End of year 2022

The Rotary Club of Ottawa Bytown contributed 15 hampers to Centretown United Church. The hampers contained gifts and grocery gift cards for 15 low-income families in the community. We have put a smile on the faces of 33 people for Christmas.
In December 2022, we also delivered cheques to the Centretown Emergency Food Centre, Hospice Ottawa, Daybreak Ottawa and St. Mary´s School. We also covered the whole shifts for the Salvation Army campaign last Saturday at Billings Bridge Mall. The previous week we delivered a $6,000 cheque to the Rotary Home, funds raised by the Car Rally in the fall.
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Rotary Club of Ottawa Bytown Car Rally

On September 25th, 2022, our Car Rally took place. The Rotary Club of Ottawa Bytown partnered with the Ottawa Home Foundation to raise funds and have fun in a nice event that allowed participants to enjoy the Ottawa landscape while performing tasks with family and friends. This year the path took participants to visit great places along the Rideau Canal. At Merrickville, participants were able to enjoy the beautiful town while learning about its historic background. The Rally started at the Ottawa Rotary Home and ended at the same place, where participants and organisers enjoyed drinks and snacks while sharing its adventures during the Rally. 
Special thanks to our sponsors: Carp Self Storage, Morris Home Hardware, Ampos Orthopaedics and Pilypaitis Nobbs Wealth Management Group. We also thank our generous donors: L.A. and Bill Palamar, Manotick Place Retirement and Miller Apartments, Baldachin Restaurant and Inn, Rocco Disipio, Production Case Company, Bushtukah, Charles Mossman, Benjamin Butmir and Scott Vetter.
Thank participants and volunteers!
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Centertown Emergency Food Centre

During the year 2021, the Rotary Club of Ottawa Bytown provided support and donations to the Centretown Emergency Food Centre in Ottawa. In May 2022, we had the official presentation of the cheque that corresponded to our 2021 donation. In the picture, Louis Karangura-Community Service Director, Kenneth Sparks - Club President, Stewart Hewlett - Honorary member, and Iris Bradly - Club member, presented the cheque to Diana Mahaffy -Centertown Emergency Food Centre Manager.
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StoryBook Ottawa

The Rotary Club of Ottawa Bytown partnered with StoryBook Ottawa on a literacy project. We donated one book to each student of the Cambridge Public School in Ottawa.  In the picture, Louis Karangura -Community Service Director- and Ken Sparks - Club President- presented the books to the kindergarden class.
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Fundraising event

In the summer of 2021, the Rotary Club of Ottawa Bytown collected gently used clothes and house items from our friends and neighbours. We received overwhelming support from generous donors. We partnered with Value Village to receive those items. Dymon Storage - Ottawa gave us space to store the items. Special thanks to them!On June 26th, Rotary Club members from our club with the help of our partners, took the load of items to Value Village. In the last picture, Bob Garret Principal of Immaculata High School, receives a cheque from the activity proceeds from our Club president, Ken Sparks.
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The Rotary Club of Ottawa Bytown has been supporting Project Chance Africa for a few years.  Activities to support this project, are underway in support of the school in the Mathare Slum in Nairobi, Africa.  A few fundraisers are planned:  In October (date to be confirmed) there will be a concert at the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield.  Lyne Miles will be performing.  On November 4 there will be a fashion show hosted by Shepards (a store in the Train Yards).    Suan Cross,  explained that the school needs a more reliable water supply and Project Chance Africa will be building a well within the school grounds.  The school continues to feed about 450 children a day (without food, many families would not send the children to school).  Our club presented a cheque to Project Chance Africa for $2,000 which will, once again, cover the cost of the head teacher’s salary.


Meeting June 5, 2018

Robert Garrow (Guest speaker)
Henry Beesley (Rotarian visiting from BC)
- Food drive will take place on June 24th at Loblaws on Isabella. Volunteers are needed
- There will be a BBQ in Almonte on June 25th, for the Real Estate Event. Volunteers are needed to cook and prepare hamburgers and hot dogs.
- Our Changeover event will take place on June 30th at Iris House. Iris, Li and L.A. will be in charge of the menu preparation. We are asking each attendee to contribute with $25 for the purchase of food. Please, bring your own drinks.
Guest Speaker: Bob Garrow
Bob Garrow has been a member of Kiwanis Club for 26 years and he is a past member of Rotary Clubs. He has a lifetime history of participation in service clubs. He came to our club to talk to us about opportunities in memberships and how he has seen the evolution of the clubs' memberships through the years to accommodate new generations. As he mentioned, service clubs are based on large club models and this currently is a challenge because membership numbers keep shrinking.  Club projects require large number of contributors and lots of energy which is often a concern as club members are aging and it is difficult to recruit new young members.
Millennials could be the future of service clubs, but it is evident that this new generation is moved by a cause rather than by a life time commitment. Service Clubs need to adapt and understand the needs and motivation of the new generation. When millennials join a service club, they need to be involved immediately in projects and committees. This new generations is committed to a cause and often connects through the internet. They are also looking for opportunities to network. As service clubs, we should be open to new approaches in order to preserve the future of our clubs.
Our website home page has been updated. CLICK HERE TO VISIT.
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Reading Program at Cambridge School

CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL,  Rotarians Stewart Hewlett and Derek Fortune have participated as volunteers for several years in the Reading Program hosted by the Ottawa Bytown Rotary Club at Cambridge School.  Our Club donates Dictionaries to small children as a component of this program. For their dedication to the program and their commitment, Stew and Derek were nominated as Volunteers of the Year. In the picture, Ruth Verger-Stewart from Cambridge School join Stew and Derek.
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Upgrading Sanitation at a Food Bank in Ottawa

 Thanks to funding from the Rotary Foundation, the Rotary Club of Ottawa-Bytown was able to purchase and install a new dishwasher and countertop at the Centretown Emergency Food Centre at 507 Bank Street, Ottawa in February, 2017. The Club received a District Simplified Grant from the Rotary Foundation which helped to pay for the project.


 The new dishwasher and countertop will enable the Food Centre to offer food in containers which are properly sanitized.  This will prevent contamination and illness. 


 The Food Centre operates on a very limited budget.  It was desperately in need of a new dishwasher.   The support of Rotary in purchasing the dishwasher will mean that the Food Centre will not have to expend their limited funds on a dishwasher.  They will therefore have more money to spend on the purchase of food for those in need in the community. 


Two members of our Club, Terry Egan and Stu Hewlett, actively participated in the implementation of the project,


 Since 2015, the Rotary Club of Ottawa-Bytown has held five food drives on behalf of the Food Centre and we have raised almost $10,000 in food and cash which we donated to the Food Centre.  The food drives have resulted in a close working relationship with the Food Centre which has made us sensitive to the challenges the Food Centre faces in providing food, on a limited budget, to over 10,000 clients each year.  It was this close relationship which gave our club the awareness of the importance of this project and which gave the club the commitment to carry the project through to completion.


 The Rotary Club of Ottawa-Bytown club has held two club meetings on the site so that all the club members could learn about the needs of the Food Centre and to learn about the project.


 The direct beneficiaries of the project were clients who take the food home in bulk in properly sanitized containers.  The Food Centre provides food to over 10,000 people annually including immigrants, the homeless and the working poor. Many families obtain food from the Food Centre.  Therefore, the direct beneficiaries of the project include many children.


 We extend many thanks to the Rotary Foundation and to those who worked to implement this project and especially Stu Hewlett and Terry Egan.

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Daffodil Campaign

Every year, the Ottawa Bytown Rotary Club donates a full-day of volunteers to raise funds for the Daffodil Campaign in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. Our members participate at a designated location receiving donations from the community.
During the month of April, the Canadian Cancer Society raise vital funds to support people living with cancer and their families. Our Club has a presence on this campaign. On April 22, 2017, we were present at the Loblaws Store located at the corner of Vanier and McCarthur.
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Meeting April 4, 2017

Guests: Chris Kelly, Causeway
                 Kerry Kaisar, Centretown Emergency Food Centre
                 Daphne McClemet, Centretown Emergency Food Centre
                 Tom Wilkinson, Charlottetown Rotary Club
  • We held the meeting at the Centretown United Church so that we could visit the Food Centre.
  • Derek chaired the meeting.
  • Chris provided a wonderful breakfast.  Thank you so much Chris!
  • Tom announced that the project to install solar panels in the orphanage in North Korea has been completed.  He said that it was a joy to see photos of children bathing in hot water for the first time in their lives.  The final inspection team will soon in going in
  • There was a reminder that the next Board meeting will be on Monday, April 10 at Mike’s store at 7:00 pm.
  • Terry reported that he is not sure if we have a location for sale of daffodils for the Canadian Cancer Society.  He will keep us posted.
  • The Golf Tournament will be on Wednesday, June 14 and everyone is asked to keep their calendars open.
After enjoying breakfast, we visited the Food Centre and inspected the new dishwasher which was funded, in part, by a District Simplified Grant and in part by our club.  Kerry Kaisar said that they are extremely happy with the dishwasher and she is grateful to our club for making it possible.  Thank you to Stu who helped Kerry pick out the dishwasher and who supervised and monitored the installation.  A well functioning dishwasher is essential to the Food Bank since they use old yogurt containers to package food and they must ensure that the containers are sanitized properly.
Kerry took us on a tour of the Food Centre and explained generally how customers are served.  She mentioned that they are accepting donations of books (since many clients enjoy reading).  They also appreciate receiving used plastic bags for their clients to put the food into.
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Meeting April 11, 2017

