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Home Page Stories
Today's (business) meeting was held under the leadership of President Brian Walmark, at the Salvation Army Journey to Life Centre (JTL).
It was  by no means all business.

The club is indebted to ED Gary Ferguson and Community Engagement Manager Gail Kromm for hosting us.
 Members and guests were treated to a delicious fried rice dinner cooked in the kitchen and using produce from the Field of Greens (FOG) garden. 
Following the presentations, Gail toured a number of members around the building, a wonderful achievement in all respects.


A. Gail Kromm welcomed members and showed the excellent video of the Journey to Life Centre, highlighting the building, the staff, the residents and overall huge impact of the centre in the community.

B. Next, our inbound exchange student Fern Sirichaikeereekosol presented a fine PowerPoint video of herself, family and country Thailand. Fern's mother Chollada is a member of of the Rotary Club of Khun yang Mo-Korat in Amphur Mueang, Thailand. The experience to date here in Canada, with host parents John Stephenson and Marg Woods has been both challenging and rewarding. She is attending St. Ignatius high school. All members are urged to contribute to Fern's year here.

C. Fern was followed by an overview by her friend and school mate, returning RYLArian, Fernanda Soto Valenzuela, who hails originally from Chile. Fernanda clearly extolled the many benefits of this important leadership experience ( two fellow RYLA partners presented several weeks ago, also to acclaim).
Both of these addresses were a real tonic recognizing the power of youth leadership through Rotary. As in the past members are very enthused about this element of service in the organization. They were generously introduced and thanked by President Walmark. 

Photos show Gail Kromm welcoming members, Fernanda (left) and Fern  pictured together, and then along with President -elect Shelley Crawford  and Past Rotaract President and Rotarian Karissa KiIby.


There is ongoing enthusiastic progress with events such as the 2023 Country on the Bay Rotary volunteer planning (Bob Tomlinson), Rotary Radio Day (B. Walmark, Matt Villella, Hector Dougall et al), and the Rotary Christmas at the Courthouse gala (S. Crawford).
 Past President Jim Madder then announced the result of the selection of  (by the past presidents) and subsequent  acceptance of nomination for the 2023-24 President-elect position. That individual is Albert Brulé. 

As stated by Jim, there is an opportunity at the next Rotary meeting for any additional members to come forward with candidate(s), and if so, then an election would be held. 
Members are very happy indeed with the acceptance of by Albert, stepping up, at this stage.

As above, we enjoyed this off site meeting at the Salvation Army JTL and again thank Rotarian and Executive Director Gary Ferguson, and Gail Kromm ( a very longstanding cog in the organization, friend of the FOG, and yes, also a Lakehead Rotarian).
PA ROTARY MEETING November 22. 2022


The club welcomed Executive Director Michael Quibell of the Dew Drop Inn "compassion kitchen"(at St. Andrews church), accompanied by DDI  Manager Melody Lavallee.

Michael has been an active member of the Thunder Bay community since he moved to the Lakehead in 2005.  He has been an active member of the Thunder Bay Country Market, Rotary Shelter House, the Dew Drop Inn and the Kwae Kii Win Center, and the Regional Food Distribution Center -- to name just a few.  Serving those who are in need have been the defining moments of his life. “The market had made a decision to become more community minded,” he said.  “It was decided to host a community feast at Shelter House. We were all busy with the meal preparations for our 2 pm meal service when I glanced at the time (1:50 pm) and then at the dining room which now had a lineup of people around its perimeter. All of these people in line were there because they were hungry. I had never encountered this before. When I left that day, I knew that I needed to do something, I needed to do more.” 

Michael gave a succinct but powerful overview of the Dew Drop Inn, serving the hungry people of Thunder Bay and environs, with "no questions asked, no one denied" since it's inception in 1981.
Described by Rene St Jacques in his introduction as "a team player, leading by example, and on the front line" the presentation laid out clearly the Who, What, Where, When, Why  and How, people with hunger and food insecurity can get access to healthy food on a daily basis at this important place.
The need is there and skyrocketing: last year's numbers were in the 120,000 visit range. For thanksgiving this year, over 620 were fed! With Covid, the flu, housing prices and general inflation, the beat goes on.

The base problem said Michael, is lack of affordability of food. The "living wage" is simply too low.
There are clients that are regular daily customers, a majority being seniors over 60. There are many issues on an individual basis contributing.
 Volunteerism is essential and certainly a dedicated staff willing to deal with all the demand on a daily basis- year round. 

