The Rotary Club of North Minneapolis believes in outreach and participation with the community.  This spring the club participated in three outreach service projects to assist the North Minneapolis community and share information about Rotary with community members.
In late April, Club members participated with other other clubs in a Day of Service, where clubs moved from one service project to another throughout the day.  Shown here are club members helping in clean-up efforts and clearing a community garden for spring planting.
In May, the Club held an Outreach club meeting at a local dinner called Sammy's Eatery.  The purpose of the event was to bring Rotary into the community by holding the meeting simultaneously with the morning breakfast rush.  Shown is Club Sargent-at- Arms V.J. Smith, interacting with club members and guest while collecting Happy Bucks.
In June, the club again participated in the North Minneapolis community celebration of Juneteenth.  For the third year, the club has provided a pancake breakfast to exhibitors and participants in the Juneteenth event.  Shown are, starting with third from the left, Susan Smith, outgoing 
President, Natalie Johnson-Lee, Charter President, Kelly Eubanks, former President, and Sharon Brooks, current Secretary. Picture courtesy of club member Kristen Washington.