clubs around the world begin a new Rotary Year. To culminate and celebrate the past Rotary year and bring in the new Rotary year, a Changeover and Installation ceremony is held. The Rotary Club Nassau Sunrise hosted its Changeover & Installation celebrations at 1er Cru on Saturday, July 2, 20016. Seen pictured below is the immediate past President, Alanna McCartney, handing over the helm to the incoming President, President Pretino Albury, who will head the club for the next twelve months. 
Conducting the changeover from past President to new President was the immediate past District Governor for 7020, DG Felix Stubbs, whose home club is the best little club in the galaxy, Nassau Sunrise, which made the past Rotary year extra special! DG Felix Stubbs did a phenomenal job leading District 7020 during the 2015/2016 Rotary Year and we congratulate him in this regard.
The new year is off to a great start with lots of new service ideas, club engagement and excitement! You may view pictures from the event on our facebook page by clicking here;
If you would like to be a part of this great organization, please contact us, we would love to hear from you!
It was fun, it was an experience, it was a learning opportunity were words echoed by Jeffereson Thomas, Celine Ferguson and Le'Andrea Mackey. These three (3) individuals were selected from the Interact club of Government High School and Interact Club of The Leadership Academy to represent the Bahamas at this year' s District 6930 Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) held in Orlando, FL. As they discovered while attending, there were Interactors from around the world that  became a family within the five (5) days spent at camp. Jefferson who traveled for the first time away from his family had an experience of a life time. He got the opportunity to meet many friends and learn of their personal life, they then became more connected and accepted as brothers and sisters. For Le'Andra and Celine who were the more adventurous duo, found themselves involved with activities that kept them busy throughout the camp and learned important skills.
As Rotarians listened attentively to the reports given, they showed a slide show of the activities and new friends that they met while attending camp. They all give thanks to the club for selecting them to represent and would encourage others who will attend in the future to accept the opportunity. 
Guest speaker and founder and of Food Fight Chef Jamal Petty, came up with a strategy to involve young people to compete in creating dishes made from specific foods provided. As he see a vision in creating opportunities for local citizens to have the ability to compete international, he once had the same opportunity like them. He mention that he connected himself with a “Purpose” and the passion to venture into culinary. Creating an event where young people can develop their talents, he created Food Fight for those to show their creativity and and show their potential to the world. By creating this event, persons earn scholarship opportunities to attend many universities. In a few days he will be hosting his annual food fight event, for person who will create the best burger. 
We were also pleased to have among our club meeting, President Elect Valerie Dean of the Rotary Club of Abaco that brought greetings from her club.
We continue to celebrate Youth Month with an invite by two (2) outspoken, motivated and future journalist that attends College of the Bahamas to be apart of our morning meeting. Rotarians were pleased to have among the audience our guest speakers Jasper Ward-Williams and Don Sargent to discuss the State of the Nation and their ideas on what needs to change and how young people can help move things forward. As we listen to the articulation and the emphasis on the important matters that are impacting the county, both students would like to see a brighter future for the Bahamas. United States release their Annual Human Rights Report earlier this year on the Bahamas, they found that Police brutality is the most serious rights problem.
During the week of District Conference held in the Bahamas, it was a moment to share with The RI President K. R. Ravindran, District Governor Felix Stubbs, Deputy Prime Minister The Hon. Philip E. Brave Davis and other delegates to the Unveiling of Rotary Piece Monument on Thompson Blvd. 
Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival is here again. Rotarian and guest speaker Mr. Dario Terrelli brought along a few costumes to display of the different sections that his carnival group Enigma will have on the Road Fever this coming Saturday. As he inform and highlighter the audience of the of the upcoming parade, he mention that the Bahamas is growing fast and persons around the world are becoming more exited to visited the Bahamas for this year's Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival.
A warm welcome was extended to Mr. Maurice Darlington, the newest member to be inducted into the RCNS. Mr. Darlington, a transferred Rotarian and a Past President of Pembroke Rotary Club, Hamilton, Bermuda will help strengthen the club which he will bring his Community Service & Literacy expertise. PP Carla and Rotarian Elsworth helped pinned Mr. Darlingotn with a Rotary pin and also a District 7020 pin.
Our DG Felix not only had the pleasure of giving such motivational speech to Rotarians and guest, but to induct a new member into the club. With open arms and this smiling occasion, Mrs. Lashanda Smith was the newest Rotarian to be inducted into the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise. The journey has began for Mrs. Smith to one say, that she is a proud Rotarian. She was pinned by her sponsor PP Tanya Woodside along with the Membership Director Dr. Sophia Rolle.
DG Felix gave a speech to Rotarains and friends of why he join Rotary. Before joining Rotary, DG Felix held many other high positions before being approach to join. He highlighted his first year into Rotary due to him being forced to join and not knowing what to expect was memorable and a learning experience. While becoming much involved into Rotary and then later became President, DG Felix had a very strong and supportive Board of Directors to support his Presidency. On a lighter note, his wife at that time became ill and had to be hospitalized, she then passed on later that night.
Rotarinas were there to gave their support and kind gestures to comfort DG while he was going through a time of bereavement. "An eye opening experience" echoed from DG Felix from attending RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute) for the first time and leaving much knowledgeable than he was before. As the audience listen attentively to DG Felix speech, they all left  knowing that the higher you go and the more you become involved in Rotary, you will paint a bigger picture to understand what Rotary is about. We also had Rotarians join us via Live streaming to hear DG Felix speech and to wish him a Happy Birthday and years to come.
The Leadership Academy Interact Club was presented with banner by President Alanna and President Elect Pretino. Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise sponsors this Interact Club, which members have shown there compassion and concern to make the Bahamas better.
Guest speaker at RCNS morning meeting was Mr. Romauld Ferreira, host of the early morning talk show "Bahamas at Sunrise", also an Attorney at Law and an Environment Activist that has been playing a major role in our country’s environment society. Mr. Ferreira had a vision that one day, he would become an Environmental Attorney to bring law and the environment together.
Guest speaker Mr. Toby Smith, emphasized the importance of having a fogging company to support and eliminate the spread of the production of mosquitos in the Bahamas. He highlighted a shared briefly on the ZIKA virus that's carried by female mosquitos and how it’s given rise to the pandemic that the world is currently experiencing across several borders. With the cooperation from Bahamians, he gave tips that could help prevent the spread of such a dangerous virus by just ensuring that we rid ourselves of a few items (i.e. empty old car tires, old buckets and cans, etc.) Mr. Smith’s second vice is sculpture/monument restoration many that we would have seen at several of the roundabouts in New Providence, (i.e. conch shell, flamingo, pigeon, and rooster).  He located several pieces that were in major disrepair, with the help of Bahamas Ferries and a number of other volunteers who had the same concern for these sculptures as Mr. Smith. Many of those pieces were brought back to life and fully restored with lots of love, patience and caring.  Toby’s charge to RCNS “We as Bahamians have to show an appreciation to our ancestors for the work and contribution that has made our county beautiful.”
RCNS welcomed three (3) new Rotarians that were inducted with the help of their sponsors and DG Felix Stubbs. A new journey has begun for Mr. Vernal Smith, Mrs. Janelle Cambridge-Johnson and Ms. Shoneva Abraham as they experience the opportunity to be a part of the RCNS and the wider Rotary family.
Young Bahamian Entrepreneur, Mr. Steven Cartwright made a presentation to Rotarians and guests on the topic of Family Island Excursions and the importance of the outer islands excursions for kids to learn more about their environments. These trips could last for a 5-7 days giving participants an educational experience while on the various island. Bahamas Revisited has had many private and public school students participate in their programs quite to their benefits. Students walk away with a deeper appreciation for the many islands that make up the Bahamas. “As responsible Bahamians, it’s our duty to ensure that the younger generation becomes knowledgeable about our family islands and marine environments and to get to experience it for themselves first hand.”
RCNS made a commitment to sponsor seven (7) young at risk young women attending Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institution during Vocational Services month. RCNS wanted to make a significant impact on the lives of these women in a meaningful way. RCNS Board members and President Alanna, had the opportunity to meet with Ms. Alicia M. Thompson Associate VP of Fund Development at BTVI and other faculty to encourage these young ladies to strive for greatness. We will follow these ladies once they have completed their 15 week certificate course.
Rotarians and guest also heard the voice of guest speaker Mr. Alexander Darville Lecturer and department head at BTVI who has a passion for technical and vocational education in the Bahamas.  Quote: "You must thank a technical and vocational expert for ensuring that tiles in your house are laid correctly, and correct proper electrical installation is in place”. Those persons had to be trained by someone he went on to say. Mr. Darville gave an example of a female student that once studied at BTVI and today plays an intricate role on the Bah-Mar construction site project. In essence he was saying it does not matter how small you begin, its where you end up at the end of the day that counts.
As we celebrate Vocational Service Month, RCNS took the opportunity to recognize two outstanding Club Advisors for their many years of excellent service and commitment to mentoring young students, who have participated in the Rotary Interact Club at Lyford Cay International School. We honor them for dedicating their vocational skills to the betterment of others, which truly exemplifies the ideals of Rotary’s motto “service above self”
We are pleased to present this first time award, which is named in memory of Rotarian John Paine. As a Charter Member and Architect, he gave unselfishly of his time, talent and resources within the area of his vocation to assist with club projects and the community needs at large.
RCNS had the pleasure of inviting US Embassy Charge d’Affaires, Ms. Lisa Johnson to inform members of Matters affecting Bahamians. She highlighted the connection that the US and The Bahamas have, projects that the US Embassy contributes to and how we continue to work together to strengthen our communities and make cleaner and better environments. She mentioned that a total of 1, 744 students were studying in the US, which was a 14% increase from the previous year. She also touched on the strict policies and travel advisories implemented and published as a result of the assaults on American females while in our country. She also shared on a recent meeting held with the Minister of National Security, Dr. Bernard Nottage along with other relevant units/entities where they discussed the creation of and execution of coalition strategies to combat drug trafficking into the Bahamas and then to the US.
It was indeed our pleasure to have her!
To see Christmas light up the faces of the unfortunate is priceless. RCNS hit to the street today to give more than just food, but to give LOVE to those families that are in need. We have shown "Service Above Self" by creating a plan and executing it well. We also had our DG Felix Stubbs interacting and encouraging young men to be positive and to be role models for younger men in the community.
Everyone left with a smile on there face at the RCNS Annual Christmas Breakfast held at the Hilton. Rotarians and guest could have not welcome the newest Rotarian Ms. Marsha Bain to "the best little club in the galaxy" without the help of DG Felix Stubbs. Awards were given out to members who maintain 100% attendance for the first half of the new Rotary year. We also had among the Christmas Breakfast our awardees that were presented with a gift for the Club by our President Alanna.
As we begin to celebrate Disease and Prevention Month, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Heart Disease are words that echoed from our guest speaker. Many persons in our communities of the Bahamas need to practice healthy lifestyles. Poor healthy habits impacts the quality of a life one lives. 
In honor of our DG Felix and Carla Stubbs visit ,Rotary Clubs of the Bahamas has ‪#‎unleashtheawesome7020‬ at The Government House last week Thursday. Rotarians, Family and Friends came out and supported this year’s Foundation Gala. We had the unveiling of our Rotary logo printed on Garbage collection truck, that will promote Rotary while on the go. From ‪#‎Success‬ to ‪#‎Significance‬!
RCNS and Rotaract Club of Nassau Sunset join board meeting with the DG Felix Stubbs and wife Carla. It was a pleasure to have invited our club's DG Felix and wife Carla to be apart of a joint board meeting with our Rotaractors. DG Felix listen carefully to the presentation made by each Rotaract and Rotarian Director, what the clubs have achieve, what's happening now and where they want to take their club and it's members. 
On Wednesday October 28th, 2015 we inducted our newest Interact Club. The Leadership Academy Interact located on Sear’s Hill across from Summit Insurance. Our own member of the Rotaract Club of Nassau Sunset, Phillandra Smith, was the inspiration and driving force behind the creation of this new Interact Club. In attendance were the following Rotarians; AG Tim Ingraham, District New Generations Chair Rema Martin, President Alanna McCartney, New Generations Director Jefferey Wright, Fundraising Director Frances Dean and Rotarian Marguerite Taylor.
The Club has already been very active in the community having participated in the following projects; a book drive, selling purple ribbons to raise money for Polio eradication, Salvation Army Bell Ringing, cleaning the windows of their school, donations to the Salvation Army, completed a cleaning and cooking project with Salvation Army for the elderly, wrapping of gifts for the Bahamas Crisis Center and assisted with their Christmas party. These new members of the Rotary Family are excited and eager to be involved in community projects. They certainly reflect the Rotary motto of “Service Above Self”
President Alanna McCartney made a monetary contribution to Mrs. Laura Taylor in support of her efforts to assist with cooking meals for the community. RCNS adopted this community organization and has supported it for many years. Hands for Hunger has also gave their assistance by donating a few pans of food to feed persons in the Kemp Road area. 
A week ago RCN invited ACP Stephen Dean to not lock up any criminals in the early morning, but to educate and inform Rotarians and guest of the challenges that our country face. ACP Dean emphasis that our country records show to date that we have surpass the murder count and will set a new record for the year 2015. He mention that crime has now become a “BUSINESS” in our country. He mention to the audience to be mindful and careful of the personal information that’s posted to social media that can make you a target for cyber crimes. People are now becoming creative with smuggling contraband and illegal firearms into the country, by as little as having an American citizen make a large purchase of firearms in the United States to be smuggled to the Bahamas. He commended Rotarians for their effort and continued to support with assisting the Police force to eliminate crimes.
"No one goes hungry in the Bahamas" are the words echoed by Tavette Darville, Volunteer and Corporate Partnerships Coordinator for Hands for Hunger. She mention that 800,000,000 people around the world are faced with hunger and one in six Bahamian are faced with hunger. Hands for Hunger was established to assist communities and persons who are in need of meals that can not be afforded. They partner with many hotels and restaurants to collect food that would be thrown away that can be fed to persons in need. Hands for Hunger delivers to 14 outreach ministries around Nassau, which these ministries are feeding thousands of individuals and families on an annual basis. Ms. Darville emphasis the need for persons to lend their support and assistance to Hands for Hunger where it's needed.
RCNS had the pleasure of inviting Ms. Nekisha Rolle, a Rotarian of the South East Nassau Club to be our guest speaker for our morning meeting. One of the area's of focus for this Rotary year is Peace and Conflict Resolution. RCOB has put together a body of Rotarians to assist with developing strategic plans to combat crimes and violence in the Bahamas. Ms. Rolle emphasis that our country is face with these types of issues that needs the help and support from not only Rotarians, but from members of the communities, partnership with private and public sectors. RCOB also needs the support and assistance from all Rotary clubs and it's members in the Bahamas. Nekisha works as a Program coordinator for Resistance and Prevention Program (RAPP) in the Bahamas which she lends her logistical and planning support to local agencies.
19th September is recognized as International Coastal Clean-up Day. Rotarians, family and friends gave there support and time to assist with this initiative to keep our Bahamas clean. We must keep our Bahama Islands "Clean, Green and Pristine".
The month of September on the Rotary calendar is recognized as "Literacy Month". Mrs. Arlene Nash-Ferguson is a veteran educator, she has contributed twenty-four years to the Bahamian education which she held many positions. Mrs. Nash-Ferguson has inspired many young Bahamians throughout her educator years. Mrs. Nash-Ferguson is also a Junkanoo and Cultural Icon that have been participating in Junkanoo from the age of four(4) years. She's very much active with the One Family Junkanoo Community Organization, where she was the founding Secretary. She gave her support where needed to assist with developing  and helping young men and females that live in the inner city. Mrs. Nash-Ferguson published her first book  "I Come To Get Me", an inside look at the Junkanoo Festival. For many years she has co-host the talk show, "Junkanoo Talks" with late Mr. Jackson Burnside. Culture being second close to Mrs. Nash-Ferguson's heart and reading/literacy being the first, her motivation and passion has continue to impact on the lives of thousands of young Bahamians.
We also had visiting Rotarian Mr. Mustapha Achoubane from Florida, District 6890 that gave a few words about his club and the work in the community.
"The Greatest Little Club in the Galaxy." The RCNS has unleash awesomeness onces again by inducting three more persons in our club. Our Club three new Inductees are Ms. Karen Butler an Attorney at Law, Mr. Leon William CEO (BTC) and Mrs. Antoinette Taylor Deputy Financial Controller for Bahamas Agriculture and Industrial Corporation. They are all standing next to there sponsors, Membership Chair Sophia Rolle, New Generation Chair Jeffery Wright, Service Projects Chair James Palacious, AG Karen Pinder and President Alanna McCartney.
Less than a week ago, the RCNS members, Rotaractors, family and friends had the opportunity to invite Mrs. Sharmie Farrington-Austin, Data Protection Commissioner of the Bahamas to be our guest speaker. Mrs. Farrington-Austin mention that she has seen the increase in reports on family islands of data breaches. She emphasis it's important that we as citizen know and understand the Freedom of Information Act and how its applied to citizens of the Bahamas. Public and Private organizations are holding data information on clients and patients that must be kept confidentially and not given to any and every one.
The Ministry of Health and Scotiabank organized a fun day for the children of "Suspected Children and Neglect' (SCAN), which members from the RCNS gave their support and assistance with this project. Members assisted with chaperoning, hanging out, serving lunch, monitor bathroom visits, and distributing gifts to children.
Rotarians, Rotaractos and guest had the opportunity to listen to our new members give their "My Job Talk" to the audience. They both grabbed our full undivided attention as we listen and watch there expressions display from whence they came.  First up, was Ms. Marguerite Taylor who has a motto "There's always hope". She's a graduate of Bethune Cookman University with a Bachelors degree in Accounting and Business Administration, with experience of having the opportunity of working around the world. She also holds a certification as a massage therapist, she's a Chartered member, Past President and Treasurer of Toastmasters club in Mangrove Cay, Andros. She currently holds the position as a Business Servicing Officer at Keystone Solutions Ltd. Any new clients that needs assistance with citizenship or incorporation of a company in the Bahamas, she's there to provide the services needed. She mention that she join Rotary because she saw the positive leadership and the community events that people participated in throughout each year.
Our next new member Mr.  Leonard Cumberbatch, graduate of Bahamas Baptist College. After graduating high school he started working at Atlantis. Words that he will not forget that were told to him by an employee "You are not significant in this environment, you are a bus boy".  Amazing things happens, Mr. Cumberbatch is now the Director for the Food and Beverage department at Atlantis. Interesting enough, persons that did not say positive words about Mr. Cumberbatch, now reports to him on a daily bases. He emphasis that he will pass a message of good Hope, Inspiration and good Will to persons who wants to make the future brighter. He understood that education was and still is important which, he attend College of the Bahamas and obtain his Associate of Arts in Hospitality Operations, Bachelors degree in Hospitality Management and variety of certifications in Hospitality. A proud member of One Family and a member of the Masonic Organization. He's proud of himself to have the opportunity to join RCNS and one day to Be a Proud Rotarian.
Many runners of all ages had the opportunity to participate in the RCNS first Annual Walk-a-thon that started from Arawak Cay to Goodmans Bay Beach and back. We not only had Rotarians participating in the varies ages categories, but we had experience distance runners from different clubs, Scotia Bank workers, family and friends. We could not complete this race without having some nice boil Chicken, Stew Conch and Johnny Bread before departing. Please mark your calendars, around this same time for another great successful event.