Guest: Edmond Lantier, Hull Rotary Club
  •  We began the meeting with a short presentation by our guest, Edmond Lantier.  He circulated invitations to a commemorative event celebrating the 100th year of the Rotary Foundation.  The event is sponsored by the Rotary Club in Hull.  The proceeds from the event will go to a pediatric clinic for underprivileged children in Hull and to the Rotary Foundation.  The event will be held at the Embassy of France on Sussex Drive from 6:00 to 8:00 pm on Thursday, May 11.  Wine, champagne and cocktails will be served.  The cost is $60 per person.  Unfortunately, the deadline for registration and payment was April 11, the day of our meeting. 
  • Terry informed us that we will be selling daffodils for the Canadian Cancer Society on Saturday, April 22 at the Loblaws store at 100 McArthur Ave. (corner of Vanier Parkway).  If you have not signed up to volunteer and are able to do so, please let Terry know.
  • Derek and Stu are continuing to read with elementary school children at Cambridge School.  Derek recently read with a child from Syria who could not speak a word of English.  Stu is working with a child who is desperate to learn how to read.  They go to the school once a week, on Mondays.
  • The Board meeting was held on Monday, April 10, 2017.  Li reported on the key points which were covered at the Board Meeting.  She explained that as a result of last year’s rummage sale, the club has money in reserve.  It was agreed at the Board meeting that, in the upcoming year, we will again allocate $4,000 to the Community Service Committee; $2,000 to the International Service Committee and $2,000 to the Vocational Committee.
  • The Board also discussed fundraising.  We have decided to go ahead with sale of the Father’s Day Gift Packs which James put together.  The packages are very attractive.  We will sell them for $30 each and the Club will earn $10 on each one sold.
  • - The Golf Tournament will be on.  We are going to use next week’s meeting to have an in-depth discussion with Terry about the planning for the Tournament.  In particular, we need to discuss whether we can take some of the burden of the planning off of Terry’s shoulders.
  •  -Li mentioned that the Rummage sale last September raised a total of about $28,000 for the Church, Causeway and our Club.  We are considering whether we should hold another sale.  LA has kindly offered to look into this.
  • The club will also continue with the sale of the cash calendars. 
  • The Board members also discussed the Masters Golf Raffle.  The Kanata Sunrise Club is keen to take over the raffle.  Given the size of their club, they should be able to raise more money which will benefit all of Rotary.  Our club’s charitable status has been suspended due to late filing.  Chris has put a great deal of work into organizing past raffles and would like to have a break.  Therefore, the Board decided that we will hand the raffle to the Kanata Sunrise Club for one year only, on the understanding that it will be returned to our club.
  • As regards community service, the board decided to apply for a District Simplified Grant for next year for funds to replace the stove at St Mary Home.  We want to continue gaining experience in applying for grants and creating a good track record.  Anabelle has offered to prepare the application for the grant.
  •  St Mary’s Home also needs a new washing machine and dryer (which they need right away) and we will see if could fund this. 
  • Also, we are ready to send a cheque for $2,250 to Project Chance Africa for payment of food (oatmeal and milk powder) for elementary school children in Nairobi, Kenya.  $750 of this amount will be covered by a District Simplified Grant.
  • On the subject of club membership, the Board decided that we should invite Tim Desjardins to join our club.  He already feels like a member since we know him well from working together on the rummage sale.  Stu will extend the invitation to Tim.
  • -The Board members also discussed our decision to hold meetings on a bi-weekly basis during the winter months since many of our members are out of the country in the winter.  The idea of bi-weekly meetings is generally liked except we have a concern that when combined with cancellations due to bad weather and other reasons, the breaks between meetings becomes too long.  Therefore, we decided that we should try to have two meetings a month, even if there are cancellations
  • Mike proposed that our club should fund a Shelter Box which costs about $1,500.  Before we take a decision on this, Mike will prepare a Treasurer’s Report, for the next Board meeting.
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Meeting February 21st, 2017

Tom Wilkinson
Tim Desjardins
  • Stu announced that the purchase and installation of the dish washer for the Centretown Food Centre has been finalized. We will have a meeting at the Food Centre in the next few weeks, Wendy will coordinate.
  • During our next Board of Directors meeting, we will assess how the biweekly meetings went during the winter time.  
  • For the next few months, members responsible for programming are:
         Mike: March
         Wendy: April
          L.A.: May
  • Terry proposed a donation of a refrigerator to St. Mary's School. It was voted and approved by all members. Wendy will fill out the form to apply for grants.
  • It was suggested that we invite a representative from St. Mary's to come to one of our meetings. We are interested in becoming more familiar with the programs of St. Mary's as well as  Immaculata School to find out how we can provide more support.
  • Chris reported on the Rummage sale wrap up. At the end, the whole project would have produced around $11,000 for our club.
  • Wendy brought the fact that we should decide if we will continue supporting the payment of one teacher for the school in Kenya from our International Budget. This project does not qualify for simplified grants from the District and takes most of our International budget.  If we continue supporting it, we may have to find additional funding through a fundraising event. We will wait to make a decision later on in the year.
  • Wendy is going to find out about a project the West Ottawa Club is doing to support disable people in Uganda. We may decide to support this project as it is sustainable and would allow us to work with another Club.
  • March 17th, St. Patrick Social Celebration at Stu's house
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Meeting December 6th 2016

Suan Cross- West Ottawa Rotary Club
- Stu will deliver cheques for St. Mary's Home, Centretown Food Centre, Hospice Care of Ottawa and Daybreak. These are donations of $750 to each organizations from our Club.
- December 17th, our club members will volunteer for Running on Empties at the Beer Store located on Merivale Road and Meadowlands.
- Chris and Wendy will attend the District Simplified Grant Seminar in Cornwall.
- Our Food Drive event will be held on January 28th. We will confirm the date for volunteers
- On January 31st, our DG will visit our Club meeting. During this meeting, we will also have the Master Raffle.
- Our next Board Of Directors meeting will be on Monday January 30th at the Home Hardware Store
Guest Speaker: Suan Cross
Suan came to our Club to update us on her projects in the slums of Nairobi, Mathare, Kenya. Suan started going to Nairobi in 1989. After many years of hard work, she now has a primary school for 410 children and a medical clinic that services 1000 patients a month. Our Club supporst Suan food project for the children who attend the school. 
Suan has been able to partner with other organizations such as a private hospital and other non-government organizations to be able to provide medical service, drugstore, nursing care and food to the community. The clinic is open to the whole community. The food element is very important because this is a way to keep children at school. 

