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In April we reported that Chelsea James a student at Windsor Elementary School was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship in recognition of her support of the Roll Out The Barrel Trust. The trust delivers water barrels to families in drought stricken Kenya. The use of a water barrel relieves women and children from the daily hardship of carrying water which may weigh as much as they weigh themselves.

In September the Roll Out The Barrel Trust delivered the water barrels to Kenya and Chelsea's name is on each of the water barrels.

You can watch the video of the presentation here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWfGqQBLmyE

This year the Food for Thought campaign raised $11,322. toward school breakfast programs in the 8 elementary schools in West Hants. The money was raised through ticket sales by students, parents, teachers and Rotarians, plus donations by individual Rotarians and a top-up from the Windsor Rotary Club. In the photo are (L-R):
  • Mike Knowles, Principal of Windsor Elementary School;
  • Ruthanne Greenough, Principal of Hantsport School;
  • Shelley Regan, Principal of Dr. Arthur Hines School;
  • Brenda Mullins, Principal of Brooklyn District Elementary School;
  • Kim Frank, Principal of Falmouth District School;
  • Shelley King, Principal of Windsor Forks District School;
  • David Campbell, Principal of Three Mile Plains District School.

Presenting the cheque are (on the right)

  • Jason Trider, Chair of the Food for Thought Committee and President of the Windsor Rotary Club, and
  • Rotarian Jon Oulton, Oulton Fuels which has been a strong supporter of the Food For Thought initiative since its inception.

Our financial support for projects such as this is possible through the Windsor Rotary Community Toonie 50/50 draw, run by Rotary volunteers with support from local businesses and organizations. Anyone who plays a weekly toonie has a chance at a weekly jackpot, currently over $1,100, with the other half making a difference in our community...one toonie at a time. For information about the Toonie 50/50 draw www.rotarywindsor.org

Great news Windsor and area business owners!! The is now covering Hants County. To become part of this great Valley tradition please reach out to a local Windsor Rotary member or contact Steve Shaw at 902-698-9045 or Stephen.Shaw@cibc.com for more information. Or check us out at http://valleyfacesofbusiness.com/

Welcome to our 2017-2018 Executive Officers: President Jason Trider, Past President Andrew Sheehy, Vice President Joanna Gould-Thorpe and Treasurer Raymond Harvey. Assistant District Governor Roger Sevigny and his wife Suzanne were on hand to welcome the new executive on behalf of District 7820.

In the photo outgoing President Andrew Sheehy officially welcomed Jason Trider as Club President for 2017-2018.



Rotary function at Lohnes Home 1930
Posted by Alex Hanes on Facebook: Hants County and Beyond

Front Row: Marjorie Lohnes, Mrs. L. B. Lohnes, Mrs. Fred Shankel [sp?], Mrs. Hares, ..., H[aened?]. Wilcox, Mrs. C.L. Wood, Mrs. Murray Campbell, Mres. Raelph Loomer (Cloyda), Mrs. Foster Gile [sp?]. Back Row: Dr. J.R. Shankel [sp?], Forter Gile [sp?], L.B. Lohnes, Dr. G.W. Turner, A.W. Murray (Hantsport), Charlie Manning, Ralph Dimock, Ruth Campbell, Fred Campbell, Mrs. A. Murray, Mabel McConnell, Clary Wood, Ed. Harris, Walter Williams, Ralph Loomer, Rev. Hares [sp?], W. Son.Morton [sp?], Eric Baleolm [sp?], Colin Taylor, Jack Bustin, Tom Akir. H.S. Anslow's illness 1934, not in picture.

The award of a Paul Harris Fellowship by the Rotary Club of Windsor recognizes Rotarian Les Reid for his many years of volunteer service to Rotary, to his community and to his profession. The award is named for Paul Harris who founded Rotary in 1905, and is made to individuals who best exemplify the Rotary motto of, "Service above Self."


The photo shows Rotarian Les Reid receiving his Paul Harris Fellowship from Rotarian Kevin Walsh and Club President Jason Trider.


What a happy looking group! And why not? A partnership with the Windsor Rotary Community Toonie 50/50 plus a top-up from Windsor Rotary has earned the Newport and District Rink a cheque for $5,000.

