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Port Arthur Rotary

Service Above Self

We meet In Person
Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
on Zoom until further notice, In Normal Times: Prince Arthur Hotel
17 Cumberland Street North
Thunder Bay, ON P7A 4K8
Home Page Stories
President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed a full house of 42 members and guests including Rita Komendant (Jaro K); Donna Ostrom and Janine Chiasson (Warren P); Sharon Godwin and Catherine Hurley (Shelley C), Kishore Sakhrani (from Hong Kong) and Maria Hudolin (BC)

Zoom hosts: President-Elect Jim Madder and Warren Philp.  O Canada recording of Faith B and Mallory R, Tech Voc. H.S., Winnipeg, thanks Brian Walmark. Land Acknowledgement: President Krysta.
Meeting HighlightsIndigenous Children Deaths at Residential Schools by Brian Walmark - see separate posting - and Catch the Ace with United Way; Wilderness Discovery Camp; Spring Up to Clean Up, Membership Committee, Age-Friendly Inter-Generational Volunteering and Future Speakers.
Nathan Lawrence returned to the podium with an interesting and insightful  Update on the Thunder Bay Real Estate Market. Nathan has been involved in all facets of local real estate and is a Thunder Bay community advocate.  He is currently with Royal LePage Lannon Realty, DLC Mortgage Excellence and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.
Using statistics and experience he laid out our local housing challenges.  We have an unbalanced market leading to social impacts that are not going to be solved overnight.  Homes in the $300,000 range are urgently required (especially to young first time buyers and immigrants and employees looking to move here) yet there is a very short supply.  It is very much a sellers’ market: high demand and low supply.  
On this gloriously sunny first day of June, President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed 33  PA Rotarian members and guests including prospective member Donna Ostrom, Mal Balachandran (Past-president Rotoract), Dan Brown (Assistant DG 5580 and Nipigon Rotarian, and our special guest (see next post) Nathan Lawrence.

Mary-Anne Mackett and Bob Tomlinson were our Zoom hosts.  The anthem sung by with Walk Off the Earth had a fitting hockey theme. (Maybe next year, Leaf fans!)
Krysta’s Land Acknowledgement was followed by a heartfelt reaction to the news that remains of 215 children were found at the Kamloops residential school.  We had a moment of silence.  Krysta asks us individually and as PA Rotary to seek paths to reconciliation.  She is open to conversation and strategies.
The St. Joseph Care Group has provided Care, Compassion and Commitment in Thunder Bay and District since 1884, now in the three general divisions of rehabilitation, senior's care and addiction-mental health services.  Just about anything that is not acute care.

Past-President Rod Morrison introduced Tracy Buckler, soon to retire as its President and CEO.  She has had a long and distinguished nursing career culminating with the last 16 years at the helm of the STCG.  Tracy touched on the extensive network of resources, SJCG’s renewed commitment to working with Indigenous peoples and the great success they have had in managing and mitigating Covid-19 risks.
President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed 41 Rotarians, Guests, Rotarian Community Members, Rotoract Past-President Mal Balachandran and Kishore Sakhrani from Hong Kong.  She then acknowledged our presence on Fort William First Nation.

Zoom hosts were Kevin Holloway and John Stephenson; Kevin played a lively O Canada by the Sultans of String.
Our Guest Speaker was Tracy Buckler - see separate ClubRunner / FaceBook post.
  • First of all, congratulations to Shelley Crawford and Mark Tilbury for joining the PA Rotary Board as of July 1st!
  • Catch the Ace Raffle co-sponsored with Thunder Bay United Way – Week 8 (Albert Brulé and Shelley Crawford):  The progressive jackpot is $7680 and climbing. This week is sponsored by LiUNA Local 607.
Check out the Chronicle Journal:  In today’s edition, paper or digital subscription, you’ll see Ian Pattison’s interesting article in the Then & Now section.  From the Thunder Bay Museum and City Archives, we discover the Port Arthur Rotary Club’s role in the history of naming Memorial Avenue to commemorate the fallen soldiers of WWI and having 450 trees planted along the route.  The name is still there but the trees are gone.  Find out why!
Rotary Community Action Teams (RCATS)

We have an exciting new concept:  Past President Warren Philp set out how a proposed Rotary Community Action Team could bring together many groups for a key initial project - a new and enhanced Waterfront Trail.  Rotary Clubs began the Waterfront Trails project in 1992.  Now the City is working on waterfront beautification and environmental upgrade, with potential backing by provincial and federal governments.  An RCAT would form a fourth pillar.  Contact Warren with any questions and comments.


Brian Walmark introduced Matt who has a passion for community service volunteerism. Past-President Vonnie Cheng read the Rotary Charge, President Logozzo Daniele pinned Matt by Zoom. Good wishes and a hearty welcome to Matt were extended by all.