What a great feeling for Mr. Lenny Cumberbatch and Ms. Marguerite Taylor to join "the Best Little Club In The Galaxy". They both were welcomed into RCNS club, which they have shown their commitment and support to making the Bahamas a better country. They were pinned by DG Felix Stubbs and there sponsor Dr. Sophia Rolle, who also is the Membership Director. We also had visiting from the Rotaract Club of Grand Turk, President Temard R. Butterfield who gave remarks on the wonderful work that the Rotaractors are doing in Grand Turks and Turks and Caicos Islands. We also had visiting Rotaractors from the Rotaract Club of Nassau Sunset, who enjoyed a time of fellowship and some nice boil Red Snappers from Inagua.
"Be a Gift to the world, From Success to Significance" echoed the words of AG Karen Pinder. RCNS could not have ended the month of July without the voice of our very own AG Karen, as she went through each slide by slide the areas of focus for this new Rotary year. AG Karen highlighted the mandatory activities and goals that all clubs should assign and complete throughout this new Rotary year. Some of our District Governor goals are to Enhance Public Image & Awareness, Support & Strengthen Your Club, Youth Services and Foster & Increase Humanitarian Services.
Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise held its annual Change Over Ceremony at the British Colonial Hilton. Awards were given to Officers for their hard work and dedication throughout a successful year.
"Enter to Achieve, Exit to Excel" are the words that stands out in the back drop of each picture. RBPF and Scotia Bank held its Annual Summer camp for children, in the Southern District at Cleveland Eneas Primary School. At this annual event our DG Felix Stubbs and Father James Palacious are present to assist with the program along with the program coordinators and Police officers.
Its's a pleasure to have invited Ms. Agatha Marcelle to be our guest speaker for our early sunrise morning meeting. Ms. Marcelle has over Forty years of experience in Human Resources and Training and Labor Relation, in both the private and public sectors. Ms. Marcelle also gave her leadership and assistance to many organizations such as BTVI, College of The Bahamas, The Hotel Training Institute, The Bahamahost Training Program and Accounting firm, Price Waterhouse Bahamas. As she spoke to the Rotarians and friends, she emphasized the importance of educating and ensuring that the correct infrastructure is in place for the next generation. She highlighted that the new generation needs each and everyone's assistance to groom and educate them to be role models like ourselves. Ms. Marcelle is and author of two books, "Hidden Gems of Quality and Excellence" and " Ladies and Gentleman please... The ABC's of becoming a successful adult", was was selected by the Ministry of Education for Family Life classes. The Bahamas has one of the best professors, to teach Bahamians the employability skills and to prepare Bahamians for quality service excellence. 
RCNS members assisted the Rhythms Bahamas Carnival band by volunteering and donating blood for a worthy cost. This project was was chaired by our club's Public Relation Officer Dario Terrelli.
RCNS continued with installing of officers for 2015-2016 Membership Chair Dr. Sophia Rolle and Public Relations Chair Mr. Dario Terrelli. We also had the pleasure of hearing from one of our Past President's and Charted member Mr. William "Bill" Thompson.

The RCNS welcomed officers that will serve for the Rotary year 2015-2016. They were pinned by 7020 DG Felix Stubbs with the assistance of AG Karen Pinder.


Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise Board of Directors: from left to right - President Alanna McCartney, President Elect Pretino Albury, Immediate Past President Errol Bodie, Secretary Tonia Ferguson, Treasurer Jerryse Rolle, Club Administrator Devaldo Greene, Asst. Governor Karen Pinder, Fundraising Director Frances Dean, Vocation Director Tanya Woodside, Family of Rotary Director Jacquline LongleySargent at Arms James Palacious, District Governor Felix Stubbs.

We are calling it, "sweet sixteen".  Basketball Smiles returned to New Providence for its sixteenth consecutive basketball summer camp. Basketball Smiles was birthed in the spring of 1999 when Coaches Sam Nichols from McMurry University and Patty Johnson of C. C. Sweeting met at the Women's Basketball Coaches Association Convention in San Jose, California.
This year, the camp was held June 15-17 at C. I. Gibson and June 18 at H. O. Nash.  During last Thursday's meeting, Coach Nichols allowed visiting coaches and  students of the camp to provide reflections of their experiences of the camp sessions.  A common theme of the reflections was the positive messages and influences.
Presentations were made by the following coaches and camp participants:  Patty Johnson, Mercedes Taylor, Christian Taylor, Laquan Sands, Lacey Brown, Coach Sam Nichols, President of Basketball Smiles; Xavier Jackson, Trovoice Jackson, and Randy Johnson, VP of Basketball Smiles.
Mr. Dwayne Johnson addressed the Sunrise Rotarians and guests on June 4.  His message encouraged them to make an investment in themselves, insisting they become the "CEO of Me."  He Provided the following guideline - 1.  Have a game plan.  2.  Create your life's mission statement.  3 Believe in yourself.  And 4. Invest in your health.
Mr. Johnson is the President and CEO of Wayne Johnson International, a financial advisory, motivational speaking, and business consulting firm. He has spoken locally and internationally on investment, business, economic empowerment, e-commerce, and management.
Sunrisers had a first hand glimpse of what to expect during District 7020 Conference next year.  District Conference Chair 2015-16 and Past Assistant Governor, Charles Sealy delivered a fantastic presentation.  He “tantalized” members of the home club of our District Governor Elect Felix Stubbs with a video presentation and overview of the conference schedule, bragging of improvements to the event.  He coined it, the “WOW Experience.”
Rotarians can expect all-inclusive events at the Hospitality Suite, which promises to have something for everyone.  The Awards Banquet will be formatted like the Emmy Awards.  There will be events for all family members, and children will be grouped according to their ages.  Of course, no visitor to the Bahamas should leave without experiencing Junkanoo, so that aspect was included.  Friday night of the conference, Rotarians will experience Junkanoo Carnival 2016.  With such spectacular plans and fantastic events, next year’s conference is sure to be a “WOW!” experience.
There was so much excitement in the air last Thursday.  Soooo much to talk about. District Governor Elect - Felix Stubbs.  Reflections of the Rotary District 7020 Conference in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Sherrah Adderley delivered "My Job Talk.”  Last, but by no means least, "Two Enchanted Evenings." 
DGE Felix Stubbs encouraged Rotarians to continue to put their best foot forward this year and Light Up Rotary.  Then fellow-Rotarians were anxious to hear reflections of the conference by those who attended.  Assistant District Governor Karen Pinder, President Elect Alanna McCartney, Secretary Elect Tonia Ferguson, and Treasurer Jerryse Rolle made very moving presentations.  Having listened to their deliveries, I would state that this year's District Conference was inspiring.
Sherrah Adderley, one of our newest Rotarians to join the club delivered "My Job Talk.”  Sherrah is a Personal Banking Officer.  She is just as excited about Rotary as she is about performing her banking duties.  She exudes the quality of a Rotarian - joy in service to others. 
Two Enchanted Evenings' artists were some of our guests.  They included Keith Miller, Melissa Zapin, Konstantin Soukhovetski, and Cleveland Williams. They will be performing at the Rotary Clubs of the Bahamas' fund raising events - Broadway Under the Stars on May 28 and Opera in Paradise on May 31. 
And of course, there was the raffle prize.  Na-amah Rahming was pleased to win a cookbook and a book of smoothie recipes.
Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise had the pleasure of inviting Ms. Nikita Shiel-Rolle who spoke on, "The Impact and Importance of Young Marine Explorers to Our Community". She has help and mentor students through a non-profit organization that she started “Young Marine Explorers” that conducts environmental education and leadership development with youth fromunderserved communities of the Bahamas.

