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Science North is a vital educator for youth in the north (for 35 years). The 2 sites in Sudbury are highly acclaimed. In Thunder Bay and environs (meaning the far north et al), the fine programming is expanding from the early days at Old Fort William, to Victoriaville and now far beyond. 

Strategic Planning Manager Marilyn Grudniski presented a polished overview of Science North in this region and it's expansion dream going forward.
Small groups of dedicated blue-coated scientists present a large array of science programming  through public and school outreach to those kids who desire it, all who need it and even adults, with a strong focus on reaching indigenous clients.
Programming is designed to be interactive, challenging and relevant to large numbers. Emily Kerton, senior scientist has been the spearhead for the past 10 years. There are many well executed events, including festivals, workshops (including remote learning at FNs), summer science camps and much more.
Currently the Board of Directors are engaged in planning for a possible new, major "physical presence" Science Centre in Thunder Bay (or even later in Kenora). The need is there.

Rotary is henceforth informed and any assistance in spreading the word or other means of assisting is welcomed.

 Marilyn is pictured with Past-President Bill Everitt (L) who introduced Marilyn, President Rod Morrison, and Rotarian Brian Thompson (R), who thanked the speaker by reiterating the importance of science teaching for youth in this area. Best wishes to Science North-TB into the future.

In addition, today was Kick-off Day for Rotary Radio Day(s), our major club fundraiser, supporting our service work. This year's co-chairs Brian Walmark and Bill Ulakovic as well as guests from Dougall Media 91.5 CKPR who for so many years have hosted us were on hand to rejuvenate and empower members for sales for the upcoming Rotary Radio Day of February 17th 2020.
There are a number of fun inducements added to this year's edition. New contributors supporting our work are encouraged to join in.

Pictured are Bill and Brian in the background, with old pals from CKPR 91.5, (L to R), Ann Snell, Rosa Tucci and Crystal Shields.

On behalf of the 3 Thunder Bay Rotary Clubs and the Rotaract Club, we would like to thank all the volunteers, floats, police and sponsors for making the 29th Annual Rotary Santa Claus Parade such a success! 

Without the support of so many community organizations, we wouldn’t be able to put on such a remarkable event. The parade is the kickoff to the holiday season and it was great to see so many people and kids along the route. 

Already looking forward to the 2020 Parade during the City's 50th Anniversary. It will also be the 30th Annual Parade. Mark your calendars for Saturday November 14, 2020 at 10 am. Visit for more information.

District 5580 Foundation Chair Keith Brokke (accompanied by wife Lynne) presented a comprehensive and very informative review today on the history, mechanics and results (most impressive) of the Rotary Foundation, relevant internationally, but specifically to District 5580.

The district is huge (174,000 sq miles) with 66 clubs and over 2700 members.

Keith is also the nominee elect for District Governor 2021-22. He was introduced by our own veteran Foundation Grant expert (Past DG himself) Roly Turner. These two have a long and successful partnership in Grant development and execution.

In essence, Rotary Foundation Giving goes in three directions: 1.the  Annual Fund; 2. Polio Plus and 3. Endowment Fund
The multiple giving options were again discussed with a club focus on Every Rotarian Every Year and Paul Harris Fellowships. Our club holds up well.

Keith detailed the Grant opportunities (via the Annual Fund): 1. District Grants (for local community projects, 2. Global Grants (formerly Matching Grants) and 3. World Community Service Grants..the unique "bricks and mortar"projects in diverse countries such as Guatemala (schools), Navajo country USA, Kenya and Chad (water), India (cervical cancer screening, Haiti (water filters), and many others. Very satisfying Service above Self..

Rotary is a top internationally rated  Foundation. The monies donated are wisely spent on helping large numbers of people and Keith and Lynne Brokke have brought this home again (Roly Turner has also of course schooled the club on this topic).

