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Some 30 members and guests joined our meeting on line this week.  Our able technical hosts were Kevin Holloway and Bob Tomlinson.

We had a very special Rotary guest this week:  Rotary 5580 District Governor Bob McLean.  We would normally have an opportunity to meet the DG in person, but instead we welcomed him virtually from his home in Central Lakes Minnesota (  

We started our meeting with both the American and Canadian anthems to honour our guest and each other. O Canada was the lovely Indigenous version sung by First Nations Technical School in Winnipeg, Manitoba singing in Inuktituk, Michif, English, French and Ojibwa, with Brian Walmark’s PowerPoint. Beautifully done and becoming a Club favourite!

Our guests today included Gary Ferguson, the new Executive Director of Salvation Army

Mal Balachandran, Club President of Rotaract, our favourite BC member Maria Hudolin. 

We briefly acknowledged the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  Her long and illustrious career truly displayed the values that Rotary espouses.

The Virtual Peace Day was very well done yesterday.  Brian Walmark, Brenda Winter, Kevin Holloway, Jim Madder, David Silliman and Mal Balachandran were all thanked for all their efforts in making the virtual Peace day an amazing success.  Michael Gravelle, Patty Hajdu and Chief Peter Collins were among the many illustrious guests. 

Announcements included that our planned Wilderness Discovery Centre in site meeting will have to be delayed to next Spring.  Instead, next week’s meeting will include our Guest Speaker  Scott Bradley, of the Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society. 

Roly Turner introduced our Guest Speaker Rotary 5580 District Governor Bob McLean who hails from “The little Club that does”.  He has been very active in all levels of Rotary and volunteered also in other roles. He is one of the founders of Resilient Living Campus, an advocate of vibrant communities and lifelong learning.  The good ship 5580 is does well with him at the helm!

Bob McLean congratulated our group, having joined in on the directors’ meeting before the general meeting.  He also praised the current Rotary International President Holger Knaak and his wife as the epitome of positivity. Rotary is our passion, not our job. We are at a major crossroad across the world.  We have four major Priorities at the moment:

#1:  How do we expand rotary:  who is not around the table? What are the areas of need and purpose which are not being addressed? 

#2: Visioning project:  Where are we going to be in the future?  Our club is well on its way having already done its Visioning exercise, rare among the District 5580 Clubs  – kudos!

#3 – Ending polio:  WHO recognized Rotary for its tireless efforts helping the African continent become free of wild polio.  Last month started up immunizations again.  Much success!

#4 – “M&M”s:  Making membership meaningful and memorable.  Keep putting the Fun in Fundraising. There are no Rotary cops.  Give things a try.  Be as creative as you want. 

Why did you join rotary?  Most often it was because “I was asked. I was invited.” 

Why have you stayed? Often it is because the people in our club are warm and inclusive and doing good works.  Bob McLean spoke about the passion many fellow Rotarians have for what we do. Truly:  “Individually we can do little, together we can move mountains.”  It is a worldwide fellowship with the club as the most important component. Rotary is In 220 countries, 35,000 clubs. The most important element is the engaged Rotarian. 

Mission Statements of Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation are similar.  The Rotary Foundation is ranked the top charity in the world for transparency and effective use of funds.

Rotary’s new Vision Statement is: “Together we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change across the globe in our communities and in ourselves.” He encouraged us to go on one of the international conventions, well worth attending.  As the Founder of Rotary Paul Harris said, “If Rotary is to realize its proper destiny, it must be evolutionary at all times, and revolutionary on occasions.” 

At its core, Rotary is about peace-building, health, water, maternal health, literacy, numeracy. 

October 24th is World Polio Day.  Can we build awareness and funds and have fun doing it?

Bob ended with a thought for the last weekend in April, 2021, our next District Conference to be held in Bemidji, MN April 29 to May 1, 2021

Bob McLean was thanked by President Elect Jim Madder for his fantastic presentation today and his wise words during the Peace Day ceremony yesterday.

AT OUR CLUB September 15, 2020

President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 28 members and guests today (including Charles Cirtwill our speaker, Mal B our Rotoract President, Gary Ferguson,  E.D. at Salvation Army and Shelley Crawford).
 Thanks are in order to hosts Warren Philp and Jim Madder.

Krysta and WDC Board member (PA Rotary ) Brenda Winter delivered a fine reflection on the Wilderness Discovery Camp; it's history, it's current extraordinary reincarnation and the very successful outcome of provision of a high quality recreational retreat for mobility challenged people on Lake Shebandowan. Key individuals {Bob Tomlinson, Dave Silliman amongst others|} and were duly thanked for their tireless effort. Details of ongoing budgeting for the final touches include roofing and handicapped ramp replacement (from the camp level down to the beach). A number of excellent donations, fundraisers and Rotary and government grants are in the offing. The Camp has obtained charitable status and donations are welcomed. An offsite meeting for the club is tentatively scheduled for September 26th. The other partners included are also celebrating (HAGI, Kinsmen and others).

Oh Canada was again performed by the indigenous student group from Winnipeg and suitable acknowledgements made.


1. Wilderness Discovery events..see above.
2. Rotary (virtual) Peace Day Monday September 28th at 5 pm.
3. Thunder Bay Anti-racism/Inclusion Accord is being presented (Jim Madder/Charla Robinson)
4.Dew Drop Inn service opportunity: September 24th (4-5 in a.m. and similar for serving in afternoon (Dave Silliman)
5. Rotaract club (Mal B reporting) held first meeting: 5-10 new members. Mask project has commenced- mask sewers requested
6 Hearty congrats to Mike Nitz: recent engagement to Stephanie Ash in Niagara on the Lake



Charles Cirtwill returned today (a previous speaker and PA Rotarian) to update us on COVID 19 and Our Community.

 Charles is the Founding President and CEO of the Northern Policy Institute (NIP:

NIP interacts with all 780,000 citizens in the huge northern Ontario area covering 13 zones, 144 municipalities and spread out over 807,000 km 2.
 Charles has obviously travelled extensively but is now based in Thunder Bay. NIP interacts with northerners offering evidence based discussion and possible solutions to answer "what we need" (NIP does not create is a think tank).

Charles presentation is comprehensive and highly instructive as to where we stand vis a vis our economy, the differential effects bad and sometimes good on the various sectors, and where improvements are (often sorely )needed : an example, there is a significant ITC gap in this region holding back progress, and there are many outlying areas deficient in resources for people such as income tax filing, long term care and day care for kids. See the complete talk with the accompanying link. Click for Presentation

The presentation was very well received and Charles responded well to his audience questions

President-elect Jim Madder introduced Charles and also had "the last word" in thanking him (x 3).