Our club has been a staunch supporter for many years. Members have not only prepped and served food, but also toiled at and supported financially, many renovation projects there, both in the hall and kitchen. 
Our big day is the fourth Thursday of each month. Dave Silliman is the force behind our club support.

The club was thanked by Michael and Melody. The partnership remains strong.
Our guests were then thanked by no less a hands on DDI inspired guy than Rotarian Bob Tomlinson.

Today's hybrid meeting at the Bartley Centre, Lakehead University, featured a strong presentation on Indigenous contributions in the conflicts we are remembering, on and around November 11th.
President Brian Walmark welcomed all and had the pleasure of securing and introducing our guest speaker on Indigenous Veterans Day.

David Thompson is a teacher, researcher and writer who has worked extensively to raise public awareness about the role of Native Veterans in Canada's wars. David is a graduate of Lakehead University, from Rocky Bay First Nation (Lake Nipigon), with extensive knowledge of Indigenous history in northwestern Ontario.  As a young university student, David worked and mentored with Willy John, a Native Veteran, who together identified and recorded the stories of every Indigenous Veteran in Northwestern Ontario who served in World War One, World War Two and the Korean Conflict. He and Willy proudly took part in the November 1988 founding of the Native Veterans Association of Northwestern Ontario.

Today, David spoke very eloquently and very candidly on the role of  Anishinabek veterans, with particular emphasis on the work of Willy John, to ensure that these veterans received the benefits that they earned through their sacrifice and service to this country and the proper recognition that they deserve. The team of David and Willy John, as his mentor, has formed the basis of strong advocacy for Indigenous Veterans, who as David put it, stepped up overseas to "protect the land" (in Canada) on  behalf of the crown (the Queen), in these conflicts, only to return home and face the stark reality of discrimination in a myriad of ways.

This disenfranchisement simply had to be redressed. The story telling prowess of Willy John and thus David Thompson was an especially powerful tool in today's address, the topic being yet another important reconciliation issue.

David is pictured following his address. A shot of Willy John (Shingosibi or Sitting Weasel) is included.

David was thanked most sincerely by Past President Rod Morrison. Meegwitch David.

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President-elect Shelley Crawford chaired today's hybrid meeting at the Bartley Conference Centre, Lakehead University. Thanks to Mark Tilbury (LU) and Matt Villella as IT/Zoom host.

O Canada and a Land Acknowledgement were followed by welcomes, including guest speaker Marjorie Clayton, her brother Joe Clayton, Fernanda Soto Valenzuela and Sandy Kelso Jennings (guest of Mike Nitz).


One Thing Leads to Another by social documentary photographer Marj Clayton.

Marj for decades has advocated for social understanding and connectivity with peoples of the world, through her expertise as a photographer in their home territories.
She is classically trained (her father Charlie being the key mentor) using B&W prints in natural light portraiture settings. Her favorite homes away from home include the Bolivian Andes, Gambia, and Ghana.
 An example of her striking work is appended.

Through her well traveled lens, she captures the essence of the real people in many countries. 
In many, life is harsh. 
They live and flourish to the best of their abilities through inter- family reciprocity/duality.

Marj's life has been enriched by these interactions. She cherishes for example her relationship to the African orphan Yawa.
Her story was presented beautifully in her Power Point with fine examples of her art.
Her messaging resonates well with Rotarians.

Marj lauded Rotary for  generous financial support from Rotary years ago allowing her to participate in a cross cultural exchange with Canada World Youth (Help Age Ghana).

She was introduced by David Legge and thanked by Matthew Villella

President Brian Walmark welcomed members and notably guests Dan Brown (ADG -District 5580, Nipigon Rotary Club), Gail Brescia, Lakehead Rotary Club, and Bob Hookham, Fort William Rotary Club.
Matt Villella handled the technology including Zoom hosting.

Following an appropriate reflection and O Canada, we had a two special presentations and then club current activities update.


1. Zoya Rehman, and Harleen Hayer, (Superior CVI students) attended the annual RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) camp in Crookston MN as our club representatives/ambassadors.
Regrets today came from the third student, Fernanda Soto Valenzuela (St Ignatious High School) who will present later.
They were selected following interviews by the club committee (Bob Tomlinson, Brenda Winter, Leslie Savitsky, Doug Shanks and Art Warwick). Bob introduced Zoya and Harleen and they were thanked by Art.