The club extends thanks to the Brokkes for their dedicated work. They are pictured with (L to R), Chair and President-elect Krysta Logozza Daniele (who mastered the job today), Sandy Lychowyd (Lakehead Rotary club and Area 16 Assistant District Governor), Past DG Roly Turner (Port Arthur Rotary club who introduced his good friend) and Jaro Kotalik (PA Rotary club Foundation Chair, who thanked the speaker) 
Today's Remembrance Day Service was highlighted by the return to the podium of Dr. Michel Beaulieu, Professor and Assistant Vice- Provost (Academic), Lakehead University. His topic specifically was: "World War 2 and the Anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands": another great history lesson from an accomplished historian-story teller, keen on  preserving what happened and what it means in our present and future.

The impact of the numerous individuals from our area who enlisted and/or participated in the WW2 effort was a stark reminder of their sacrifice. The detail thereafter on the liberation of the Netherlands in the Battle of Scheldt was interesting and gratifying history.

A solemn opening to the day with last post, rouse (thanks to Kevin Holloway) and reading of "In Flanders Field" (M.O. Nelson) set the stage for Dr. Beaulieu. Michel was also accompanied by Lieutenant-Colonel David Ratz, Commanding Officer of the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment (our main contributor to the war effort), who has also presented here in the past.

Pictured are the key participants today (L to R): Our thanks to all:

President Rod Morrison, Don Smith (Veteran), Lieutenant-Colonel David Ratz, Dr. Michel Beaulieu, Past-President Brenda Winter (who introduced our speaker), and Veteran M.O. Nelson who read "In Flanders Field."
Scribed by David Legge

Text by Brian Walmark
Photos by David Legge

Today's guest speaker at Rotary PA, Darth Vadar, spoke on Anger Management.  This project was inspired by the work of Evan Burrell, a Rotarian from Australia.  Evan is an actor and Super Rotarian who was a keynote speaker at the 2019 District Conference in Minot, ND.  He spoke on "Let's have fun in Rotary." His enthusiasm was infectious and Brian Walmark took up Evan's challenge to shake up the speaker series at local Rotary Clubs.  There was a lot of work and many Rotarians took up Evan's challenge and transformed his vision into reality.  The green light was given by President-elect Krysta Logozzo and President Rod Morrison who championed this project from the beginning.  Brian Walmark wrote the script and voiced the original recording with a lot of coaching from Daryl Bolton of Dougall Media who shared his years of professional experience and technical skills at the studios at 87 North Hill Street.  The recording was then given to Zenon Waschuk who worked his audio magic and transmuted Brian's audio file into the voice of Darth Vadar.  Kevin Hollaway acted as stage manager and operated the audio equipment to bring Vadar's voice to life in the Provincial Room of the Prince Arthur Hotel.  Thanks to the managers and staff at the Prince Arthur Hotel who supported us in every way!  Thanks to Noble Thomas and his team for videorecording Vadar's speech on Anger Management. And a special thanks to Michael Nitz.  Without him, today's speech would not have been possible. 

Lord Vadar with protagonist Brian Walmark

Vadar cuddles a Past-President (Brenda Winter)

Cast of characters in this phantasmagoria

Doug Murray, CEO  of the Community Economic Development Commission (, returned for his "yearly" state of the (economic) city address..always welcome at Rotary and most informative.

Starting with the Strategic Plan (2019-2022), he focused on several important and topical areas:
-a new partnership with the (City) Tourism Thunder Bay, setting up a tourist investment committee
-a comprehensive review (aided by a pie chart) of the labour force characteristics in the city (a very big issue). The cyclical ups and downs are mitigated latterly by improved diversification in employment. Examples: health care and services are now a large percentage item. There is also potential expansion for the retail/wholesale sector. Education (with the influx of international students) is significant. Mining employment carries potential if workers can locate residence here in TB.

The big overriding problem casting a pall however remains--labour shortage!. A classic example would be the burgeoning health care sector (with an ageing population) but a real dearth in nurses, PSWs and more.

Solutions? One exciting new program in the works (from the feds) is the "Rural and Northern Immigration Project." Eligible employers can connect with selected immigrant, skilled workers from anywhere around the world. Of course the trick will be to keep these workers here after their initial contract obligations are fulfilled.
Doug Murray's presentation was as timely and important as you can get. The Q and A afterwards could have gone on for an hour.