Port Arthur Rotary’s Centennial Project 1924-2024
Past President Warren Philp announced our 100th anniversary project: the Community Room at the new waterfront Thunder Bay Art Gallery.
There is a great deal to look forward to with this big waterfront jewel that will benefit Thunder Bay and area. Thousands of visitors will learn of our Club’s history every year as they enjoy the view from this meeting space.
Centennial Chair, Warren Philp was assisted by Committee Members Steve McAuley, Shelley Crawford, Bill Everitt, Matt Diegel, Kevin Holloway and Leslie Savitsky.  Questions or comments can be directed to Warren Philp.

On a related note:   Rotary in Thunder Bay – Video from the archives
Social Media Consultant Laura Coronado
Laura Coronado spoke on the topic of Social Media and Marketing at the Port Arthur Rotary meeting today.  Introduced by Brian Walmark. Laura analyzed how our Club is using its media platforms, the ClubRunner website and Facebook.  

Laura was born and raised in Columbia, South America where she worked for over 10 years for a telecommunications company as an account manager.  Since moving to Canada, she has lived in Toronto and Thunder Bay.  She has been studying marketing at Confedertion College for the past two years.  Prospective Rotary Member Matt Villellahas been her social media instructor.  She plans to pursue her studies at Lakehead University in the Fall.  “I am not an expert rather I am an eager learner” she says.
President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed 31 members and guests today. The land acknowledgement and national anthem were followed by our feature presentation by Social Media Consultant Laura Coronado.


Our Club and two Members of our Club received District Awards in last week’s District Conference.  Congratulations to Kevin Holloway and David Silliman for excellence in a wide variety of service activities.  Way to go!

1 - Distinguished Rotarian in Vocational Service - David Silliman, Port Arthur Rotary
2 - Distinguished Rotarian of the Year - Kevin Holloway, Port Arthur Rotary
3 - Fort William and Port Arthur Clubs tied for First in Inter-Organizational Service
4 - Fort William and Port Arthur Clubs tied for First in Inter-Club Service
5 - Port Arthur Rotary First in Rotary Public Image
6 - Port Arthur Rotary First in Rotary Foundation giving ($7920) for Club size 31-60
President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed 32 Rotarians and Guests (some soon-to-be Rotarians) to a fellowship-style meeting. 
Zoom co-hosts were: Jim Madder, Warren Philp, Mary-Anne Mackett, Steve McAuley – thanks to all.

Mary-Anne played O Canada and Krysta duly acknowledged our presence on Fort William First Nation territory.

  1. District 5580 Awards were announced at conference last night. Our club received awards for (1) Inter-club service, (2) Inter organization and second place for (3) Public Image. Our local Rotoract Club received an excellence award. Fantastic!
 The District Conference continues today with free registration and virtual presentations.
 2. The Catch the Ace Raffle partnered with the United Way: the minimum sales threshold has been surpassed and the jackpot growth starts in earnest.  Albert Bulé and Shelley Crawford gave advice on how to promote growth and interest. Increasing sales are key.

3. Dew Drop Inn report for April 22 session:  a smooth operation prepping in the morning and serving in afternoon.  Most are vaccinated. (Dave Silliman)

4. Wilderness Discovery Camp: sign up for the golden opportunity to serve: cleanup and prep – and take a look at the remarkable project before the clients arrive: Saturday May 22 at 10 AM sharp.  Contact Bob Tomlinson who will be formally in charge July 1st.  Congrats to Brenda Winter on her role, now stepping down after a fine 4 year stint.


Chair Mike Nitz has again come up with a very strong Share the Love" program: Club members gave shout-outs to their favourite local businesses and entrepreneurs.

President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed 36 guests, including Dr. Marg Woods and Donna Ostrom (special welcomes!)

We had a rousing O Canada today, recorded at a Maple Leaf-Habs hockey game in pre-Pandemic days - exciting! Thanks to Kevin Holloway.

Krysta gave a land acknowledgement to Fort William First Nation: we are celebrating this and every meeting on their land.

  1. Rotary-Eco-Superior’s Spring Up to Clean Up project has been deferred to May 20th (thanks to Steve McAuley, organizer)
  2. CATCH THE ACE ticket sales are reaching a level where there will be no risk of having to pay the guaranteed jackpot – and then watch it grow! Members are thanked for efforts and urged to continue the fine work. (Rod Morrison and Albert Brulé)
  3. Dew Drop Inn service opportunity this Thursday 22nd (contact D.Silliman).
  4. Next week is a fellowship meeting. Mike Nitz will ask members to give a shout out to their favourite local business. Something different and informative for all!
  5. Wilderness Discovery Camp Clean Up commences 10 AM sharp TBay time on Saturday May 22: easy, hands-on work and a chance to preview the revived site without guests.  (Bob Tomlinson)

Chair Warren Philp (pictured), assisted by members of his hard working core committee, outlined the process of selecting a grand meaningful project to celebrate our 100th anniversary that would meet Rotary goals and be financially feasible. In addition to core committee members, an additional 7-member focus group reviewed the fulsome materials provided, adopted relevant criteria and came up with a scorecard.
President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 35 attendees today, including special guests Donna Ostrom and Janine Chiasson (Warren Philp) and Dr. Marg Woods (John Stephenson).