The incredible snow and ice storms in 2015 led to the collapse of the Newport and District Rink building, a facility which had been a hub of community recreation since 1973. We were excited to have the Rink as our Community Partner at the Rotary Community Gala and to contribute to the construction of the new building in 2016. This week's cheque will bring the group closer to completing some of the final details.

This is just one example of how Windsor Rotary supports active, healthy families in our community...one Toonie at a time. You can help by playing the weekly Windsor Rotary Community Toonie 50/50 draw. Find out more at http://rotarytoonie.com/

In the photo with the ice surface in the background are L to R: Gary MacLean, Wayne Lunn, Dan Leopold, Rotarian Ray Harvey, Mel Caldwell, Rotarian Pat Gould-Thorpe, Arlene Dunne, Phyllis Blanchard, Andrew Blanchard, Shane Rogers, Garnett Davison, Darryl Landry and Paul Phillips

Rotarian Gerry Raymond recently reported to our Club that about 100 Intouch emergency response units are currently in use in our community and since 1990 over 600 units had been installed by Windsor Rotary volunteers. What Gerry didn't say was that “our community” stretches from Mount Uniacke to Noel to Hantsport and that he has been installing and maintaining these units for an amazing 23 years! During this time his team has included Rotarians Darryl Sullivan and the late Bill Mulhall and now includes Larry Armstrong and Pat Gould-Thorpe. Two Rotarians usually go together when a unit is being installed but Gerry likes to do the maintenance himself. About twice a week he is called on to change batteries or swap out units that are not working properly. “Geneva and I like to get in the car and go for a drive,” says Gerry, “so we combine volunteer work with a little community tour.”

You can see a lovely article about Gerry and Geneva at http://northwoodintouch.com/caregiver-rests-easy-thanks-to…/

Thanks to NorthwoodIntouch for the photo of Gerry and Geneva Raymond.

Folks in the Vaughns area helped raise $1,000 to support the South West Hants Fire Society and their great efforts to benefit the community through projects such as the Helipad. The money was raised through a partnership with the Windsor Rotary Community Toonie 50/50 in the area plus a top-up from Windsor Rotary.

In the photo (L to R) Dave Peters, President of the Southwest Hants Fire Society; Andrew Sheehy, President of the Windsor Rotary Club; Jeff Pinch, Captain of the Southwest Hants Fire Department; Pat Porter, Board Member of the Southwest Hants Fire Society and Andy Kirk, Chair of the Rotary Camp Mockingee Committee.

At the Windsor Rotary Community Gala held this spring the partnership between Windsor Rotarians and supporters of the Hants Community Hospital Foundation was a wonderful success. Nearly $3000.00 was raised in support of the Foundation during the Gala. A major top-up from the Windsor Rotary Club brought the total to $6500.00. The money will be used to equip the new Operating Room at Hants Community Hospital.

This is just one example of how Windsor Rotary supports health and wellness in our community...one Toonie at a time. You can help by playing the weekly Windsor Rotary Community Toonie 50/50 draw. Find out more at http://rotarytoonie.com/

In the photo L to R: Andrew Sheehy, President of the Windsor Rotary Club; Pauline Ouellette, Chair of the Rotary Community Gala Committee; Andy Kirk, Chair of the Hants Community Hospital Foundation; Pat Wile, Secretary-Treasurer of the Foundation and Pauline Sullivan, member of the Foundation.

Congratulations Rotarian Louis Coutinho on being awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s 2016 Medal of Excellence in Public Administration. Rotarian Louis was “nominated in recognition of his innovative thinking, commitment to excellence in public service and generous support of Nova Scotia’s municipalities." We could make a similar statement about his contributions to the Windsor Rotary Club.
In the Hants Journal photo Lt.-Gov. J.J. Grant (left), presents the 2016 Medal of Excellence in Public Administration to Windsor Chief Administrative Officer Louis Coutinho in Halifax.
For more information see the Hants Journal http://www.hantsjournal.ca/news/local/2017/5/28/windsor-chief-administrative-office-receives-medal-for-public-se.html

The Rotary Club of Windsor and the Camp Mockingee Committee are accepting applications for the following two positions:

  1. An eight (8) week position with the possibility of an extension to ten (10) weeks;

  2. An eight (8) week position

The deadline for the receipt of applications is Friday, June 2nd at midnight. Applications should be emailed to Andy Kirk, Chair, Camp Mockingee Committee at agmkirk@ns.sympatico.ca

Applicants must be:

  1. between 15 and 30 years of age (inclusive) at the start of employment;

  2. registered as a full-time student during the preceding academic year;

  3. intend to return to school on a full-time basis during the next academic year;

  4. be a student in a secondary, post-secondary, CEGEP (Quebec only), vocational or technical program;

  5. be a Canadian Citizen, permanent resident, or person on whom refugee protection has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act* and;

  6. legally entitled to work according to the relevant provincial / territorial legislation and regulations

*Foreign students are not eligible.