For more information about the Project Chance Africa, CLIC
We thanked Suan for the update and we hope to continue supporting her projects.
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Meeting October 11, 2016

Bea Osome
Jeffrey Fine
- President Li reminded all members to submit receipts for expenses related to the Rummage Sale.
- Next week meeting, October 18th is cancelled. Our next meeting will be on October 25th, where we will have a speaker - GAry Powers- to talk about the Cold War Museum
- Charter Night will be on October 25th at the Canal Ritz Restaurant
- District Conference will be on October 28th and 29th
- Wendy submitted to the Club the request of supporting a project for a school in Mexico as recommended by past Distric Governour Claude La Liberte. Wendy will provide more details.
Jeffrey Fine an international trade, finance and economic advisor for governments across the globe. He has worked with NGO's, governments and educational organizations, and the private sector in the field of Internalization of Education. The fact that people nowadays have longer productive lives often present the challenge of multi- generational presence in the work place and in the field of education. These reality poses the need to understand the needs of different members. The diversity of cultures, the digital information and the multi-generational presence in the work place is something that we must face by seeking cooperation among all members.
We should stand and think how we make sense of this trend of information. Universities and educators face the challenge of preparing individuals for the future. The educational system has been transformed to be able to integrate all these new trends.  The skills that people need today are different from what they needed in the past.  People need to develop critical thinking rather than acquiring knowledge about facts that may become outdated in a short period of time. There is also a need to develop cross-cultural competency and trans-disciplinary thinking in order to prepare people for evolving professions.
We thanked Jeffrey for sharing his knowledge and experience with our Club members.
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Meeting October 4th, 2016

Posted by Anabelle Salas

Guest: Christopher Kory, Causeway Work Centre



- Chris Kraft spoke to us about the huge amount of work that he and others did over the past weekend in cleaning out the storage lockers where the items for the rummage sale were stored.  There were six large lockers in total.  Chris described the quantity of goods as "phenomenal".  Items were given to Causeway Work Centre since they plan to hold a sale.  As well, more items were given to the Centretown United Church for their sale in May.  Many thanks to Chris and the others who worked so hard at the lockers on the weekend.

- Christopher Kory attended the meeting and explained to us about Causeway Work Centre which is in the Hintonburg neighbourhood of Ottawa.  Causeway started as an employment agency for youth with mental illness.  However, it has branched out and now runs various types of programs.  Christopher Kory runs their nutrition and wellness program.  They have a catering business, a landscaping business and an entrepreneur program.  These programs bring in funds and also provide training to their clients.

- Charter Night will be on October 25, 2016 at the Ritz Canal Restaurant.  If you have not already signed up, please be sure to do so if you are available to attend.

- our regular meeting will go ahead on October 25, 2016 (the day of Charter night) since we had already arranged for a speaker from the United States to speak to us about a Cold War Museum.  Instead, the meeting of October 18, 2016 will be cancelled.

- October 28 - 29 - the District Conference will be taking place in Ottawa.  The Youth Exchange will be presenting a murder mystery for the Conference and they are looking for volunteer actors.

- Saturday, December 17 - Running on Empties will be held at the Beer Store on Merrivale Ave. again this year.  A sign up sheet will be circulated.

- Monday, November 7 - the Board Meeting will take place in the room above Mike's store.

Speaker - Terry showed us his photos from his recent trip to Australia.  Terry is a wonderful photographer and his descriptions of the trip were very interesting.  Thank you, Terry.

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September 6, 2016

Posted by Anabelle Salas
Cathie Morris
- On Tuesday September 20th, we will welcome L.A. Palamar as a new member of our Club
- Meeting on Tuesday September 13th is cancelled due to the Rummage Sale
- Our Golf Tournament for next year will take place the second week of June 2017. Exact date will be announced.
- L.A. gave us an update on the activities that are taking place in preparation for the Rummage Sale 
- Volunteers are asked to be at the Church at 8 a.m. on Saturday September 10th and 17th for the Rummage Sale
- Chris reminded members that dues need to be paid as soon as possible, for those members who have not paid yet
September 10th Rummage Sale was a success. Most of our Club members showed up at 8 a.m. at the Church to receive the many shoppers who came to buy items.  As of Monday September 12th end of date, we have sold more than $8,000. The sale continues every day up to Saturday September 17th. Volunteers are always needed during the week from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We thank all for the help we have received.
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Meeting August 23, 2016