Mr. Jason Kinsale, Principal of Aristo Development, spoke to Rotarians and guests of the Sunrise club of the notably major resurgence in the foreign market.

This resurgence in real estate, noted in western New Providence was attributed to some degree to Baha Mar. Mr. Kinsale stated that Baha Mar's effect on the real estate market is underestimated. He further noted that the demand for foreign labor for the resorts would present accommodation woes for the western area, admitting that many of the existing condominiums are sold out. While many Bahamians may have objections to the need for foreign labor, Mr. Kinsale, having a repertoire of developing, has experienced labor challenges in the construction industry and admits that foreign labor is necessary. . . But not preferred due to the costs involved.

While the Bahamas attracts foreign investors, he lamented that investors are being deterred by the lengthy process of purchasing a home in the Bahamas compared to other Caribbean countries. He termed the process, "unfriendly" and made a plea for the process to be revisited.

Despite the challenges that investing in the Bahamas present, Mr. Kinsale considers the market to be steady and foreign investing is aggressive. He also implored Bahamians to partner with investors.

Owner of Island Rhythms Tours and the Party Bus (renown for promotions), and President of the Bahamas Carnival Band Owners Association(BCBOA), Mr. Dario Terrelli recently spoke to members of the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise.  With great passion, he spoke on the topic "Ready For Da Road". 

Mr. Terrelli admitted that preparing for this event is proving to be the most exciting time of his life.  Over the years, Dario has travelled to numerous carnivals and deems this event ideal for the Bahamas' economy.  He stated that presently, sales of costumes are rather slow, but feels as the momentum builds there will be an increase in the amount of sales.
Undoubtedly, Mr. Terrelli is ready for "da" road and he encouraged the Rotarians and guests to get ready as well.
This Thursday morning was different. There was more excitement than ever! It was more than just a pre-birthday celebration that we were engaging in. It was more like . . . a reflection of how much we had committed of ourselves - our time, our talent, and our resources to impact others. "Service above self" is what we thrive on and what has sustained us this far and will continue for many more years to come. 
S. Mark Whitehouse, one of our founding members reflected on the club's charter. District Governor Elect, Felix Stubbs encouraged members to invest in the Rotary Foundation.
To add to the significance of the occasion, we pinned Paul Harris Fellows, Rotarian Dr. Sophia Rolle and Assistant Governor Karen Pinder, who achieved Ruby status. A trivia was conducted and anniversary bottles of champagne were gifted.
This week's raffle prize was a bottle of Dewar's White Label and was presented to Frances Dean.
Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise had the pleasure of inviting Ms. Nikita Shiel-Rolle who spoke on, "The Impact and Importance ‎of Young Marine Explorers to Our Community". Her passion for the ocean, exploration and education coupled with her love for The Bahamas has shaped her goals as a conservation biologist. She has help and mentor students through a non-profit organization that she started “Young Marine Explorers” that conducts environmental education and leadership development with youth from underserved communities of the Bahamas.
Members and guests of the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise were happy to welcome Mr. Henry "Rusty" Scates and engage in a discussion about wines.
Mr. Scates was forthcoming in stating that wine consumption is on the rise in the United States and here in the Bahamas.  The Bahamas he stated, "is experiencing a wine culture evolution."  Wine outpaces spirit consumption, and he has witnessed the preference of red wine over white wine.  
To the pleasure of many, Mr. Scates indicated that there exists some evidence that the consumption of red wine is beneficial; as the French who are reported to engage in a diet of red wine report the lowest rate of heart diseases. 
Entertaining concerns of the use of cork in the sealing of wines, Mr. Scates assured the gathering that the 'screw cap' is the most efficient, but also noted that top class preference is the cork as the product needs oxidation and the cork allows this process.  However, the cork should be of the very best quality.
Mr. Scates currently holds the position of Wine Division and Bar Catering for the Bristol Group.  He entered the wine and spirits business in 1993 and trained in wine under Grahame Martin who was Wine Director for Wholesale Wines Spirits at the time. He has traveled extensively through France and Italy with Grahame as part of the training programme.  Mr. Scates holds the Certificate and Higher Certificate in Wines and Spirits from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust. In 2000 Mr. Scates joined Bristol Wines and Spirits as Wine Manager and helped to build the extensive wine portfolio that Bristol now has.  Has been associated with the Annual Bahamas National Trust Wine and Art Festival and with Festival Noel Wine Tasting in Freeport for many years.  He has visited numerous vineyards in California, Chile, France, and Italy, and his favorite wine producing area is the Beaujolais region in southern Burgundy in France.  He conducts wine training courses for Bristol both in-house and for restaurant staff.
This morning, Anita Cates RN, CNSP, CCDE spoke to early risers of the Sunrise Club about Health and Wellness.  Her presentation included presenting the audience with an "I AM ME (A Super Hero) Goal Sheet".  Individuals were encouraged to complete the sheet that outlined goals for a 'Super Hero Health Power UP'.
I - Whether I think I CAN, or I think I can't-I am right.  The goal is to be positive.
A - activity.  The goal is to be as active as possible.
M - monitoring.  The goal is to monitor food intake, exercise habits and blood glucose.
M - mindfulness.  The goal is to be aware of the present, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings and thoughts.
E - eating.  The goal is to incorporate a meal plan that consists of a diet that contains healthy portions of fruit, vegetables, lean meat, whole grain and dairy. Mrs. Cates noted that use of the Plate Method would assist in maintaining a balanced diet.
The meeting provided the audience with sufficient 'meat' to power up and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Mrs. Cates engaged the audience in a few moments of meditation - to find calm.  She also had the members and guests engage in the Amy Cuddy Power Pose, stating that it improves your self confidence and it is invigorating.
Mr. Wesley Campbell spoke to Rotarians and guests about a rather exciting possibility.  First, he disclosed information about aragonite. Aragonite (sand) is a naturally occurring calcium carbonate mineral found in The Bahamian waters that is 94-97% pure.  He shared that "aragonite has the potential to develop a new economic system for all citizens.  With the right vision, aragonite can be the basis of new industries, manufacturing, auditing and exporting the following items from The Bahamas to the world.  Cement, glass containers, auto glass, soil, acid, neutralizing, animal and poultry seed, agricultural lime, beach restoration, air pollution, pharmaceuticals, plastic, paint, inks, rubber, fiber and nonwovens, adhesives, sealants, drilling, water treatment, paper faux marble, power SO2 removal, ash reduction, specialty glass, coatings, to name a few.  From 1964 this outrageous exploitation of our resources has continually taken place with minimal benefits to The Bahamian people and exorbitant benefit to private citizens.  These resources belong to the entire BAHAMIAN people."
Second, he further stated that some seventeen billion barrels of oil in some seven wells were discovered in our waters.  These wells were given names sentimental to our fish, e.g. blue fin (blue marlin), which estimates oil in the amount of $3.449B.  According to Mr. Campbell, this information has been a part of Cabinet documents for many years.  Believing that governments have not fulfilled their mandate and duty to educate Bahamian people on all aspects of our natural resources, including aragonite Mr. Campbell revealed that in short order, a new political party will come to the fore, presumably to right this wrong.
Rotarians and guests alike found the information quite interesting and as expected made inquiries.  Insisting that all statements made were verifiable, Mr. Campbell invited further inquiries at wesleycampsr@hotmail.com.
Mr. Edison Sumner, Chief Executive Officer of The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employer Federation addressed the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise last Thursday.  Mr. Sumner spoke of the work of the Chamber of Commerce in our community.  The Chamber, established 80 years ago was founded on principles to develop, enrol, and protect commerce and foreign trade in the Bahamas; foster local trade, industry, and commerce; participate in civic activities and affairs; represent views and opinions of its members; promote or oppose legislation and other measures affecting industry, trade, and commerce in the Bahamas; represent employers at the national level and encourage fair employment practices in the workplace; act as arbitrator for the settlement of disputes arising out of trade dealings; and promote the business industry interest of the members. 
Mr. Sumner boasted of some sixteen divisions within the Chamber, two of the most recent being the Coalition for Responsible Taxation and the National Health Insurance Review Committee.
Confessing that the chamber is metamorphosing, Sumner stated that the Chamber must evolve to address current issues.
Priority on its agenda is the minimum wage debate.  Mr. Sumner stated that the Chamber does not support the unions’ view or the government’s view, but the Chamber supports the Department of Statistics’ view and is looking at an increase of $204 for a 40-hour week or 33%.  Mr. Sumner stated that he is pleased that most private sector employers are paying their employees well above the minimum wage.
“Why join the Chamber?  In the Chamber of Commerce you can get access to advise, advocacy, access, and association.  The Chamber of Commerce represents the views of the private sector employers and private sector businesses in the country.”  Mr. Sumner concluded by stating that he feels the Chamber is doing a tremendous work in the economy and will continue to do so with the support of the business community.
May 5th, Rotarians and guests of the Sunrise Club received a special visit and invitation by District Conference Chairman Eric "Busha" Clarke to attend District 7020 Conference.  This year's conference will be held in beautiful Montego Bay, Jamaica - May 12th thru 16th. 
Rotarians were also privileged to have met and heard from Walter Ablis, a Holocaust Survivor.  He shared his remarkable story of running and dodging to avoid capture and possibly death.
Born to a religiously Jewish family in Vienna 1925, Mr. Ablis now resides in Canada and desires to see a world free of hate.
Last week Thursday, Rotarians and guests were encouraged to focus on their health and diets.  Mr. Charles Johnson went from Public Relations in the hotel industry to an exercise and fitness guru.  He is committed to men and women alike achieving optimal health. According to Mr. Johnson, this can be accomplished by making small changes to one's diet.  He insists that Bahamians are capable of avoiding diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiac complications.  Mr Johnson informed his audience that with a shift in our diets and exercise, Bahamians can improve their health.
With GREAT confidence, this morning's guest speaker, David Burrows addressed Rotarians and guests. He spoke of the process and benefits of a second mobile cellular license for Bahamians. Confident that Cable Bahamas is the right choice, he highlighted to his audience that the company is "100% Bahamian".
Mr. Burrows' experience in the industry and the company spans more than 18 years, starting as Marketing Assistant in 1996. He is now serving as Head of Marketing.