The successful applicant will need to be self-directed, displaying strong initiative and must be very responsible. He/she will need to work and interact with youth and youth leaders. She/he should be energetic and be willing and able to tackle physical labour (mowing, landscaping and maintenance). A willingness to work flexible hours as well as access to transportation to Camp Mockingee in Upper Vaughans are required.

Among the specific responsibilities for the successful applicants will be:

1) Planning their work day & week based upon the priorities and tasks set forth by the chair & camp committee;

2) Being flexible and cooperative regarding requests emanating from youth leaders and other camp user groups;

3) Welcoming groups when they arrive at the camp and checking the camp upon their departure;

4) Providing support in the areas of recreation, coaching and programming to user groups as requested;

5) Completing mowing, gardening, seeding as well as grounds maintenance and enhancements;

6) Completing minor maintenance as well as repairs, painting and cleaning under the supervision of the camp chair and the camp committee;

7) Ongoing maintenance of the Blue (walking) Trail;

Our club is pleased to welcome our newest Rotarian, Amy Parker, Branch Manager RBC Royal Bank, Windsor. In the photo Rotary President Elect Jason Trider, Amy, and President Andrew Sheehy.

In honour of her humanitarian efforts Chelsea James has been awarded a Paul Harris fellowship by the Rotary Foundation UK. Six year old Chelsea, a student at Windsor Elementary School, was recognized for her support of the Roll Out The Barrel Trust which delivers water barrels to families in drought stricken Kenya. The use of a water barrel relieves women and children from the daily hardship of carrying water which may weigh as much as they weigh themselves.


When Chelsea and her dad talked about how much difference a rolling barrel would make to a family, she enlisted her own family to help raise $600, enough money to buy rolling barrels for 10 families in Kenya. With the help of her family Chelsea made a video showing how a little girl with a rolling barrel could transport more water than she could even pick up if she had to carry it in a jug. Her father helped her set up a gofundme page https://www.gofundme.com/rolloutthebarrel which quickly surpassed her goal and continues to grow and provide more and more rolling barrels. You can read more about Roll Out The Barrel at www.rolloutthebarrell.org .

Chelsea's efforts caught the attention of Adrian Brewer, founder and CEO of Roll Out The Barrel Trust which is largely supported by Rotary in UK. Adrian travelled from the Isle of Wight, UK to Windsor to recognize Chelsea's contribution. This is the first time Roll Out The Barrel has awarded a Paul Harris fellowship and Chelsea is the first person to be so honoured.

In the photo L-R: Jason Trider and Les Reid (Rotary Club of Windsor), Luke MacDonald and Alex Handyside (Rotary Club of Halifax Harbourside), Paul Harris Fellow Chelsea James, Debbie Fredericks (Chelsea's teacher), Adrian Brewer (Roll Out The Barrel founder and CEO), Mike Knowles (Principal, Windsor Elementary School), Cindy Bezant-Titus (Rotarian, E-club of Atlantic Canada), and Ed James (Chelsea's Dad).

For some 50 years now the Rotary Club of Windsor has sponsored a student to attend Rotary's Adventure in Citizenship. This year John Ogilvie will join over 200 students, each sponsored by a different Rotary Club from across Canada, for four days in Ottawa, where they will learn to better appreciate the diversity of Canada and the privileges and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship.


The program is organized by the Rotary Club of Ottawa and typically includes discussions with the Speaker and staff members of the House of Commons, meeting with Foreign and Canadian Diplomats, and a tour of the Parliament Buildings. The students attend a special sitting of the Citizenship Court where they will have the privilege.of participating in and witnessing new Canadians receiving their citizenship. Activities include a tour of the city, evenings of traditional food and culture, and a talent show put on by the students themselves to highlight their diverse talents.


We look forward to John's presentation on his return so we can re-live with him some of the highlights of this unique trip.