Today's hosts (also welcoming everyone): Warren Philp and Jim Madder.

Our Guest Speaker today: Rebecca Johnson, Councillor At Large for the City of Thunder Bay.
O Canada was played followed by an acknowledgement of the meeting being held on the territory of Fort William First Nation.

  1. This Saturday: Spring Up to Clean Up – a solo exercise due to Pandemic rules - with supplies courtesy of Eco Superior (Steve McCauley)
  2. Catch the Ace Raffle Update: this important fundraiser is entering week 3 and is in "progressive" jackpot mode. It is going well and all members were provided tips on promotion (Albert Brulé, Rod Morrison, Mary-Anne Mackett, Bill Everitt). Every Rotarian needs to pitch in.
  3. Update and reassurance that NOSM’s status seems secure, per our local med school dean, Dr. Sarita Verma (recall her recent presentation), not the same as the tenuous situation at Laurentian University (Jim Madder).
  4. Dew Drop Inn service opportunity coming up April 22 (D. Silliman).
  5. Wilderness Discovery Camp May 22 cleanup service opportunity (Bob Tomlinson).
  6. 5580 District Conference (it was held here in 2018): no tuition fees, virtual format, excellent lineup (see details supplied by President Krysta)


Thunder Bay Councillor at Large Rebecca Johnson presented on the City of Thunder Bay CLEAN, GREEN and BEAUTIFUL initiative ( ) many years in development and gaining steam with an outstanding and diverse collection of members on board.

Rebecca was introduced by our own club’s Beautiful Thunder Bay lead Mary-Anne Mackett (president-elect-elect): Rebecca is a highly respected, very progressive advocate for the city. With 30 years of experience, a special, forthright candor and an extensive knowledge of the city and people involved, she is well-placed to lead this very challenging project.
AT OUR CLUB April 6, 2021

President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 38 members on a fine spring day. In addition, John Stephenson welcomed his spouse Dr. Marg Woods (stationed at her clinic), indicating to all that Marg is keen to join this fine club ( we are thrilled!).

Mary-Anne Mackett played O Canada, and President Krysta acknowledged our presence on Fort William FN Territory.

 Co-Hosts today with thanks were: Mary-Anne Mackett, Bob Tomlinson.

  1. TB Rotoract Club is putting on a virtual Lovely Ladies Social: Sat. April 10 (see email communique)...all ladies are welcome. Support this amazing club.
  2. Steve McCauley for EcoSuperior, welcoming volunteers for spring Clean Up Saturday April 10 (contact Steve)
  3. Wilderness Discovery Centre May 1 long weekend clean up crew volunteer opportunity (contact Bob Tomlinson)
  4. Rod Morrison and Albert Brulé: Catch the Ace Week 1 was "brilliant", with over $8000 in ticket sales. Keeping up the effort and momentum is critical moving forward. Buy tickets and help find supporters please! Bill Everitt is ceding to Brian Walmark on the committee (big thanks to Brian and Bill)
 Our club is working full tilt on multiple planes, and the Director reports were received eagerly:
  1. MIke Nitz on FELLOWSHIP (pictured): numerous challenges, Covid notwithstanding were more than met with a fine array of mainly virtual events recalled and savoured. Thanks for the great energy and creativity Mike.
  2. Brian  Walmark (CLUB SERVICE (pictured) focussed his remarks on a detailed overview of the club's new Corporate Member Fort Severn First Nation. Despite enormous challenges (geographic, financial, climate change and more), Chief Burke and his people remain committed to PA Rotary in a  unique way. The service to the community mutual relationships and respect (with PA Rotary,albeit with difficulty attending meetings) is recognized and appreciated.
  3. Art Warwick (VOCATIONAL SERVICE, YOUTH NEW DIRECTIONS AND INTERNATIONAL SERVICE-pictured) is wearing a number of hats and with Covid times adapting well. Ongoing success with the 4 Way Essay Test (St. Ignatius seems to hold the upper hand), the Citizenship Awards (yes watches still have a caché with young people), the Student Exchange program (with John Stephenson as new lead), and international service projects such as Lifewater Canada assisting developing countries, are highlights in Art's big portfolio.
  4. Chris Bailey (TREASURER-pictured) highlighted the financial position, which is solid. Covid times elimination of meal costs (and inevitable losses now "gains") and an excellent Rotary Radio Day campaign return, combined with a slick Allocation machine, highlight a healthy next few years. (Allocations for the big Centennial project are wisely being factored in early).
  5. Steve McCauley (COMMUNITY SERVICE - pictured)  highlighted the many community success stories over the past year (and imminent): including:the Cumberland St clean up, SA Kettle Campaign, Carol Sing for the Christmas Cheer Fund, Dew Drop Inn, Allocations Committee, the St. James School project and more. Our future has changed. Hybrid meetings may be an option. We continue to do great work.
  6. SECRETARY (Brenda Winter-pictured): reported on her many tasks, modestly saying it is easy with everyone pitching in. One area to review for members would be their RI Account bios for accuracy.
  7. PAST PRESIDENT Rod Morrison will report on a subsequent meeting agenda to ensure adequate time for a discussion primarily on "membership initiatives."