 Thanks for your return visit Charles and best of luck educating our comrades here in the north.
President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 29 members and guests today, including our speakers, Mal B (Rotoract President), Past President John Stewart and Shelley Crawford.   Kind hosts, with thanks, today were Bob Tomlinson and Kevin Holloway.

Today's O Canada featured a fine community youth orchestra and President Krysta reflected on the myriad challenges we continue to face during these very fluid pandemic times. Despite same, Rotary continues its good service work (many club activities cited).

Summary of Announcements/Business (contact individuals or websites):

TB Chamber of Commerce: Live meeting with Minister Hajdu Sept 9; Amazing Place Treasure Hunt-Sept 10

United Way of TB (Albert Brulé): No Show Gala Sept 17th.  On-line donations replace material gifting.

Terry Fox Run (Lakehead Rotary club) Sunday September 20, 2020.

Hike for Hospice Northwest Sept 13 (contact or even join Jaro Kotalik).

Dew Drop Inn Service (D Silliman) Sept 24

Kishore Sakhrani-has 2 backpacks for suitable recipient (Contact Kishore)

Wilderness Discovery..ongoing hands-on work still available and fun!! (Bob Tomlinson)


Guest Presentation:

Matthew Villella a Distinguished Toastmaster) on Toastmasters International 
(including 6 local clubs) and the new partnership with like-minded Rotary International. Co-presenting with Matt was Area 1 Director of the TB clubs Yvonne Roussel, and Toastmaster in the Nanabijou club Rami El-Mawed (all are pictured below).

Toastmasters number 358,000 in 16,800 clubs in 143 countries. Started in 1924, (, there are numerous "common ground" parallels with Rotary in service with an emphasis on individual professional development, good ethics and fostering skills and self-confidence in public speaking.

"Rotarians have great stories to tell.
Toastmasters know how to tell them"

Toastmasters is an inexpensive organization to join and make new connections and develop skills within a sympathetic and caring group. 
Local clubs are commencing a "speechcraft " course on September 29th for 10 weeks (virtual). No holds barred. Rotarians are welcome and some have already signed on. Matt can be contacted anytime ( 

Of major note Toastmasters International has partnered with Rotary International...many common goals and a global impact.

Dave Legge introduced and thanked Matt, Rami and Yvonne. This is important service being provided to many people interested in self-improvement.

We welcome their continued partnership, even membership in our club. The international and local club websites are all easily accessible for fine detail, including sign up.

The Q&A period featured a delightful vignette from Bill Everitt and his experience with Toastmasters in New Zealand years ago.
AT OUR CLUB September 1, 2020

President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 31 members and guests (the latter including our speaker, also Mal B (Rotaract President) and Shelley Crawford)

Suitable acknowledgements and Oh Canada were rendered, and President Krysta reflected on the September Rotary International theme of Education and Literacy, a key focus of PA Rotary. A video from RI complemented this message. This is a most different "academic year" (Krysta).

Kendall Williams, Executive Director of the Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre, provided a fine "report card." on the amazing work being done on behalf of support (in all facets)of young business entrepreneurs in this area (now expanded to an office in Kenora as well as in Thunder Bay).

NOIC is a vital Not for Profit economic development organization to support entrepreneurship (whether small, medium or start-up businesses).

The Focus is" Ideas, People, Innovation."
The presentation covered all aspects of the organization (embraced by many members personally..including Jim Madder, past president of Confederation College: the physical  hub for NOIC, and who introduced Kendall).

We heard about the mechanisms available for supporting these young businesses, the funding, staff involvement and special interest for example in youth development (eg the intensive 3 month costarter program, and youth oriented BizKids and Tech Kids "camps/placements).
Kendall highlighted a number of exemplar success stories including: BORDER GIANT ( a software program for expediting import/exports at the border); LYNAC Tile and Equipment lifters) ; URIDE ride sharing app); ASM Innovations (greenhouse shipping..visit Roots to Harvest); Radialis imaging for breast cancer): all noble enterprises.

Past President of NOIC Board of Directors Mike Nitz, thanked Kendall eloquently..he visions another Jeff Bezos emerging!!

President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 32 members and guests today; including our 3 presenters (see below), Mal (president of Rotoract) and Gary Ferguson, new ED of the Salvation Army.
Co-hosts today: Warren Philp and Mike Nitz: tech lead Kevin Holloway: thanks gents.

O Canada was played today by a consortium of Canadian military bands.

President Krysta paid appropriate acknowledements and reflected on this Rotary Membership and Extension month, accompanied by a video from the Chicago Rotary Club extolling international Rotary...(welcoming new recruits of course).

President-elect Jim Madder introduced 3 important contributors to the Thunder Bay integration scene, from the Thunder Bay Multicultural Association (TBMA): Anita Parks, (NWO Local Immigration Partnership Coordinator) and colleagues Anita Muggeridge and Nicole Croes: employment counsellor and "newcomer-partner matchmaker" respectively. See head shot images.

Left to right:  Stacey Parks, NWO Local Immigration Partnership Coordinator, Anita Muggeridge, Employment Counsellor and Nicole Croes, "newcomer-partner matchmaker"

The meeting closed in excellent time following a few congratulatory Happy Dollar contributions.
President Krysta Logozzo Daniele chaired a business meeting today, featuring a fulsome report on the club Visioning Exercise, aka Strategic Plan for the next 3 years.

27 members attended and the tech boys John Stevenson and Kevin Holloway ensured a faultless transmission. Thanks gents.

Following the welcomes (including to former club President now a member of Lake Country Rotary in the Okanagan, BC Maria Hudolin) and O Canada (introduced again by Brian Walmark involving students from Winnipeg both indigenous and non), we had a most relevant reflection by Krysta on taking care of one's mental health during Covid-19. The key is happiness  as a function of good relationships/social connectedness and the quality therein. Reducing loneliness is a key ingredient.
"Auntie" Maria Hudolin linked us to a fine TED talk on this very subject, well worth watching:

VISIONING 2020 for the Port Arthur Rotary Club summarized results from the District and in-house deliberations re the next 3 years...where will we be then and by what route?
Four major priorities, each with goals, made this a succinct and cogent exercise for members to digest and ponder on. President Krysta is looking for a "clear path." forward. The challenges are there, we need the commitment to fulfill them. Our members will receive the full presentation for their review and input. 

AT OUR CLUB August 11.2020

President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 30 members today and the expertise of co-hosts and tech leads Bob Tomlinson, Steve McCauley and Kevin Holloway made for a worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

Following welcomes and acknowledgements, Brian Walmark played a unique Oh Canada performed by a FN school troupe from Winnipeg (Ojibwa-Cree and Métis performers)..see pic.

