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April 2016
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GREAT NEWS!  A majority of District 5280 Rotarians individually support Polio Plus! Already, over 55% of our Clubs in our District have contributed funds for Polio Plus by 100% of their members during this spring drive. Why are we doing this?   A total of 65 health workers have been killed in the past two years doing the good works of Rotary by providing immunizations in Pakistan.  From this terrible tragedy, we are determined to triumph by finishing the job of eliminating polio forever in the two countries it still exists, Pakistan and Afghanistan.  These workers gave their lives for the cause of eliminating polio.  In tribute to these workers, and to the determination of Rotarians in District 5280, I have challenged every Rotarian in our District to make a donation, no matter the size of the donation, to Polio Plus during this next month.  The vast majority of clubs have already committed to being 100% individual contributors to Polio Plus, and are in the process of sending their checks to the Polio Plus Chair, Shirley Giltzow, made out to the Rotary Foundation.
Regular visitors to the District 5280 website will notice a new feature on the home page.  To your left is a Donate Now button.  It is just above the calendar.  The button links to the RI District 5280 Charitable Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt foundation. Created through PayPal, the mechanism allows users to donate funds to rebuilding the island of Taveuni.
Part of the island nation of Fiji, Taveuni, the third largest of more than 100 inhabited islands, was hit by Cyclone Winston on Feb 25, 2016.  The eye of the most powerful cyclone ever recorded in the South Pacific history crossed the south of Taveuni Island.  Winds exceeding 200 mph (that's equal to 325kph)  wreaked  havoc, devastating the island and much of the nation. On Taveuni, an estimated 80% to 90% of the houses were destroyed, half of the car ferry jetty was washed away, communications were knocked down, water and power supply was knocked out, businesses and farms flattened and more.
Your District Governor Nomination Committee held their interviews last Saturday and selected Joe Vasquez of the Bellflower Rotary Club to serve as our 2018-19 District Governor. Various sections on RI and District by-laws allow for a 14-day period to challenge this selection. In the absence of any such challenge, on February 8, 2016 Joe Vasquez will officially become our District Governor Nominee Designate. Congratulations, Joe!

Giving to The Rotary Foundation
The Rotary Foundation provides hope, health, and peace around the world.   So much good begins with these gifts: wells are constructed, children are vaccinated against illness, senior citizens are afforded meals and services, children and adults are educated and given professional opportunities. This work is vital to the children, families, and communities who benefit. Only when people’s basic needs are met, can they pursue the larger elements of human life including conflict resolution, community building, and peace.
Paul Harris Fellow
A Paul Harris Fellow is someone who contributes (or in whose name is contributed using Foundation recognition points), a gift of US$1,000 or more cumulatively to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus Fund, or an approved global grant.  
Becoming a Paul Harris Fellow is a tremendous accomplishment and honor as these contributions impact communities around the world. Paul Harris Fellows, in a very tangible way, provide stepping stones to a more harmonious world.
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