Zoya (on left) and Harleen (on right) are pictured.

They both spoke with exceptional poise and articulated how the experience enriched their lives considerably, and by extension all their friends and family. As with other past RYLA alumni, the interaction with many peers (mainly from U.S. District 5580 clubs) followed a pattern of transition to a new and comfortable comfort zone with honing of leadership skills and developing life long friendships.

The club was delighted to hear from them a positive response to invitations to pursue their new skills within the Rotary family through a variety of opportunities.

2. Bob Hookham (Fort William Rotary), and Bob Tomlinson (PA Rotary) were thrilled to announce final results of the Country on the Bay event held at Fort William Historical Park, and the highly successful volunteer effort by the Thunder Bay Rotary clubs as major volunteers handling alcohol sales, to the tune of a profit of $63,571. Our costs were but $6096, so we netted $57,474.29, which split 3 ways to a tidy $19,158.29 for  each club
Treasurer Chris Bailey was pleased to accept the cheque. The two Bobs detailed the Rotary experience, and committed to our involvement for next year's return engagement.

Pictured are Bob Tomlinson (L) and Bob Hookham (R), dynamo workers: (Allan Kozlo and his spouse from Lakehead Rotary were also major leads).


1. Bob Tomlinson (board member and tireless tradesman) with Bob Hookham (the patriarch force at his side) of Wilderness Discovery Camp (Lake Shebandowan) summarized a very successful season at this amazing facility.
2. Karissa Kilby outlined her position developing our new and improved social media platform. Facebook is the preferred engine. Instagram is also in the mix. The Featured Rotarian feature is gaining steam and members     are encouraged to submit.
3. Marg Woods reported on our inbound Exchange Student Fern, integrating well, and in need of support by the whole club. A third host family is still to be finalized.
4. Shelley Crawford announced three exciting Rotary fellowship events upcoming: TBSO with Nancy Freeborn vocalist, Magnus Theatre (Man of La Mancha) and a wonderful Christmas Party (December 10th at the Courthouse Hotel). Come out and support your colleagues and enjoy excellence in all respects. Shelley welcomes all enquiries.
5. Dan Brown (ADG from Nipigon) is encouraging participation in a Push against Polio luncheon in Nipigon with raffle and lunch (October 22).
6. Dew Drop Inn report (Dave Silliman) for September 22nd: 440 folks partook. The need is inexorable it seems. Food insecurity is a big issue. Next opportunity is the 4th Thursday of October (27th).
7. Gail Brescia (Lakehead club) encouraged participation at their CanEHjun event October 27th at Victoria Inn. Great Cajun food with music by James Boraski and Mardi Gras theme.
8. Rotary Radio Day (Matt Villella) It is coming soon indeed: expect an important message very soon.

AT OUR CLUB September 27, 2022

President Brian Walmark presided at our second, very well received hybrid meeting at the Lakehead University Barkley Conference Centre (with thanks to Rotarian Mark Tilbury of LU).

There were several notable guests in person and on zoom, headlined by our recently arrived Rotary Exchange student Manatsanan Sirichaikeereekosol (aka Fern), from Thailand and guest speaker Ron Dimock Intellectual Property lawyer of renown.

Fern was introduced by Rotarian host parents John Stephenson and Marg Woods. She is pictured with her birthday cake (18th today!) sitting beside Rotaractors Devin and Asia. She spoke briefly to thank everyone and promised to brave the cold that she has been (unexpectedly) challenged by.


Ron Dimock, (appearing via Zoom) is a highly respected Intellectual Property (IP) litigator (dubbed the "Guru of IP Law" in Canada). Over 40 years he has successfully litigated numerous cases in IP, some highlights explored in detail today, clearly educating members and guests in this fascinating area of law.
The basics were first explained: What is IP?  The three key foci are: Patents, Trademarks and Copyright. 

Ron commenced with the story of his first major Patent Trial: Xerox v IBM: (involvement of infringement of 7 patents in xerography). Many other interesting cases involved such areas in dispute involving windsurfers, coronary artery stents, Lithium ion batteries and many more.
His favourite case involved the building block toy for kids (and adults): LEGO v Mega Blocks, similar but different because of Trademarks and interpretations in law. The case went all the way on appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, where the judges ruled in favour of Mega Block! It was quipped that the appellant in the end did not have 'a LEGO to stand on'!