A moment of silence and testimonial to the recent August 9th passing of former District Governor and club member Paula Timmins was handled by Krysta.


The feature presentation today was a superb interview gleaned from the TVO Agenda show with host Steve Paiken interviewing Nick Paul, of Community Food Centres of Canada. This video was recommended to us by our  previous speaker Erin Beagle (Roots to Harvest).
 Full video is available at:

The poignant message is something our club wishes to tap in to as a service project.

There is a shocking food insecurity issue affecting 14% of Canadians (4.5 million). Inequality from poverty is the key underlying issue. The point driven home today by Mr. Paul is that "emergency supports" by government and private donations, albeit helpful, are still insufficient to correct the problem. "Food alone will not solve hunger."

Policy and monumental change in our society aimed at connecting peoples in need is the answer. Poverty management from financial security and housing is paramount.

The interview included discussion on how the economy needs to pay workers better, sharing and not hoarding, improving housing and other co-factors in the big inequality equation.

This is a most worthwhile 15 minute viewing. Thanks to President-elect Jim Madder for organizing this.

  1. Fellowship luncheon this coming Friday at 12 noon (Daytonas). Contact Mike Nitz.
  2. Survey on line request re interest in off-site meeting at Wilderness Discovery (W.D.) Camp (Shebandowan) late September (26th or 29th)
  3. Wilderness Discovery report..Bob Tomlinson and others are wiring the new bunkie job Wednesday Aug Bob.
  4. Fort William club (President Cynthia Judge)is inviting all TB Rotary club members out to W.D. 26th of August at 6 pm (contact Bob Tomlinson)
  5. District 5580 Training Lead Committee upcoming (contact Krysta Logozzo Daniele)
  6. Next week will be a business oriented meeting

President Krysta delivered a fun Rotary Trivia Quiz with 10 historical memory joggers.
 The club enjoyed plenty of camaraderie before and at the end of this meeting including" happy dollars"

President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 25 members and guests today. Co-hosts were: John Stevenson,Bob Tomlinson and Mike Nitz (thanks gentlemen).

President Krysta led with Oh Canada, acknowledgements, and her reflection on the meaningful work being done by Rotary in the awareness campaign and followup re (July 30th)-World Day Against (Human) Trafficking. Members will recall presentations in our recent past from Krysta and Chris Carlson on the topic.

Special guest presentation today was on "The Facilitator's Perspective-Camp RYLA in District 5580) by Matti Pelland, Chair Facilitator for the district and member of the the Bemidji noon Rotary club. 
 She was introduced by president Krysta and thanked by Past-president Brenda Winter, a staunch supporter of RYLA. 
The club is indebted to Matti for her dedication to RYLA. She has been with us also in the past.

Matti's slick presentation covered all the elements, past, present and even future of this remarkable youth leadership camp,started in 1992 in Crookston MN. Over that period, 3,114 campers have strengthened their leadership potential and emerged as bone-fide leaders of the future. Many Rotarian volunteers (261) have participated. Port Arthur Rotary club has been a longstanding supporter and our returning grads have been all exceptionally grateful for the opportunity.

 Matti is pictured along with a slide from her fine Power-Point slide show.

Full details are available for RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) at or

Business and Announcement Highlights
  1. Krysta commented on the Rotary webinar site (with thanks to Kevin Holloway) that yielded a documentary on the first female Rotary club president Dr. Sylvia Whitlock , in 1982.
  2. Our Port Arthur club won a district award for total annual Rotary Foundation giving in 2019/20.
  3. The Rotary Exchange Student video (with Leo Pernia)  was hailed as inspirational.
  4. The club voted unanimously to sign on to the Thunder Bay Anti-Racism and Inclusion Accord. We will present these findings to the other local Rotary clubs (Canada Club), and beyond the City of Thunder Bay (thanks to Jim Madder)
  5. . Fellowship Chair Mike Nitz is pleased with his survey results. Our first patio outing will be on Friday August 14th for lunch ( our website).
  6. Several members donated friendly dollars celebrating family/personal accomplishments...congrats all.
President-elect Jim Madder chaired today's meeting and also introduced and thanked his long-standing colleague and friend and our guest speaker Ian Howcroft from Orillia who joined us by Zoom.
Shown here are President-elect PA Rotary Jim Madder and Ian Howcroft, CEO of Skills Ontario.
29 attendees enjoyed a fine meeting.

Thanks go out to our co-hosts Kevin Holloway and John Stevenson.
Kevin commenced by projecting a fine Oh Canada performed by a number of Canadian Armed Forces military bands. Thanks Kevin.

Jim Madder acknowledged our presence on First Nation territory and reflected on today being "Great Upheaval Day", the Acadian expulsions in Maritime Canada and how this relates to the upheaval from our current viral pandemic. He asked people to reach out to all, including the introverts in the social spectrum.

Announcement Highlights:
  1. Member M.O. Nelson celebrated his 99th birthday July 23rd...outstanding achievement MO!
  2. The Field of Greens received a matching District Grant of $5000, bringing the donation to $10,000.
  3. Wilderness Discovery Camp at Lake Shebandowan is fully booked and thriving
  4. Canada Club recently met and is working on a Rotoract proposal for a highway clean-up; Peace Day planning at the waterfront September 21st; the Anti-Racism Inclusion Accord response from our club to the City of Thunder Bay; Santa Claus Parade planning (uncertainty re go-ahead there); the 4 Way Essay Contest will be repeated after a very successful 2019 session.
  5. Dew Drop Inn report (D. Silliman) - 350 meals prepared.
  6. A fellowship Survey upcoming (how to proceed in this era .. Mike Nitz).
  7. Arpad Zolyomi is nearing home in Romania finally (M. Diegel)
  8. The first Rotary female president to address "Women in Rotary" this Friday (contact K. Holloway how to sign up)
  9. Jim Madder with upcoming meeting highlight speakers
  10. Past-President John Stephenson joyfully announced his upcoming marriage. Wonderful news, John!

Today, Rotarian Ian Howcroft ( addressed us on SKILLS ONTARIO-Leaders in Inspiring Ontario's Future Workforce.

Ian is the CEO of this 30 year old initiative that started in Barrie Ontario and has achieved great success and is now national (SKILLS CANADA).  One very successful tool employed since the inception is "competitions" which young people flock and get excited such as the Cardboard Boat competition.

In essence this organization encourages young people and their parents to consider entering the skilled trades and technologies.  The “why” is evident: there are major skills gaps which employers need filled, youth experience high unemployment and both sides need to meet.

The mantra is the 3 C's: Cooperation, Coordination and Collaboration
The presentation was inspiring and for many an awakening of sorts to this invaluable resource. All aspects were covered.

