Australian Rotary Health
The Rotary Club of Jerrabomberra was the first club in Australia to join the Australian Rotary Heath sport (ARHsport) initiative. We have pledged to promote physical and mental health through regular exercise, activity and community engagement. We would like you to join us in helping our community to become more active and that starts with one person “You”.
Our clubs ARH champion is Bruce Miller, he is keen to inspire you to be the best you that you can be. Some of our members are already friends of Australian Rotary Health Sport and are committed to improving and achieving a healthy lifestyle. The ARHsport project aims to work together to help motivate others in the community to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The ARH champion's role is to promote health and exercise within their community. This new ARHsport initiative fits well with our other fitness programs which include the Lake Jerrabomberra fitness trail and our weekly club fitness walks. Our club is also developing plans for an annual fun run.
Now is the time to improve your health and you don’t have to do it on your own or buy anything, it’s all about just having a go and getting involved.
Say “Now is the time to start getting healthier” we are here to help each other so come along and get involved in this great Rotary Health Program. 
There are links on the left so you can explore the Australian Rotary Health Sport initiative headed by Chris Edwards. You will also find activities hosted by the Rotary Club of Jerrabomberra along with other Rotary Clubs.
Also if you are interested in becoming a friend of Australian Rotary Health Sport or have an idea you would like to share please contact Bruce via this link.