This is one of many youth projects supported by Windsor Rotary...one Toonie at a time. You can help by playing the weekly Windsor Rotary Community Toonie 50/50 draw. Find out more at http://rotarytoonie.com/


In the photo are Rotarian Tish Deemer who manages Adventure in Citizenship for our club, John Ogilvie our student Adventurer, and Rotarian Les Beazley.

As high school graduation approaches we are remembering Ella Lentz, an Avon View High School graduate from Mount Uniacke, who received one of the Rotary bursaries last year.

Since 1975, our Club has presented bursaries every year to 4 local students who plan to further their education. Three of these bursaries are available to students graduating from Avon View High School and one to a Hantsport student graduating from Horton District High School.

We are excited to learn that Ella is having a successful year at the Dal Agricultural Campus. In addition to staying on top of her studies she is actively involved with the Intercollegiate Judging Team and the Intercollegiate Woodsmen Team, traveling to competitions in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. Just last week she was accepted as the new Co-Chair for the 2018 Judging Competition hosted by Dal AC each spring. She is also maintaining her involvement with 4-H - locally, provincially and nationally. She was instrumental in establishing the new 4-H Nova Scotia Members' Voice Committee (its purpose is to help direct the 4-H program by ensuring our programs stay relevant to the membership across NS) and she has recently been appointed to the 4-H Canada Youth Advisory Committee ( https://www.4-h-canada.ca/youth-advisory-committee ).

The Bursaries are one of many youth projects supported by Windsor Rotary...one Toonie at a time. You can help by playing the weekly Windsor Rotary Community Toonie 50/50 draw. In Mount Uniacke you can play at Giffin`s General Store and Esso. Find out more at http://rotarytoonie.com/

In the photo, Ella Lentz on graduation day with her diploma and Governor General's Medal.


As they do almost every year, the Rotary Club of Windsor held a weekend for Rotary Exchange Students hosted by Rotary Clubs across the Maritimes. Some 20 students from as far away as Korea gathered at Camp Mockingee for a weekend of fellowship and fun. The students arrived at camp a day late because of a storm which cancelled transportation throughout the area. The delay didn't dampen any spirits.


After supper courtesy of Rotarian (chef) Les Reid, at the Camp on Friday, the students rolled up the rug, so to speak, and organized a “formal dance.” They decorated the dining hall with international flags, dressed in fancy clothes which they had brought for the purpose and had a great time. We're told they even did the limbo!


Saturday was a beautiful day to spend at Ski Martock skiing and snowboarding. Students who were new to the sports took lessons in the morning and were able to join their friends in the afternoon for a really good time on the slopes. In the evening students were priviledged to be invited to Paul Primeau's Sweat Lodge in Falmouth and were very respectful of the opportunity.


On Sunday morning everyone helped pack and clean up, and we sent the majority of the students home on the bus together. “They were a great group,” said Rotarian Andy Kirk. “Rotary exchange students are almost always really good but this group were just plain superior. Whether it was the dishes, the clean-up, the need for attention when imparting instructions or anything at all, they were great.” By all accounts it was an absolutely fabulous weekend!


In the photo: Rotary Exchange Students at Camp Mockingee. If you look closely you may be able to pick out Rotarians Les Reid, Alex Jurgens, Tish Deemer and Kevin Walsh as well as our own Windsor Rotary Exchange Student, Agustina from Argentina.


The Rotary Exchange Student Weekend is one of many projects supported by Windsor Rotary...one Toonie at a time. You can help by playing the weekly Windsor Rotary Community Toonie 50/50 draw. Find out more at http://rotarytoonie.com/

We crashed the Windsor People First meeting to present a cheque which will help send a representative to the People First Nova Scotia AGM in Yarmouth in June. In the photo with the big cheque left to right: Windsor People First President Evelyn Oatman, Rotarian Francesco Troili, Windsor People First member Calvin Wood, and Rotarian Pat Gould-Thorpe.


This is just one example of how the Rotary supports positive change in our communities…one Toonie at a time. More information at rotarytoonie.com

Windsor Rotary has been sending students abroad and welcoming students from around the world since 1978. Many of their families come to visit and the students stay in touch and frequently return to see the friends they made during the exchange. Students learn a new language, discover another culture, and truly become global citizens.