The PowerPoint details provided by Ian are outlined in the attachment:

As expected, a relevant Q&A followed.

See for more information.

The club is indebted to Ian for this fine presentation. Jim Madder thanked him on our behalf.

We wish you much success, Ian, in the Covid era, where SKILLS ONTARIO is deftly adjusting in the new virtual learning world.

President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 37 guests today, including Mary Durwand (5580 District Outbound Exchange Student Coordinator), Mal Balachandran (2020 Rotaract president),Dr. Yolibeth Meijias de Pernia, Dr. Juan Pernia, Carlos and Juan Jr Pernia (family of our guest speaker) and from Slovakia, Magda Forrova (host mom of our featured speaker). 

Co-hosts (with thanks today): Kevin Holloway and Warren Philp.

Oh Canada to commence.

President Krysta warmly welcomed all, acknowledged the land we live on and reflected on her improved viewpoint of life and service during difficult pandemic times.


Yes, our guest speaker was Leo Pernia, of Thunder Bay (St. Ignatius HS grad, originally from Tampa Bay) and returned Rotary Exchange student from Slovakia. His whole family have been strong Rotary partners.

Leo was introduced and thanked (both very eloquently) by Mat Diegel and John Stephenson, respectively.
 His presentation, from afar, included a very fine Powerpoint slide show. His address was first class and well organized.
 It was nicely divided into sections:

1. About Slovakia and his home base in Bratislava:
capital (pop 450,000) and well situated near Austria and Hungary on the Danube river (of note::he was able to visit classic cities like Prague (Czech Republic), Budapest and Vienna. The slides showed a lovely virtual tour of the countryside, cities, architecture, food, customs and more.

2.His Exchange District in Slovakia (2240) :
details about Rotary there and his wonderful host mother Magda Forrova (who was on Zoom here today)

3. His Activities and Adventures:
including exploring Europe from a central hub (see above), soccer, friends and more.

The Q & A explored varied area like: his happy decision to switch from Croatia to Slovakia; Canadians in the district; the difficult language obstacles; soccer at a high level; Rotary volunteering and his future plans.

All in all, a very professional presentation by a fine student ambassador. The audience were impressed. Thanks again Leo and family!


1. Recent media release re: PA Rotary club allocations (over $17,000) See website for details on the worthy recipients
2. Board decision re meeting venue..on hold due to fluid Covid situation til September
3. TB Anti-Racism Accord. Members will receive info and chance to weigh in.
4. Visioning/Strategic Planning exercise will be developing a master plan.
5. Canada Club meeting this week
6.Wilderness Discovery Camp.. a fulsome report (Brenda Winter). It is up and running. Budgeting is stable but more fundraising essential. Thanks to the Tomlinsons, John Stephenson, Chris Bailey, David Marler and others for recent volunteer work there.
7. Dew Drop Inn (D.Silliman) gearing up for this Thursday 23rd (0930-1230hr)
8.( Mal Balachandran) on Rotaract project making face coverings..great work!

Stay tuned for another highlight reel next Tuesday
 AT OUR CLUB JULY 14, 2020

President Krysta Logozzo Daniele chaired a very successful meeting with 34 members attending, and co-hosted again by John Stevenson, Kevin Holloway and Bob Tomlinson. Of particular note, we again welcomed several members of our new Lakehead University community membership group: Dr. David Richards, Kathryn Davidson and Mark Tilbury.
A dynamic new multi-band rendition of Oh Canada  was followed by Krysta's welcoming remarks and acknowledgements.
 Additionally, she played a nice Rotary testimonial by 2015-16 RI president  K.V. Ravinder (Sri Lanka)
 Emily Lauzon

Our guest speaker today was Emily Lauzon, head of the Community Economic Development Corporation  ( 
 initiative entitled the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot  ( RNIP: www.,>immigration.about-rnip>employers).
 Emily is pictured above as well.

RNIP, a 3 year pilot project, was inaugurated in  2019 and is one of 5 such federal immigration screens (for employment) in northern Ontario. It is modelled after a similar mechanism in Atlantic Canada (AIP), although the latter differs in that it is employer driven as opposed to community driven here (RNIP).

Emily's Power Point commenced with "Why"...the answers lie in the demographics in this area: ageing population, low birth rate, exodus of some young workers, and essentially unmet labour needs. We must encourage immigrants, properly vetted (a panel is formed), to keep our economy afloat in many ways.
Emily provided the data and mechanism on how the program works. 
To date there are 25 engaged employers, 100 recommendations available, and 17 positions filled. The idea is to welcome them, and encourage them to stay in these environs.

More details are available on the website.

A very healthy Q & A period covered topics such as: how to keep valued international students here; priority vocations recommended - a spectrum from engineering to technologists to health care and retail services; empowering employers; Covid 19 impact; dealing with potential push back, even hostility; non applicability to landed immigrants; comparison with other Ontario sites (not easy, with numerous confounding variables);and how can Thunder Bay Rotary clubs get involved?(networking skills a big plus).

Jim Madder both introduced and thanked Emily for her fine presentation. Thank you Emily. Thank you Jim!


1.A moment of silence and tribute was made for the death of well known Fort William Rotarian and community advocate Bruce Nugent

2. Dew Drop Inn will recruit 8  volunteers for the July 23 session (D. Silliman)

3. Minister Patty Hajdu our Thunder Bay - Superior North MP is holding a virtual Town Hall this Thurs July 16th from 6 to 730pm.

4. Art Warwick personally hand delivered (at home no less) the recipients of the Rotary Citizenship Awards for this year (see listing below). Of note President Krysta received a fine thank note from Sarah Tribe (Hammerskjold CI ) for her watch. The club is pleased to support and honour our youth leadership
SUPERIOR- FEMALE     Sara Plummer
                     MALE          Junny Sung
LA VERENDYRE- FEMALE     Mariane Trottier
                              MALE         Eric Vanska
ST. IGNATIUS- FEMALE      Lily Sutton
                           MALE          Adam La Froy
                                   MALE         Aaron Hodgson

5. Upcoming club programming announced. President Krysta spoke of the conundrum to be worked out with respect to venue for meeting/meal resumption with anticipated gradual pandemic re-opening ("mask wearing re-emphasized strongly!)
President Krysta Logozzo Daniele kicked off the new Rotary season with a fine introduction, and welcome to all including our distinguished speaker Charla Robinson, President of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce (

Co-hosts working the virtual magic were: Kevin Holloway and John Stephenson, and 31 members tuned in.

Following Krysta's strong opening remarks, acknowledgements and warm welcome to all, there was a video  O Canada and then a fine video by the new (2020-21) Rotary International President Holger Knaack extolling his vision of a wish list for world Rotarians for his year..this includes, growth, involvement, improvement, project development; in fact almost "everything".