Posted by Anabelle Salas
L.A Palamar
Marcus Evangelista
Fay Campbell
- Ernie announced that our Club participation on Camp Quality was a success. This is the 17th year that we are taking part on this event. This year we served 170 children and parents.
- Fay Campbell was in our meeting to bring greetings from the District. She reminded us to register for the District Conference. Fay is in charge of receiving donations for the District silent auction. She also reminded us of the importance of volunteering and registering that information into the Rotary.org website.
- Our Club gave a Paul Harris pin to Fay, for her efforts and dynamic participation to Rotary through our club.
- We received a thank-you note from St. Nicholas School recipient for our scholarship.
- Our Club charter night will be on October 25th.
Our Club is extremely busy these days, as we are preparing for the MEGA Rummage Sale that we will hold partnered with Centretown United Church. We are in need of volunteers. Please bring friends and family members if possible.
- The sale will take place on September 10th, up to September 17th. Sunday is closed. Volunteers will be needed from now on until the days of the event, specially on the Saturdays.
We have created events on Club Runner to enter your names for volunteering; we need people to sort, organize and be there during the sale. People don't have to register, they can go anytime during the day from 9 to 5. We are setting groups of volunteers for Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 to 8:30 for the next three weeks.
- LA and Howei are part of the advertising campaign for this large event. They presented a preliminary plan.
- The church has a group of volunteers who are going on a regular basis to help. We had people from our club who went on Tuesday August 23 and Saturday August 27th. Another group is registered to go on Tuesday August 30th from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
- We thank all for your help!
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Food Drive

Posted by Wendy Reid
The Rotary Club of Ottawa-Bytown Holds Another Successful Food Drive
On Saturday, July 9, 2016, our club held another successful food drive at the Loblaws Store on Isabella Avenue. The food drive was in support of the Centretown Emergency Food Centre. We raised over $2,000 in food items and cash donations on July 9th. This was the fourth food drive that we have held in 2016 and 2015 at the Loblaws Store.  In all, we have raised approximately $8,100 in cash and food items on behalf of the Food Centre.
The Food Centre provides a vital service to the community of Centretown.    In recent years, the Food Centre has seen a significant increase in the number of residents of the community who are in need.  In particular, immigrants and new Canadians with large families have put increased demands on the Food Centre.  In 2015, the Centre served 9760 clients, 529 more than in 2014, and sadly, the need continues to grow.  The Rotary Club of Ottawa-Bytown is proud that we are making a contribution in support of the Centre.
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The Rotary Club of Ottawa-Bytown Holds Another Successful Food Drive

Posted by Wendy Reid
The Rotary Club of Ottawa-Bytown Holds Another Successful Food Drive
On Saturday, July 9, 2016, our club held another successful food drive at the Loblaws Store on Isabella Avenue.The food drive was in support of the Centretown Emergency Food Centre. We raised over $2,000 in food items and cash donations on July 9th. This was the fourth food drive that we have held in 2016 and 2015 at the Loblaws Store.  In all, we have raised approximately $8,100 in cash and food items on behalf of the Food Centre.
The Food Centre provides a vital service to the community of Centretown.    In recent years, the Food Centre has seen a significant increase in the number of residents of the community who are in need.  In particular, immigrants and new Canadians with large families have put increased demands on the Food Centre.  In 2015, the Centre served 9760 clients, 529 more than in 2014, and sadly, the need continues to grow.  The Rotary Club of Ottawa-Bytown is proud that we are making a contribution in support of the Centre.
The Rotary Club of Ottawa-Bytown Holds Another Successful Food Drive Wendy Reid 2016-08-28 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Anabelle Salas
Had a very successful 
From September 10th to the 17th
RUMMAGE SALE Anabelle Salas 2016-08-22 00:00:00Z 0

Rummage Sale Partnership Opportunith

Posted by Anabelle Salas on Aug 21, 2016
What this is all about:
·         The Bytown Rotary Club is in possession of a lot of new or nearly-new items that your organization can have for free (as is) to host a fundraising rummage sale
·         We want to give your organization these goods, and we are only asking for a 10-20% donation of your rummage sale profits back to our club
Why this is important:
·         This is an incredible opportunity for your charitable organization to easily raise funds to support your key projects
What good looks like:
·         Your organization acquires many new and nearly-new items for free;  you hold a rummage sale with the items; and, your key projects are funded from the sale of the goods!!!
What we need from your organization:
·         Read and sign a Letter of Agreement with the Bytown Rotary Club
·         Pick up the new/nearly-new items in Carp on Sunday August 28th between 1:00-3:00 pm (Note: We ask that you take what we give you, we will discourage picking through the items)
·         Hold your rummage sale and raise funds to benefit your key, charitable projects
·         Donate 10-20% of your rummage sale profits back to the Bytown Rotary Club
Rummage Sale Partnership Opportunith Anabelle Salas 2016-08-22 00:00:00Z 0

Youth Program

Immaculata High School – St. Mary’s Home
The recipient of the 2016 Ottawa By-town Rotary Club scholarship to St. Mary’s Home was Rachel Parlee. She has graduated from Immaculata High School and wants to continue her studies in Algonquin College in Computer Science.
St. Mary’s Home is an Ottawa-based social service agency that provides a full range of programs and services for young pregnant women, young moms and dads and their infants and young children. 
We wish Rachel all the best in the future.
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Meeting May 17, 2016