Sunrisers' Pre-Valentine Meeting.  
Sunrisers began their Thursday morning meeting with quite a fuzzy feeling.  President Errol set the mood with some Teddy Pendergrass. Wellness Chair and the morning's guest speaker, Na-amah Rahming, also created an environment of love. The tables were carefully adorned with bunches of kisses. . . each bunch tightly held a message of l-o-v-e. Her presentation was phenomenal as she engaged Rotarians and guests in games and poetry.  Her presentation, though heard often was profound and timely. She encouraged Rotarians and guests to be mindful of how they communicate with others as they express themselves. 
The music, the chocolate, the laughter, and those Sunrisers . . .what a wonderful way to begin the Valentine weekend.
Shhh!  It's a secret.  February 5th was a closed meeting, but as usual the Sunrisers were making business 'fun to all concerned'. President Errol and his directors addressed the members regarding recent events and gave a listening ear as members commented on 2014-2015 past and ahead.
Mr. Wayne Neely, best-selling author, lecturer on hurricanes, and a meteorologist presented to the 'Sunrisers' this past Thursday on the Okeechobee Hurricane (OH) of 1928  and its impact on The Bahamas.  Over the years, Mr. Neely has written several articles on hurricanes and other severe weather events for some of the major local and international newspapers and magazines.
The OH or the San Felipe Segundo hurricane was the second deadliest tropical cyclone in the history of the United States.  It came from the African coast through the Caribbean from the Bahamas.  It was formed September 6th, 1928 and became a category 5.  It was the greatest devastation to Florida.  During that time, Bahamians were in Florida working on vegetable and citrus farms, and on railroads.
Some 2,500 people died in Florida - 1,400 being Bahamians.
In Nassau, damage was done to the shipping industry. Schooners and mail boats in the Nassau Harbor were pulverized. Other properties that were damaged included churches - Trinity Wesleyan Methodist Church and St. Mary's Church; and to roads and homes throughout the islands. Winds got to a maximum of 140 mph.
Mr. Neely recalled the older generation who would have weathered the storm relating the details with tears in their eyes.  The impact of the storm was still vivid in their minds as they recalled the lost and devastation.  Many residents were caught out to sea as there was no weather forecast to warn of the storm.  Many lives were lost and damage to homes and property was immense.
While technology has brought about numerous advances, a disadvantage is the limited brain use required to complete some tasks.  It was noted that our average attention span is now 12 seconds - that of a gold fish.  Not only has the age of technological advancement diminished brain, but it has also lessened our awareness of others and our surroundings.
Mrs. Diane Phillips is the Founder and President of Diane Phillips & Associates.  Mrs. Phillips is active in several professional, charitable, and civic organizations.  She serves on two boards appointed by the Prime Minister, the former Nassau Economic Development Commission and the Ministry of Finance Special Projects Committee for Historic Properties.
Known for her involvement with Save the Bays, the fastest growing non-governmental organization (NGO) in the Bahamas, Mrs. Phillips highlighted her road to success: funding, forging a strong team, commitment, and the use of resources.  She also found producing a progress report necessary as she would make her and her team aware of their strengths and weaknesses.
An advocate for awareness, Mrs. Phillips encouraged the Sunrisers to make themselves aware of the need, find the cause, garner a team to satisfy that need, present themselves professionally, and utilize as many resources as possible.
The silence in the room was . . . almost scary as Keith Dean related the details that led to Majority Rule in the Bahamas.  It was as though the awe of the 1967's events were happening . . .live!
Mr. Keith Dean, an education executive, lecturer, teacher, and author spoke to Rotarians and guests about the significance of Majority Rule for the Bahamas.
"Majority rule was the accomplishment of a movement that initially found voice within the PLP, energized by the ideas and advocacy of the National Committee for Positive Action (NCPA) spearheaded by men like Arthur A. Foulkes, Warren J. Levarity, Jeffrey Thompson and Eugene Newry."
A Shared Understanding and Celebration of Majority Rule Day By Front Porch Simon
Recognizing the economical impact of Majority Rule for "over-the-hill" residents, Mr. Dean's plea, as the country focused on such a transformational period was to refocus efforts on improving 'Over-the-Hill' businesses. He insisted that former residents, businesses, church leaders, and politicians all have a role to play in this much needed project. In closing, he added that Majority Rule should be less divisive for Bahamians - racially, politically, and economically.
There was absolutely no better place to begin a ‘sunrise’ morning than with the Rotarians of the Sunrise Club.  Last week a lively and interactive discussion about the upcoming Carnival was delivered.
Presenter Paul Major engaged the Rotarians and guests November 20 about the Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival.  According to Mr. Major, the event scheduled for next year May promises to provide year-round employment.  He views the carnival as an economic drive (and necessary) for the country.  Comparing the event to Junkanoo, he stated, “nobody knows Junkanoo.  Carnivals are among the largest generating festivals in the world.”  It is expected that some $30 million will be circulated within the economy as a result.
Recognizing that the Bahamas has incorporated carnival late compared to other Caribbean islands, Paul also noted that the Bahamas’ strengths would help to propel it to provide a competitive edge.  Some advantages include a ‘well established’ destination brand and developed plant infrastructure.
Robust about the costumes, Mr. Major stated that they are a collage of our culture.  He also said that the Junkanoo would make the Bahamas Carnival different from the other carnivals.  Additionally, the incorporation of the marching bands, art exhibitions, mega music concerts, and street parties will increase the competitiveness.
Some twenty-seven companies have registered and Festival Village will encompass Fort Charlotte and Fish Fry.  Ensuring a natural display of our islands, local raw materials must be a part of each of the groups’ costumes.
Then. . .there is that sweet ‘ole’ Junkanoo music.  Rotarians and guests were treated to the CD, ‘Jumps In da Line’ – a compilation of 25 songs selected for the Bahamas Carnival.
What a way to get the morning started!
Since its debut in 2010, Marathon Bahamas boasts an involvement of some 22 countries, more than a thousand participants, and economic gains in New Providence.  The event, which is scheduled the weekend before Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday holiday, January 17 and 18, promises to draw an even larger crowd. In addition to promoting an awareness for the dreaded disease, support for survivors, and recognition of those who have departed, this year a French Diplomat is expected to participate to complete his 100th marathon. 
Thanking her fellow Rotarians for their support and contribution, Veronica Duncanson detailed the goals of the event's parent - Sunshine Insurance, that has helped so many.
  • provide a healthy lifestyle
  • encourage community participation
  • aid local charities
  • promote breast cancer awareness Proceeds from the event is donated to Sister, Sister Bahamas; Cancer Society of The Bahamas; Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation; and the Cancer Association of Grand Bahama.
In an effort to assist those in need - always, Rotarians of the Sunrise Club presented essential items to Laura's Soup Kitchen for distribution. The Sunrise club raised funds and solicited donations to lend a helping hand to those in need. 
In recognition of Rotary's focus on family in December, Rotarians invited the Reverend Angela Palacious to provide words of hope and encouragement.  
The Rev. Angela Bosfield Palacious, born in Nassau, was the first female Bahamian deacon (1999) and priest (2000) in the Anglican Diocese of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (1974) in English from Durham University, England); a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (1975) from Homerton College, Cambridge, England; a Master of Arts degree (1978) in English from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada; a Master of Divinity degree (1984) and a Master of Theology degree (1985), from Princeton Theological Seminary, New Jersey, USA; a Certificate in Anglican Studies (1994) from General Theological Seminary, New York, USA; and a honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters from Sojourner-Douglass College, awarded in Nassau in 2004.  She has won several awards.
She has published several books of meditations. Her latest publication Praying  for Families available from the author and is in several local stores.   Rev. Angela is the Anglican Hospital Chaplain and in the past served in Nassau as the Assistant Priest at St Mary the Virgin Church and St. Margaret’s Church,  a short interim as Priest-in-Charge Epiphany Church, and as the diocesan ministry coordinator (Diocese 2000 and Beyond) for ten years.
Leaving a lasting impression, she reminded the Rotarians that a stable nation has its ties to a stable family structure. It is within the family that nurturing and a sense of self and life purpose is realized.  She also noted that once an individual is nurtured in the home and has a strong core of moral standards and principles, crime within our country would witness a decrease.  
His prompt arrival at the Sunrise meeting was an indication of his preparedness, not to mention his wealth of knowledge. Mr. Lindsey Cancino, District Rotary Foundation Chair – D7020  was last week's guest speaker. He shared updates regarding our club’s status within the Rotary Foundation, in terms of the club’s annual financial goal and status of each member as to where they are with achieving their Paul Harris Fellow Award or Multiple Paul Harris. Our contributions were worthy of commendation. Hoorah!
Additionally, Lindsey delivered a comprehensive presentation on the Rotary Foundation. The Rotary Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation that supports the efforts of Rotary International to achieve world understanding and peace through international humanitarian, educational, and cultural exchange programs.  The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.
Rotary has focused its efforts in six areas, which reflect some of the most critical and widespread humanitarian needs:
• Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
• Disease prevention and treatment
• Water and sanitation
• Maternal and child health
• Basic education and literacy
• Economic and community development
Rotarians worldwide are encouraged to consider these areas as opportunities for innovative projects.
With support from Rotarians worldwide, the Foundation is realizing its goals as it aims to contribute to communities near and far.
“All men are created equal but some are more equal than others . . .” George Orwell
Do these words by George Orwell still prevail in the thoughts of people in the 21st century?  This past Thursday, Marion Bethel, a member of the Coalition of Women’s Rights addressed the Gender Equality debate with the members and guests of the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise.  She sought to encourage the group to educate themselves about the issues.  She noted two important principles of equality:  equality between women and men and nondiscrimination on the basis of sex. According to Mrs. Bethel, these principles are enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and many constitutions in the Commonwealth are based on the Universal Declaration.  Four bills that are being addressed and cause for heated debate are
  • transferring citizenship to a child born outside of The Bahamas to a Bahamian woman married to a foreign man
  • a Bahamian woman giving citizenship to her foreign husband
  • an unmarried Bahamian man transferring citizenship to his child
  • ending discrimination on the basis of sex
Mrs. Bethel also informed the Rotarians that the Bahamas has signed onto a number of treaties indicating that we are obligated to now implement law that complies with the treaties.  These laws support gender equality and seek to end discrimination.  Sharing her opinion, Mrs. Bethel stated that it is “socially imperative to support these reforms in the law.” 
Rotarians invited Mr. RJ Millar, President of Auum Inc to our regular morning meetingDid you know? According to research, Omegas are good for weight loss, children's developing brain, heart health, diabetes, mental illness, and much more. Most of Mr. Millar work with autism is via the "Balanced Heart Mission" - a good works program he started a number of years back. The BHM gets the product to Autistic children, many who have achieved remarkable results. It was originally an outreach program through which he could provide free product for children that simply did not have the financial resources. Now, years later it also provides subsidized product for autistic children of families in a variety of financial situations. 
Recognition was extended to Deno Moss and DGN Felix Stubbs for sponsoring new members to RCNS. They received pins from RI which was presented by President Errol Bodie.
Guest Speaker, Ann Smith with a 'what glitters is not always gold' introduction sensitized the Rotarians and guests of what her team at the Ministry of Education's Counseling Unit are combating.   Ann Smith  is the Supervisor for the Guidance and Counselling Special Services Unit at the Ministry of Education.  She has been employed with the ministry for more than 43 years.  The focus of the unit is to equip job seekers with more than just attractive resumes, but with skills that will enhance any work environment and the greater community. Their aim is to get employees and employers happy to achieve a high level of productivity.
This month is being recognized as National Career Awareness Month - PREPARE: Passion, Respect, Exploration, Persistence, Attitude, Responsibility, Ethics.  
Mrs. Smith has embarked upon a mission to get students in the frame of mind to focus on particular skills for their careers. She also wants the students to enhance skills that will enable them to engage in impressive interviews.  The target age groups are kindergarten through twelfth grade.  It is hoped that a transformation of preparedness will be realized by the completion of the 2014-2015 school year in June.  She stated that her team has decided to work closer with the younger students.  The skills the students will gain are designed to equip them for life - not just for the job.  According to Mrs. Smith, this holistic skill-based approach will benefit the employees, employers, and patrons.
The month of activities include:
                                             *Guest speakers at all schools
                                             *Career Clusters for 9th Graders
                                             *12th Graders Post-Graduation Plans
                                             *Counselors' Workshops
                                             *Field Trips
                                             *Video Conferences with Family Islanders
                                             *Senior Schools' College Nights
                                             *Career Day at Schools
                                             *Culminating Career Fair - October 28th - 30th
​Minister of Education Jerome Fitzgerald in support of Career Month indicated that he would like to see an event every month within the schools that promotes careers. He believes that a focus by students on their desired careers will diminish some of the social ills we are experiencing as a focus on goals will lessen the tendency of going off tract and engaging in anti-social behavior. 
The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise has been a partner with the Ministry of Education's Counseling Unit for several years and continues to support their initiative and the investment of the nation's youth.
The Sunrise Club 70's Dance Party this past Saturday night was hype.  The young and very young enjoyed the night of socializing, dancing, and friendly costume and dance competitions. All party-goers were in full swing as they adorned themselves in their finest gabardine and platform shoes.
It was indeed a 'night to remember".  We the members of the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise say a heartfelt "thank you" to all attendees and supporters.