"Exchange is not a year in life, but a life in a year," wrote Freya, our current outbound Rotary Exchange Student. Freya is building lasting friendships as she spends the school year in Belgium. Here at home our inbound student is Agustina , all the way from Argentina.

Rotarians and host families are giving them both as many local experiences as possible. Pictured with Agustina is Rotarian Les Reid. Together they decorated the Argentinian Catamaran giant pumpkin which she rowed in the Pumpkin Regatta shortly after she arrived here. Check back for more on the amazing experiences of these young ladies.

This is just one example of how the Rotary supports local youth…one Toonie at a time. More information at rotarytoonie.com

The Rotary Club of Windsor recently joined forces with New Boundaries to provide four benches for the outdoor rink at the Falmouth District Elementary School. The rink is built and maintained by volunteers and is used through the day as part of the student physical education program and extensively during evenings and on weekends by the community at large. The school collects used skates for students and families looking to borrow gear. The benches give people a dry place to sit while putting on skates and serve as comfortable gathering places for conversation.

The benches were constructed by Steve Sharp and his team as part of a skills training program at New Boundaries, a non-profit vocational centre for adults with diverse abilities,. "We have had the pleasure of working on other projects with the folks at New Boundaries," says Rotarian Andy Kirk. "We were very happy with the results and I see this as a mutually beneficial relationship."

The photo shows students from Falmouth District Elementary sitting on two of the benches while those from New Boundaries along with Rotarian Larry Armstrong as well as Physical Education teacher Janice Forand and Principal Kim Frank are standing at the back.

This is one of many projects supported by Windsor Rotary...one Toonie at a time. You can help by playing the weekly Windsor Rotary Community Toonie 50/50 draw. Find out more at http://rotarytoonie.com/
The Rotary Club of Windsor is supporting five karate students, ages 12 to 14, who have been chosen to represent Team Nova Scotia in national competition. The students, from the Windsor Karate Club, will be part of a 16 member team competing for Nova Scotia at the 2017 Karate Canada National Championships in Quebec. Rotarians presented a cheque for $500 to help with the expenses of the trip.

Shown in the front row are (left to right) Alex Lyghtle, and Jesse Niet
Back row is Andrew Postma, Andrew Sheehy (Rotary), Maaike Niet, Angel Niet, Elaine Lyghtle, Joanna Gould-Thorpe (Rotary), and Instructor David Griffin.

David Griffin is the Head Instructor and founder. He has been training for over 40 years. He is a former competitor and head coach of the Nova Scotia Karate Team and is currently an internationally certified referee.

The Windsor Karate Club is the oldest Martial Arts School in Hants County. All Instructors are well trained experienced black belts. Many of their students have competed Provincially, Regionally and Nationally and some have gone on to represent Canada at international events. Lets wish this great group of competitiors well on their way to doing the same.

More information about the club can be found at http://windsorkarateclub.ca/

Have you played the 50/50 yet? Find out more at http://rotarytoonie.com/

Our club is pleased to welcome our newest Rotarian, Stephen Shaw, Manager CIBC Windsor. Steve is shown here (right) with President Andrew Sheehy.
Our Club is pleased to welcome new Rotarian, Joanna Gould-Thorpe shown here with President Andrew Sheehy, Joanna, Rotarian Pat Gould-Thorpe (Joanna's mother), and Vice President Jason Trider. 
Although we recognize a number of two and even three generation Rotarians among fathers and sons, we wonder if we are unique in having a mother and daughter combination as Rotarians.

Thanks to all the students, parents, teachers and Rotarians who supported the Food For Thought Campaign. Your efforts raised $10,938.50 toward the school breakfast programs and the cheque was presented at Windsor Elementary School.

In the photo are (L to R): David Campbell, Principal of Three Mile Plains District School; Shelley King, Principal of Windsor Forks District School; Mike Knowles, Principal of Windsor Elementary School; Rotarian Jason Trider, Chair of the Food for Thought Committee and Vice-president of the Windsor Rotary Club; Brenda Newcombe, Principal of Brooklyn District Elementary School; Shelley Regan, Principal of Dr. Arthur Hines Elementary School; Kim Frank, Principal of Falmouth District School and Rotarian Jon Oulton, Oulton Fuels which has been a strong supporter of the Food For Thought initiative since its inception.