Happy Dollars were fruitful today...with Doug Shanks at the helm...all for the good of the Dew Drop Inn!
AT OUR CLUB March 30, 2021

President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 36 Rotarians for Virtual Talent Fellowship Day.
Zoom hosts and Co-hosts aplenty: Kevin Holloway, M.A. Mackett, Jim Madder, Bob Tomlinson and Mike Nitz.

There was talent even in the opening zany O Canada played on ketchup bottles by Walk Off The Earth (found by M.A. Mackett).  Krysta acknowledged our presence on Fort William First Nation Territory.

  1. District Awards applications are ongoing - contact Krysta. Late nominations considered, the District deadline is April 9th.
  2. Dew Drop Inn on March 25th: our stalwarts fed 356 individuals and the club spent $147 (D. Silliman).
  3. Jackie Dojack reported on the Wellness Committee and is lead for April
  4. David Legge invited new keeners to work on the revitalized Field of Greens Project. An on site meeting will take place shortly. Paul DeBakker is co-chair( David and P.DeBakker)
  5. Catch the Ace: off to an excellent start on the first round with $6600 realized to date. Update and promotion from (R. Morrison, A. Brule and Bill Everitt)
  6. Extensive report on Wilderness Discovery Camp ramp replacement project: the District Grant request was denied (criteria issue) but Bob Hookham, Dan Brown and others are rallying support (Roly Turner)
  7. Readers are requested to peruse President Krysta's Events and Meeting email preamble circulated to members yesterday for completeness


Heartfelt regrets to Dave Silliman and Brian Walmark: the fun lasted so long we couldn’t reach their acts so it looks like we need another Talent Show!  President Krysta thanked Chair Mike Nitz for yet another great fellowship event and all those participating.   We will do this again next year.   Tech engineer-in-chief Kevin Holloway is also to be congratulated for his many hours in making this event successful. Thank you, Kevin!


