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Fiona Murton spent the last year in Denmark, arriving in a town of 400 called Hjern.  She had to take a train and a bust to school and most people didn't speak English.  She liked the area because it had a strong sense of community but at first she was nervous about the language barrier and not knowing anyone.  But visits to the local farmers' market and starting school introduced her to many great people and she made friends quickly.
She enjoyed several trips to Copenhagen - with her host mother she saw the sights and shopped; with a relative, an architect, she was introduced to the many aspects of the buildings in the city - and to London (they gave her a ticket for her birthday and she stayed with the family's daughter.
The family hosted a Thanksgiving, which is not a Dutch festival, so she enjoyed the thoughtfulness.
She did think about what her friends back home were doing, signing up for university and moving on without her but she felt the experience and strong friendships were at least equally valuable.
Christmas is important to Danes and they celebrate with many traditions - songs, dancing around the tree, flags everywhere, risking fire with candles on the trees, etc.
She went to Germany for New Year's and saw cathedrals and fireworks everywhere and then there was a class trip to London and finally a quick tour through several countries to experience different cultures and food.
She thanked all of Rotary and especially those who worked on the YX program.
Sarah Douglas went to Northern Italy and found she was homesick for maybe two days.  She enjoyed it all so much but found there was too much to see - the people, the language, and the nature of the area were all beautiful.  She admired the way of life.
Things are small - cars, roads and groceries and each area is different with different cultures and dialects.  Her town was small and on a lake but her family liked to hit the road so they traveled around the area a lot.  The mother was a teacher who helped with her language and the father told her he didn't speak it to encourage her because he did.
With her second family she gained a brother her own age and met lots of friends taking part in activities, the choir and volunteering at a free trade store.  By the time she joined the third family they all knew each other already.
She felt they had a strong impulse to see 'the beauty in doing nothing' - they enjoyed their meals and their hours off.  She feels she is more outgoing now, that she's gained some problem solving skills, that she's less stressed about things.
She also enjoyed a 10 city tour and the introduction to so much.  She is grateful for the program and the opportunity.

Aaron introduced ADG Doug Moody who is embarking on a 3 year term as ADG for Area 6 of District 2010.
Doug said he was happy to be able to call on Joyce for advice and said the Club is fortunate to have her.  He has heard a lot about Midland since he's been involved at the District level and especially about the Club's fund raising successes.
Area 6, which is one of 8, includes Midland and Penetang, Innisville and the three Barrie Clubs.
Doug said he's moved a lot, first with his family from Galt to Pittsburgh and Burlington and then to Thunder Bay where he went to High School.  He took his Business degree at Western and became and auditor but left that to join Tire and Auto, a franchising company, of which he became GM.  It now has 33 locations.  In 1989 he joined Etobicoke Rotary but in 1993 he left the GM position to become a franchisee and moved to Barrie to manage them.  HIs wife Joan is a financial analyst, his son Jeff a CA and now GM of the franchise company and daughter Alison manages operations at the family business.
Moving to the Barrie Huronia Club was a pleasant experience because he found the smaller community meant more fellowship.
He's been District Conference co-chair, President for 05-06, and a Group Study leader to Central America, visiting 20 Clubs.  He found Rotaract very active there and when he came back started one in Barrie that has 25 members and there are now seven Clubs chartered in Muskoka.
This year's theme is Rotary Serving Humanity - Better Peoples' Lives and efforts are being made to make the organization more flexible and able to better attract young people.  Not forgetting that there were still 74 cases of Polio last year International is asking every Club for $2,650.00 to finish it.  (The number comes from the first donation to the Foundation - $26.50)  Changes are being made, at the Council on Legislation, to the business of Rotary to save money, to Presidential Citation requirements, to membership and attendance requirements and to Rotaract guidelines.
Doug says Marg Walton will be coming to speak soon and we will find her a dynamic leader and communicator dedicated to doing things together and lending District support to Club efforts.  He says he and Marg are here to help so keep in touch.

Vernice was born in Virginia in April of 1965, the youngest of 8.  She has an Aunt in Ohio who has 9 children and another in the Chesapeake with 6.  They don't need to invite any extras to make up a crowd in her family.  Norfolk Virginia is home to the Naval Station, the Beach and the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel/Bridge.
She didn't meet her father till she was 13 and though getting to know each other was difficult - she still just calls him 'the old man' - she finds that with her mother's passing a few years ago it is nice to have someone to talk to.  Her mother instilled a sense of caring, empathy and religious feeling in her children and Vernice was helping at her local nursing home while still in high school.  They even took patients home for holidays and festivals.  Can't do that any more.  They had an uncle living with them who needed attention as well.
In High School she did a lot of athletics - running and the high and long jumps but basketball was too much chasing the ball up and down the court so she dropped that.  In Junior Achievement she developed a lamp with an electric metre for the base.  You can still find the odd one on ebay.
She married, did some modelling, took IT at college but didn't enjoy it and so went back for Business Admin. and then went to work for Sumitomo Drive Technologies which modified conveyor belts with speed controls for manufacturing applications.  She started co-ordinating  United Way drives in that company and in others to make them more effective.
She has two daughters and in 2005 she divorced and moved to Oakville, starting as a United Way volunteer and sidelining as a Karaoke champion.  Oakville's expensive and, having been to Midland as a visitor, she applied for a job at the Wal Mart and worked there for a while, meeting and marrying Ron Smith in 2011.  She was head hunted by the Heart and Stroke organization and co-ordinated their campaigns throughout Simcoe/Muskoka for 3 years.  She found she enjoyed it and took fundraising at Georgian.  Finding the large area involved too much driving, she moved to CLH this May to become the Foundation Co-ordinator.
She knows there's a long history between the CLH and Rotary and is thankful for the support.  They are promoting a Christmas on the Green next week at Brooklea, they work with Nancy Spiker on her Fashion Show and other events are coming.
Vernice showed a video of the people who work and the ones who live at CLH.

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