President Krysta's highlight announcements:

1. As above, her initial personal vision for a strong and committed PA Rotary year.

2. The Club Visioning exercise including a 3-year strategic plan. A recap will be available at the July 28 meeting.

3. District 5580 matching grant application in for $5000 to be applied to the Salvation Army Field of Greens.

4. Club fundraising: Rotary Radio Day adjustments and brainstorming a new fund-raising initiative is happening.

5. The new District Governor is Robert (Bob) McLean, and Assistant DG is Dan Brown (Nipigon Rotary Club)

6. The Club again will work the Dew Drop Inn July 23rd.


President-elect Jim Madder introduced and thanked later our fine guest speaker today, Charla Robinson (see above). Jim made clear the exceptional resume and work ethic of Charla in this community.

Her main areas of focus were:

1. The Anti-Racism and Inclusion Accord which can be found at and
2. Covid-19 Now: Guidance and Resources for Business, the Chamber's approach to help pandemic affected business found at

Both of these initiatives were covered in detail with the help of a PowePoint slide show.

The details are available at the Chamber website at

Re the Anti-Racism Accord, the Resource Guide is now available. Re Covid and business there is extensive data on the local impact which is quite severe in terms of business revenue losses and lost employment. Charla acknowledged the essential and successful application of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy in keeping many businesses afloat (58% uptake).

Members engaged fully in the Q and A period, actively encouraged by Charla.  Topics included: explanation of the Wake the Giant program embracing indigenous students; port shipping (a big uptake in business is a highlight); the Chamber approach to the minimum wage proposal (the prior 29% boost with insufficient lead time was seen to be untenable but a universal basic income is supported by the Chamber; recognition and support for non-profits (positive relationship); opportunities for immigrant employment (huge); Chamber prognostication for the future "reopening": we must accept the new normal including face mask protection, and clarity and consistency in messaging  is paramount.

This was an auspicious first Rotary meeting for the new year. Well done Krysta and members. A most appropriate testimonial was provided by Past-President Rod Morrison.
A bittersweet final day as President for Rod Morrison- he proved again a consummate leader in handling the agenda, appropriately thanking many colleagues and passing the baton to incoming President Krysta Logozzo Daniele.

32 Rotarians were on hand to congratulate Rod on an exceptional year and welcome President Krysta.

Bob Tomlinson was lead host with a littler help from his friend, Past-President Kevin Holloway. All attending proudly wore Rotary togs of one sort or another (many in the Rotary toque on a summer day).

There was a lengthy list of speakers, all in unique Rotary points in their Service lives:

1. Rod honoured Lori Mitchell, outgoing ED at Salvation Army for her 5 years of excellence at the helm there. She moves on to be area commander for 22 "ministries" in the Toronto GTA as well as some northern locales. Lori graciously thanked everyone for their support and this was reciprocated.

2. Rod thanked all his Committee Chairs for yeoman service over the year..indeed as we all know, exceedingly challenging considering the pandemic.
Rod once again showed his skill as an interpreter of service with his farewell reflection. The many positive achievements of the club were reviewed in considerable detail (see below).

3. Following consultation, Rod made the announcement of our club (dual) ROTARIANS OF THE YEAR: Chris Bailey and Warren Philp.

Chris has had a very strong hand as co-treasurer (along with Leslie Savitsky) including great skill at professional advice on money matters, compelling preparation and communication in all the same. Hearty congrats to Chris (pictured),

Past-President Warren  was described by Rod as a multiple driver in many club activities and a major public face in the community representing Rotary.  (Modest Warren is also pictured in his unique Rotary beer club shirt). Again, congrats Warren.

4. Business announcements: included updates on membership stats for the year, the Dew Drop Inn Commitment (Dave Silliman), Arpad Z's final departure June 29th to Romania, and the Rotary Visioning Exercise under Blaine Johnson (Krysta LD)..a presentation to follow.

5. Rod Morrison delivered a final farewell always poignant and relevant to the club and it's mission:(Rod is pictured). He will continue on as Past-President always willing and able to pitch in for the club. His virtual "fête" was made by Warren Philp, a fine testimonial to his leadership, a promise for an improved one later, in person, and instructions for Rod to open a gift from the club; a fine RI plaque honouring him as outgoing president. 
 Of note Rod issued a special thank you to Kishore Sakrahni (Hong Kong Rotary and Shuniah resident) for introducing him to the club in 2016..and with a meteoric rise to leadership thereafter.
 Nice job Warren 
The meeting closed right on time! The attendees were energized. Thank you Rod for a very fine year in such challenging times! 

At our penultimate Rotary year Zoom meeting today, President Rod Morrison welcomed 32 members plus guests.
Of significance; guest speakers (see below) and Rebecca Tanaka (RI administrator in Evanston HQ, Illinois-Chicago area) and Katherine Buggenhagen  were on hand from the United States.
Rod's reflection today served as an opportunity for guests to hear about the club's Indigenous Strategy going forward...exciting and very progressive.
He also quoted Einstein: " What a sad era when it is easier to smash an atom than prejudice." Apt indeed.


Today's meeting was attended by 31 members and guests, and was hosted, with thanks, by Warren Philp and Mike Nitz.

 From the United Way (Thunder Bay) press release of Aug 12. 2019:

"Albert Brulé appointed to tackle Thunder Bay's most pressing social issues."
This is a good intro for today).

Recently transferred Rotarian (from London and Grande Prairie AB clubs); Albert returned to the (virtual) podium in an uplifting reprise of his earlier (September) address to the club, on the scope and current /future activities of this keystone organization addressing the core issue of poverty.
He has introduced many new creative energies since commencing his new role in September 2019. "A Community Impact Plan" has spawned an effective collaborative approach with many partners. The approach is novel, ambitious and aspirational. It is far beyond simple fund-raising.

Albert's presentation clearly presents a much needed approach to the issue of poverty and its many manifestations.

A more recent successful partnership with the TB Community Foundation (the COVID-19 Community Relief Fund: Respond/Recover/Rebuild ) is a great example of cooperation and team building (along with Rotarian Ola Calderon of TBCF no less). 25 organizations have benefited 7000 individuals already, with input and  assistance from the federal government as well.
 The future holds many exciting innovations as well:( some involving youth engagement)

United Way and it's many programs can be reached at: uwaytbay.caDonations are encouraged of course.

 Our club is thrilled to have Rotarian Albert on board, for obvious reasons.

Thanks Albie for your energy and professionalism (Dave Legge..introducer and thanker) .