Posted by Anabelle Salas
- Our Golf Tournament will be on June 15th. We require volunteers. Numbers of participants are down this year. We will be doing a final effort to try to bring numbers up. 
- Derek reminded us about the contributions for Rotary Foundation. Since most of our meetings during the month of June will be cancelled, we need to have the cheques ready soon.
- Food Drive at Loblaws will be on July 9th. As usual, volunteers will be needed.
- We are still looking to write an article to be published in a community paper about some of our work in the community in order to reach visibility.
- We have received a thank you letter from SuAnn Cross for our contribution to the yearly payment of the salary for the head teacher for the school in Kenya.
-James has requested to have the number of attendees to our Changeover meeting, that will take place on June 28th.
Beth Campbell talked to us about Rotary Home where she has been a member of the Board of Directors for 2 years. This is a centre that provides help to children and families of children with developmental disabilities. The centre opened with 19 beds and currently have grown significantly. 
The Ottawa Rotary Home exists to improve the quality of life of caregivers and individuals with disabilities through a family and person-centered approach that is responsive to individual needs and offered in a dynamic and flexible way. They offer a variety of respite programs for different groups. Respite means something different to every family. However, most visits to Rotary Home are between a few days to a week or two in length. These breaks give the parents or caregivers a chance to rest and rejuvenate while their child has a fun time with our caring and professional staff.
For more information about Rotary Home: CLICK
Beth has asked the Club to become an honorary member to be able to continue being in Rotary Home Board of Directors. The Club accepted her request.
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Meeting April 19th, 2016

Posted by Anabelle Salas
Vinay Thama (Rotaract)
Gem Munro- Amarok society
Linas Pilypaitis - Ottawa West Rotary Club
- We are currently looking for a candidate to sponsor to participate in RYLA. If anyone has a name, please contact Howe.
- Board of Directors Meeting will be Monday April 25th at Mike's store.
- Our Golf Tournament will be June 15th
- Vinay Thama is a student from the University of Ottawa. He is a member of the Rotaract Club in Ottawa. He shared with us how he initiated his interest in Rotary, first participating in Adventures in Citizenship, thenas a participant of the Leadership Camp, later he became a volunteer of the Rotary Club and later on as a member of the Rotaract Club. He explained to us that this young club meets every other week at the City Hall. One of their main projects is to raise money for a shelter box. This objective has already been achieved. 
- Gem Munro visited our Club to give us an update on his organization's projects in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nigeria. He explained to us the challenges that young women and mothers go through in countries with the worst educational systems. He is the founder of a non-profit organization called Amarok Society. Gem has devoted his life to improving educational opportunities for disadvantaged people across the world. Currently, his projects are centered on providing education to young mothers in Bangladesh. These young mothers commit themselves to disseminate his learnings among their children and family members. This has proven to be a successful approach to bring peace and development to disadvantaged societies.
We thanked Gem for his visit and for sharing with us his experience.
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Meetting January 12, 2016

Posted by Anabelle Salas on Jan 17, 2016

Guest:  Tom Wilkinson, Charlottetown Rotary Club


-          We circulated the schedule for the food drive at Loblaws on Isabella Street on Saturday, January 23, 2016. 


-          Chris mentioned that the South Ottawa Club raised $2,000 at the Scottish Night.


-          Wendy raised the subject of whether we should continue to fund the teacher’s salary at the school in Kenya.  We normally send the money at this time of year.  Unfortunately, salaries are not eligible projects for a Simplified District Grant.  Suan Cross has mentioned that payment of salaries is critical to the success of the school.  Many of the teachers in Kenya are poorly trained.  Payment of salaries is critical to keeping the good teachers.  However, Suan mentioned that if our Club wants to apply for a grant, we could instead fund a breakfrast program in the school.  Lunch is currently provided to the children but they do not receive breakfast.  Mike has very generously offered to fund $800 so that we can continue to pay the salary plus apply for a grant. 


-          Tom Wilkinson gave a presentation on a proposal that we fund a project to provide solar heating of water in an orphanage in North Korea.  Our club committed to fund $500 annually for three years to a fishing project in North Korea.  However, Rotary has cancelled that project since the Government of North Korea had asked that the project be moved to another community and would not allow Rotary’s representative to visit the new site.  Tom has now asked if our Club would be willing to redirect our commitment of $500 annually for three years to another project.


The Mirim School Solar Water and Hygiene Project involves providing 550 children who live in an orphanage with heated water and soap and education about hygiene.  Soap is a precious commodity in North Korea and the current standard of cleanliness in the school is very low since there is no hot water.  Water is currently heated with wood which creates soot.


The project involves an overall commitment on the part of Rotary of $29,000.  Many other Rotary Clubs are participating in the project.


A key concern on the part of some of us is whether we should be involved in a project in North Korea, given the notorious nature of the government in that country.  Tom spoke eloquently on this subject.  He said that Rotarians have an obligation to go to places where Rotary is not present to promote world peace and understanding.  There has never been a peace treaty between North and South Korea and the potential for conflict there is great.  Rotary’s role is to help promote peace.  A Rotarian Peace Fellowship Group will go to North Korea following the next International Conference which will be in Seoul.  Rotary has successfully participated in many projects in North Korea. 