Thanks, Everyone.  That was a lot of fun!
AT OUR CLUB March 23, 2021
President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 36 members and guest speakers (see intros below) today.
Included were Lakehead Rotary club members Gail Brescia and Sandy Lychowyd (welcome) and Rotoract president Mal Balachandran.
Co-hosts (with thanks): Jim Madder and Steve McCauley with tech assistance from Kevin Holloway.
O Canada rendition this week was a performance by The Tenors at a Toronto Raptors basketball game (in their halcyon era). Thanks for this lively beginning to Kevin Holloway and Steve McCauley.
President Krysta acknowledged our presence on the Fort William First Nation Territory.
  1. Kevin Holloway produced a highlight reel from the recent Virtual Anniversary Dinner featuring a Live Auction. Mike Nitz cleverly entertained and encouraged over $3500 from generous players all to help eradicate polio (the final push is ongoing). Well done Mike.
  2. World Rotoract Week (was last week), but we continue to celebrate the fine current work done by our local Rotoracters.
  3. District Conference 5580 Awards for clubs is being vetted and a number of categories are still up for grabs (contact Krysta or Jim Madder).
  4. Next week’s meeting features a Virtual Rotary Talent Show (Mike Nitz).
  5. March 25th commitment to Dew Drop Inn: the afternoon service is being withheld pending relief in the Covid 19 crisis (D. Silliman).
The CATCH THE ACE RAFFLE has commenced: a well designed and time tested fundraiser concept (throughout the province) linking the United Way of Thunder Bay and the Port Arthur Rotary Club.
United Way of Thunder Bay ED and PA Rotarian Albert Brule and his team consists of ErikaMikkola (United Way of TB Special Events Coordinator; pictured) and Jake Behse (Co-op Intern from Con College Business and Marketing program; suited up and pictured as he twirled around!) have  been concocting this exciting new venture with our own committee of Rod Morrison, Bill Everitt and Shelley Crawford.
Cooperation between PA Rotary and the United Way developed with warp speed, said RodMorrison, who walked us all through a Power Point Summary of the Raffle mechanism and along with Albert Brule answered most of the queries. Jake stole the show with his flashy Catch the Ace suit and tie which was a winner in recent media coverage.
Their presentation today identified the 4 dedicated beneficiaries (at this time) of the raffle: Dew Drop Inn, Our Kids Count, Shelter House and Roots to Harvest.
This is a progressive draw, that should draw ever increasing participation (i.e. ticket sales) with (an expected and hoped for) prolongation before the Ace of Spades is finally drawn (could be 52nd week or any Thursday evening before!). Individual Rotarians and all their friends and contacts are urged to participate by a) buying tickets, b) sharing this info throughout their networks, and c) helping find weekly supporters ($500 will get a great deal of publicity). This support by businesses will help defray certain event costs and Rotarians are asked to help find supporters as part of our Club’s commitment to the raffle. Contact Bill Everitt if you have ideas.
The first week is already underway with over $600 in the till as of this meeting and upticking this afternoon (March 23). The first draw will take place Thursday April 1st.
Tickets at
A guaranteed jackpot minimum of $5000 (covered by United Way) should be a great incentive, and 50% of the entire input goes to the charities cited (if the pot gets very large, our club Allocation Committee will recommend new beneficiaries).
Committee member Bill Everitt reminded us that active participation should be a logical outcome: it is fun, it is easy on-line, and best of all helps our designated beneficiaries greatly. Of course we can all win for ourselves as well. Covid times at home should raise the ante for club members.
The meeting concluded with a lively Q & A and “Happy Dollars” session with a number of Rotarians commending the Uway team.
Upcoming events/reminders:
Diversity Thunder Bay presents 'New Understandings:  Diversity, Inclusion and COVID with Presenter Jesse Wente - Wed Mar 24th from 12 to 1:30 pm  Free virtual even by registering at:
Monthly Dew Drop Service - This Thurs Mar 25th - Please contact David Silliman at or 768-5848 if you are available to volunteer this month.
PA Rotary Virtual Talent Show - We need your help!  Please contact Mike Nitz ( to participate in this fun fellowship event planned for our March 30thRotary meeting.  We look forward to your contributions.  Please see attached poster.  Kevin Holloway may also be reaching out to you directly! :)
Women in Rotary - 5580 District event - April 1st, 2021 - DGE Kay Biga is promoting an upcoming Zoom virtual event  titled a "Frank conversation on how to attract and retain women members".  Everyone is welcome to attend. There is a Facebook page if you are interested:
Rotaract Sleeping Mat Project needs your help!  The Rotaract Club is currently creating Sleeping Mats for the homeless community of Thunder Bay. They are collecting old plastic bags (such as grocery bags from Walmart, Safeway, Superstore, ext) to cut into plastic yarn (called "plarn") which are then crocheted into rectangular sleeping mats.   If you are interested in helping crochet they will provide you with the proper sized crochet hook and you will not have to cut your own plastic bags. If you have any questions, please email Andrayaat or call/text at 807-631-3588. Attached poster for more information.
- Register for the 2021 Rotary District 5580 Conference today!  Go to: and register for free!  There are MANY fantastic sessions planned, and guests are free as well!
AT OUR CLUB March 16, 2021
President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed a full house of 47 (maybe more), including distinguished guests from the health care sector (President and CEO Dr. Rhonda CrockerEllacott and Glenn Craig from TBRHSC, President and  CEO Tracey Buckler from St.Joseph’s Care Group), social services (Joanne Kemball), our energetic Rotoracters (Mal Balachandran, Andraya Colistro, Catherine Kibiuk), and of course our special guest the Honourable Patty Hajdu, Minister of Health and her team including Jacqueline Dyck and Paul Field. Out of town guest from Kent County, Rotarian  Jack Rigby (guest of Bill Everitt) was back, and of course Maria Hudolin (B.C. and former PA Rotarian and ADG -5580 District).