Just in time for Christmas dinners Windsor Rotary presented a cheque for $7,500 to the Matthew 25 Windsor & District Food Bank. The money was raised through the Rotary & Friends Annual Fall Food Bank Drive Toll Road plus a donation from Windsor Rotary.

In the photo, event Chair Jonathan DeMont, Rotary President Andrew Sheehy, Doreen Eagles and Cindy Loane of Matthew 25 Windsor & District Food Bank, Windsor Fire Department Veteran Greg Lake, and Rotary Vice President Jason Trider.

Special thanks goes to members of Windsor Fire Department, WFD Veterans Association Members, Town of Windsor and Eastern Valley Real Estate for all their help. Special thanks to McDonald's (coffee and treats), Cocoa Pesto Bistro (Pulled Pork Stew) and Jessy's Pizza for the great refreshments. It made the damp and rainy day a little more bearable. Again, thank you!

Congratulations Rotarian Tish Deemer recipient of the True Rotarian Award! This award is presented to "a Rotarian who demonstrates through her Rotary and community life that she lives by the four-way test at all times; who is humble, does not flatter wealth or boast of her own achievements; speaks with sincerity and empathy; and provides Service Above Self in word and deed." The award was presented by District Governor Elva Heyge.
The new Rotary Community Toonie 50/50 Draw carries on the Rotary Club of Windsor’s tradition of teaming with local organizations to benefit our community. The Rotary Community Toonie Draw will provide a year round source of income and cash prizes for both the club and partner organizations.
Weekly draws begin September 28, 2016
Today our club was proud to welcome our newest member, Steve Nelson, President of Heritage Memorials in Windsor. In the photo Rotarians Adrian Nauss, Steve and John Bregante (Vice President/Secretary)

Save the Hantsport Public Library is our Community Partner at the 2015 Rotary Gala at King's-Edgehill.

Join us for an elegant dinner and an intriguing evening Saturday, April 18, 2015. Auctioneer Rev. Bill Gibson will add his upbeat flair to offerings of artistic creations, unique products and services. For ticket info call Kevin 902-792-2316.

The First Annual Rotary Polar Bear DipImage happens January 1, 2015, at the Pisiquid Canoe Club in Windsor, NS. Registration is 11 am, dipping begins at 12 noon. Dippers can get pledge sheets and participant information at www.rotarywindsor.com .  Just click on Polar Bear Dip in the top navigation bar.

ALL MONEY RAISED FROM PLEDGES GOES TO VALLEY FOOD BANKS. Fellow Rotarians, friends, and family who don't brave the frigid waters of Lake Pesaquid can still support our Food Banks by pledging their support for dippers. The first 50 dippers to register will receive a fantastic, one-of-a-kind participant “Rotary Polar Bear Dip sweatshirt.”

And if there is no water in the lake? We'll have the first ever virtual dip. No worries though - either way we will get very, very wet. For more information polarbeardip@rotarywindsor.com


Congratulations to Jason Trider and John Bregante who were recognized for their Rotary Service. President Steve Mastroianni (center) presented the True Rotarian award to Jason Trider (right) and recognized John Bregante (left) for sponsoring a new Rotarian.

When the Rotary Club of Windsor, Nova Scotia, was organized, there was an air of skepticism in our community as to its future. This was evident in the Hants Journal editorial of February 27, 1929 which quoted some of the criticisms directed at the new club. "There are too many Clubs and Societies now. The Progressive Club went down. It (the Rotary Club) is nothing but a Tory institution." The editorial concluded by asking that the Imageclub be allowed at least its cradle anniversary before too harsh criticism is directed against it.

A relationship was early established with the Windsor and Eton Rotary Club in England. The Windsor, Nova Scotia, Rotary Club sent gifts of apples and the British Club reciprocated with a unique gift which is worthy of special mention. The minutes of March 6, 1933, record that a letter was received from the Windsor and Eton Club advising shipment of a gift of a carved wooden casket. A unique feature of the casket was that it was made by the King's wood carver, from a 15th century beam taken from the Royal Chapel, the historic Chapel of St. Georges at Windsor.

It was necessary to replace the old roof timbers which had been installed in the year 1474 and it is from one of these actual beams that the casket is made. The badge of Saint George is engraved on the lid and suitable wording is carved on the side. A gavel made from the same wood was also donated by the Windsor and Eton Club. The minutes refer to a local craftsman, James Rafuse, as having been commissioned to make a glass case for the casket. It has been the custom over the years for the casket and gavel to be passed on by each Club President to his or her successor, together with other symbols of office.

