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Guatemala is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere.

The Ripple Effect Program is committed to fighting poverty and promoting world peace by enhancing educational opportunities for children living in challenging environments. The program focuses on kindergarten to grade 6 and scholarships for Middle and High School students.

Since the inception of the Ripple Effect program in 1999 we have built over 100 schools in poor rural areas.

The Student Scholarship Program has awarded over 650 Middle and High School scholarships. These scholarships keep children in school when they would otherwise need to be working.

The Teachers’ Scholarship Program, at the University Del Valle in Solola, Guatemala, has seen 11 teachers graduate with degrees, and 4 more students studying to become fully qualified teachers. They study on the weekends for 3 years to obtain a teaching degree.

The Ripple Effect Program, through our partnerships with District 5550 Rotary Clubs have completed several Global Grants, providing computers and training to 64 schools, completed WASH Global Grants providing Washrooms and Health & Hygiene training to many schools.