Posted by Kristy Zan on Aug 29, 2019
This month's Rotary theme is Membership and New Club Development 
Our featured Rotarian this month is our newest member Kristy Zan.
"I come from Saigon, Vietnam and have been living here for 2 years. Seeing my parents supporting a lot of local farmers was an inspiration to me. I started my first company after I finished Uni. We delivered organic food from rural to the city weekly.

After living in Australia and having had an opportunity to talk with some organizations, Climate change is an urgent issue that everyone knows about but not many people have acted upon.  I started my business here with a great passion that somehow I could activate a little change. My business is about reducing single-use plastic waste.

Helping people around has been my passion since I was little. I’ve joined many volunteer communities since I came here. Rotary is a wonderful NGO I’ve heard a lot about before. I deeply appreciate all the wonderful work that our Rotary club has done last year and all that I’ve been getting involved with this year. It’s my honour to be apart of our Rotary club, especially to be on the board of directors at the Rotary club of Jerrabomberra.”