Ron's address was fascinating, compelling and highly instructive. He was introduced and thanked by his old Queens University buddy and room mate Kevin Holloway.
Full Power Point link attached:


President Brian navigated through several important updates on volunteers for Board portfolios - thanks to all those who stepped forward. He and Shelley then put out an appeal for assistance for the folks on the maritime east coast (hurricane Fiona victims) with an impromptu pass the hat to win breakfast for four at Roosters which garnered an impressive intake of $635. That will be matched by the government through Canadian Red Cross for a total of $1270.00 (before Friday Sept 30th). Thanks to everyone who contributed. (For details contact Albert Brulé).
Updates on the successful Rotary golf tournament (Doug Shanks) and an appeal for transportation assistance for Fern's trip back from her orientation in Bemidji (via Duluth), were followed by fellowship.

The club is adjusting well to our new paradigm. And Fern will enhance our mission. Members are urged to get involved her in excursions and events.
AT OUR CLUB August 9, 2022

President Brian Walmark chaired today and his 1st lieutenant Matt Villella was chief Zoom host.

It was a packed agenda, highlighted by a most edifying presentation  by Krista Power, City of Thunder Bay Clerk. (She succeeded John Hannam (who addressed the club as well) in 2019).
Krista has considerable experience at both provincial and municipal levels in administration and knowledge of the relevant legislation. 
Her detailed hold on the Municipal Act (Ontario) is substantial.
She described herself as a "lover of by-laws."

 She and her staff of 22 are dedicated to ensuring the democratic process is maintained in Thunder Bay administration and elections


See her slide on Krista's Cardinal Rules on Council, to summarize her position as arms length, neutral ,(statutory) controller of activities within city counsel and important responsibility for planning/implementation as Returning Officer for the upcoming (October 24th) municipal elections  ( (making them free and fair). (www.tbayvotes/ca).

Of note: it turns out that Thunder Bay in 2018 had a stellar 51% of eligible voter turnout for that municipal election, (vs Ontario average of but 40% !)

 Krista was gracious in her thoughtful answers to many questions by the audience.
 She was introduced by Matt Villella and thanked by Brian Walmark.

President Walmark called upon members to detail and expand on club activities:
NB review Brian's communique of August 8th for fundamentals.
1. The District Governor Kay Biga's visit to Thunder Bay (B. Walmark)
2. Club Golf Tournament and Dinner (Doug Shanks)
3. Catch the Ace (A. Brulé)...just 8 envelopes left!
4. The Rotary Toastmaster club in District 5580/5590 project upcoming personal development opportunity for members (Matt Villella).
5. Happy Dollars (D. Shanks)
Attachments area
Country on the Bay was a great event for Thunder Bay!  Local Rotary Clubs and others volunteered to run the busy beer tents in return for loads of community fun and music with a side-order of fundraising.  Here's just one of those three tents, and a view of the stage:
Centennial Committee Report – new logo, ongoing progress on the 2024 Centennial Project at the new Thunder Bay Art Gallery.
Catch the Ace – Jackpot is large, only 10 cards remaining!
Dew Drop Inn – call Judi Turner to sign up for our monthly community service Thursday July 28th.
PA Rotary Golf Tournament – Next Wednesday Aug 3rd, Meal $45, Golf $25, Carts $15.). DougShanks52@gail.com or Leslie Savitsky.
President Brian Walmark began this spirited meeting with his personal Land Acknowledgement and Indigenous-themed reflection.

Werner Schwar, Supervisor of Parks and Open Space Planning for the City of Thunder Bay has  extensive experience as a landscape architect and more!  He outlined the many excellent city projects underway, all greatly enhancing Thunder Bay’s landscape:
AT OUR CLUB July 19, 2022

A special meeting was held at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery, chaired by President Brian Walmark.
Once again Brian presented an exceptional and meaningful land acknowledgement, especially in this setting.


Past President Bill Everitt and Centennial Committee member, presented on the findings and consensus leading the club to our substantial donation to the TBAG, towards a community room in the new waterfront gallery.

A wine and cheese reception took place at this present TBAG location at Confederation College. Executive Director Sharon Godwin presented on the very exciting progress, especially given the recent federal grant government commitment. Members were able to peruse the plans for this wonderful new carbon neutral building on the waterfront. 

Shelley Crawford spoke briefly on the importance of this club's  commitment to this project which will be a huge boost to the city and country.

