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What is the Palos Verdes Peninsula Rotary? Simply stated, we are a group of engaged community leaders who work together to take action on local, regional and international projects that make a real difference. In reality, we are one of 34,000 Rotary Clubs of business and professional leaders throughout the world who are dedicated to the motto “Service Above Self”. Our club and global theme this year is “Light Up Rotary”, a theme that emphasizes our visibility, community engagement, projects, our Club and Rotary International Foundations and fun. That’s right – never ending fun.

Our club supports the Rotary International eradication of polio project (we are this close), and is involved at some level in the six areas of focus which include Peace and Conflict Resolution, Disease Prevention and Treatment, Water and Sanitation, Maternal and Child Health, Basic Education and Literacy and Economic and Community Development. This year we are planning to participate in a major District Project in Guatemala, a multi-club service project in Mexico, a continuing water project in Myanmar, and we are helping to host a Rotary exchange student in our own community. Our vibrant club meets at the Palos Verdes Golf Club on Fridays at noon. At each meeting we welcome guests to interact with featured speakers, and in honor of our speakers, we donate funds to purchase enough polio vaccine for 50 children in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. And, once a month we take a break from Friday meetings and have a Wednesday Nite Live reception hosted by the club at unique locations throughout the South Bay.

We are very active locally. Our own Club Foundation provides need-based scholarships as well as a STEM scholarship to graduating seniors and Marymount California University college students on the peninsula and to the college-bound students from the Los Angeles Harbor Area Boys and Girls Club. This year the club is funding a new vocational grant which will enable a young person tograduate from Wilmington, California to enroll in a vocational program locally. Funds are raised through sponsorship of the Peninsula’s exemplary Educator of the Year Program, and via co-sponsorship of the annual Concours d”Elegance classic car show at Los Verdes Golf Course. We also clean Crenshaw Boulevard, hand out phone directories, donate binoculars to the Interpretive Center, sponsor programs at the Norris Theater, honor our local veterans, police, firemen and teachers, host with the Chamber of Commerce a Legislative Forum and engage in creative and fun-filled activities for our members and our community. Ethics is at the top of our agenda; more to come on this topic.

A recent development for our club and community is the election of one our members and Past President, Mr. Greg O’Brien, to the exalted position of District 5280 Governor Elect.  Come join us for lunch at our growing club; although membership is by invitation, you don't need to be a member to come and learn why PVP Rotary is the most trusted name in community service. Come and have fun with some impressive community members who value service to others.

Les Fishman, President

Palos Verdes Peninsula Rotary Club



Home Page Stories
Rotary Meeting of August 12, 2016 – Reporter Paul Rubincam
President Allen Bond rang the opening bell at 12:30.  The invocation was by Bruce Attig, the pledge leader was Ron Ellis, the patriotic song by Les Fishman, the guest introduction by new member Jen Sullivan and the welcome song by Matt Kang.   There were a number of guests, among them Ralph Black (a Sunset Rotarian), Alec Tuckman, guest of Pres Bond, Arlene Kruger, Ann Sidler (wife of Derald) and David Hadley from the California Legislature.
Next came an auction of a large bottle of really good, old wine donated by its care takers John Cameron and Gary Tossell.  Purchased in1988, it was a Pinot Noir and went – to the Sidlers – for over $300.  Then Kjel Hellberg reported on the fact that our club had 40 members in attendance at the recent District Governors Breakfast.  Shel thanked the members who were there and highlighted that our own John Schuricht provided music at the meeting.  Prez Bond then reported on several upcoming items, including the picnic, the cardboard boat race and the fund raiser on the USS IOWA coming up October 22nd.  Next for the regular raffle for the door prize was won this day by John Cameron and Allan Colman.  Wednesday Night live will be at the Ragin’ restaurant on PC Highway near the Walgreen in Redondo Beach.  Inga Liden reminded us of the visiting Swedes Sponsored by the San Pedro Rotary on September 18th.  Prez Bond pointed out that the fight to eradicate polio is ahead of last year, as only 22 new cases have occurred this year to date.  Guest David Hadley presented Derald Sidler with a plaque congratulating the recent retiree, Derald Sidler on his illustrious career and many contributions to local causes.
Our speaker today was Kristi Fera, the outreach and education officer of the Marine Mammal Care Center, housed in Fort McArthur.  This charitable effort was established shortly after the sale of Marineland in 1987, primarily to fill in the function that Marineland had previously provided for the rehabilitation of sick and injured marine mammals in our South Coast area. 
The workers in this group do not go onto the beaches nor do they “rescue” animals in trouble, but they are equipped to rehabilitate those that are brought to them for Care.  They are mainly elephant seals, sea lions, harbor seals and some “fur”seals.  She described the reasons for their illnesses and injuries, including Natural Events and human and she went over the way their Care Center can do what they need to do to get these creatures cured and back in the water.  What folks like us can do is learn about their needs and hopefully contribute items needed to feed them.  The primary problem seems to be that there are not enough fish to feed the baby mammals, so contributions most needed are food items that can be fed to the creatures.