The next Board meeting will be on January 31, 2016.  This item will be on the agenda for discussion.

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Meeting December 22nd, 2015


  • Jamie Fraser
  • Regina Kraft
  • Tom Wilkinson


-          Stu read out a text from Ernie who is recuperating  from knee surgery.  

-          Running on Empties went well on Saturday, December 19 - our spot was indoors so the cold was not a problem this year.  We collected approximately $560 (not counting cash donations).  Overall, $13,000 was collected in the City.  The money goes for food hampers at the Christmas Exchange.  Many thanks to Terry for organizing Running on Empties and the Salvation Army Kettle.

-          Chris reported that sales of the Masters Raffle tickets are going well. 

-          Next week’s meeting is cancelled.  We will start again on January 5th.  A student from the Youth Exchange (Ottawa Club) will attend the meeting.

-          The next food drive will be on January 23 at the Loblaws on Isabella Street.  Wendy will circulate a sign up sheet for those who are able to volunteer.

-          As regards the district simplified grants, Terry mentioned that he called the Centretown Emergency Food Centre and another organization to see if they have anything on their wish lists.  Their needs are mainly capital assets such as dish washers and large appliances.

-          Chris announced that we are going to replace the weekly draws for a free breakfast with a 50/50 draw.  The winner will pull a card to win the pot of money.  The deck of cards will get smaller each week and the pot will keep growing. 

-          We ended with our annual Christmas carol sing along accompanied by Jamie.  Ernie listened in to the carol sing by phone.

-          Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!


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Meeting November 17, 2015

Posted by Anabelle Salas


-          Fay circulated a thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the silent auction at the District Conference in Watertown, New York.  Our club donated a hot plate which was a popular item.  Fay did a great job in organizing a very successful auction.


-          The South Ottawa Club is holding a Whiskey and Malt event on Friday, November 20, 2015.


-          Chris reported that a meeting of President’s Council was held on November 16, 2015.  They are looking for a representative from each Club to work on a joint committee to mark the upcoming celebration of Rotary’s presence in Ottawa for 100 years.


-          The next District Conference will be in Ottawa.


-          At the President’s Council meeting, each President was asked to report on the activities in their club.  They also reported on the size of membership in their clubs.  Our Club has 17 members.  West Ottawa has the largest membership at 98 members.  Other Clubs are smaller than ours (South Nepean with 10, Stittsville with 15, Kanata Sunrise with 9 and Hull with 10).  Orleans has 22 members and Ottawa South has 30 members.


-          The Orleans Club will be holding an Anniversary Dinner on January 21, 2016.  The cost will be $65.


-          Chris  circulated tickets for the draw for an international dinner to be cooked by the Youth Exchange students.  Tickets are $5.00 each.


-          The calendars are in at the West Ottawa Club.


-          We had a discussion about possible new strategies to sell the Masters 2016 Golf Raffle tickets.  Chris asked if we could join with any of the organizations which our Club supports to see if they may be interested in selling tickets.  If they do sell any tickets, they will receive half of the proceeds ($50).  Wendy is going to contact Allison Dingle, Chair, Management Committee, at the Centretown Emergency Food Centre to see if she knows of any organizations which may be interested in selling tickets.


We did not have a speaker or any guests.

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Meeting November 2nd, 2015

Guest: Rodney Nelson, Professor, Indigenous Studies, Carleton University
-          Thank you to James and Li for preparing another warm breakfast.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.
-          As everyone knows, the District Conference will be held this weekend (November 6 – 8) in Watertown, New York.  They will be doing a Hands Around Watertown as a fundraiser.  At the meeting, a sheet was circulated and our members donated to the Hands Around Watertown.
-          Iris circulated information about Sarah Swan.  Sarah is a Rotary Global Grants Scholarship Student who is studying in Sweden.   She is currently in second year in the MSc Economic Growth, Innovation, and Spatial Dynamics programme at Lund University.
-          The National Immunization Day will be held in Cote d’Ivoire next week.
-          Ruth Stewart sent us information about a benefit concert which Cambridge Public School will be hosting to raise funds in support of a refugee family.  The event is a Celtic Ceilidh which will be held on Saturday, November 7, 2015 at 7:00 pm.  Everyone is welcome.
-          Our club will be making a small donation of about $50 for the Rotary Float in  Pasadena for the Rose Bowl.
-          Chris reported that he and Wendy attended the Metro Club’s meeting on November 2nd.  The speaker was Professor Rouba Al-Fattal.  Rouba is a Syrian Canadian and she teaches political science at the University of Ottawa.  She is a member of the Metro Club.  Rouba spoke about the plight of Syrian refugees and the critical need for Canadians to help.  The Metro Club will be joining with Christ Church Cathedral to sponsor a refugee family.  They have decided to join up with Christ Church Cathedral since the church has the experience of working with Citizenship and Immigration Canada in sponsoring refugees.  For anyone who is interested, there will be a meeting at Christ Church Cathedral on Sunday, November 8, 2015 at 1:00 pm to discuss the Metro Club’s involvement.
-          Wendy spoke about the book sale which we plan to hold as a joint fundraiser with the West Ottawa Rotary Club in support of international projects.  Bayshore Shopping Centre is a possible location but insurance will be required.  Fay is going to check whether it will be possible to use the District’s insurance so that we do not have to buy separate insurance coverage.
-          Wendy also mentioned that Tom Wilkinson informed her that the proposed project in North Korea in support of a fishing community (Ungdo Reservoir Fishing Project) has been cancelled.  The Government of North Korea informed Randal Eastman (who is the Rotary Club’s representative in Shanghai, China) that the project could not go ahead as planned in the proposed community and instead Rotary would have to work with another community.  However, Randal Eastman was refused permission to go to the other community.  Rotary does not know why these conditions are being imposed and therefore chose to end the project.  Instead, Tom would like our club to participate in another project in North Korea in support of an orphanage.  Tom will be returning to Ottawa in December.  He will make a presentation to our club about the new project so that we can decide whether we would like to support it.
Our guest speaker was Rodney Nelson who teaches indigenous studies at Carleton University.  Rodney is from the Nipissing First Nation.  He gave us some background information about the harm which has been caused to First Nations people by the terrible and lasting legacy of residential schools.  Rodney and others are working with aboriginal students, helping them to upgrade their education by attending university in the Program of Accessibility.  Rodney believes that aboriginal youth are agents of change.  The Program encourages aboriginal youth to enroll in university and to stay in university by providing financial support and counselling.  30 to 35 students are accepted in the Program every year.  Rodney’s goal is to raise $5 million over a three year period.  Everyone found this to be an extremely interesting presentation.
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Minutes - Meeting September 29, 2015