The lovely physical ambience of this night's meeting was apparent to all. The current exhibits were viewed and admired.

Sharon and the Committee will keep the club informed regularly into the future.

See picture including Director Sharon Godwin.


 The club welcomed (Past President of TB Rotaract club) Karissa Kilby (3rd from the left) as a bona fide new member of the "senior" PA Rotary club. Karissa  was on hand and pictured  with members at the induction ceremony.

Her colleague Elyse Pither attended as well (the incoming Rotaract President).

The club is thrilled to have Karissa  on board and she will be assisting in furthering the club social media platform development.
This event is a unique membership induction of a recent TB Rotaract member and augers well for us into the future.

The club thanks Sharon Godwin for hosting us for this exciting event.
PA Rotary News:
Bob Tomlinson and Doug Shanks look very happy getting ready for the Country on the Bay July 22-24 where Rotarians will be serving as volunteer bartenders. (T-shirts provided and parking passes)
Leslie Savitsky reported about driving 3 local High School Students to the RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) event in Crookston MN. Find more info at RYLA 5580.
Warren Philp reminds us about the good works of City of Thunder Bay Landscape Architect and Parks Planner Werner Schwar in regards to Thunder Bay’s City Parks and future waterfront trail development.
John Stephenson invites Rotarians to open up their homes to incoming Student Exchanges, September looms! More info: https://www.rotary.org/en/our-programs/youth-exchanges
Brenda Winter was commandeered (happily) once again to seek out Happy Dollar$ from a not too shabby Summer Tuesday meeting of 22 souls.
At the Club July 12th: Hector Dougall’s offering for O Canada was showcased by operettic trio, ‘The Tenors’ at a Toronto Raptors game. Very flamboyant, very in tune.
President Brian reminded us of the good works of Rotarian Anton Waschuk towards the Ukrainian struggle against modern day tyranny. Please support what you can. To learn more, follow this link: https://www.rotary.org/en/rotary-responds-support-ukraine

Dougall Media Mogul and PA Rotary member Hector Dougall presented an overview clip of all that Dougall Media offers Thunder Bay in our realm of a true north before he handed over the screen to 18 year veteran Leith Dunick whom Hector introduces as navigating all of us into the world of the 22nd century of journalism in all its guises. 3 websites (2 new, to serve west to Kenora and east from Nipigon to Wawa, and 4 radio stations.

Leith reflected on aspects of the Dougall Media’s mission statement:
- the immediacy of the internet, “seconds after something happens” demands they get it right, even if they were not first;
- admitting the ”big platform” of the internet has changed our world and how we all behave in it;
- being held accountable to true and accurate information;
- always striving to tell the complete stories, giving perspective to both sides;
- “our stories” the right way, not showing bias.
A typical Day is outlined by Leith :
  1. Every day begins with a 30 minute story meeting with the reporters;
  2. stories are vetted and discussed, relevance to the region;
  3. to draw upon other resources and organizations sand monitor national interests, both Provincial and Federal sources;
  4. then reporters “hit the pavement”;
  5. heavy-heavy editing, 2 or 3 pairs of eyes review all stories;
  6. Breaking News just a few lines, never publish until complete, the news is about people’s lives!
A Documentary is in progress about “our own”, Thunder Bay’s residential school story.

A First Nations youth reporter has been assigned in Rocky Bay FN. (!) Will be in constant contact, representing their story sensitivities.
Leith advises not to spend too much time on social media!
Brian thanked Hector and Leith for their presentation and thanked the Dougall family for their long time involvement in Rotary Radio Family Day fundraiser on 91-5 CKPR 
President Brian Walmark chair his first Rotary meeting of his year.
Our guest speaker was Gail Brescia, Executive Director of the St. Joseph’s Foundation, (sjftb.net) and distinguished Lakehead Rotarian, provided a comprehensive overview of the huge scope and diversity of care dating back 140 years provided by the Sisters of St. Joseph.
A recently developed video highlighted the history, with narration by Sister Bonnie McLellan.
Currently, the St. Joseph’s Care Group has an expanded care mandate encompassing seniors care, rehab care, complex care, addictions and mental health in a renowned multiple service to all citizens in the northwest. Sister Bonnie says: “we work with people on the fringe and embrace everyone.”  
Acute care at St. Joes moved to chronic care in 1999. Now there are many sites including the main hospital, Hogarth Riverview Manor, Sister Margaret Smith Centre (addiction care), Dawson Road Lodge and Bethammi Nursing Home.
The leadership in all aspects of development were outlined in the fine video. The great work of the Foundation was highlighted, through thick and thin.
There were many accolades and questions from the audience members.
Gail was introduced and thanked by President Brian Walmark.
AT OUR CLUB June 28, 2022

