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"Let's Engage & Celebrate Rotary!"
DC2014 DG Jeremy
Michelle and I, Conference Chair Alan and the entire Cayman Islands Family of Rotary look forward to welcoming each of you to the beautiful Cayman Islands for a tremendous mix of Fun, Fellowship, Information, Education and Motivation – District 7020 Style - at the 2013/14 District PETS Assembly and Conference from April 29th to May 4th 2014.
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The conference coincides with Cayman’s Annual Batabano Carnival, which started as a project of the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman in 1983, so it is fitting that the Conference theme the Rotary year will be “Let’s Engage & Celebrate Rotary!”
We are already lining up a high-quality programme, including top-notch speakers from across the corners of Rotary World and planning a range of sessions and events that will leave your mind motivated, your education enhanced, taste buds tingling, your thirst quenched and your whole Rotary body aching for more!   I am delighted and honoured to be able to announce that Rotary International Zone 33 and 34 Director and RI Vice President Anne Matthews will be joining us for our Assembly and Conference, which will make a special event even more special. Thank you Anne for agreeing to take time out of your very busy schedule to be with us!
Register for the Event
So…. Let’s do it! Register early, book your hotel now as space at the special conference rate is limited, bring your Rotary energy, experience, enthusiasm  and knowledge with and and join in the biggest Rotary Party of the Decade (so far!) as we Engage & Celebrate Rotary and Change Lives!


Jeremy Hurst

Rotary International District 7020 Governor 2013 - 2014



Dear Club Presidents,
It gives me great pleasure to attach a letter confirming Past Assistant Governor Haresh as District Governor for 2016/17.
Please also ensure you advise your members accordingly and join me in congratulating District Governor Nominee Designate Haresh ( as he takes on this important role.
Yours in Rotary Service,
Jeremy Hurst
District 7020
Rotary International


My Fellow Rotarian,
Hard to believe the year is almost ended, and the spirit of Christmas and the bringing of a new year and new hope is near upon us. We start December with lots of activities to plan and this is the right time to include in that planning the Biggest Rotary Celebration of the year - The International Convention in SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA June 1-4, 2014. I'm providing for your planning some relevant information which I hope you will use to guide you in arriving there for this not-to-be-missed event!
Booking: - At this site you will be able to register; make hotel bookings, and book local host events. We have NOT selected an official hotel for 7020 this time as the disparity of rates is too vast and none of the hotels I contacted are willing to hold a block of rooms for any period of time. But the transportation system in Sydney is great and any of the downtown area hotels should suffice just fine. It is important to note that, apart from the events on this site, there will be at least 2 events you want to make note of.
 1. Zone 33/34 Southland Reception which will take place on Saturday May 31, 2014, 5:30 – 7:30PM at the Powerhouse Museum in downtown Sydney, amidst the main hotels and restaurants. Cost is USD$50.
2. The District Social is planned for the evening of the Opening ceremony (Sunday June 1, 2013) at 7pm, right after the second plenary session. Details of this venue will be circulated closer to the time.
I'm attached 2 files which speaks to more information on the above.
And finally, There are several pre-convention tours and events and post convention tours taking place. Coming from so far you should take advantage of all that Australia has to offer. Here are two rotary recommended ones that have offerings: &
Wish you and your loved ones a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Peaceful New Year. And, as always, of you have any questions or queries feel free to contact me.
Yours in Rotary
Rtn. Haresh L. Ramchandani, PRF (Permanent Rotary Fan)

Are you missing out on the exciting things happening on the two District 7020 Facebook Pages!??
Not to worry…Let’s make it easy for you to get onboard!
In an effort to increase the impact the District is having through Social Media, we have implemented the “1000 Member Challenge” and we are making great progress! Currently the number of members for the two facebook pages stand at 373 and 268, in only a short time! 1000 is an easily achievable target!
Below, are the links to the two pages. Be sure to:
Ensure you are a member of the two groups ✓
Share these pages on your personal Facebook Page ✓
Share these pages on your club page ✓
Email your members and friends about the 1000 Member Challenge ✓
Look out for Incentives for this effort from DG Award and COTM ✓
Keep promoting! ✓
Let us work together to reach our target!
Rotary Cheers,

Manoj Ramchandani
District 7020

Please just click on the link below to spend a couple minutes to fill out the District 7020 survey.