Business and Announcements

1. President Morrison reflected on his term (# 1...) always salient
2. Rotary visioning survey for all members encouraged (electronically) and the dedicated visioning group is about to go to work (Krysta Logozzo Daniele)
3. Fees due date reviewed.
4. The club Indigenous collaboration is moving ahead.. several speakers are potentially booked for the new Rotary year.
5. Arpad Zolyomi was again flying out June 29th.
6. A potential award for LU student in ethics proposed (Jaro Kotalik).
Today's meeting was attended by 31 members and guests, and was hosted, with thanks, by Warren Philp and Mike Nitz.
Albert Brulé, photo from United Way (Thunder Bay) press release, Aug 12, 2019
"Albert Brulé appointed to tackle Thunder Bay's most pressing social issues."
Albert returned to the (virtual) podium in an uplifting reprise of his address to the club last September. He was introduced and later thanked by David Legge.  Albert led us through the scope and current /future activities of this keystone organization addressing the core issue of poverty.  Albert introduced many new creative energies since commencing his new role in September 2019.  "A Community Impact Plan" is aimed at creating effective collaborative efforts with many partners. The approach is novel, ambitious and aspirational. It is far beyond simple fund-raising and grant-giving.


Today 39 members and guests bade farewell to our exceptional Rotary Exchange student Arpad Zolyomi (Romania).

The meeting was chaired by President Rod Morrison and hosted on Zoom (with thanks) by co-hosts Warren Philp and Kevin Holloway.
 Amongst the special guests were Blake Carlson, District 5580 Inbound Youth Exchange Coordinator, Dr.Juan Pernia (LU prof who hosted Arpad), Debora Tacylla, and several host parents (for Arpad).

(Arpad Z). his farewell address

Arpad Zolyomi joined us from Gatineau P.Q. and delivered a very fine overview of his very unique experience here in Thunder Bay (foreshortened alas by the Covid-19 pandemic). He will be flying back on June 15th.

He was introduced very professionally by Past-President Art Warwick (who spent many a day with Arpad) and later thanked by many; including the Club YE lead elect  Past-President John Stephenson, District Chair Blake Carlson, Bill Everitt (a host dad), Dr Juan Pernia (host dad), Mat Diegel (host dad and club RYE Chair) and best wishes from all members from President Rod Morrison.

 Arpad already had international experience and wanted to add Canada ("with it's trees and trees-green and green") as a great place as an exchange student. He got involved quickly and integrated beautifully here. He even played football for the (St Ignatius) seniors who had a perfect season. he injured his knee and battled back. He was very appreciative of the reception here and indeed every day he was "active and joyful."
The first (of many) Questions was on the topic of "what makes a great host family?" His response in this writer's view was amongst the finest, well articulated , thoughtful and heartfelt of any heard in recent times by a departing exchange student. His English is excellent and his extemporaneous speaking skills are superb. In short his stay here met and exceeded all expectations.

Sadly (via Blake Carlson) the District Exchange program will be on hold for the coming season (Covid-19 pandemic). The club hopes (and perhaps expects to see Arpad in the future). Best of luck.

Business and Announcement Highlights:

1. Reminders re fees, the Indigenous Club Planning session, Visioning session, Club allocation awards, RI connection and awards

2. Maria Hudolin was thrilled to announce the safe arrival of her first grandson and is now really "plugged in" in B.C. She will be joining her new Rotary club and already is active therein.
AT OUR CLUB-June 2, 2020

Chair President Rod Morrison led the meeting assisted by Zoom Team: Host: John Stephenson and Co-hosts Brian Walmark and Kevin Holloway.  32 members attended.

Kevin Holloway again projected a fine version of O Canada and a solemn reflection was delivered by President Morrison on the grim topic of systemic racism around the world as emanating from tragic events in the U.S.

Today's guest speaker was the eminent Member of Parliament the Honourable Niki Ashton MP for Churchill-Keewatinook Aski. 
Ms Ashton joined us from her home in Thompson Manitoba.  Her distinguished background and credentials were offered up by her friend, Rotarian Brain Walmark. Brian's association with our guest (along with his daughter Meia) goes back years. Brian also thanked Ms Ashton for her fine presentation. She was characterized as a human rights champion.

AT OUR CLUB-May 26, 2020

Today's special guest speaker was Cindy Paypompee, family counsellor, and consultant in the Human Trafficking Program at Beendigen Services.

Beendigen (Ojibway for "come in") is a broad spectrum umbrella for numerous services within Thunder Bay addressing a wide array of social issues. Among them is the Anishinabe Women's Crisis Home (807-346-HELP (4357). Other programs, housed at different sites (Beendigen Head Office is in Fort William First Nation: can be perused on the internet.

Ms Paypompee was professonally introduced and thanked by Matt Diegel as well as President-elect Krysta Logozzo Danielle and President Rod Morrison. These Rotarians have met our speaker in the past and a partnership commenced.

A brief bio for Cindy is appended.

She spoke to us via Zoom Link and was assisted by a Power-Point set organized by co-host Kevin Holloway.
Today's lead Zoom host was Steve McCauley. President Rod Morrison chaired the meeting and as in the past brokered a seamless transition of all the necessary elements.

The scope of services offed by Beendigen is remarkable. Although Human Trafficking in it's myriad disguises was highlighted, Beendigen also does extensive work in providing housing, prenatal support, awareness counselling in many forms, family support and much more.
Financial support comes from many sources including government and not for profit organizations. Our own United Way (and TB Community Foundation ) is also strongly supportive (

Cindy handled a wide array of questions. Our club supports her work (we have had a definitive presentation on Human Trafficking itself in the recent past at Rotary). She is available to assist and answer questions anytime.Our sincere thanks and best wishes going forward are extended to Cindy.

Business Highlights and Announcements:

1. Rotary District 5580 has awarded us $1000 US for pandemic related help. The board has converted to Canadian dollars and came up with $750 to each of the Salvation Army and the Dew Drop Inn.
2. The Dew Drop Inn will be assisted this week by 8 Rotarians re: meal prep.
3. President-elect Krysta Logozzo Danielle attended the PET visioning exercise. Members are encouraged to join her (virtually) for an upcoming think tank on developing a club 3-5 year plan.
4. Our fine Rotary exchange student Arpad Zolyomi was on hand to bid farewell and was thanked by President Rod and our own Rotary Exchange lead Matt Diegel. His final "presentation" is slated for June 9th from Montreal.
5. Anyone able to contribute to a further Covid mask sewing project can contact the club.
6. The club is awaiting a decision from the City re a renewal of the Rotary Santa Claus parade.
7. Wilderness Discovery continues to fund raise and look at future assistance with construction work (example wiring of the new "bunkies.").
8. Notices are upcoming re annual dues renewals.