Incoming President for 2022-23 Brian Walmark presided today, with assistance from co-hosts Warren Philp, Matt Villella, and outgoing president Jim Madder
Members acknowledge the excellent Newsletter communiques executed by Jim over the past Rotary year. 
Thus, please review Jim's June 27th communique for a fulsome overview of this week's news.

Special welcome guests today included Frank Wilson (WT RCAT) and Mike den Haan (VP External Relations at LU)

Brian's expanded land acknowledgement today was special. It was meaningful, relevant and what he termed " the first step only, in true reconciliation"

Warren Philp introduced our distinguished speaker today. Fort William FN Chief Peter Collins spoke to us from his office, (whilst juggling other significant demands) on economic development : past, present and future at Fort William First Nation.
See pic

Chief  Collins is the long serving Chief of Fort William First Nation. He will be stepping aside at the end of this his tenth and final term.  He has overseen a massive transformation of Fort William First Nation in terms of economic, social and educational development.  Chief Collins is one of those rare leaders who balances the economic needs of his people with social development.  He is a strong champion of education and its potential to empower members of his community. He previously served 9 years as Regional Grand Chief of the Northern Superior Region, chair of Dillico Child and Family Services and currently holds a Board position with the, Anishnawbek Nation, formally know as the Union of Ontario Indians.  

He was first elected chief in 1998, following several years on band council. His extensive experience covered relations between Anishnabwek peoples (and non) in this area  and by sheer determination, resulting major economic successes over the years. The accompanying photo shows him wearing a Resolute ball cap. The original Fort William FN agreement with (then) Bowater resulted in the mill build, principally by his people. A number of other accomplishments were then discussed. FWFN members are treaty rights holders, not "opponents" They work hard to succeed as a community.

 Chief Collins reaffirmed in addition his commitment to education of his youth and a special desire to assist members with disabilities.

The club is indebted to Chief Collins for his taking the time from his  busy schedule to address us. There are many positive commonalities between our organizations. He was thanked by Brian Walmark.


(refer to Jim Madder's communique June 27th)

1. (Warren Philp): Waterfront Trail Rotary Action Team: acknowledgements abound to contributors including President Madder.
 An economic and tourism impact study is moving ahead on this big project, as well as a website.

2. (Bob and Joanne Tomlinson): Wilderness Discovery Centre: final electrical and plumbing touches are completed at the staff quarters. Bob showed slides-very professional results.
RYLA transportation salutes Leslie Savitsky (front leg to Duluth) and Brenda Winter (returnees arriving back from Duluth).
Country on the Bay at FT William Historic Park; preparations being finalized with club volunteer assignments forthcoming.

3. (John Stephenson): Our Thai incoming student Fern will be attending St.Ignatius High School. Matt Diegel and John are working on final touches and Shelley Crawford is coming on board as Youth Exchange Student Counsellor. A 2nd potential host family is identified. Two more host families need to step up.

4. (Brian Walmark) thanked Kim Gurnett and  Jim Madder for a wonderful Passing the Gavel afternoon at Jim's residence.
Kevin Holloway showed a variety of videos including the spoof Rotary Philharmonic Band and Choir effort. All fun.

5.(Shelley Crawford) encourages participation in a big funding announcement at TB Art Gallery (3:30 p.m.) Thursday, June 30th.

6. Happy Dollars: Once again nice contributions engineered by Warren Philp.

President Jim Madder chaired his penultimate meeting today, the summer solstice, and celebrating National Indigenous People's Day.

There is a healthy movement within the club referencing partnership, inclusion, and reconciliation with our Indigenous brothers and sisters.
 Commencing with the O Canada sung by FN students in Manitoba, and a land acknowledgement, Jim reflected on the above and the many current club business activities, past, present and future including a healthy roundtable discussion on our direction into the future.

(Members : consult Jim's fulsome June 20th communique (by email).

Business Addenda/Updates

1.Catch the Ace: This important fundraising event has done well with the elusive prize climbing and proceeds available for needy organizations. A number of new candidate fund recipients were brought forward today (Albert Brulé).

