Oct 06, 2022 7:00 AM
Andy Gourley (AKA Boss Frog)
"Society trends in young generational culture & keys to community engagement."

Red Frogs is a volunteer support network with a heart to safeguard a generation in areas of culture largely dominated by alcohol and other substances. See you at schools, schoolies/leavers, uni, music festivals, skate parks, cricket and rugby.

The “Red Frogs” program started in 1997 when youth worker Andy Gourley walked into a hotel room on the Gold Coast (Australia) carrying a bag of Red Frog lollies. At the time he was simply dropping in to look after a bunch of boys that were in his skating group, however, the bag that was bought randomly at a local corner store is now equal to 16 tonnes of Allens Red Frogs & also 5000 global volunteers from over 1000 networks of community and church groups.


These volunteers continue to provide vital support for young people not only in Australia but also New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, Canada, Poland and the United Kingdom. The major goal continues to be providing peer support & positive role modeling to our future leaders, doctors, politicians whether it be at a schoolies location, university residential college, festival or school. The program also aims at building fences at the top of the cliff, rather than an ambulance picking up the pieces at the bottom