There were also several other guests that were unfortunately missed in introductions (our apologies).
Hosts today on Zoom: John Stephenson and Kevin Holloway.
Kevin played a fine O Canada featuring multicultural Canadian performers.
Krysta acknowledged our presence on Fort William First Nation territory.
Our distinguished guest, returning to the club with a very extensive update was the Honourable Patty Hajdu, Minister of Health ( MP for Thunder Bay- Superior North). She was introduced by Dr. Paul DeBakker, highlighting her extensive pre-politics background and expertise in the field of harm prevention, homelessness and substance misuse prevention: (members are aware of her prior position as ED of Rotary Shelter House).
Minister Hajdu was warmly greeted by members and in return thanked PA Rotary for its good work.
Admitting she became immersed in a “tumultuous “role with Covid 19, she reminded us of her work prior and ongoing with issues like Pharmacare, Primary care and the Opioid Crisis, and has been quite able to rise to the challenge.
The  constant refrain outstanding in her mission is that of addressing the many costs of inequality and systemic exclusion in our country. It is bad for us all and the cost of doing nothing is enormous.
Her government did well in quickly supporting the needed economic supports for the vulnerable, and early on. The current huge health portfolio is in good hands with light at the end of the tunnel albeit along with uncertainty.
A very robust Q&A period tackled, succinctly, many issues. Highlights included: an overview of the mechanism of transfer of supplies, vaccine, monies etc. from federal to provincial hands along with distribution challenges; coping with negativity on Facebook and other social media platforms (more than just coming with the territory, it involves a balance between acceptable free speech and that beyond the pale); vaccination “passport” or “certification” schemes; what Rotarians, including docs et al can do to assist including being pro-immunization advocates; the Astra Zeneca controversy (consensus in Canada, our regulators are top notch, the vaccine is safe); the Canada -US border issues.
Dr Crocker Ellacott and Tracey Buckler both obliged us on updates from their vantage points...much appreciated..
Thank yous equivalent to heartfelt tributes to Minister Hajdu came from President Krysta and Past President Laurie Tulloch. We are certainly blessed to have her skilled presence working on our behalf.
See President Krysta’s communique from yesterday re upcoming events and links summarized below:
Diversity Thunder Bay presents 'New Understandings:  Diversity, Inclusion and COVID with Presenter Jesse Wente - Wed Mar 24th from 12 to 1:30 pm  Free virtual even by registering at:
Monthly Dew Drop Service - Thurs Mar 25th - Please contact David Silliman at or 768-5848 if you are available to volunteer this month.
PA Rotary Virtual Talent Show - We need your help!  Please contact Mike Nitz ( to participate in this fun fellowship event planned for our March 30thRotary meeting.  We look forward to your contributions.  Please see attached poster.
Rotaract Sleeping Mat Project needs your help!  The Rotaract Club is currently creating Sleeping Mats for the homeless community of Thunder Bay. They are collecting old plastic bags (such as grocery bags from Walmart, Safeway, Superstore, ext) to cut into plastic yarn (called "plarn") which are then crocheted into rectangular sleeping mats.   If you are interested in helping crochet they will provide you with the proper sized crochet hook and you will not have to cut your own plastic bags. If you have any questions, please email Andraya at or call/text at 807-631-3588. Attached poster for more information.
- Register for the 2021 Rotary District 5580 Conference today!  Go to: and register for free!
-Next week...we hear about the Cath the Ace Raffle!
Warren Philp ; surrounded by Guinness draft is in the mood for St Paddy’s day. Be happy, make a donation!
Vocalist from the O Canada in 11 languages:
President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed 39 participants – Rotarians, Rotaractor, and Dougall Media guests to a celebration meeting today. We paid tribute to those have been involved in the 55-year partnership with Dougall Media producing Rotary Radio Family Day. 
Thanks go to our Zoom co-hosts today: Warren Philp and Jim Madder.
Special guests from DougallMedia were Rosa Tucci, Ann Snell, Daryl Bolton, Crystal Shields, Noah Madore.  Our favourite BC guest was Lake Country B.C. Rotarian Maria Hudolin.
Warren Philp played a rousing O Canada put together by many Armed Forces military bands.
Krysta acknowledged our presence on territory of the Fort William First Nation.
She also gave strong salute to yesterday’s International Women’s Day noting the global needs and accomplishments of women, mirrored by the changes in the Rotary family and accomplishments of women in our Clubs.
  1. Wilderness Discovery Centre (Shebandowan) ... slated to start clean-up work or opening on the May long weekend. Volunteers welcome. (Bob Hookham, FW Rotary)
  2. FW Rotary is investigating volunteer opportunities for assisting at local Covid immunization clinics (stay tuned)
  3. Dew Drop Inn last month February 25th: 315 people served, at Club cost $280. (D. Silliman). Volunteers were thanked. Covid concerns are being addressed including introduction of face shields for our Club workers. DDI staff and many clients have been vaccinated.
  4. A new and exciting fundraising partnership between PA Rotary and United Way Thunder Bay: “Catch the Ace” virtual raffle. Launch at end of March or April (Rod Morrison, Albert Brule)
  5. New fundraising ideas always welcome (contact President Krysta).
Rotary Radio Family Day: Under the leadership of Chair Brian Walmark, the whole club pitched in as a team.  It couldn’t happen without the generosity and extraordinary toil of Dougall Media.
Pictured are:
Radio Day Chair Brian Walmark explaining results in detail, Rosa Tucci: DougallMedia Traffic Manager/Supervisor and Ann Snell  Dougall Media coordinator.