As Rotary International has deemed the month of October - Vocational Service Month, Director Alanna McCartney began the event with a charge to fellow Rotarians during last Thursday's Meeting. 
"This month offers a unique opportunity to promote vocational service activities. Recognize successful projects, award outstanding individuals and highlight Rotary's vocational service efforts through the district Website, newsletters, and local media."  - Rotary International
Director McCartney encouraged the members to engage in vocational service projects within their fields.  As the club also installed two new members during the meeting, she expressed the need to diligently focus on vocational classification to create balance within the club.  She delivered The Rotary Declaration for Vocational Month. McCartney stated that members will present on their professions.
The first to present was AG Karen Pinder.  With poise and enthusiasm, AG Pinder spoke of her banking profession.  Karen is employed with EFG Bank & Trust (Bahamas) Ltd.  She is the Vice President of and the Financial Controller at EFG Bank and Trust (Bahamas) Ltd.  She holds the Chartered Financial Analyst and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst designations.​ 
PE/Director-Alanna McCartney                                                 AG-Karen Pinder
Secretary Devaldo, during last week Thursday morning's meeting at The British Colonial, modeled to fellow Rotarians how to navigate ClubRunner. The Rotarians were encouraged to frequent the website and remain current with the club's events and interests.  
And they’re off to a healthy start . . . To kick start ‘New Generations’ month, the Rotarians and guests of the Sunrise Club began last Thursday’s meeting with a healthy assortment of fresh fruits, herbal tea, glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure checks, and key factors to promoting a healthy lifestyle.
Guest speaker, Mrs. Dorcena Nixon-Rolle, VP of Patient Care Service at Doctor’s Hospital briefed the Rotarians on the four most preventable non-communicable diseases plaguing Bahamians.  Her team of technicians who tested the Rotarians accompanied her. 
According to Mrs. Nixon-Rolle, the diseases - i. cardio vascular disease, ii. diabetes, iii. chronic respiratory disease, and iv. one-third types of cancer, are preventable.  Common contributors to these diseases are excess alcohol consumption, smoking tobacco, over eating, and lack of exercise. 
The World Health Organization’s 2011 statistics ranked The Bahamas as having the worst level of health within in the UN.  60% of deaths in The Bahamas are a result of non-communicable diseases. Categorized, 30% - heart disease; 16% - cancer related to smoking; 6% - diabetes (Type 2 being the most common); and 3% - respiratory diseases.
Mrs. Nixon-Rolle encouraged the motivated audience to limit their alcohol intake – advising them of appropriate amounts for their gender; quit smoking or never engage; exercise daily; and commit to a healthy diet.
Relentless . . .the Rotarians of the Sunrise Club were at it again this past Saturday assisting The Bahamas Aids Foundation sell tickets for its annual grand raffle. The drawing will take place at AID Limited, Wulff Road August 30th. The raffle booths were located at Lowe's Pharmacy, Harbour Bay and Solomon's Fresh Market Old Fort Bay Town Centre.
During the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise’s meeting this past Thursday morning, Patrick E. Smith shared on Creating Alternative Opportunities for Discharged Residents.
Mr. Smith is an accountant by profession and is presently employed with Glinton Sweeting O’Brien, Attorneys at Law as Director of Finance and Operations.  His employment history includes Navios Corporation, Price Waterhouse, The National Insurance Board, Lennox Paton, and Grant Thornton.
However, the capacity that Mr. Smith spoke relates to his involvement with the Simpson Penn Centre for Boys where he serves as the Chairman of the Visiting Committee.  July 2012, Mr. Smith received an invitation from the Minister of Social Services to serve as the chairperson.  He readily accepted (a man with such a golden heart could not refuse); he viewed the opportunity as an element of service to his community, and country at large.
Mr. Smith is about to embark upon his third year as the Chairman.  He and his team serve with greater passion and commitment in molding and improving the lives of the residents. 
He encouraged the Rotarians and guests to actively support the work of the committee as they strive to transition the young men to productive citizens within society.  The committee prides itself on the vision of “saving boys – building men.”  The team seeks various types of support as they invest in the young men: time, monetary donation; sharing of expertise; support; sponsoring of youth programs and sporting activities.  Noting the challenges the young boys face, Mr. Smith implored his listeners to become involved in whatever capacity they can.
Rotary Family shares the belief in offering young people the chance to develop personal skills and a better awareness of the problems that face the world today.
Rotarians of Nassau Sunrise Rotarians were hard at work - and having fun as they competed to out-sell each other. This past Saturday, the Rotarians volunteered and assisted The Bahamas Aids Foundation sell tickets for its annual grand raffle. Booths were located at Solomon's Fresh Market stores - Harbour Bay and Old Fort Bay Town Centre. 
Former Chief Commissioner and current Chief Trainer for The Bahamas Girl Guides Association, Elma Garraway, addressed Rotarians of the Nassau Sunrise club this past Thursday.  She took the Rotarians down memory lane with her vivid recollection of the organization’s early days and the initiative leaders before her took to encourage involvement of girls from all walks of life.  The organization, which will celebrate 100 years October 8, 2015, has organized numerous activities.  Mrs. Garraway highlighted the scale and scope of ongoing activities by the local organization. 
A monumental activity includes the groundbreaking ceremony of its new headquarters.  It is reported that the building will cost $1.2 million.
The new headquarters, which will be built to commemorate the organization’s 100-year anniversary next year, will replace the current building, which leaders say the organization has outgrown.  The new facility will include meeting rooms, office spaces, training areas, and accommodations for girl guides visiting from other countries and other essential working areas.
An educator at heart, Mrs. Garraway emphasized the value of investing in the young girls and implored the Rotarians to commit to a lifelong partnership with The Bahamas Girl Guides Association to continue mentoring and empowering young girls to maximize their potential.
The Union Jack?  ‘Redependence’?  Sounds like a story told by Mrs. Doris Pinder.  Guest speaker, Mrs. Doris Pinder took Rotarians and guests of the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise on a journey down memory lane with a fascinating tale of a dream.  And not just any dream.

Doris Pinder arrived at the early morning club just in time to share her story of independence and her message to the ‘Joshua and Caleb’ generation.  She related to the ‘early birds’ about a troubling dream that highlighted some of the negatives of today’s society.  As she shared with her audience, you could hear the sun’s rays tapping the glass as it shyly rose in the sky . . . The audience was in awe.  The elderly character, disturbed by the request in this dream to renounce, or as she coined, ‘redepend’ on England caused quite an anxiety.  However, the anxiety conjured up positive memories – the Women’s Suffrage Movement and our road to independence in 1973, which soothed the beautifully aged woman.  It was these latter memories that proved optimistic for Mrs. Pinder.  She reasoned that although The Bahamas is not where we would like it to be, it sure is better than where we were.

Causing much laughter while referring to prior years, young members and those young at heart, understood her message.  The message was a reminder and an appeal to continue to strive “Forward, Upward, Onward, and Together.”  She emphasized the importance of preparing our younger generation to lead; and that we as a nation must appreciate the foundation laid by our forefathers as we move our nation to the ‘promised land’.
We're reeling 'em in. Cameron Symonette (second from left) is our newest member. He's the third within the last two months. The secret is out! There is definitely something up with the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise - besides it being the greatest little club in the galaxy. Come see for yourself. Visit one of our meetings on Thursday mornings at 6:45 at The Hilton . . . and bring a guest.























What do you say to yourself first thing in the morning?”  This introduction by Erica A. Murray to the Rotarians at the Nassau Sunrise Club was like a shot of espresso – to the brain.  You could hear the wheels of the early morning club thinkers moving. 


Ms. Erica A. Murray is a  motivational speaker, international business consultant, and entrepreneur from Houston, Texas.  She was visiting The Bahamas as the featured keynote speaker for the Women Empowerment Summit, under the theme "Recharge"- helping women to renew their visionredesign their life and reignite their passion.


Erica  has become a well sought after business consultant because of her distinguished, exceptional, and  innovative business techniques.  She has been recognized by her colleagues for having extraordinary determination and is known for her creativity, motivation, and her ability to close a deal.  She has traveled throughout the United States, Canada, Asia, The Caribbean, and the United Kingdom, sharing proven business strategies. 

She encouraged current business owners and prospective business owners to think globally – take their products and services to the international market.  With extensive experience, Ms. Murray is known as an “extraordinary international business guru.”


 Acknowledging that success is a process, Ms. Murray believes that “success begins in the mind, but is fueled by the passion in one’s heart.”  She insisted that one prepares mentally to face the inevitable challenges when striving to accomplish one’s goals.  With countless success stories and many conquests, Erica provided the Rotarians with her “Steps to Business Success” – Structure, Organization, and Discipline.