Doug is pictured with his old school chum Past -President Doug Shanks (who introduced him), Past-President Art Warwick (who thanked him) and President Rod Morrison.

 The club thanked Doug and wished him well in retirement.


Who better to represent the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada- Lake Superior District Chapter, today, than guest speaker and Fundraising Coordinator Marc Larocque?

Marc  was diagnosed with MS in 2005 after a bout of optic neuritis and following some puzzled clinical assessments.
He has most certainly had his ups and downs, and spoke candidly today of his journey.

He reiterated the importance of this common but very disabling neurologic disease in the Thunder Bay area and Canada (the highest rate in the world). The local chapter is very active in programming, fundraising and raising public awareness. 

In addition, PA Rotary allocated, this past year, funding to assist in a fine video, that was viewed today by the club attendees.
There is a lot going on in support and fundraising. All revenues remain local.

General information is at:
Questions? Support?--contact (www.mssociety.ca1-844-859-6789).

The club is indebted to Marc for his hard toil and courage with MS and the MS Society of Canada.

Marc was supported today by Sandy Lychowyd, Regional Director (pictured with Marc on the right), Laurie Tulloch ,veteran MS advocate and local Fundraising lead (Pictured on left) along with PA Rotary President Rod Morrison.
AT OUR CLUB October 8, 2019
Program Director Caroline Fanti from the MSK (Musculoskeletal) Centre of Excellence opened many eyes today on this "award winning" Regional Orthopaedic program, operating out of the Thunder Bay Regional HSC coordination the Thunder Bay, Dryden, Kenora and Fort Frances hospitals and all centres in the region.
L to R:  Bill Everitt who thanked speaker, Program Director Caroline Fanti, MSK Centre of Excellence, Laurie Tullock who introduced speaker, PA Rotary President Rod Morrison

Gone are the days of lengthy waiting periods and disconnected care in orthopaedic medicine. The new "hub and spoke" model allows for much-improved connectivity between clinicians, patients and the treatment facilities, providing patient-centered, equitable care in a reasonable, timely fashion (prioritized by triage) to individuals everywhere in the region, close by or remote.

(New) District Governor Richard C. (Rick) Bricker is pictured holding up the map of the massive District 5580 zone, along with wife Susan, Assistant DG Sandy Lychowyd, PA President Rod Morrison (far L) and PA Rotary Past Presidents Roly and Judy Turner. Roly is also a past District Governor.

(New) District Governor Richard C. (Rick) Bricker ( has travelled with wife Susan from his Brainerd MN Club to introduce his visionary year and invigorate our club commencing his new District 5580 year.

His address confirmed a most interesting and eclectic personal background including his Dry Cleaning businesses, his appreciation for the huge challenges of child/youth abuse in all its forms and his joy at joining the Rotary family in 1986.

Albert Brulé, CEO of United Way Thunder Bay introduced himself to the club and explained both his own motivation and passion for United Way Thunder Bay, as well as detailing the innovative, new "Help Make Them #Unignorable" Campaign. 

The campaign this year has inaugurated a catchy colour background (Pantone coral-orange), with distinctive foci on Hunger, Domestic Violence, Homelessness and Education Inequality. In other words, changing the conversation (slightly) from strictly dollar accumulation to community impact  (problem issues listed) as the overarching mission.

At the conclusion Albert could clearly see connections between the service work of Rotary and the community building of United Way. Alignment and synergy is there.
Information material was made available.