Today's meeting, chaired by President Rod Morrison was enjoyed by approximately 40 members and guests (some notables included former Premier Kathleen Wynn, Syed Kabir from SHIFT, Bill Bartley (Canmore, AB) and Mark Tilbury (L.U.) It was great to see Past District Governor Paula Timmins back at our meeting! Bob Tomlinson was host, with co-hosts Kevin Holloway, Steve McCauley and Warren Philp. Many thanks all.

Guest speaker today was the distinguished political strategist, advocate, author, former Canadian Senator and current Principle of Massey College (U of T), Hugh Segal.

Mr. Segal was professionally introduced, and thanked by Rotarian Brian Walmark. For him and many others, Mr.Segal is an ideal role model working toward the public good and "speaking truth to power."

He focused on his passion for addressing the woes of the Canadian welfare system and it's management of Canada's poor (some 9% of the total or 3-4 million Canadians).

AT OUR CLUB-May 12, 2020

38 members attended today's meeting on Zoom, chaired by President Rod Morrison and hosted this week by Mike Nitz. Co-hosting were Kevin Holloway and Bob Tomlinson.

Key note speaker was his worship, Mayor Bill Mauro of Thunder Bay.
Our distinguished guest was introduced and thanked very professionally, by Vonnie Cheng.

Mayor Mauro graciously provided time in his busy schedule to outline, in some detail, essential elements of the city's many challenges to the Covid-19 crisis.
Chief among them is the financial position facing the city, viz à viz; accumulated and projected deficit, and key areas therein. Current prognostication is for a figure of about $13 million by the end of 2020.One example, losses of transit system revenues is of note. Remedial and mitigating actions such as the various reserve funds and help from senior levels of government give substantial reassurance to Mr. Mauro et al.

He also was reassuring as to the health numbers(really quite good within the province for this area) and commentary re: future reopening, was forthright.

President Morrison opened up an informative Q and A session. Topics included: deficit comparisons with like communities elsewhere; the effect on tourism; collaboration with other levels of government; in-house city cost containment measures including worker redeployment, and others.

The club is indebted to Mayor Mauro for his leadership and sharing of all this important information.


Business Highlights today

1. Ongoing Board activity and decision making re future events, along with the other local clubs
2. A Rotary district grant was recieved ($1000 US) for discretionary use (going to Salvation Army and Shelterhouse)
3. Host for today Mike Nitz announced his new position as V-P at TD Bank commencing next week: office in Thunder Bay, but with a huge territory-Kenora to North Bay. There are 23 branches and 300 employees under his wing. Congratulations Mike. Outstanding!
4. An excellent round today of "Happy Dollars"
5. Our in-bound exchange student Arpad will be leaving Thunder Bay May 28th. (his sister, also in the same position in Mexico..also reuniting). Mat Diegel as usual has been superb in managing this challenging exchange student year.
6. Dew Drop Inn and Adopt-a-Road services upcoming (Via Dave Silliman).
7. Mr Tech Mike Nitz advising on a Rotary RV app with headset for virtual reality Rotary events.
Today's meetings featured 2 video presentations and one (semi) official welcome into the club of a new (transferred) member.

Big thanks to the host team: this week-the Captain was Warren Philp, ably assisted by Kevin Holloway and Bob Tomlinson.And to David Legge for scribing.

Kevin Holloway introduced a successful O Canada video. President Rod Morrison chaired the meeting. There were 45 people on line for the meeting.

A. Featured speaker the Honourable  Past(25th) Premier of Ontario and MPP  for Don Valley West: Kathleen Wynne
Suitably introduced (and thanked) by fellow traveller Rotarian Brian Walmark,  Kathleen Wynne very comfortably spoke on:

1) Her Journey in Politics: coming from a background in publicly funded education (her passion), she outlined her beginnings ("not the odds on favourite") all the way to the premier's chair. 
Her close association with First Nation education and welfare stood her in good stead. The Basic Income Pilot,  Cap and Trade, modernization of Labour laws and increasing minimum wage are highlights of her career ( 'everything I have done was worth it").

2) Where are we now (in Ontario and Canada): This discussion centered on the importance of collaboration with other parties, especially given the current pandemic process, and how it is mandatory to learn the corrective lessons from it. She specifically hopes for improved policy development for Long Term Care institutions as well as stronger recognition and re-emphasis of long standing strong institutions.

Kathleen handled about 7 inputted questions from her Rotary audience: all relevant. Highlighted responses were on: climate change repercussions and opportunities, the basic income issue, mitigating personal vitriol/partisanship, how did it feel in the premier's chair?, how does the Liberal Party move forward?

The club is very much indebted to Kathleen for her participation. She was invited back. And thanks to Brian Walmark for making this happen.

B. Instalment #2: Discussion with Dr. Stewart Kennedy-Covid 19 

Dr. Stew Kennedy, Incident Manager for Covid-19 at TBRHSC, kindly returned for a more in-depth discussion on the science  and epidemiology of pandemics, with Rotarian Past-President David Legge. This chat as well as last week's opener is being posted on the club Facebook page.  Today he reviewed topics such as the immune response and challenges with vaccine development given the world wide dissemination of a highly contagious and novel viral pathogen, the conundrum of it is done et al.

C. Welcome to the Club- Albert Brulé:
The club is pleased to have Albert, CEO of Thunder Bay United Way, join us. His long career in the charitable sector has taken him around Canada and 3 previous Rotary clubs as well (Grande Prairie, AB, Calgary, AB and London, ON). He is back in familiar Thunder Bay and we will enjoy his fellowship and service. Welcome back Albert!

Business Highlights:
1. President Rod 
welcomed Fort William President Stephen Margarit, with news from his club. Also President-elect and former Assistant DG Sandy Lychowyd (Lakehead Club), former PA Rotarian Treasurer Frank Zanatta, and others.
Big thanks to David Legge for scribing our meetings! 

AT OUR CLUB-April 28, 2020

We were pleased to have two distinguished guest presentations today:

A: Dr Stewart Kennedy (Exec VP of Medicine and Academics, as well as Incident Manager for Covid 19, at TBRHSC).

 Via Zoom and with the assistance of the Rotary tech committee (Kevin Holloway, Warren Philp et al)and with thanks to Tracie Smith of TBRHSC, Dr. Kennedy provided a welcomed overview on the current covid -19 situation at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center and Thunder Bay area. 
Dr. Kennedy is a veteran Thunder Bay physician and award winning medical educator and hospital administrator.
 His message was clear and cogent: this area is being served well by the the collaborative team approach with low numbers of illness and mortality. 
Of course the situation remains complex, fluid and dynamic. Caution and active surveillance ongoing is mandatory.

