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We meet Tuesdays at 7:15 AM
Villagia in the Glebe
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Rotary Club of Ottawa Bytown member, Linas Pilypaitis and Club President Li Peckan, planted a tree on the lawn of Inmaculata High School on June 1st, 2018, on behalf of our Club.
The Rotary Club of Ottawa By-town is part of the “Vimy Oaks” project. A tree was planted on June 1, 2018 on the lawn of Inmaculata High School, located on 140 Main St, Ottawa. The objective of this project is to bring twenty-four Vimy oaks, to the city of Ottawa by local Rotary Clubs and plant them on the lawns of Ottawa High Schools. This will provide an education opportunity to youngsters to learn about the history behind the tree and remember the soldiers from the First World War.
The trees are descended from acorns gathered by Lieut. Leslie Miller, who fought at Vimy Ridge. He found them in a half-buried oak tree on a nearly obliterated landscape after the battle was over in 1917. Those acorns were later planted by him on farmland in Scarborough, ON, in his farm later called Vimy Oaks Farm.
In January 2015, the process began with professional arborists taking cuttings from the crowns of the oaks to be grafted onto base root stock. The Rotary Clubs in Ottawa are bringing these saplings for planting to commemorate the Battle of Vimy Ridge and support the Vimy Foundation and ongoing educational programs.
Kathleen Cummings and Claire Danis from St. Mary's Home and Residence received a donation from L.A. Palamar, Ottawa By-Town President Elected, on behalf of our Club during our visit on April 17th, 2018
For a few years, Ottawa By-town has been a proud supporter of St. Mary's Home and St. Mary's Residence. These organizations are committed to providing comprehensive services, advocacy and programs for pregnant youths and young families offered in an environment of respect, care and safety.  St. Mary's programs are offered to children reinforcing developmental milestones through play and consistent routines. Young mothers and fathers learn about child development and healthy lifestyles.  They also learn to respond to their child in a way that will create a strong and secure relationship. Young participants receive a light breakfast and a free lunch while participate in educational and health programs.
The Young Parent Outreach and Program Centre is located in the Vanier area of Ottawa. One of the its greatest features is that it’s a “one-stop” multi-service centre. It brings together in one location, a number of different services and programs all designed to meet the unique needs of young pregnant women, young moms and dads and their children.
On Tuesday  April 17th, St. Mary's Home opened its doors to the Ottawa By-town members, with the goal of touring the premises and learning more about their services. Our members were very impressed by the level of detail and care that St. Mary's provides to its clients. Our Club is always ready to help the community and we are very proud to have partnered with this St. Mary's that has served pregnant youth in Ottawa since 1933. During our visit the Ottawa By-town Rotary Club offered a cash donation to the Centre. This adds to the donation of a scholarship for one of the young mothers  to continue her studies and the donation of an electric stove to St. Mary's Residence.
We are very happy to continue helping St. Mary's  assisting young mothers and children in the community. To learn more about St. Mary's CLICK HERE
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