Reporter — Greg “Cubby” Sparkman
Chop Chop Chong Takes a Whack at Membership
Amiably munching meat balls and chatting with Robert Gulcher, little did I know that I was sharing the table with the man who had single-handedly decimated the membership at the LA5 Rotary Club. As President of the Los Angeles “Super” Club, Ken Chong decided that Rotary was such a special organization that it required only special members. By his own account, Mr. Chong was responsible for culling approximately 300 individuals from the LA5 roster; a greater loss of members than all other District 5280 clubs combined in that year. It is not without a small bit of irony that Ken “Chop Chop” Chong is now the District’s Senior Assistant Governor…for Membership!
As our guest speaker last Friday, Mr. Chong related the stories of his start with Rotary (rejection by the Santa Monica club), his joining the LA5 club (where he was woo’d, won and forgotten), his rise to Presidency of that club and subsequent membership reduction, to his enlightenment to the keys of gaining and keeping new club members.
The question to be asked is, “What is the value proposition of our Rotary Club?” Mr. Chong argues that in this time of easy communication that it is a simple matter for individuals to find ways to serve the community without being a full time member of organizations such as Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, etc. As a club we have to provide something beyond the opportunity to serve. In Mr. Chong’s experience at LA5 it was a strong and significant scholarship program in Central Los Angeles. The ability to demonstrably affect the lives of so many young people enabled that club to attract a number of new members that wanted to be a part of that objective. Getting new members involved in the process solidified their desire to stay active members in the club.

Mr. Chong asks us to identify our value proposition and leverage it to attract and retain new members. Our club has a strong scholarship program and a celebration of educational professionals. Our club also has a very strong social atmosphere and camaraderie. What do you see as our club’s value? Why are you here? How do we solidify this into a tangible reason for membership? Good questions, huh? Mr. Chong’s message was to think about this.
So, how did this great meeting begin? President Bond… Allen Bond rang the bell at 12:15 p.m. and promptly invited Henry “He’s Got Seoul” Lee to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
This was followed by the invocation presented by Chris “He’s Got Heart” Leach.
The the pièce de résistance of the opening act was the patriotic song led by Kjell “No Solo” Hellberg, accompanied by Norton Donner, Chris Stillians, Greg Sparkman, and our pianist, John Schuricht.
And then we ate.
Following a great lunch, Inga “Hostess with the Mostess” Liden introduced our guests who included Senior Assistant Governor (SAG) Karen Greenberg and Jennifer Smith, a guest of James Morgan.
The rousing and famous PVP Welcome Song was led by our very own Hang Up “Ima Full” Moon.
Kjell gave us an update on his wonderful wife, Cheryl, and thanked everyone for the cards sent in support. She’s is doing well and almost back to 100%. Great news! Julia “Wonder Woman” Parton reminded those signed up for the District Breakfast, which have taken place by the time you read this, to meet for carpooling. We have (had? Ooo…time travel) 40 members attending to support our District Governor, Greg O’Brien, at his first District-wide event. John “Numbers” Cameron noted that our club bank accounts were moving to Premier Bank of Palos Verdes.

President Allen followed up with a few remarks beginning with a big Thank You to our two Sargent at Arms, Henry “The Chemist” Ott and Jack “Sampson” Goldberg. He went on to announce this year’s District Picnic to be held at Seaside Lagoon in Redondo Beach. We are looking for Cardboard Boat Racers. If interested, contact Allen soon.
And if you’ve read this far, congratulations, because you are now invited to Wednesday Night Live this August 17th at Rajun Cajun restaurant on PCH. Time: 6 – 8:30 p.m. These are always fun offsite meetings, so don’t miss it!
See you all on Friday where we will do it all again.

Special “just the facts edition”
Sergeants at and Greeters: Henry Ott
                                             Jack Goldberg
Invocation: Jim Hartman
Pledge: John Stillo
Patriotic Song: Keith Deisenroth & Juliet De Moss
Guest Introductions: Inga Linden
Guests: Bruno Santini; Aura Platz; Dr. Sahar Lashin
Guest Rotarians: Volker Schaferbarthuld- Germany
                            Ingrid Hempell- Concord, CA.

Raffle winners: Virginia Butler & Jim Hartman (ticket numbers 5508 & 5496 if you’re playing at home)
News and announcements:
  • District breakfast August 9th
  • Collection taken for school supplies
  • Submit articles/news/upcoming events for inclusion in La Rotacian to Harry Kitter via
  • Sponsorships are still available for the Educator of the Year event, THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR DONORS, if you would like to sponsor or know a potential sponsor contact Harry Kitter, Bruce Attig, Lynne Neumann or Keith Deisenroth
  • District Governor and club member Greg O’Brien was presented with a signed commemorative poster designed by Greg Sparkman as President Allen Bond unfurled the official Distrcit Governor’s Club banner. Greg’s district motto is “Imagine Rotary”.
  • Christine Barnicki will edit the district newsletter
  • Shout out to Linda Elliott for hosting a PDG event at her home.
    Our Keynote Speaker: Joel Boucher “Stop Hunger Now”
    Mr. Boucher explained how the organization started, how its implements, who packs the food (volunteer groups organized in packing parties). Food is highly nutritious dehydrates comprised of rice, soy, vegetables with essential vitamins and minerals. Food lasts up to 2 years, one meal costs only 29 cents. Just add water!

Aug 26, 2016
Dr. Rebecca Foo
Schweitzer School
Sep 02, 2016
Labor Day Weekend
Sep 09, 2016
Wei Houng
Money Anxiety
Sep 16, 2016
Eric Munoz
Conquering Caulerpa
Sep 23, 2016
Mike Lansing
LA Harbor Boys and Girls Club
Oct 07, 2016
Oct 14, 2016
Pat Means
AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles
Oct 21, 2016
District Foundation Dinner--USS Iowa 10/22/2016
Nov 04, 2016
Nov 11, 2016
Board Meeting 12:00 to 2:00 p.m.
Nov 18, 2016
District Governor, Greg O'Brien
Dist. Governor's Meeting
Nov 25, 2016
Thanksgiving Weekend
Dec 09, 2016
Annual Holiday Party December 10
Dec 23, 2016
Christmas December 25
Dec 30, 2016
New Year's weekend


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