2. Rotary In-Bound Student Exchange: Progress is made made with 2 host families on board. A "counsellor" position still needs to be filled (contact John Stephenson, Matt Diegel). Our Thai student will be attending Superior CVI in September.

3. Meeting format: of considerable importance: current thinking is: weeks 1 and 3, hybrid/ weeks 2 and 4 social and service/ and where a 5th week occurs, business.

4. Dew Drop Inn: Service for June 23 requires members to step up (D. Silliman)

5. Volunteer hours feedback: (Jim Madder) is accessing data on total hours served: quite impressive

6. Jim Madder passes the gavel this coming Saturday at his residence: details in communique. A unique opportunity for socializing and paying respect for Jim's fine year at the helm as president.
7. Happy Dollars: This has become an excellent fundraising activity that is fun and and satisfying for all (Bill Everitt today in charge). It helps our treasury as well. (C. Bailey)
1)   Driver needed to bring our RYLA students back from Duluth July 17th:  Bob Tomlinson
2)   More volunteers please for Country on the Bay at Ft William Historic Park, July 21 through 24.   Rotarians, your friends and family can be servers. Our Club earns $ for our charity fund!  Smart Serve required: Bob Tomlinson.
3)  During June, Rotaract gets 15% of all Sleeping Giant orders including non-alcohol via link:  https://sleepinggiantbrewing.ca/pro…/thunderbayrotaractclub/  Win-win for Rotaract!
4)  Rotary Youth Exchange hosts and counsellor urgently needed: John Stephenson.

5) Catch the Ace in Week 37!  Jackpot approaches $19,000.  Over $50,000 to local agencies so far.  It’s a win-win!     
6) Port Arthur Rotary with U Way of Thunder Bay is offering an NOHFC internship, see Jim Madder’s email and flyer and spread the word!
7)  Save the Date for a Social on July 19th at the TBay Art Gallery:  Shelley Crawford
8) Passing the Gavel at Jim Madder’s home, social 2–5PM on June 25th.  RSVP to Krysta Logozzo-Daniele.   
9)  Garden Boxes will be set up and planted at Red River Road and St Paul's Street on Friday June 17thMary-Anne Mackett, Shelley Crawford, Jim Madder if you have soil mix, water jugs, plants, helping hands.
Today we put the spotlight on Art Warwick and Warren Philp then Bill Everitt and Matt Villela. What a diverse and accomplished membership we have!

Each speaker gave us snapshots of their very interesting lives, Rotary ideals and history of service. We had a romp through history including a too-close encounter with the Klu Klux Klan, being in the Boston Marathon the year of the attack, induction in the Chatham Baseball Sports Hall of Fame, and Toastmasters International to name a few. 

Thank you, Shelley Crawford for introducing and thanking all our members involved in this and the previous two sessions.
Thank you Zoom hosts Bob Tomlinson and John Stephenson, Happy Dollar host Brenda Winter and scribe David Legge!

1.   Spring Clean Up at Current River Park then the Waterfront Trail area near Great West Timber all on June 4th.  Thank you all volunteers!  (D. Silliman and W. Philp

2.    Fun in the Sun at Coral Bay pitted Rotarians against TB Rotoractors in a friendly networking social.  Great fun!  (S. Crawford and Elyse Pither, President-Elect Rotaract Club)
3.    Big Plant Day at Field of Greens II on June 6th went well.  Rotarians, and Salvation Army Journey to Life staff and residents worked together. (G. Ferguson, D. Legge, P. DeBakker, K. Logozzo-Daniele with videos and many more). Media awareness was excellent. We need sourcing and planting in a special tribute box in memory of Joe VanderWees: medicinal herbss like sweetgrass are needed. (P. DeBakker, D. Legge)
4.    Happy Dollars...excellent response from generous members (D. Shanks)
"Indigenous perspectives on Money."

President Jim Madder chaired today's meeting with a guest presentation and spotlights on recent service and fellowship activities.  Members:  see Jim newsletter for more details.

K. J. (Jules) McCusker philanthropist, Indigenous Educator, philosopher, special advisor, social activator and Senior Creative Director of Mixed Blood Inc.  He graduated from the Vancouver Film School and is vice president of the Métis Artists’ Collective Graphic and Métis Artists’ Collective, to encourage and facilitate Métis Arts and Culture and increase public awareness and engagement of Métis artists, with a pan-aboriginal focus. He is a regular contributor to the Toronto Star.