Early skepticism notwithstanding, our Club survived the depression of the nineteen-thirties and the war years, and, to this day, continues to serve our communities, a tribute to the dedication of the founding members and all Rotarians who have kept alive the spirit of Rotary in the Windsor area throughout the years.

ImageDistrict Governor Greg Caldwell, his wife Claudia, assistant DG Rob Porter and his wife Jan were on hand to help celebrate our executive changeover this week. In the photo Rob, Greg, incoming President Steve Mastroianni, and incoming Vice-President/Secretary John Bregante.

This year the Rotary Club of Windsor is celebrating a milestone in the history of Camp Mockingee, the primary project of the Club since 1949. Camp Mockingee's 65th Anniversary Campfire will take place on June 22 between 4 and 7 pm and Windsor Rotary is inviting the public and particularly any foImagermer campers to attend.

For a special treat Peggy Kochanoff will lead a nature walk around the Blue Trail, a beautiful forest walk. Games, swimming, hot dogs and s'mores around the campfire if weather permits, otherwise in our newly renovated dining hall. Campers who stayed in the original 6 unheated cabins - well, you should see us now!

Windsor Rotary has a long history of supporting sports, picnics and camping for youth. As early as the nineteen-thirties, the Club sponsored picnics for boys and girls. The minutes of August 15, 1932, record that 270 boys and girls attended a picnic at Evangeline Beach organized and conducted by Rotarians. Transportation was provided by Club members in 30 cars and one truck, without mishap. Similar picnics were an annual event for several years. A letter from the first Windsor Scout Troop Leader in 1940 reads, “Without your nightly deliveries of milk and supplies, without the kind loan of Mr. Colin Taylor's truck to transport our Company equipment to and from the camp, without your generous donation of fine prizes for the winning patrol, and without your unstinting help in many ways, the camp could not have been the heartening success which it was.”

In the summer of 1949 the Club transformed an empty field and forty acres of land bordering Lake Mockingee into Camp Mockingee. Three memImagebers of the Club, George Bartlett, Thomas Aiken, and Arthur Parsons led the project that acquired the land, oversaw the construction of eight buildings, and the development of the playing fields and waterfront. Total cost of the project was $9,000, which would be over $100,000 in today's funds.

Since that time the Camp has been transformed into a year round facility with a fully equipped kitchen and dining hall, as well as heated dormitories with washrooms and showers. “We are particularly anxious to have former campers come see all the improvements,” says Rotarian Andy Kirk, who chairs the committee that manages the Camp. “The original six unheated cabins are still in use during the summer and will bring back fond memories for some of the early campers.”

This year the Rotary Club of Windsor will be supporting the Hants Community Hospital in their continuing efforts to bring the very best of care to the citizens of West Hants, Windsor and Hantsport. With their donations supporters of previous Special Fund Campaigns have assisted the hospital with their purchase of a cardiac crash cart in 2005 and a vital signs monitor in 2001. With 24 acute care beds and 14 transitional care beds many clients at the Hants Community Hospital require wheelchairs for short or long term use while inpatients. These new chairs will be purchased with adaptability in mind, to make changing features such as seat-to-floor height and the axle position as easy and convenient as possible. These features, along with the exchange of parts, will permit configurationfor different users. The purchase of these chairs will enable the Occupational and Physiotherapy Departments to meet more of their clients’ seating and positioning needs, enabling more patients to spend more time out of bed and mobilizing on the unit, rather than in bed.

Our 2014 goal will be to raise $6000.00 for the purchase of 3 chairs.

See how you can contribute www.windsorrotaryauction.com

ImageKaren Ferguson spoke to us this week about her business: Errands by Karen. This is a new business in the greater Windsor area offering services such as drives to appointments, deliveries, grocery shopping, respite for caregivers as well as at home blood collection services. Karen feels her service will fill a gap for a lot of people who just need a helping hand and pointed out that her service could be used by small business as well as individuals. She thanked the Kings Hants CBDC for sponsoring her through the Self Employment Benefits program. Karen hopes she will be able to help people stay as independent as possible. In the photo: Rotarian Larry Armstrong and Karen Ferguson.