Albert is pictured with President Rod Morrison, who introduced and thanked our guest. Thank you Albert.
Peace Day Ceremony, September 21, 2019
(Tai Chi Garden, Prince Arthur's Landing)

Under a somber sky, yet a glorious fall day, a beautiful Rotary Peace Day Ceremony underscored the necessity for strong advocacy for peace in a troubled world.
There were many contributors, pictured below.
Thanks to Rotarians from all Clubs in Thunder Bay and to all guests for coming out. 
Let's Give Peace a Chance!
Thunder Brass welcomed the crowd.
Chair Fort William President Stephen Margarit explains the history of the Rotary Peace Pole.
Mayor Bill Mauro speaks on world conflict and peace initiatives.
Clifford Mushgquash, Lakehead Rotary Club President.
Nancy Proulx, President, Francophone Association of Northwestern Ontario.
Rachel Sebesta singing "Imagine" with Kevin Holloway on guitar.
Archdeacon Deborah Kraft reflects on Peace.
Kevin Holloway, Rachael Sebesta and Rotarians singing John Lennon sing "Give Peace a Chance". 
Laying flowers by the Peace Pole.
Take down by the Rotaractors.
Apologies:  missing a photo of  Irene Sottile, Chair Rotary Peace Day Ceremony delivering a message from District Governor Rick Bricker.
Today’s meeting was all about "building community! My name is Kerry Berlinquette -- I love Thunder Bay."  Thus commenced today's energetic presentation by the entrepreneur behind Destination Thunder Bay, (www.
ABACO, Bahamas
Reality check time today with a presentation on ABACO, Bahamas: Before and after Hurricane Dorion.

Stephen and Rhonda Bill know the area well. They taught at the Agape Christian School there from 2005-2009. They know the area as a beautiful part of the Bahamian archipelago and it's beautiful people. They are now back in Thunder Bay, but are right up on the massive catastrophe that has beset the island with hurricane Dorion.

Their slide show..before and after was stark and despite the hurricane psyche of the people (stoic to say the least), this one was like a "bomb went off." Sustained 180 mph winds. Massive destruction of infrastructure, nature and human lives.
It will take years to rebuild and months to claim the dead.

There are many ways outsiders can help. Stephen and Rhonda catalogued a number of pertinent agencies including one they support: MSC  Other notables include Shelterbox Canada (a Rotary International project partner) and the Red Cross

They are pictured (centre) flanked by Past-President chair of today's meeting Warren Philp(centre-left), Past-President Laurie Tulloch (far L, who thanked the speakers) and Rotarian Brian Walmark (who introduced them and stressed how Rotarians can step up as people of action and escape being "comfortably numb."
Our Guest Speaker today was Mary Long-Irwin, Executive Director, NOA (Northern Ontario Angels (
(Left to right:  Past-President Warren Philp, Mary Long-Irwin, Executive Director, NOA, Past-President John Stephenson and Rotarian Mike Nitz (BDC).
Created in 2005 (the northern Ontario sector) to be a catalyst angel organization (not for profit) as a gateway and facilitator connecting entrepreneurs and investors, NOA is a remarkable success story with currently 400 investors in 293 "deals" involving over $131 million. Previously there was an identified "equity gap " for investor readiness. NOA is thus a driving force in growing the business sector (and creating jobs), with a real emphasis on technology "founder" companies. Some cogent examples in the mining and medical sectors were outlined as well as the methodology (primarily convertible debentures) to secure funding.
We had good news today at our meeting, in new connections made, ongoing ones doing well and discussions of where we might like to go. 
Brian Walmark and Warren Philp were able to announce today that Fort Severn will be our Club's first Community Member!  We look forward to new and fruitful ties between individual members of  the Port Arthur Rotary and the members of the Fort Severn First Nation community.  Thank you to both Brian and Warren!
Our club continues to support the Dew Drop Inn lunch program, helping to feed 280 people for a sit-down meal, and a further 130 bagged lunches for the very frugal sum of $138.  Both morning and afternoon shifts saw 11 volunteers - members and guests of members of our Club.  Thanks as always to the volunteers and Dave Silliman for keeping that commitment on track!
Our talk today focused inwards as we got a good overview of how our members responded to the recent survey. President-Elect Krysta Logozo Daniele with President Rod Morrison gave us a detailed look at the survey results and led a thoughtful discussion of where we would like to go as a Club.  Fellowship, making an impact in the community and learning while having fun are front and centre.  Thank you Krysta for the anything-but-dry statistical report!  Call or email Krysta for any further comments you have. 
AT OUR CLUB August 20, 2019