There was a Q and A involving Rotarian David Legge asking generalized questions. Dr.Kennedy will be on hand for Part 2 of this session next week as questions of a more clinical and science based nature are offered up.

 The club is very grateful for Dr. Kennedy  providing time for this service.  He was introduced and suitably thanked by President Rod Morrison. Please find the video on the Club's Facebook page at or by clicking on 

Dr. Stewart Kennedy

B. Erin Beagle, Executive Director of Roots to Harvest ( since it's inception (and a notable Rotary Paul Harris Fellow), then provided her own fine overview of the hugely expanded role and scope of her "hands on for food security" organization that has become a huge force in this area. 

 Erin Beagle

Especially since March break (into Covid-19 territory), Roots to Harvest has been in full throttle, with about 430 food packages going out per week from a large kitchen/warehouse involving a small army of employees (10|), community gardens, student and refugee volunteers and a  fine network with numerous not for profits in the community. The need is great. No questions are asked. The Thunder Bay Community Foundation-TB United Way alliance is helping in many ways including financial assistance. There are currently 13 food distribution sites, both in town and rural.
 Erin is pictured in her element. Her tireless work was outlined in a welcome intros and a very fine thank you by Past-President Lauri Tulloch.
Thank you again Erin.

Business highlights today:

 There were over 40 attendees today and President Morrison welcomed new member Mark Tilbury from the corporate partner/member Lakehead University. Great to have you on board Mark. 
Matti Peland former District RYLA rep from Thunder Bay was on hand also from Bemidji, MN. Welcome Matti

 Matti Peland

1. A bittersweet tribute to Rotarian Lori Mitchell, moving on to Area Commander charge in Toronto (Salvation Army). Lori is a huge force wherever she goes. Her work here especially with the new Center for Life building project is exemplary
2. Dave Silliman reported on the last Dew Drop Inn session (8 Rotarians thanked)
3. David Silliman is proposing another Adopt-a-Road cleanup along N. Cumberland St  May 23rd. Stay tuned.
4. Brian Thompson honoured the April birthday folks (Brian Walmark was visioned on his mule at the precipice...thank God!) Arpad Zolymi, our long suffering exchange guy had his on April 5th

Today's Zoom meeting included a number of Rotarians from the Lakehead and Fort William Clubs as well as very special visit from Kishore Sakhrani at his home in Hong Kong (see below). There were approximately 51 folks on the line. Thank you for joining in.

Dr. Stew Kennedy, lead Covid-19 MD Response Team Coordinater at TBRHSC was unfortunately called away at the last moment. We were, however, fortunate enough to hear from Vignesh Viswanathan,  President of the Confederation College Student Union (Inc) or SUCCI. He was introduced and thanked by CC Past President and  Rotarian Jim Madder.

Vignesh spoke of his background in (dental) health care services, having a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (2009-2016) in his home town of Chennai, India. On making the big (and challenging) move to Canada, he has moved up the leadership ladder to President of SUCCI and has been involved in many "firsts" in his new country (including being first international student president of the union).
He was grateful to attend with his story today. He has many goals but insists on following through with "deliverables". 
He is pictured as seen by the participants.
The club thanks Vignesh and wishes him all the best going forward here..

President Rod Morrison again chaired today with able assistance for co-hosts Kevin Holloway and John Stephenson.

Business Highlights:
1 A fine reflection by Dave Silliman, using his observations of new life in nature (the goldfinch in emerging plumage) as a great metaphor for hope in this tough time (for humans in particular)
2.Wilderness Discovery Centre: Brenda Winter and Bob Tomlinson reporting-resumption of activities date unsettled, still inaccessible by road, bookings into July and August occurring. Bob Hookham would be grateful for donations.
3. Dew Drop Inn: (Dave Silliman).. a volunteer cohort developed for this week.
4. Kishore Sakhrani (from Hong Kong Rotary) on the much more advanced and largely successful battle against Covid-19 there. They stress the key elements: 1. masks --early, 2. social distancing,3. washing of hands. Some civil activities are now opening, but they have had 2 waves already.
5. Fort William Rotary (Stephen Margarit) are meeting every 2 weeks, with the next one April 29th- a fun Zoom night.
6. Extensive update (Ola Calderon) on the TB Community Foundation (and co-partner United Way of TB ) work in this day and age of considerably increased need.  
AT OUR CLUB April 14, 2020

Port Arthur Rotary is perfecting virtual meetings with the use of Zoom technology. There were 33 (+) attendees today, and this is catching on very nicely. The tech crew is diligent and very helpful to all and sundry. Thanks.
Example: Our guest speaker screen shot (Syed Kabir) is shown first. Beyond that a professional shot emanating from his business is added for comparison. Working well.

Next: Syed as viewable professionally

Our inaugural guest speaker is well acquainted to the digital age. He is Syed Kabir, founder and CEO of Creon Media (a full service digital marketing agency in Thunder Bay) and representative today for SHIFT ( Thunder Bay's Young Professional Network:
Past-President Art Warwick introduced (and thanked) Syed, who has an enviable resume including Hon Bachelor Commerce (U of T), MBA at Lakehead University and experience in many tech sectors. He is proud to call Thunder Bay his (and young family) home .

Syed feels there is a huge potential for jobs for young entrepreneurs, but who do need a "platform" in this community.

He outlined the essentials of SHIFT, and drew many parallels with Rotary: indeed possible increased cooperation and partnerships are inviting. Any young professional interested in networking can belong; the active members being under 40 years of age (ambassadors over 40). Many current and past Rotarians have been instrumental in SHIFT (note: upon "graduating", members choose their own pathways going forward).

A very healthy Q and A period allowed Syed to enhance many aspects of SHIFT.
 The club is much indebted for his cooperation and enthusiasm for SHIFT on this first day of virtual meeting guest presentations. We hope to continue the dialogue.

1. Members had a chance to connect on screen and audio with individual greetings
2. Lori Mitchell gave an update on construction of the new Salvation Army building; proceeding very well indeed (e.g. 3rd floor basically completed) despite some obvious challenges during Covid.
3. RYLA (unfortunately) cancelled for this year (Bob Tomlinson)
4.Fort Severn FN super resilient. A second shipment of water is imminent, just before shut down of the winter road. Chris Bailey and Brian Walmark are the leads from this end. No Covid there (hopefully never).
5. Members encouraged to complete Krysta's on-line survey re the Zoom methodology for meetings.
Photos from the web/zoom meeting show a slide from SHIFT with Syed during his talk. These are  followed by Rotarians Lori Mitchell and Brian Walmark and our President Rod Morrison.
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Nigerian physician Dr. Tunji Funsho named one of TIME’s Most Influential People in the world