From the archives – an earlier congratulatory meeting with founder of this unique relationship, the late PA Rotarian Fraser Dougall with PA club member Gerry Gothard.
The campaign sold a record 800 ads, eclipsing the previous record of 647 in 2011. There were 21 sponsored “hours” and 65 sixty-second spots, the latter being a very successful innovation. Rosa Tucci was the key Traffic Manager/Supervisor. She gave her account of the success story, complete with areas for improvement.  Ann Snell and Daryl Bolton also spoke of their work in coordinating everything including the “at home” voicings of many ads...deemed very successful. We are welcome, even urged, to go further in the next campaign set to air February 21, 2022. New and tighter deadlines will be imposed to make the work easier for DougallMedia!
There were many heroes this year on both sides of the aisle. Many Rotarians were top sellers, with the crown this year going to Warren Philp. There were 7 exceptional “reflections” - stories and kudos from: Warren Philp, Dave Silliman (“sweating it out as president til last minute sales of 400 by Jim McDonald, as well as being driven by Don Chase on the principle of “leverage” in sales success), Shelley Crawford (a newbie), Bill Everitt (invigorating and rejuvenating his colleagues), treasurers Chris Bailey and Leslie Savitsky for shouldering the money end, and President Krysta summarizing her gratitude for all when her own leadership was so vital.
Needless to say the club is exceptionally grateful to DougallMedia for once again supporting our club and making it possible for us to raise the much-needed funds for our service work.
Bill Everitt had no trouble today eliciting Happy Dollars on the heels of the activities mentioned above.
Meeting adjourned at 13:01 hours.
#Rotary  #PortArthurRotary #DougallMedia
Yes, there are smiles under those masks!   Principal Angelina Tassone, St. James Elementary School, accepted Port Arthur Rotary Club's cheque today from Rotarian Mary-Anne Mackett - covering some of the extra expenses supporting student enrichment. We're happy to help support education, literacy, numeracy and fitness!
#StJamesElementarySchool  #PARotary
Today, PA Rotary joined forces with the Rotary Club of Sault Ste Marie.  President Megan Wigmore, pictured, who welcomed all and highlighted her very active club’s successes. From our end President Krysta Logozzo Daniele returned the favour with greetings and highlights from Thunder Bay.
A very healthy 49 Rotarians joined in for today’s informative presentation, see below.  Co-hosts were Nilah Moss (SSM) and Kevin Holloway (PA Rotary).
Dr. Jaro Kotalik introduced our accomplished and well-regarded speaker, Dr. Sarita Verma, who began as Dean, President and CEO of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine in July 2019. 
Dr Verma, is hailed by her peers as one of the true “top docs” in Canada, having had a distinguished career first in law with the foreign service (the UNHC for Refugees) then medicine with a major focus on medical education at U of T and elsewhere. She is clearly well-placed to lead NOSM.  Her talk laid out NOSM’s great success as a unique, stand-alone not-for-profit medical school whose mandate is to address the challenges of providing medical care in Northern Ontario. 
With refreshing candour, she stated simply that when it came to health, “everything is worse” in Northern Ontario.  Then she delved in what NOSM is doing about that, how it is succeeding and what more it wants to do.
She dealt with the new NOSM Mission, Vision and Values Statement and how the unique focus on student demographics matter:  the current class profile shows 92% are from Northern Ontario, 38% from Remote and Rural location, 12% are Indigenous and23% Francophone.  Furthermore, 68% are female, 32% male. Many have gone on to practice in Northern Ontario – a staggering 235,200 patients in Northern Ontario have a family physician who completed their MD at NOSM!
NOSM has a model of “Distributed Community Engaged Learning” with extensive partnerships and collaborations throughout the north with some 100 participating organizations based out of the 2 LUs (Lakehead and Laurentian Universities).  The 2021- 2025 Strategic Plan looks at many challenges going forward.  The North is still plagued by higher rates of health care provider burnout, chronic diseases, alcohol and drug abuse, suicide and more. Specialist consultants are in chronic shortage.
Another of NOSM’s interesting initiatives is the “Rural Generalist Pathway – with the long-term aim of recruiting potential rural doctors straight out of high school to follow a ten year path through undergrad through medical school and residency if they commit to practice in rural or remote locations. 
Dr. Verma directs her considerable energy on a variety of issues to meet the challenges. 
The presentation was immensely informative. A stimulating Q & A followed and Dr. Verma was thanked by SSM Rotarian Daniel Sharp.
A break out session then allowed each Club to wrap up chat separately – with the odd cross-pollinator happy to meet and learn from the sister club.  A great meeting for all concerned!
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President Krysta Logozzo Daniele cheerfully welcomed 34 members today and thanked our Zoom co-hosts Kevin Holloway and Jim Madder our and guest Mal Balachandran (President of the Thunder Bay Rotoract Club).
Our anthem was a unique rendition of O Canada “sung” by a young woman using sign language.  Kevin Holloway has a new take on our national anthem virtually every week!  Her signing was so clear Kevin thinks we will learn ASL before the year’s out!
Krysta played a video celebrating UK’s 116th year Rotary birthday hosted by Scottish Rotarian Tom Griffin. Polio Plus and Covid-19 Rotary contributions to world health were featured. It was a nice reminder of what we do (service to the community) and why we do it (fun, personal growth and for the results achieved).
  1. Mal Balachandran presented on another ambitious and timely local Rotoract project: “Plastic Bag Drive-Sleeping Mats for the Houseless”...the crocheted mats are for use to help protect and keep warm “houseless” individuals in need. Plastic bag drop-off sites include the UPS Store 1100 Memorial Ave.  Training available. Thanks to Dave Everitt (UPS) for his support. Mal is doing yeoman service with his Rotoractors.