Our 4 RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) reps presented today. As anticipated, it was a rewarding affirmation of leadership in high school students of Thunder Bay.
The general themes included overall individual impact, camp mission statement, individual "favourite times" and "being comfortable about being uncomfortable" with it's many implications for growth.
Another catch phrase this year was " the FISH Philosophy"-Catch the Energy, Release the Potential"

Fine individual reports were received by:
(see photo):

(Left to right with facilitators Bob Tomlinson and Doug Shanks): 
Maija Walmark (Superior CVI); Haley Kelly Sample (Westgate); Jamie Paulozzo-Thom and Evan Owen (St. Ignatius ).

Of note was an excellent Q and A session with well articulated responses from the students. Congrats all!

In addition, Past President Art Warwick introduced his guest Gareth Aegard (Hammarskjold HS) winner of a Rotary Citizenship Award. They are pictured separately. Well done Gareth.

Kishore Sakhrani, Hong Kong Rotary Club South, returned to the podium for his talk on China-Canada Relations (Part 2).

As anticipated, the audience learned a lot about an important topic. The club is once again indebted to Kishore. Many thanks K.

He is pictured with club President Rod Morrison, who introduced and thanked Kishore.
AT OUR CLUB-August 6, 2019
President-elect Krysta Logozzo Daniele presented a timely primer on communication tools for club members available on the internet. Three distinct websites were highlighted; namely 1) our Port Arthur club Home Page (most members are familiar with this); 2) The District 5580 website, and 3) the Rotary International website.

All three contain a wealth of useful links. There is a learning curve, especially with, which has a plethora of information.

The Port Arthur website  tools have been upgraded for easier access to emails and member data.

Krysta is shown with President Rod Morrison and also Leo Pernia, (re)introduced as our upcoming out-bound student (to Slovakia). Leo and family are Rotary veterans already. Leo's year in Bratislava will be hugely satisfying. Bon voyage Leo.
Just imagine what could happen!    
Brian Walmark gave us his Classification Talk on his experiences with Reconciliation and Decolonialization.  He called on is to make Reconciliation a personal commitment as Canadians.  He encourages us to walk boldly into the future of Reconciliation, in an energized and creative relationship between First Nations and Mainstream Society. 

Brian Walmark is shown with President Rod Morrison.

A special presentation on China (and Canada...How Did We Get There and What Do We Do?) by Hong Kong Rotary South (and Past-President), Kishore Sakhrani, was a very large highlight of today's meeting.

We are blessed to have Kishore's extensive background as Director of Greater Asian Advisors Ltd, (that is- a "Responsible Person"with the Hong Kong Securities Regulator). He is an astute observer of international relations. He summers here in Thunder Bay and provides service in numerous charitable organizations, including advising and fostering collegial relations with the Port Arthur Rotary club.
His talk on China covered a huge country (a "very big island" of sorts) with a very homogeneous population  and remarkable ancient and modern history.

Kishore adeptly covered many areas of this massive topic and was unfortunately a bit limited by time. There was a mountain of interesting facts and opinion. Many stayed well beyond the hour to hear more. 

The club is much indebted to this outstanding Rotarian.

He is pictured with President Rod Morrison.

The club heard one of the finest perorations on the subject of "classification" that we have heard in a long time: the story of the peregrinations of newly retired and newly minted PA Rotarian Mary-Anne Mackett: assistant crown attorney (Ontario). With cheerful good humour, we heard of her life in many parts of Canada, the U.S.A., Europe and even Central and South America. 
Her work has always been challenging; she has enjoyed it immensely. She did general law in the beginning and drug prosecutions as well as general prosecution work in Toronto and Thunder Bay. She has a great respect for the principles of natural justice, and service to the community; hence is a great fit in Rotary.
 Mary-Anne is pictured with President Rod Morrison (you can see the imp in her).
The members enjoyed her insightful presentation and again welcomed her to the club. Scribed by Rotarian David Legge 
What a party that was at the old ball yard (Cats were pummeled unfortunately).
Warren Philp was in his element as new Past-President and feted appropriately by a healthy collection of members at his wind-up. Former Past-President Brenda Winter and her team put on a splendid evening, in an ultra low-key environment that suited and appealed to Warren, who just completed a superb year as leader of the club. His accomplishments were much appreciated with a strong mission and vision going forward.  Thank you so much Warren for your leadership this past year!  