President-Elect Brian Walmark introduced our guest speaker, Mr. George Stanois, Senior VP, Toronto and Western Canada of the successful consulting firm BNP GOLDIE Canada:   https://www.bnpperformance.com/en/george-stanois/

George is an effective fundraising consultant and author of The Vigilant Fundraiser. His talk was “The Vigilant Fundraiser: 12 Steps to Fundraising Success”.  Here are those steps:

President Jim Madder chaired today's meeting that featured a  stellar "interview" pitting the wit and grace of fellow Rotarians Krysta Logozzo Daniele and Hector Dougall (pictured).

Shelley Crawford introduced Krysta and Hector as part of her quest for club members to get insight and energy by getting to know their colleagues better. 

This was a lively duel that covered many life experiences and learned values (Hector used his interview guide). It was noted that the strong family legacies of both play a major role in moving the club along successfully.
Club News
1. Dew Drop Inn commitment for this upcoming 26th of May (contact Dave Silliman)
2. (Bob Tomlinson) reported on several major activities including: the Wilderness Discovery Camp Day (work and appreciation) May 21st (see photo);
Country on the Bay Festival at FT William Historical Park- up to 75 volunteers needed and excellent financial rewards anticipated. Smart Serve required. And also, driver volunteer required to return RYLA students back home from Duluth (Crookston) July 17th.
3. Field of Greens II big plant day tentatively booked for Monday June 6, 1000h at Salvation Army Journey to Life (D Legge and Paul DeBakker)
4. Clean Up Day at Current River Park (0900 h-Dave Silliman). Then move over to WRCAT clean up at Marina (W. Philp).
5. Fun in the Sun Day June 5th at 1625 Coral Bay Dr. Shuniah (3 pm to 8 pm) social and networking interaction with TB Rotaract Club (Shelley Crawford) Informal and pot luck... lots to do especially meeting and  interfacing with Rotaractors
6. Catch the Ace: (Albert Brulé): there are fewer cards left and a much bigger winning jackpot approaching $16,000.
7. Happy Dollars (Brenda Warner and Bill Everitt).
President Elect Brian Walmark chaired today's meeting highlighting the lives of six current Rotary members.  Warren Philp found a nostalgic O Canada from a 1978 NHL Canadiens game, sung by Roger Doucet – nice - and Brian Walmark provided a meaningful reflection on reconciliation.
Shelley Crawford thought of a fun and novel way for our members to get to know each other better.   Rod Morrison and Brenda Winter teamed up first, followed by Shelley Crawford and David Legge, and finally Paul DeBakker and Brian Walmark.  They gave us a touch about their careers and their lives - and tossed in interesting anecdotes and smiles!
Shelley thought this format was worth a try and she was right – we'll do it again soon!
Brian Walmark thanked those who stepped in front of the spotlight for this unique and dynamic glimpse.  Members and guests can be proud of their fellow Rotarians.

Hats off to today's contributors and we look forward to the Rotarians who are lining up for next week! 
AT OUR CLUB  May 10, 2022

Matt Villella chaired today's meeting, which featured a fine reconciliation "reflection" by Brian Walmark and an outstanding presentation from Thunder Bay Police.

Members should refer to Matt's May 9th meeting communique for a full bio on today's speaker.


Veteran officer Wendy R presented a very enlightened no-holes- barred "Day in the Life of a TBPS Officer: a Personal Experience." 

This was an all encompassing account from a very positive (and unjaded) police officer with 25 years experience on the Thunder Bay Police Force( and more prior to that).

Having experienced every sort of challenge in policing, her account did much to verify her work excellence and dedication to public service in law enforcement. And the ever challenging, even worsening status of the job demands was covered succinctly and honestly.

Her calm and friendly demeanor and wealth of experience shone through further in the lengthy question and answer period.

Her old school chum president-elect Brian Walmark, introduced her and also thanked her on behalf of the club. We hope she returns to the podium

Rita Komendant was introduced by Jaro Kotalik and officially inducted to our Club today.  Her biography shows she will be an eclectic, service-oriented, sociable addition to the Club interested in bees, architecture and activism: A hearty welcome and congratulations Rita!

Jim Crooks was welcomed back to the Club with open arms after a few years' hiatus.
Past President Warren Philp provided a great summary of Jim's experience in the Club and in Thunder Bay.  Welcome back Jim!
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