Posted by Franz Huber on Sep 06, 2018
"No, we don't have any agendas!" was Keith’s emphatic reply to the question of whether journalists and editors would be influenced by their respective proprietors.  “But keep in mind, we are a business. We have to turn a profit.” Makes sense, really: With advertising revenue in printed media in increasing competition with Google and Facebook, any company wants to be sure that they do not unnecessarily upset their customers.
Keith is a senior journalist and editor with our local newspaper, the Gold Coast Bulletin, part of the Murdoch worldwide News Corporation empire. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, he is passionate about the Gold Coast, having lived here with his family for some 4 years. "This is the best place to live" (we agree!). "We generate some 100,000 words every day", Keith outlined. "We are dedicated to providing local news. That is so important: people need to have a source of information on what happens locally." The Bulletin's goals are to 'to listen, to inform, to entertain, and most importantly, to advocate'.
After four years in various roles, including Assistant Editor, he has recently been promoted to Digital Editor. There are more than 120,000 articles accessed on the Bulletin's website each day. The Gold Coast Bulletin has more than 6,600 digital subscribers so far and this is continually growing. The various papers in the News Corp stable have quite a few years ago offered a paid subscription service. In contrast to a daily printed paper, the online content is continuously updated.
The calibre of a speaker can often be measured by the Question Time: there is no question about the interest in Keith's subject: the questions just kept coming... Ah, by the way: his article this week (05 September) on the Peter Dutton saga is a superb example of his style.
Photo: Keith flanked by President Jo Winwood (left) and Membership Chair Charles Thomasson (right).