RCNS celebrated their thirteenth Birthday this past Thursday with a Champagne Celebration at John Watling’s. Among the celebration, were Chartered members that were recognize and applaud for their hard work and dedication to Rotary. We also give congrats to Karen Major, for being the newest member inducted into our Club on our chartered night. Congratulations is also extended to Jerryse Rolle, on becoming a Paul Harris Fellow and to President Tanya Woodside, for receiving 1st Class President in District 7020.
Dr. Sophia A. Rolle, Ph.D. is currently serving as the Interim Executive Director for the Culinary and Hospitality Management Institute. Dr. Rolle is also an Associate Professor of Tourism Management in the Culinary and Hospitality Management Institute at The College of The Bahamas. 
In her role as Executive Director, Dr. Rolle as the daily administrative duties such as preparation of budgets, formulate with key stakeholders long- and short-range goals for CHMI, including updating the College’s master plan, strategic plan and other planning documents and processes, Supervise and evaluate the performance of faculty and staff; including making and implementing recommendations to monitor and encourage faculty and staff development and Engage, outreach and contribute to stakeholder organizations especially The Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA); The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism (MOT), and The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce through, for example, committee/board and or membership participation in the respective stakeholder organizations.
RCNS invited not just kids, but Autistic kids from the Willard Patton School and REACH (Resources & Education for Autism and Related Challenges) program to our morning meeting. We listen carefully and attentively as the Principal displayed a video presentation to Rotarians and guest. Among the Autistic students and parents, a gentlemen who was once an Autistic student is now an Autistic helper at the Willard Pattern. It's amazing how life changes for an individual over time. As Rotarians we will help the community to capacity.
RCNS invited Mr. Mike Sands, President of the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA) and our “Golden Girl” Pauline Davis-Thompson, a member of the IAAF Council to our regular morning meeting. As you may or may not know, the IAAF Relays will be hosted this year in the Bahamas. Mr. Sands encourage all Rotarians to get there tickets early when they go on sale, to invade the National Stadium with our National Colors. We also had visiting from the Rotary Club of St. Lucia, Sabia Cherebin.
This past Thursday, the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise was the place to be if your need was ‘a listening ear and a heart of compassion’. The members of the early morning meeting club were engaged in two passionate presentations. Mr. Sam Nichols of Basketball Smiles was the first presenter.
“Basketball Smiles” was birthed in the spring of 1999, when Coach Sam Nichols from McMurry University and Coach Patty Johnson from the Commonwealth of the Bahamas met in San Jose California at the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association Convention. A mutual love for basketball and children between these two coaches led to the first Basketball Smiles basketball camps in June 1999.
The vision of Basketball Smiles was born: to conduct free basketball camps for boys and girls of all ages, and, along with basketball instruction, conduct a life skills program for these disadvantaged children emphasizing citizenship, education, and self-discipline.
Mr. Nichols encourage the club, which has supported the program in previous years, to continue doing so. It is Mr. Nichols’s belief that the organization is truly making a positive difference in the lives of inner city boys and girls.
With saddening news, he informed the club that one of the victims of the recent shooting on Freedom Park, Fox Hill was a member of the Basketball Smiles program – Shaquille Demeritte Kelly.
The second presenter, Chris Gregory was also passionate, although his forte was not about children or people for that matter, but horses. Chris Gregory is a professional horseshoer; and is one of the most trusted names in Farriery and Hoof-care education. He is esteemed in his vocation – academically and with years of experience. He operates Heartland Horseshoeing School in Lamar, Missouri.
Invited by Patricia Wood of The Bahamas Humane Society, Chris and his wife Kelly shod some thirteen horses in New Providence. Chris and Kelly remarked that among several complex challenges observed while they shod these horses, among them was the owner’s inability to properly care for these animals. Evidence of bruising and abscess to some of the horses’ legs and hoofs were realized. Suggestions to ensure the animals are properly maintained included an increase of fees to be charged by the surrey operators and inviting civic groups or organizations to adopt a horse. Chris admitted that maintaining these animals are costly and the operators are doing the very best they can considering the various challenges they face – costly feed and shoes; a less than desirable operating costs, and the absence of a trained farrier in The Bahamas. The Surrey horse provides a unique experience for tourists, one that is getting unique day by day. With proper attention, it can become a good draw for tourists, as well as a good way for a Surrey owner to make a living.
Once again, with hearts of compassion, Rotarians listened in and pledged their assistance.
The month of December is observed as Family of Rotary month. RCNS invited our very own Family of Rotary Chair, AG Karen Pinder to address the club on the importance of the Family of Rotary. She involve each Rotarian in an assignment that requires thier thinking ability. She used the word "FAMILY", which Rotarians had to make up as many words as possible for the given letter. A spokesperson from each table came forth and made complete sentences out of the words from thier list.
We had visiting Rotarian Richard Herring from the Rotary Club of Aiken, South Carolina. One of their major fundraisers is “Dancing with the Stars”. Projects that they focus on are Dictionaries for Life, clean water (Honduras) and also mentoring high school students.
story image preview
Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise "have done it again". This past Saturday RCNS held there Jingle Bell Jazz event at the Bahamas National Trust (BNT) grounds where Rotarians, family and friends had an evening of music, Joy and fun.
Josh Lynes is a singer, song writer and entrepreneur. He is a contemporary artist whose singing ranges from R&B and Funk to soulful gospel and the smooth rhythm of Jazz. One may easily define Josh’s style of music as a cross between John Legend meets Mario or Lauryn Hill meets Kim Burrell. His beautiful melodic voice has a melodic and spiritual quality that makes him unique.
Lead vocalist for the Vice Versa Band, Naomi Taylor is an extraordinary singer with a voice that is luxuriant, silky and sophisticated. Naomi transforms into a jazzy showstopper as she enters her musical zone, feeling the groove of each instrument and pouring it all out in her renditions.
Clinton Crawford (Jr.) has a dynamic and stirring voice that spans Soul, Pop, R&B, Jazz, Reggae and Calypso, Clinton has an impressive repertoire that immediately engages his listening audience. Clinton is band leader/lead male vocalist for the Vice Versa Band and he also plays with various local bands in Nassau including Jazz Etc.
Once in every blue moon, you come across a voice that makes the hair rise and your heart beat a little faster. The rich and soulful vocals of Shacara Newton will do just that! Lead vocalist for one of Nassau's top bands, Tingum Dem, Shacara is blessed with an impeccable voice of almost unimaginable power and quality! This amazing artist weaves in and out of genres and puts her personal stamp on every song from calypso, to soul, to Jazz to R&B. It's all about heart and Shacara puts her whole heart into everything she sings.
Vocal stylist and celebrated jazz performer, Anastacia Charlow Huber, brings loads of energy to the stage! Anastacia’s interest in wholesome music is strongly influenced by her rich musical heritage, and this love for music landed her the leading role in the historical first College of the Bahamas production, ''Free As Air''. Another of her musical highlights was performing with the 29 piece Henry Moss Orchestra at the Dundas Civic Centre. As the lead female vocalist for the respected "Ambassah" Band, she continues to explore the various genres of music without alienating her deep love and respect for JAZZ!
As one of the Bahamas' most inventive guitarists today, Fred Ferguson, will bring a refreshing twist to the evening with an infectious and very tasty fusion of Calypso Jazz being added to the mix. With music never far from his mind, and a guitar even closer to his fingertips, this writer, producer, composer, guitarists and band leader, surrendered to the industry's pull in the golden age of the 1980s. The former Baha Men member is perhaps known as much for the projects he has produced after leaving Baha Men in the 90’s. A short time later he struck gold with the hit "Look What You Do" which he wrote and produced for Ronnie Butler and Sweet Emily.
Rotarians, family and friends dance the night away, as the band and singers perform many great hits to keep the crowd entertain throughout the night.
RCNS is helping once again this Christmas, by assisting the Salvation Army with the bell ringing on Saturdays at Solomon's fresh markets.
RCNS were gaily entertained, as participants from the Bahamas Financial Services Board Essay and Speech Competition 2013 delivered their presentations. Top three senior high students - Tia Thompson, St. Augustine's College (Winner); Ayssa Iferenta, St. Andrew's School (First Runner-up); and Lonelle Sweeting, Temple Christian High School (Second Runner-up) impressed Rotarians with their flamboyant styles. This year, BFSB focused on the topic, "Value Added Tax - does this suit a modern Bahamas? “
Tia Thompson encouraged Bahamians to “research, read, and understand” the concept of VAT. With much exuberance, she assents that VAT is necessary.
Ayssa Iferenta, while modest, she gave her audience the good and not-so-good about the implementation of VAT. She related that the short-term would prove a disadvantage, as there may be a 5% decline in our national GDP. However, she stated that in the long term, an advantage would deliver a reduced debt.
Temple Christian School’s contestant, Lonelle Sweeting, made the announcement most Bahamians realize is inevitable – “VAT is coming!” Tenacious and seemingly well informed – she insisted that implementation of a new taxation system is pertinent. She noted that more than one hundred thirty countries have already introduced VAT. Despite citing the aptness of lost of tourists, she concluded, “VAT will suit a modern Bahamas”.

The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise is and has been a proud sponsor of the BFSB Essay & Speech Competition for many years and this year the tradition continues.

Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise invited The Honorable Arnold A. Forbes, BAIC Executive Chairman, which he address the Club on Opportunities in the Arts & Craft Industry.Rotarians of the club were afforded the opportunity to hear of the passion which BAIC's Exec. Chairman possesses for the ongoing project which included construction of the BAIC Headquarters.The Member of Parliament for Mt. Moriah related that the mandate given to BAIC, is to be proactive for production in Bahamian arts and to become commercialized in the near future.
Presently, BAIC is the country's foremost facilitator for training in handicraft and has trained more than 5,000 people in skills such as straw and coconut shell crafts. Moving forward, he shared a few goals which he is feverishly working to accomplish such as, online market for Bahamian-made products, creation of alternative career paths for Bahamians, and continuous handicraft training at the Old Trail Road headquarters. He made mentioned of the skills included that are straw craft, shell craft, sisal craft, straw weaving, and coconut shell craft.
The headquarters, located on Old Trail Road is expected to open Dec. 19 of this year. The facility will be solar-powered and would hire some
one-hundred employees. Hon. Forbes also stated that there will be a training facility, a green house, and a processing plant. Excited about the new venture of processing canned and bottled food, the minister stated that FDA and USDA standards will be implemented. 
It is the Executive Chairman's hope that this venture would encourage self-sufficiency in Bahamians and reduce the country's $1/4 Billion annual expenditure on the import of souvenirs and the extravagant import of food items.
RCNS inducts its newest member, Mr. Hank Ferguson, while being pinned by his sponsor Dr. Sophia Rolle. Mr. Ferguson.
RCN also had visiting from the Rotary Club of Provinciales is Past President Owen Hamilton.
Mr. Gevon Moss, Project Manager for the Downtown Nassau Partnership Redevelopment Project, gave recent updates regarding the "Downtown's Revitalization" initiatives that includes Pompey Square, Straw Market and other ongoing projects/activities that will bring more excitement and life to the downtown Bay Street and Harbour areas. Assistance from the corporate and public sector to make this project reality, has been an impact for Bahamians and tourist that have had the opportunity to see the transformation of Downtown, The Bahamas. The Bahamas “Goombay” which is held over the summer in the Pompey Square, have drawn thousands of tourists to get first hand cultural performances, Bahamian food and quality service. This project will continue with improvements throughout downtown, which street furniture, litter control, transportation, sidewalks and central park will enhance the beauty of the environment. 
Principal Joanne Neely, of Willard Patton Pre-school was our guest speaker at our regular sunrise meeting, where she gave updates regarding the progress success of the student's that are faced with autism. She indicated that a pre-test is done every year on each student, to assist with the students growth. Many of the autism students are now able to read and have been upgraded to the special classes, which will enhance their reading ability. She also stress the importance of reading and how it connects with every aspect of life for a child with autism. Principal Joanne noted that the school's goal for this year, is to have 100% of their autism students able to read. There was also a special presentation of educational supplies to assists the school and their program by President Tanya.
Also at the meeting, prospective member Ms. Tonia Ferguson gave a "my job" talk. She is a teacher of 14 years stationed in Nassau and has always been interested in joining Rotary.  We look forward to Ms. Ferguson's involvement in the club.
Rotarian James Poole in the absence of Deno Moss, the sponsor of Na-amah Rahming, had the pleasure of removing the red ribbon from her badge.
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On Thursday 5th September 2013, members of the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise were informed of an exciting new charity event by the British Colonial Hilton by guest speaker Mr. Andrew Hanna. The event, "Give a Child a Ride" is a new program established by the hotel aimed at building its civic and social involvement in the Bahamian community. All proceeds from this charity cycling race will go towards building an educational fund to sponsor children from various orphanages to attend private schools on the island of New Providence. This event, scheduled for 6:00am Saturday September 14, 2013, will start and end at The Pompey Square in historic downtown Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas. Participants will compete against each other in various age categories. Additionally there will be a kids riding rink to entertain non-participating kids throughout the race and a "cool down" water balloon fight for all participants at the end of the race. Several members of the RCNS will participate as cyclist while others have volunteer to assist with this soon to be annual event.
The meeting culminated with the exchange of banners with visiting Rotarian Ricardo from the Rotary Club of Boca Raton. Rotarian Ricardo was very excited to visit the Bahamas and the "best little Rotary club in the Galaxy." He gave a brief history of his club and mention a few of his club’s projects.
On Saturday, 31 August 2013, the Rotary Clubs of The Bahamas (RCOB) held a joint New Member Orientation that was very well attended by new Rotarians who were inducted into the organization within the past 1-5 years.
Throughout the day, various presentations were conducted by the more senior Rotarians, who spoke on Rotary’s history, objectives and future plans. PP Tim Ingraham, as RCOB’s Membership Chair, moderated the event and introduced each of the speakers. The first speaker was ADG Stan Charlton, who presented on the history and structure of Rotary International from a worldwide perspective. He also spoke on the importance of the Four Way Test and the Declaration of Rotarians in Business. PAG Charles Sealy covered the local history of Rotary in The Bahamas that highlighted RCOB’s current structure, leadership and role within District 7020. He also provided a brief history on each of the clubs that included a summary of their projects under taken over the years.  ADG Karen Pinder spoke on the four major points of membership that included: - (1) what clubs expect of their members (requirements); (2) financial obligations (dues); (3) attendance and (4) participation. She also spoke on the business aspect of membership that included Club By-Laws, Constitution, issues affecting members, leaves of absence (LOA), method of recruiting and disqualifying from membership.  The last speaker of the day was PADG Lindsey Cancino, who spoke rather passionately about the Rotary Foundation and the efforts of Rotarians to raise funds to eradicate polio throughout the world.
Overall, the event was informative, engaging and hopefully, the new Rotarians walked away inspired to learn more and do more within their clubs.
At our Sunrise meeting, we had visiting Past President Colin Scatliff from the Rotary Club of Tortola and Past President Roy Barry from Rotary Club of Road Town. Special guest Ms. Cleora Farquharson, Pension Manger at Royal Fidelity who spoke on the topic " Pension and how to prepare yourself for retirement". She focus on the current pension environment, it's challenges and the importance of having a pension plan before retirement.
Due to inclement weather, The RCNS made adjustments to have a successful Sunrise meeting with it's fellow Rotarians. Rotarians express and shared what “membership” meant to them and after becoming a member of Rotary. https://clubrunner.blob.core.windows.net/00000001526/Images/TAW/photo(1).JPG
On the Aug 8th 2013, Rotarians listen carefully to Mr. Vaughn Roberts, Sr. VP of Corporate Finance & Treasury at Baha Mar, as he made a presentation to the club on "Baha Mar and It's Economic Impact on the Bahamas. Rotarians were given a brief history, update on the progress from the start of the project to this date, and how this project became a reality to such a beautiful island in the western hemisphere. He focus on opportunities and training academies that will assist Bahamians to be the brightest and most skilled employees, working in a broad range of careers. Truley this is an investment paying off for all Bahamians. We also had visiting from The Rotary Club of St. George's, Bermuda, Past President Philip Guishard, which banners were exchange and a brief history of his club.
The RCNS invites ADG Karen Pinder to address the Club on the upcoming RI and District 7020 Goals for the year 2013-2014. ADG Karen outline areas of focus for all Clubs of the Bahamas, that will promote our membership growth, enhance humanitarian service and strengthen our network through the family of Rotary. We are now in the month of membership, which focus will be to, retain and attract membership to Rotary. There's emphasis place on new Rotarians to engage in programs and activities throughout the year. President Tanya, who is also the sponsor of Inger Simms, had the pleasure of removing the red ribbon from her badge.
The RCNS invited Nicola Thompson and Cindy Scharns to address the Club on how gymnastic can positively impact the youth and also on the upcoming Atlantis Crown Gymnastics Invitational. This organization is excited to have the opportunity to compete throughout world and receive many standing ovations. They will now have their gymnastic invitational, which foreign countries will come to the Bahamas to compete against are very best. They look forward on establishing summer gymnastic camps throughout the family islands as they move forward to the “Road to fulfilling the Dream”. As a tradition, we celebrate birthdays in Nassau Sunrise grand style, birthday greetings are given to Mario, Janet and Leroy.
On the 18th July, 2013, Rotarian Mark made a presentation on “Membership” to Rotarians and guest. He highlighted areas in the club that have had growth over the years and areas that are impacted. As a Rotarian, each person has a responsibility and is required to maintain good status throughout each Rotary year. As the month of August approaches which is membership month, members are required to engaged in programs that will educate themselves on the history of Rotary.
On the 4th July, 2013 was a very important and memorable day for our now President Tanya Woodside, who has been handed the gavel and pinned by past President Mario Smith. On this day at that ceremony, the RCNS Officers for the year 2013-2014 was also inducted to serve and to carry out responsibilities. RCNS invited the Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis as the guest speaker,  which he focus on the topic  “Opportunities for Public-Private Partnership”.

