Our Peace Fellow

May 2016 Greeting from Sweden! Yesterday was the Annual Peace Fellowship Conference here in Sweden. I met with many Rotarians and had the opportunity to hear about the current projects of the Peace Fellowship class before mine. Life and school have kept me busy. We just finished up our fourth course (focusing on mediation and leadership in the international conflict context). Right now, I am taking Emerging Security Threats. I was in Paris at the end of March - saw the Eiffel Tower (from the top level), The Louvre, Notre Dame, and a lot more. In the four days we were there, we walked over 40 miles. For my Applied Field Experience, I will be traveling to Germany to conduct field interviews with Syrian refugees on who they define and perceive peace - in the context of the Syrian conflict. I will also be interviewing these refugees concerning the post-war order that would be necessary in Syria for them to return home. In all, I am very excited to carry out this project.
Owner: Manfred Tatzmann
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