As we all know, underwent a whole new transformation in order to streamline things and make them easier to access. No doubt with this radical change will come the necessity to re-familiarize ourselves with it. Here are a few short videos to assist you in that regard. Hope it helps.
Website Resources:
New Rotary website video
Rotary's newly designed website features a sharp new look, useful features and improved functionality.  (1:50)
Public site video tour
This is an overview of the newly redesigned website. (4:49)
My Rotary video tour
This video explores the member area, "My Rotary", of the newly redesigned rotary.orgwebsite. (11:43)
Registration & sign-in tips
Before you visit and registering for the new website
Contribution and recognition reports
How to run reports and view them as a PDF  
*To access reports:
click on “My Rotary” à click on “Manage” à click on “Reports” OR
click on “My Rotary” à click on “The Rotary Foundation” à click on “Foundation Reports”


District 7020    
Manoj Ramchandani
Assistant Governor 2013-2014
Assistant District Trainer 2013
Webinar And Communications Chair 2013-2014
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Alumni award winners turn heads with unique accomplishments
Maya Ajmera founded the Global Fund for Children in 1993 to provide seed money to community-based organizations that help at-risk children across the world. Since then, GFC has awarded more than $32 million in grants to over 600 organizations in 80 countries, improving the lives of millions of children – from educating AIDS orphans in Uganda to conducting so-called curbside classrooms for waste pickers in Cambodia. "Education is the key to getting human beings out of poverty," says Ajmera, whose studies at St. Xavier's College in Mumbai were sponsored by the Rotary Club of China Lake in...
Paralympian Dennis Ogbe defying paralysis
Dennis Ogbe grips the discus in his right hand. He swings his arm and twists at the waist as far to the right as he can. With one move he snaps back, letting the saucer fly. Upper-body strength is important for any discus thrower, but for Ogbe, a Paralympian, it’s everything. At age three, Ogbe contracted malaria, and while receiving treatment at a clinic near his home in rural Nigeria, he became infected with the poliovirus. Paralyzed from the waist down, he was sent home in the arms of his mother. He credits his physical rehabilitation to a harsh form of therapy – the taunts of the other...
Moving doctor’s office rescues women from breast cancer
In Tamil Nadu, India, two doctors, both members of the Rotary Club of Srirangam, discovered an alarming trend in the remote city outskirts of Trichy, women dying of breast cancer. Drs. K. Govindaraj and K.N. Srinivasan knew that much of the death and suffering could be avoided, and both were motivated by their personal experiences with the disease. Govindaraj watched his mother die of breast cancer a decade earlier, and helped found the Dr. K. Shantha Breast Cancer Foundation in her memory.  Srinivasan, an oncologist, witnessed unprecedented growth in the number of younger patients coming to...
Writer and war widow Artis Henderson finds peace through Rotary
In the first month of my stay in Dakar, Senegal, as a Rotary Scholar, a friend gave me a piece of helpful advice. “Buy a wedding ring,” she said. I had already learned that as a young American woman in a Muslim country, I attracted a certain kind of attention. But a ring? My friend nodded. “That way everyone will leave you alone.” With my thumb I felt for the empty space on my left ring finger -- a place that, even now, I sometimes touch and worry where my ring has gone. I removed my wedding band on the one-year anniversary of my marriage, eight months after my husband, Miles, was killed in...
Peace fellow Ali Reza Eshraghi on today’s Iran
Iranian-born journalist Ali Reza Eshraghi, 35, is the Iran project manager at the Institute for War and Peace Reporting and a teaching fellow in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After working as an editor at several Tehran newspapers – all of which were eventually banned or shut down by the government – he became a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, and met Pate Thomson and Mary Alice Rathbun, of the Rotary Club of Berkeley. In 2012, he completed his studies as a Rotary Peace Fellow at the Duke-UNC Rotary...

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