At its recent Changeover ceremony held on June 28th new Rotarian Devaldo Greene was awarded the Rising Star Award for his contributions towards the success of the Club's efforts. President of the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise, Mario Smith, congratulated Devaldo for his efforts and stated that Devaldo has shown great promise since his induction and has eagerly gotten involved in the Club's activities, especially the weekly raffle which he is responsible for coordinating.  Also on hand to congratulate Devaldo was President Elect Tanya Woodside.


At the recent District Conference held in the British Virgin Islands the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise received the District Governors Platinum award for the outstanding job that it did throughout the year. On hand to collect the award was President of the Club Mario Smith. The Cub also won the District 7020 Literacy award along with Zone 34 Public Image Citation and the Club of the Month award.Image

A sea of aquamarine and gold invaded the Rotary District conference in the British Virgin Islands as members of the Rotary Cubs of the Bahamas turned out in great numbers to support the election of Felix Stubbs as District Governor Nominee 2014 - 2015. In his acceptance speech PADG Felix thanked everyone for their support and gave a brief preview of what he hopes to accomplish during his term.


On Thursday June 27th the Rotary Club of Nassa Sunrise was treated to a special presentation by Environmentalist Sam Duncombe who called for the coming into force of the Freedom of Information Act which she claims protects citizens and strengthens democracy. Rotarian Pretino Albury thanked Mrs. Duncombe for her presentation and presented her with a book for her to autograph.  The book will be donated to the Reading program at Willard Patton Pre-School.


Just when you thought it was over, during the month of June members of the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise hosted the final Reading Fair at the Willamae Pratt Centre for Girls.  The day begain with Rotarians sharing their life stories with the girls followed by a guest presentation.  This was followed by an "Amazing Race" and ended with a pizza party. The event not only gave Rotarians and opportunity to ephasize the importance of reading but also to mentor to the girls.  


Coach Sam Nichols and the Team of Basketball Smiles recently visited the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise to update the Club on the success of the annual Basketball Smiles Camp.


In celebration of its 12 Anniversary members of the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise paid tribute to its Past Presidents and Charter Members. On hand for the celebrations was AG Stan Charleton who congratulated the members for their outstanding contributions to the Club. Those members present to collect their awards included: Charter President Bill Thomson, PADG Felix Stubbs, Past President Karen Pinder, Past President Carla Card Stubbs, Charter Member Deno Moss and Charter Member Mark Whitehouse.


During 2012 - 2013 the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise launched Reading Time at Willard Patton Pre-School in an effort to enhance its Literacy Program.   Reading Time occurs every Friday at 12pm and provides members of the Club with an opportunity to not only read to the students but to mentor them. 


May 9th was a great Sunrise morning for the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise inducted Rui Domingues, General Manager, of the British Colonial Hilton as an Honorary Member. Welcoming Rui to the Club was AG Stan Charleton who challenged Rui and existing members to live up to Rotary's motto of Service Above Self and to be good Rotarians.


During the month of April members of the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise partnered with the Rotary Club of Eleuthera for a weekend of activities which included: a meeting with the One Eleuthera Foundation, a screening of "Islands of Life", participation in the Cancer Society of Eleuthera Fun Run Walk and Earth Day Celebrations at the Blue Hole in Rock Sound Eleuthera.



On May 9th, 2013 the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise celebrated it's 12th Anniversary in grand style.  The celebrations included party hats and birthday cake and mimosas which were served to all members and guests attending the meeting. Also in observance of this milestone the Club inducted an Honorary Member and awarded Past Presidents and Charter members for outstanding service.  President of the Club, Mario Smith, stated that although the Club is fairly young it has accomplished a lot and that he was very proud of the club's achievements to date.


On Thursday April 18th, 2013 the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise continued its "My Job Talk" series for new members featuring Inger Simms and Devaldo Greene.  Both members introduced themselves to the Club and stated that they joined the Club as a result of their desire to give back to the community. 

The morning also featured a presentation by Senator John Bostwick on "Alternative Energy Solutions for The Bahamas."  In his address Senator Bostwick spoke to the need for The Bahamas to determine its energy policy moving forward.  He also spoke to the feasibility of using Floating Power Plants to reduce the cost of energy in The Bahamas. Rotarian Devaldo thanked Senator Bostwick for his timely presentation to the Club.


During the month of March the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise launched a successful book drive as part of its Literacy initiative.  The book drive was open to all Members and friends of the Club who were asked to either donate books or purchase books from various bookstores on the island.  This inititiative also provided the Club with an opportunity to partner with Sandals Royal Bahamian Hotel and its General Manager, Patrick Drake, who graciously donated 10 boxes of books.  Rotary Foundation Chair Jeff Wright accepted the books on behalf of the Club and thanked Mr. Drake and Sandals for their donation. All books collected were presented to various schools and libraries in Eleuthera and New Providence.


It was another great Sunrise morning with the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise as PADG Felix Stubbs gave a presentation on Rotary Future Vision and what it means in terms of the Rotary Foundation and the grant process.  The Club was also treated to presentations by Dario Terrelli and Huey Simmons the latest members to join the Club.  Both gentlemen spoke of their passion for giving back to the community and shared their personal experiences.  This day was also special as Rotarian Alanna McCartney had her Red Ribbon removed by her sponsor PADG Felix.


On Thursday April 11th excitement filled the air as Olympic gold medalist Chris "Fireman" Brown addressed the Club.  Over his athletic career Chris has won four World Championship medals and has also won a gold medal in the relays at the 2012 London Olympic games. In his address to Sunrisers Chris spoke about the "Chris Brown Invitational" which will be held April 13th, 2013 in The Bahamas. The event will serve as a season opener for many of the athletes in attendance and will feature some of the best athletes in the world. Rotarians Alana and Past President Carla thanked Chris for his presentation. Image

The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise does it again!! On Saturday April 6, we presented Jazz at the Gallery - Evolved. We started with Jazz on the Streets, then went to Jazz on the Water,

now we have descended on the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas and we have evolved!!




On Thursday March 21st RNCS had the pleasure of inducting its newest Rotarian Dario Terrelli.  Dario is a community minded individual who is always in search of ways to put his skills to work for the benefit of the Community. A Sales Manager, by profession, Dario is also a skilled carpenter and was instrumental in assisting the Club with the ICAN Project even prior to becoming a member of the Club. He was pinned by his Sponsor Sh'ron Saunders.


During the month of March members of RCNS assisted in the construction of classrooms on the ICAN Project. ICAN is a child empowerment intitiative serving children between the ages of 5 and 14 in New Providence.


Dr. Michelle Major addresses Rotarians of the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise on the work of the Seahorse Institute in The Bahamas.  The Seahorse Institute is a Bahamian registered non-profit center that provides treatment for children with autism and other developmental delays.


Thursday April 11th was another Sunrise Morning at the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise as the Club focused on its newest Rotarians.  The morning began with a comical take on Service Projects given by Founding President Bill and Rotarian Mark followed by "My Job Talks" by the Club's newest Rotarians. Up first was Rotarian Rona Astwood an accountant by profession followed by Attorney Jody Wells and Private Banker Na-amah Rahming.  The general sentiment from the ladies was that they all joined the Club so that they could give back to the community in a meaningful way. They also shared details about their professions, their families and their hobbies.


ImageImageThe Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise, though being one of the smallest clubs in the Bahamas, has successfully hosted well organized and entertaining fundraisers.  One such is its annual "Jazz" event that is now a stable on many Bahamians' social calendar.  This years' event is sure to please while ingesting much needed funds into the Club's Community Service account for so many needed projects and charitable donations.


The Hon. Michael Halkitis, Minister of State for Finance was the special guest speaker at the club's meeting on March 14, 2013.  Speaking on the government's e-Government Initiative, Min. Halkitis outlined the importance and potential benefits of this project to The Bahamas.   He noted that to be successful at doing business, companies and countries alike must be competitive, transparent, and proficient.  The use of information technology (IT) and more specifically e-Government, has become the driving force behind easing doing business within a country and will spur economic growth and overall productivity gains.


Minister Halkitis thanked for his presentation to the club by Rotarian Leroy Archer.

The Rotary Club was pleased to invite Mr. John Armstrong, Acting Chief of Missions for the United States Embassy, to present at its weekly meeting on March 7, 2013 the "Changes to the United States Visa Process."





In celebration of Literacy Month RCNS launched Reading Time at Willard Patton Pre-School.  Coordinator for the project Rotarian Jeff Wright stated, "It's a pleasure to spend a Friday afternoon with the students. It is the best part of my day and I look forward to it every Friday."  The Club has also been instrumental in organizing a presentation by the Atlantis Water Features Department to coincide with the school's "Under the Sea" theme and plans are underway to take the students on a field trip to Odyssey Aviation in the near future.


On January 20th Members of the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise partnered with Marathon Bahamas to host the Finish Line Cafe at the Bahamas Marathon.  The event attracted over 1,000 participants plus spectators who cheered on the runners.  Winner of the half marathon Jonathon Volpi poses with RCNS members at the Finish Line Cafe were a variety of souses were sold.

President Mario Smith had the pleasure of pinning our newest Rotarian Hubert A. Simmons at the club's regualar meeting on Thursday January 24, 2013.  Huey, as he prefers to be called, had perfect attendance at meetings and events prior to joining the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise and is excited to contribute even more.  The Club welcomes Huey and looks forward to his valued contribution to the club, Rotary International and the community at large.

Members of the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise got a special treat on Thursday February 28th, 2013 as members from the Bahamas Kennel Club addressed the Club.  Members also had front row seats to a demonstration by the dogs.


Sunrisers warmly welcomed the Irish Ambassador to The Bahamas, Canada and Jamaica Mr. John Ray Bassett to the Valentine's Day Rotary Meeting on February 14th, 2013. Ambassador Bassett who considers himself a former scientist in biochemistry is especially proud to be the father of five children - all of whom are reading for law degrees at present. He enjoys his position as the Ambassador to The Bahamas and has been in the post a little over two years. He is now assiduously working at making this relationship one of more than just a pro-functionary position, but one that is more tactile and meaningful to both Island Nations. 


In celebration of Rotary Awareness month PADG Felix Stubbs gave an enlightening presentation on the Fundamentals of Rotary.


Members of RCNS along with LCIS Interactors assist the Salvation Army with Bell Ringing efforts during the month of December.


On January 10th members of the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise took the show on the road and hosted their weekly meeting at Hillside House were artist in residence Antonius Roberts gave a brief history of Hillside house and the role that it is playing in the Revitilization of Downtown Nassau.



“The Bahamas would be a far poorer place were it not for the unselfish and dedicated efforts of such organizations as the Rotary Foundation.” This according to Governor General His Excellency Sir Arthur Foulkes as he delivered his response on behalf of the Honorees at the Rotary Foundation Gala at Government House on November 8th, 2012.



On Saturday November 3rd members of the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise established a Vegetable Garden at the Willard Patton Preschool. The garden was originally promised to the school by President Mario Smith during his remarks at the opening of the Autism Classroom at Willard Patton.


On Saturday November 10th, 2012 the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise completed a service project at the Ray Minus Gym where members donated supplies, painted and made repairs to the gym.