No guests attended the meeting.
-        Derek mentioned that he went back to Cambridge Public School yesterday and read to the children.
-        Chris mentioned that he received a message from Lisa Schneider, the exchange student from Brazil.  She is back at school.
-        Howie reminded us that Charter Night is on October 14, 2015 at the Canal Ritz.  Appetizers and drinks will be at 6:00 pm.  Chris will ask a musician friend if he can perform for us.
-        Terry mentioned that the Downtown Club raised $22,000 at their recent Golf Tournament.  Terry is concerned that the clubs need to keep their tournaments spread out.  Fay is going to see what can be done about coordinating the tournaments.
-        Terry also announced that Caring and Sharing (formerly the Christmas Exchange) will find a beer store for us on December 19, 2015 so that our club can participate in Running on Empties again.
-        Fay is the Chair of the silent auction at the District Conference in Watertown (weekend of November 7 and 8).  She is looking for donations for the auction.
-        Chris informed us about the Polio Immunization and West Africa Project Fair Trip to Cote d’Ivoire which will be on November 10 to 19, if anyone is interested in signing up for it.
-        The Peace Park opened in Stittsville and Chris attended.  The park is a contemplative, quiet place.  Our club bought a brick.
-        Since we did not have a speaker, Wendy did a quick summary of our past and current international projects.  The projects that we have paid for or are committed to for this year are as follows:
-        $250 to Doctors without Borders (Medecins sans Frontieres) – for the refugee crisis in Europe.
-        $500 for the Rotary Fishing Project in North Korea.  Fishing boats and gear will be purchased in China by Rotary partners and will be shipped to a village which is adjacent to the Ungdo Reservoir where they fish.  The community’s boats were destroyed in a typhoon.  This is a three year commitment by our Club and it is supported by Tom Wilkinson who attends our meetings in the winter months.
-        School in Kenya - $1560 for teacher’s salary ($130 per month).  This is the third year that our Club will have paid the teacher’s salary.
-        $130 – To sponsor one primary school child in Mexico - SAFE Scholarship Program (Save a Future Through Education).  Our District Governor, Claude Laliberté, asked all clubs in the district to support this project.  The Club made the decision to fund this project at today’s meeting.
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2013 Ottawa Bytown Rotary Club-OCL Golf Tournament a great success

Posted by Terry Egan on Sep 25, 2013



On June 10th 2013 of this year we had over 90 golfers to attend The Rotary Club of Ottawa Bytown-Ottawa Carleton Lifeskills golf tournament at the Equinelle Golf Club in Kemptville. This warm and sunny day proved to be an excellent outing for our golfers and volunteers. This was a very successful year bringing out volunteers and golfers from the Ottawa Bytown Rotary Club.

Our  roast beef supper was catered and the staff at Equinelle assisted greatly in our success. The Ottawa Rotary Golf Tournament Trophy was won by the Bytown Club represented by Chuck Merovitz (member), Richard Whetstone, Rodger Noble and Scott Malvern.

I am please to announce that the funds raised this year by Ottawa Bytown will allow us to continue our contribution towards our Community support programs. The funds raised this year will be allocated to St Marys Home, Daybreak, The Youville Centre,  The Hospice at the Maycourt Centre,The Christmas Exchange and the Emergency Food Court the Ottawa  Mission.


I would like to personally thanks all involved and the many sponsor’s that help contribute towards our success.


Thanks again


Terry Egan

Ottawa Bytown Rotary       

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Club Runner App for Iphone etc.

Posted by Curry Wood on Jul 24, 2011

Ottawa Bytown Rotary Members are now able to access the Ottawa Bytown Club Member Directory from their Iphone.  The details on how to set it up follow.  Please note that you use your usual sign in name and password to activate this feature.






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