He is pictured reading off his framed MVP testimonial, and getting ready for the final pitch to the club. We are lucky he is still staying with the club and not being recruited by the  Yankees or Orioles (although he missed the catch that Jack Hudolin caught)! He is a consummate team player indeed.

President Rod Morrison kicked off what will be a fine year, with a varied potpourri of " shout outs" as well as club business debate on several current issues.

Pictured is Matt Diegel (centre) a most worthy recipient of ROTARIAN OF THE YEAR, along with President Rod and Past President Warren Philp. Matt has been a tireless, passionate, club spokesperson for youth and chair lead on Youth Exchange for many years. He has successfully resurrected the incoming program with a new student arriving in September from Romania. Your toil is highly appreciated Matt on this challenging file. Congrats.

 Wilderness Discovery (Handicapable Action) Centre club liaison (and WDC board Secretary) Past President Brenda Winter is pictured with Past President Bob Tomlinson, another tireless essential piece in the restoration journey...virtually completed now, (next up the new "bunkies"). Bob attended the Open House on the weekend..packed and astounded attendees were present..and the camp is fully booked already through July! This timely update was most welcome on this cheery summer day.

Welcomed back was Brandon Otway, the current Past President of the Grand Rapids Rotary club in MInnesota (and also current Assistant District Governor). Brandon has epitomized Rotary ideals for many years. He is an educator/administrator in Grand Rapids, married with a 4 year old and  is back helping his Thunder Bay parents with heavy lifting jobs as a Christmas present. Way to go Brandon! He is pictured with President Rod alongside Rotarian Jim Madder, who did the intro.
It was a great first meeting of our new Rotary year!  

AT OUR CLUB-June 25, 2019

Our feature presentation on President Warren Philp's last day was provided online by Karen Kendrick-Hands, a Rotarian from Madison Wisconsin, representing and promoting an important new initiative promulgated at RI by new president Barry Rassin: the Environmental Sustainability-Rotary Action Groups ( The idea is quite simple..time to buy in across the Rotary world: implement new projects with environmental sustainability the key and crucial underlying determinant. This may or may not (by all Rotarians) be construed as a new pathway internationally. It makes eminent sense (it was noted Barry Rassin hails from Bermuda, in danger from climate change). Karen is a lawyer and life long environmental advocate. She spoke passionately about the need to get on board and urged our club to partake (we already do have a history favourable to the concept).
Full details are available at the ESRAG website above. The club thanks Karen in Madison, Wisconsin, Joe Wasielewski of our club (board member for international activities), as well as Kevin Holloway for setting up the contact/connection IT. They are pictured with President Philp. Also pictured is Karen Hendrick-Hands.

The club then welcomed (Past-President) Kevin Holloway as the latest Paul Harris award recipient..this occasion a very generous 3 star level. Well done  Kevin. Thank you.
 Kevin is pictured with Past-President Bob Tomlinson, who read the "charge," President Philp, and Jaro Kotalik, Rotary Foundation chair for the club.

A stirring end of term "reflection" by President Warren Philp for a superb year at the helm resulted in a (well deserved) standing ovation.
Warren's accomplishments are numerous and a substantial legacy to this club going forward. He then welcomed our new President Rod Morrison to the podium. Rod's "I had a dream"..aka Martin Luther King, also included a sweat..large boots to fill, but newly minted President Rod Morrison is the man to move the momentum forward. Among the accomplishments cited by Rod (of Warren), many are noteworthy and include: improved communication strategies, the new indigenous welcoming strategy, the community membership concept, strong relationships with the other clubs, and strong fellowship opportunities. There were more. Rod was generous in his praise and heartfelt.
See picture  below of the two after the pinning ceremony.