September is New Generations Month and RI President Sakuji Tanaka asks us all to remember that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Well, tomorrow is upon us and the face of Rotary – especially in our district 7020- is rapidly changing. So I’d like to ask that we all place as much importance on recruiting young Rotarians as on training them to be leaders – in Rotary, in our community, and in the world.

As with any other organization, its members expect value from their effort and monetary contribution.  The same is true for Rotary.  The importance of seeking and retaining good members was presented by Past President Tim Ingraham to the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise at its weekly meeting August 30th, 2012.


 Dear fellow Rotarians,

There are many ways to describe our Rotary Foundation. But I think of our Foundation literally – as the foundation for all of Rotary.

We do not often think about the ground beneath our feet. We do not often think about the walls that are holding up our house. We take them for granted. We think about them only when they are not there.

Not long ago in Japan, the ground fell out from under our feet. On Friday, 11 March 2011, a magnitude 9 earthquake shook Japan to its very core. More than 15,000 people died, nearly 6,000 were injured, and another 4,000 are still

missing. The total losses of the disaster are estimated at over US$300 billion.

In a matter of hours, half a million people in one of the world’s wealthiest and most developed countries lost everything. They went from living in comfort and security to facing an uncertain future in school gymnasiums, tents, and ruined buildings.

In Japan, we are used to earthquakes. We thought we were ready for anything. But no one ever expected anything like this.

What happened on that day changed Japan, and everyone who lives there. It has made us realize how fragile our lives are. And it has made me realize how little separates me from the people I help through Rotary.

It is easy to look at the people we help through our Foundation as somehow different from ourselves. They live far away. We do not know their language or their culture. We do not know what it is like to have no running water, no sanitation, no health care, no education. We look at pictures, and we read stories in the news about poverty, wars, and disasters. We see, from so far away, the people who are living through such terrible times. But it is hard to put ourselves in their place.

Today, I tell you that there is nothing at all separating us from the people we help. We are all the same. Only the circumstances surrounding us are different.

Through our Foundation, we have the power to live the words of our Foundation’s motto: Doing Good in the World. Through it, we can do so much more good than we could ever do alone. And it matters so much – to people just like us.

RCNS SurveyWant to improve both your experience in the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise as well as the overall club itself, well this is your chance.  The Membership Committee is currently surveying RCNS members to gain insight on how we can serve our members, guest and the wider community better.  Contact Membership Chair Karen Pinder for more information on how to participate.
Nassau, Bahamas - ESTABLISHING a Bahamian international aircraft registry could become a viable pillar to the Bahamian economy, an aviation legal expert told the members and guests of Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise Thursday  2 August 2012 at their regular weekly meeting.  He estimates that the swift introduction of a such a registry could bring potential millions into the Bahamian government's coffers as well as create diverse jobs and potentially create an entirely new industry by targeting high net work individuals to register their aircraft in the Bahamas.

Presenting on the topic Networking within Rotary, Past President of the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise Carla Card-Stubbs reminded members that Rotary International was founded on the tenant of network which eventually led to service projects.  Serving as District 7020's Networking Chair, PP Card-Stubbs noted that Rotarians represent all business, professional, occupational and vocational areas and as such, business opportunities may be a natural result of participation in club projects and programs.  She then went on to note that networking could provide an avenue for fellow Rotarians to secure gainful employment, it will also assist with membership retention as it helps Rotarians affected by bad economic cycles (e.g. recession) to honour their obligations and remain Rotarians.
ImageAt his very first Board Meeting on 25 July 2012, 2012-2013 Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise President Mario Smith set the stage for what will become another memorable and rewarding Rotary Year.  Focused on this year's Rotary Theme "Peace Through Service" Directors outlined initial plans, projects and programs to be presented to the body.

Along with reoccurring projects such as rehabilitation of Laura's Soup Kitchen and Basketball Smiles, this club will also add several smaller projects that will seek to utilize the talents of our members.  Plans for club's signature Jazz and Casino Night fundraisers are already underway and tentative dates set.  There will be numerous opportunities for make-ups through scheduled socials aimed at building fellowship within the club.

Every member of the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise is encouraged to join a Committee, to share their ideas and to assist with making each event successful.  For more information, contact President Mario or Secretary Karine.
If you missed Jazz on the Streets last November, and you missed Jazz in the Gardens in March, you dont want to miss Jazz on the Water in May!!   Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise presents: Jazz on the Water

We invite you to join Nassau Sunrise Rotarians in the transformed elegance and exoticism of old New Orleans, birthplace of the richest genre for the heart and soul. If you caught our Jazz Street Party last November then you know the kinds of great live music, eats and drinks to expect from a Sunrise soiree. We’ll be bringing back crowd favourites and will introduce you to artists new to the wonderful world of Jazz. Last November was a phenomenal street party success! Let’s do it again from the waters of Bay!
On Saturday March 31st, 2012 excitment filled the air as the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise hosted its 6th Annual Reading Fair on the grounds of the College of The Bahamas. The event proved to be a successful one as students listened attentively as they were read to by guest readers. The overall winner of the Reading Fair was once again T.G. Glover School.


Mr. Fabian Bain, President, and Dr. Sophia A. Rolle, Vocational Chairperson both representing the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise, presented Mr. Michael Jackson of the Reef Restaurant with a plaque for his efforts in assisting the Club with its inaugural  “Breakfast At Sunrise” program launched at the Mable Walker Primary School.    


Tribune Features Reporter

BOURBON Street on any given hot Louisiana night came to life last week on Charlotte Street. The pulsating rhythms of New Orleans became the heartbeat of the town, as the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise celebrated music and art in grand style. 


The final meeting of the year for the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise is shaping up to be an exciting one!

 As you are aware, the Club has agreed to present a Paul Harris Fellow to Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade. The Commissioner has requested the he be allowed to host an evening meeting next Thursday June 30th at Police Headquarters to celebrate the event. This event will replace our regularly scheduled morning meeting on Thursday June 30th. Additionally, our Club would like to recognize several PHF and raise some money for the Rotary Foundation.

 Cocktails are at 7pm, and 7:30pm for dinner. The cost per person is a mininum of $15.00 but you are welcome to contribute any amount beyond that as you see fit. We hope to see everyone there!

When words fail

John Corcoran prayed a lot when he was in Catholic grade school: “I used to pray, ‘Dear, God, when it comes my turn, please let me be able to read the words.”

Suffering from an undiagnosed learning disability, Corcoran sat in the back row, called the “dumb row.” But he was athletic and good in math. So Corcoran charmed, lied, cheated, and even bought his way through high school and college, eventually becoming a teacher and successful real estate investor. All without ever learning to read and write. It wasn’t until he was 48 that he learned to read through a community learning center.

Now, through the John Corcoran Foundation, based in Oceanside, California, USA, he works to end illiteracy in North America. And he’s even gone on to write two books, including a best-selling memoir, The Teacher Who Couldn’t Read.


Rotarian Dr. Sophia Rolle thanks B.A.A.R.K's President, Laura Kimble, for her presentaton to RCNS on the objectives of B.AA.R.K and the work that they are doing in the community.

The Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise was fortunate to have had the opportunity to host visiting dignitary Dr. Gaby Magomola and his wife. A political prisoner on Robben Island for five years, Dr. Magomola was one of its youngest inmates. He spoke of his time on Robben Island and the close friendship that he developed with fellow prisoner Nelson Mandela. Dr. Magomola was visiting Nassau to meet with senior members of government to better understand the challenges faced in The Bahamas and to share his experiences during the struggle to dismantle discrimination in South Africa.

On January 22nd the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise participted in the Rotary Cubs of the Bahamas Bed Race for Polio and received the "Broken Spring Award."

 On Thursday January 06, 2011 the Nassau Sunrise Rotary Club welcomed Senator the Honorable Jerome Fitzgerald as its guest speaker. Senator Fitzgerald shared with the Club his thoughts on why restructuring the tax system is imperative for the fiscal survival of The Bahamas.

On Saturday August 21st, 2010 the Family of Rotary once again hosted St Matthews Baptist Church by presenting the children of the church with much needed school supplies. Bags were prepared for 36 children ranging in age from 3 to 17. There were bags for preschool, primary school and high school, filled with workbooks, pens, pencils, crayons, books, folders and geometry sets, all the goodies needed for back to school!

 October is Vocational Service Month.  What are you ”WORKING” on?

As Rotarians, we represent our vocation within Rotary and Rotary within our vocation. Do we make full use of the wealth of talent and experience of our membership and are we aware of these resources?

The 2010 Council on Legislation, which met in Chicago in April, added New Generations Service as the Fifth Avenue of Service.Programs for New Generations include Rotaract, Interact, RYLA and Rotary Youth Exchange,as well as other activities that affect young people.This new avenue of service recognizes the positive change implemented by youth and young adults through leadership development activities, community and international service projects, and exchange programs that enrich and foster world peace and cultural understanding. IPP Monica Ramgeet District Chair
The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is a multi-district, grassroots leadership development program of member districts organized into regional divisions in various parts of the world. It is not an official program of Rotary International and is not under its control.

Dear Fellow Rotarians

September is the month when we highlight "New Generations" – and take a  peek into how we can "Build a Community" of a New Generation and take  strategic steps towards "The Future of Rotary."

August 5th, 2010 Jeffrey Wright and Sh'ron Saunders were inducted and welcomed into Nassau Sunrise. Jeffrey has transferred to us from Toronto Beach and is an experienced Rotarian having served as Literacy AND Foundation chair! Sh'ron is brand new to Rotary and we would like to give both a huge Sunrise welcome.
Another successful Back to School event for the Sunrise team. The Back to School Backpack distribution at Sea Shells Cafe on Saturday put smiles on many faces of all ages! Kids and their parents came out to enjoy snow cones, hamburgers, hot dogs and cool beverages as they picked up their backpacks stuffed with exciting new school supplies. Nassau Sunrise teamed up with Teen Challenge to help to brighten the school year for over 200 kids. Be sure to attend the meeting on September 9th to hear first hand from the Teen Challenge team! Thank you Emericka for organizing this Family of Rotary event. Look for more photos on the photos page!
District Governor Diana White visited Sunrise and shared an inspiring message focusing on our integrity as Rotarians and the "Power of One" that lay within each of us. Rotarians are ordinary people, given the opportunity through Rotary to do extraordinary things. After that, she was introduced to Tim the Tool Van!
This week's Rotary Foundation Thought is about Every Rotarian, Every Year. Every minute of every day someone's life is being improved by our Rotary Foundation. Wells are being dug in India, blind children are using Braille typewriters in Brazil, toilets are part of improved sanitation in Sri Lanka, and dental treatment is available to the needy in Nicaragua. In a world where the divide between the haves and have-nots is growing, we as Rotarians must do our part and "do good in the world."
Every Rotarian, every project, and every contribution makes a difference every year.
Rotaract of East Nassau Community Service Director Jaime Lewis outlines details of their clubs' final July Project. He is inviting our participation and assistance, you are encouraged to "get your hands dirty" (counts as a makeup)
Dear Fellow Rotarians: Please see attached for invitation and information on a Workshop to focus on assisting deported Bahamians on re-integrating to Bahamian society that our members have been invited to attend on July 28, 2010. There is no cost for attending the workshop. Additionally, a continental breakfast will be provided as well as a hot lunch for all attendees. Please review and let me know if you (or a colleague or friend) are interested in participating.
At the recently Rotary International Convention held in June of this year, came the announcement of the chartering of the first ever Rotary Club in Palestine.
Wine Clearance Sale in the Backyard - Thursday, July 29th 12pm-9pm. All day entertainment and live Radio Remotes. Be There!

Project Lend a Hand is a project to help the homeless and those less fortunate in our society.  It is an initiative by the Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise conceived to provide measurable and tangible help to the increasing numbers of persons who are, or are on the verge of, homelessness largely due to recent economic misfortunes.  

Congratulations to Dr. Sophia Rolle (center) on her induction in the club by President Carla Stubbs and A.G. Felix Stubbs.
Mrs. Elizabeth Grant, Training Officer at Doctors Hospital gave members of the club a crash course in first aid. She said that it is important to be able to react instantly when something happens which may save a life. It was rather enlightening and she got a number of members involved.
Dr. Sonja Jackson discussed the census exercise being conducted in the Bahamas. Shown in photo from left to right are:- Mrs. Philomen Harrison of Caricom Secreatariat, Dr. Sonja Jackson of Statistical Institute of Jamaica, Larry Strachan â€" Rotarian, Kim Saunders of the Dept. of Statistics and Michelle Nurse of Caricom Secretariat.