  1. Well-Being Committee: Rotarians and families going through rough patches and mourning were acknowledged by Laurie Tulloch.  Let’s reach out to each other and keep us all in the loop.  Next month: Jackie Dojack is the Well-Being lead.
  2. Dew Drop Inn service upcoming this Thursday – call Dave to sign up, especially for the afternoon serving shift. (D. Silliman)
  3. Wrap-up from D. Silliman on a very successful Christmas Carol Sing held virtually at St Paul’s United Church. This great show got a lot of well-deserved exposure and the Christmas Cheer Fund got a lot of donations from this and other efforts.
  4. Next Week we have a joint meeting with the Sault Ste Marie Rotary Club: Presenter will be Dr. Sarita Verna new Dean at NOSM.
  5. Reminder of Anniversary dinner this coming Friday at no fee: see link and details. (Mike Nitz is MC).
Brian Walmark, Chair of the very successful 55th Rotary Family Radio Day campaign (with ads airing on Family Day, February 15, 2021), presented an overview.
This year was unique in many ways not the least being the challenge during a pandemic:
  1. We sold a record 800 ads aired by our friends at CKPR-Dougall media. Revenue estimated at around $40,000. These funds will be available for Rotary projects.
  2. Brian paid tribute to many Rotarians who stepped up, with multiple ad sales: the new sellers, new clients of many stripe, many innovations all of which were successful. Prominent people were too numerous to mention, except for the very top contributors including Bill Everitt, Warren Philp, Jim McDonald. Art Warwick, and Brenda Winter. Mr. Modesty himself, Brian Walmark was the lead and sparkplug advocate. The production team of Albert Brule, Shelley Crawford, Jim Madder, and Kevin Holloway also are to be congratulated.
  3. Brian covered the basics of How We Achieved this Success, Where Do We Go From Here and invited us to join in on the strategic "Zoom Circles Debriefing” and strategic planning for next year.
  4. Constructive questions included:  Is this a repeatable feat? What is the maximum number of ads Dougall will allow? Are we going to continue voicing at home rather than studio? Can we address challenges such as the 60 second ad productions: these take a lot of time and energy if only going to be aired once?
  5. All in all, a happy, celebratory presentation. President Krysta paid tribute to Brian and the whole club team.
The meeting ended with Happy Birthday greetings (Art Warwick and his wit notable) and “Happy Dollars” (one very notable donation from Jim Madder remembering the long and amazing life of his now-late104 year old mom)
The reader is encouraged to revisit President Krysta’s communique of yesterday for many other events and links.
Written as always by the inimitable David Legge and posted this week by Mary-Anne Mackett
Another fully subscribed meeting today with 38 attendees!
President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed everyone, especially Rotarians Dan Brown (Assistant District Governor for 5580 from the Nipigon club), Mark Tilbury, David Richards and Kathryn Davidson (LU community members) and Kathleen Lynch, President and Rob Zuback, Director Advancement, Communications & External Relations (Confederation College...see highlight presentation below).
Thanks to co-hosts John Stevenson and Kevin Holloway (Zoom).
Thanks also to Kevin Holloway for a brilliant O Canada rendition by a Toronto Gospel choir performing at a Leafs-Jets hockey game at Scotiabank Arena (during Black History Month).
Krysta acknowledged our meeting site on First Nation Territory (Robinson Superior Treaty of 1850).
  1. There was a wellspring of heartfelt thanks for the end product and great success ofRotary Radio Day 2021 (yesterday). All were very appreciative of the  big team effort. It was the most successful campaign in our 55 year history with Dougall Media (a full briefing is in store next week). Time to celebrate.
  2. Past-President Rod Morrison conducted the follow-up prerequisite nomination exercise that ended in Mary-Anne Mackett being acclaimed as President elect-elect for 2022-2023. Congratulations to Mary-Anne are extended by all.
  3. Assistant District Governor Dan Brown joined us from Nipigon and provided insight into the Rotary Foundation need for members to contribute monetarily. There was also a serious business update on the (prolonged) Global District Grant process involving funding for ramp replacement at the Wilderness Discovery Centre (Shebandowan).
  4. Advanced notice re club service at the Dewdrop Inn coming up February 25th
  5. Please refer to President Logozzo Daniele’s February 15 communique linking members to a host of other activities.
  6. Next meetings feature: Feb 23 Brian Walmark with RRD “Debrief” and March 2: a joint meeting with a Sault Ste. Marie Rotary Club with guest, Dr. Verna, Medical Director of NOSM.
Past President Rod Morrison introduced (and later thanked) our distinguished guest speaker today, President Kathleen Lynch of Confederation College (
The club is delighted to have the College on board as new Community PA Rotary members. Kathleen was accompanied by Rob Zuback today.
Her presentation provided a fine overview of the College in all its iterations commencing with the New Strategic Plan (Kaa-arokaatekin).
Starting with the “Numbers” (see screenshot), she expanded on the Impact on the Region, the 4 Pillars in the Negahneewin Vision, all with emphasis on the huge territory served (size of France, including 88 Indigenous Communities).  Advanced Flexible Technology makes programming so influential (of course the new TEC HUB Centre on the Thunder Bay campus, whose vision was realized by our President- elect Jim Madder), is a large factor in this evolution.
The entire presentation is available at the following link:
A brisk Q & A followed.
The meeting concluded with Past President Warren Philp handling the “Happy Dollars” (including his own tribute to Con College and LU attendees as well as Rotary Radio Day and Dan Brown (ADG) bright lights.
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