Present also today in spirit and Rotary service were the new incoming presidents of the Lakehead and Fort William clubs: Clifford Mushquash (pictured far L) and Stephen Margarit (far R)  with Warren and Rod. Great team --gentlemen!
It's always a great day at Rotary when our club gives away money to community groups!

Allocations Chair (Past-President Kevin Holloway) presented (monetary) awards to 9 worthy community recipients comprising the PA Rotary Club 2018-19 Budget Year. Each provided a timely and well received account of the allocation direction along with an overview of each organization: all very satisfying from an educational perspective:

1. CNIB Night Steps with Kelly Rooney (pictured with Kevin Holloway). This innovative family and pet friendly event is scheduled for August 22 nd at Marina Park (70 plus walkers anticipated). The donation will assist with procurement of accessible technology for visually handicapped people.

2. Rotary Shelterhouse Replacement Beds Programme, with Amber Prairie. With the constant need for beds (up to 62 per night now), new frames, springs and plywood are required to protect/upgrade the mattresses for prolonged use; a very practical allocation. These  units are scheduled for the female dormitory.

3. Stop The Bleed -Save A Life,with Ian Casey: Ian is a veteran trauma room RN with a passion for educating the general public on the management of acute (traumatic) bleeds (hemorrhages) that might face a bystander in many scenarios. Ian has developed a training protocol for the lay public to this end. The award will assist in this timely mission.

4. Diabetes Canada-Camp Huronda with Kristine Thompson (pictured with K.H.).
Comprehensive education, counselling, socialization for youngsters with insulin dependent (type 1) diabetes is provided at Camp Huronda in Huntsville Ontario. It is exceptional and comprehensive. No such facility exists in the Thunder Bay area. Obvious benefits accrue for the northern contingent of youth attending.

5. The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment (LSSR) Senate Monument, with Tim Groulx , to be erected at the old casino grounds at Current River park, will commemorate 800 men who died from the New Ontario 52 Battalion. The allocation will assist in this large project in the purchase of the concrete, granite slabs. Pictured also is a small portion of a photo of the officers and men of the battalion in front of the old PACI school.

6. Ontario SPCA and Matawa Education Centre are teaming up to provide students a great opportunity: constructing the Northern Dog (House) Project "kits" at Matawa (former Grandview Lodge) and shipping  them to the northern communities where there are no veterinary services,( thus reduced spay/neuter options and housing suitable for dogs). This is a win win project certainly for dogs, but also for the Matawa students and kids on the northern reserves. Presenting today are the leaders in this initiative (Judy DeCicco and Nikki Burns). PA Rotary is assisting with this financing..most welcome.

7. Northwestern Ontario Regional Science Fair, represented by Glen Cunningham.The club annually supports the NORSF, and provides a) the Peace and Sustainable Development Award and b) the Rotary Preserve the Planet Earth Award, to worthy young students pursuing science. This year's awards focused on the impact of yard and household waste on plant growth, as well as climate change-?real. (Many NWO students have gone on to national science fairs as winners).

8.Gail Kromm, Publicity and Public Relations scion at the Salvation Army (and a Lakehead Rotarian) accepted a donation for the future second iteration of the "Field of Greens", inspired by our very own club past president Dr. David Legge.  Gail and Volker Kromm know this project intimately..going back to the original garden of 2009-10. She showed us a preview image of the plan with the new centre commencing building shortly.

9.the Lakeside Benches at the Wilderness Discovery Camp (Lake Shebandowan)  with WDC Secretary Past-President Brenda Winters is yet another contribution to this large and very worthy project, by PA Rotary volunteers/craftsmen. Brenda is pictured with Kevin for a final (exhaustive) photo-op. Well done both of you.

PA Rotary congratulates all of these worthy folks doing great work in the community. WE thanked them for attending today.
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