For  the past twenty years the Rotary Club of Petaluma has been supporting needy families in the area through our Children’s Holiday Gift Program. Judi Allewelt has spearheaded this heart warming drive for the past fifteen years, and this past year was even more rewarding by the numbers! One hundred and forty six children from sixty two families received Christmas gifts! Children from needy families were identified by local schools in our area. Forms listing the clothing needs of each child, their ages, sizes and sex were compileted by the parents. 
Fortified with the information twenty eight shoppers assembled at Target in early December to make the purchases, led by President Elias Husary and Judi. Special toys are added for each child, and all gifts are delivered before Christmas to every family by twenty one Rotarian Elves! In addition to the $6,000 donated from our Rotary Club fund, the Petaluma Chapter of Realtors add $2,000 to support this worthy cause...making it a real very Merry Christmas for many youngsters!