When new member Jennie joined our club we had no idea that it would lead to our club building a relationship with her favourite local community organisation helping and assisting children with disabilities at the Riding Develops Abilities centre in the beautiful Currumbin Valley. We presented a cheque to the RDA which goes towards funding 4 x children and the purchase of new riding helmets for the centre. We are looking forward to assisting this great facility for many years to come.
What is RDA?

Riders at RDA develop their own unique goals and ambitions in conjunction with their Coaches, parents, teachers, volunteers and horses. A standard session at RDA includes:

  • Getting to the Centre, finding and putting on your helmet
  • Greeting your team (Coach, leader, side walkers and horse)
  • Mounting
  • Warm-Up – practice stopping and going, steering, rider stretches.
  • Activities – mounted games, trail rides, trotting, literacy and numeracy skills to name a few.
  • Cool Down
  • Dismount
  • Thank your team
  • Remove your helmet.

This process is all undertaken with complete supervision and as much assistance as is required by the rider.