Image“So why are we worried about sharks?” For most people who are afraid to swim in the ocean it is because of the 1975 movie “Jaws.” We have 19 species of shark in canadian waters, about 200 million sharks off eastern Canada but very few that attack people.

Dr. Steven Campana spoke to our club this week about several kinds of sharks and about his research and the type of information he is collecting. Sharks are tagged with a sattelite tag which is programmed to pop off and transmit the data it has collected including the depth, temperature and location of the sharks' travels. He has learned, for example, that the Porbeagle prefers cold water but the females travel thousands of kms to give birth in the warmer waters of the sargasso Sea.

Dr. Campana knows of only 3 species that attack people: the Great White Shark, Bull Shark, and Tiger Shark which is rare in canadian waters. To help avoid shark attacks he suggests we don't swim at dawn or dusk or at the mouth of a river.

Dr. Steven Campana is a Senior Scientist at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, where he directs a research program on the population dynamics of sharks and other fishes.

ImageBrian Farrell, Manager of CIBC Windsor, was welcomed this week as the newest Windsor Rotarian. In the photo President Louis Coutinho with Brian.


Windsor Rotarians were proud to present a cheque for $10,000 to the Food for Thought school breakfast program in West Hants. In the photo: Rotarian Jason Trider; Jeanne Crawford - Dr. Arthur Hines; Rotarians Steve Mastroianni, Pat Gould-Thorpe, Jon Oulton; David Campbell - Three Mile Plains; Karen Wallace - Falmouth District; Shelley Regan - Newport Station; Rotarian Derek Underhill; Michael Knowles - Windsor Elementary.


ImageOur exchange student, Lea, spoke to us this week about her home near Dunkerque, France, her family, and going to school in France. She kept us amused with stories about the unique carnival held every year in Dunkerque and showed very expressive pictures of her acting roles. Acting is her passion, she told us, and may be part of her future studies.

ImageRotary clubs in the Annapolis Valley are cooperating to raise awareness of Rotary by jointly promoting the services we provide to our communities and around the world. To help achieve this mandate we have formed the Valley PR Committee with representation from all 6 Valley clubs.

It's early days yet and a lot of our activities are in the planning stages. Already, however, we can offer a 10 x 10 foot shelter tent sporting the Rotary logo for use at club supported events. The tent will be stored in New Minas and will be available to the 6 Valley clubs on a first reserved, first serve basis. 

ImagePresident Louis has been in touch with our 2011 exchange student, Blanca Gonzales, from the Canary Islands. At our meeting today he presented a series of photos showing Blanca in Tanzania where she was volunteering with a group of orphaned children. We hear she brought them some much needed clothing and gifts, then taught them to sing "I'm a little teapot" - in Spanish!

ImageThis time last year Rotarian Joe Seagram spoke to our club about the need for a school for disadvantaged children at Matonyok, Tanzania. Since that time students at Kings Edgehill School, where Joe is Headmaster, fundraised $20,000 and, during March break, travelled to Tanzania and built the school.

Recently Joe spoke about the Tanzania Leadership Expedition where 26 KES students spent 22 days touring "traditional" Africa, building the school and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. The photo shows Matonyok with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background.

Our club is proud to be a supporter of this project.

ImageOn the occasion of Bill's 90th birthday Rotarians and guests gathered to recognize some of Bill Mulhall's many contributions to our communities. Shown in the photo are President Jonathan, Claudia Caldwell, (Bill), President Elect of District 7820, Gregg Caldwell, Assistant District Governor Rob Porter, all here to celebrate with Bill and wish him a Happy 90th Birthday.

Image In total at least 33 Rotarians and volunteers joined in the camaraderie and bidding throughout the three evenings and we also had a fine old time. I certainly hope that additional Rotarians will be able to clear some of their schedules and join with us next year. As you can see by the fashions sported by President Jonathan and Randy. We do have a grand time.

ImageOur club has installed 474 of the Intouch units since we started this program in 1991. We currently have 103 units in operation and this is about our average. We have installed units in Tennycape, Walton, Rawdon, Gore, Mount Uniacke, Upper Vaughn, Hants Border and places in between.

Tisha White (center) of Northwood Intouch spoke to Windsor Rotarians recently about new products available to help keep people safe. Have a look at the video Tisha made to show all these great products.

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December 2017
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